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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 66

Episode 66. Excessive fandom (2)

From noble mtl dot com

A cafe in the terminal.

It is located on the 49th floor, right below the flight shuttle take-off and landing, so the view is good.

Dante paid an extra fee and was shown to a private room.

The manager gave the man a chair.

“Sit over here.”

“thank you. ha… … .”

The man who was looking at the scenery outside the window seemed to have tears in his eyes, but soon closed his eyes.

The manager held out his business card first.

It was a paper business card.

“My name is Roy Choi from S Enter. Dante is the manager.”

The man who had calmed down his tears opened his eyes.

“This is Brandon. Is Dante here a celebrity?”

“I am not a celebrity, but a staff managed by us. Going to superhuman academy.”

Brandon stared straight into Dante’s face.

I’m guessing at least in my late teens?

Looking at the youthful face, I was full of spirits.

The author said that a thirty-five-year-old woman robbed her of savings and chased after her. A kid who doesn’t even have a mustache yet?

“I’m Fei crazy.”

A pay miner is, simply put, a daily wage miner without an affiliate. At that time, when the TO was empty, there were many cases where I went into the soldering pan and worked.

“I have been married for 7 years. My wife worked as a miner, got married and quit.”

Dante asked.

“ah… … . is it so? why?”

“At first, the reason was childbirth. They said you need to rest to have a baby and take care of them.”

It is difficult for a miner to make a living on a single income.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you live alone. But if you think about raising a child, you can’t be alone.

It’s also the reason Dante and Dio’s parents worked both ways.

“Seven years have passed like that. While I was working, my wife was at home. My wife did all the money management. That was the problem. I should have paid more attention, but I didn’t. My wife hated it.”

After returning from one mission, you must rest for at least a month before you can go on to the next mission. This was the policy set by the association.

“Even during that month off, I did labor here and there. I was tired. To be honest, I didn’t even have the energy to argue with my wife. My wife said she was putting in savings, and I knew that. Then, on one occasion, I returned home earlier than expected. I called and didn’t answer. He came back after a day or two and made excuses saying he was at a friend’s house.”

Brandon then realized that his wife was lying.

“So I put a location tracking device in my phone. Not a good thing, of course… … I thought you were cheating on me at first.”

The manager who was listening cautiously opened his mouth.

“hmm. First of all, I understand the situation of the teacher. But it’s not something we can do about it.”

Brandon let out another long sigh.

“I know. Sorry for the fuss. It’s just frustrating. I worked hard for 7 years. My bank account was empty and my wife cheated on me… … .”

Brandon sipped the bitter coffee in his mouth. A bitter smile spread across his lips.

“Coffee smells so good. Thank you for serving me a precious drink.”

100,000 won for a cup of coffee.

Common people consumed artificial caffeine when they were tired.

“If I had known it would be like this, I would have stopped getting married and lived alone, drinking coffee.”

Brandon emptied his cup of coffee clean and stood up.

“I have to go back with my wife.”

“yes. Then take a look.”

The manager escorted the man to the door and returned to his seat.

“I know what you’re going to say, but no.”

The manager was also aware of Dante’s temper to some extent. He is a polite and considerate child.

I already know that I paid for D.O. It wasn’t something Dante himself said, but it was a fact he learned about because Dio had praised him many times.

The manager gently rebuked Dante.

“Once there is a precedent, there are people who approach it with bad intentions.”

“For now, please return the presents addressed to me.”

“Not even that.”

“why? I said I wouldn’t take it.”

“Somebody got drunk and hit someone. But is it right to impose a ban on other people as well?”

“… … .”

Isn’t this a bit of a leap?

While Dante is lost in thought.

the manager continued.

“Sending gifts is an individual’s freedom. To prevent that is to suppress freedom. You shouldn’t hurt other people because of a few bad cases.”

Even after that, the manager continued to say plausible things for a long time. However, he failed to convince Dante.

“I will not accept gifts. And please give me the account of the man earlier. In return for money, on condition that it be kept secret. Then it will work.”

The gift from Shining Dante was a luxury bag and sneakers.

Do you think it will be around 7 million won?

The rest of the money was most likely spent on Jeremy. Dante felt that he would feel relieved if he sent him even 7 million won.

The manager eventually raised both hands at Dante’s resolute appearance.

“okay. Then let’s do it.”

“Instead, please collect the letters and send them to school once a week as you do now. It was nice to read the letter.”

Those who do not have money send letters, and those who lack writing skills send their hearts as gifts. Both are just means of expressing one’s mind, but there is no right or wrong.

However, even if you did it with good intentions, if the other person feels burdened, it is right not to do anything.

Dante thought so.

* * *

Stella Academy Dormitory.

Junmori welcomed Dante.

We texted each other a few times during vacation, so it wasn’t that awkward.

“When did you come?”

“I came the other day and cleaned up. Isn’t it very clean?”

“It was hard. But did your face look better?”

“okay? I worked hard on skin care, but it’s worth it.”

In fact, after the end of the first semester, Jun’s condition was so bad that I thought he was dropping out.

I felt fortunate to be able to face him with a brighter face.

On the first day of school, there was an appointment ceremony for student council president Fabio Morrone in the main auditorium.

And the exact same routine as in the first semester was repeated.

“f*ck the Red Devils!”

It is not as bad as chew.

Red Devil is a f*cking asshole.

It’s the same thing anyway.

No luck either.

Dante was assigned to the class of the Red Devil, aka Red Devil instructor, who is the toughest of the drill instructors.

He was a stocky man with dark hair, and he was a descendant of one of the few Korean families that once lived in Sky Island.

Gudanji gave a detailed explanation of the origin of the Red Devil. AD 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. He said that the event was a very meaningful event for Koreans.

“How do you know so well? Are you still learning Korean history?”

“hmm… … . Not that. Wandering around, there are old books in empty houses. I picked it up and read it.”

Physical training this semester has become the same division as the club complex. What was 10 minutes last semester is now only 5 minutes.

220 of the freshmen dropped out and 280 remained.

“Red Devil is such a bad person!”

“… … Give it to me?”

“I learned from you!”


I knew it would be like this.

Why did Alicia and I always hang out together?

Anyway, Red Devils pushed the students to the limit to the extent that even the team was cursed.

‘miss you. An angelic gorilla saint.’


Around ten days passed.

The midterm exam practice assignments were released much earlier than usual.

[ Information on midterm practice assignments (for all students)

This semester’s Midterm Assessment will be replaced with ‘Survival Practice’ instead of the traditional Team Tournament.

Year 1: Earth

Year 2: ES class planet

3rd grade: DS class planet

Evaluation period: October 1st – October 30th (30 days)

Team composition: 5 people free

※Survival practice ranks teams with points, and the mission list is released on the day of practice. 」

‘Survival practice? Is it a mission to survive outside the base?’

The first person that comes to mind is, of course, the club site.

Survival off-base?

No one knows this better than Gudanji.

As expected, after the release of the schedule, the club became a popular star.

‘You look so deluded. I’m usually pretty good at it… … .’

The Zordic twins were no exception.

Courtney Zordick called the club separately after class.

“The club. Are you on the same team?”

“My, why me? no!”

“Where is this loud?”

Courtney raised her hand as if she were about to hit the ballpark.

Kudanji shrank for a moment and raised his head proudly.

“I’m not on the same team as the bugs!

“… … bug? This crazy b*tch is real!”

“Don’t talk to me again. Unless you want to be expelled. I hate bugs!”


Gudanji turned around and ran, ignoring Courtney.

Then he hid behind a building and caught his breath.

‘Whoa. Sister, I succeeded!’

When Alicia heard the news, her belly button fell out and she laughed.

“Oh, I did well, my baby.”

“I felt refreshed. Sister Practice Is there anything I can help you with? You don’t need to cook for survival, do you?”

“cooking? Do you know how to cook too?”

“You are good at cooking monsters. Maybe you can cook, so it’s good to bring seasoning.”

“Okay, I’ll look into it.”

Alicia also thought there was some truth in Danji’s words. In the introductory survival science class, you learn how to cook monsters.

There were many children approaching Dante and Claudio as well as the club.

Although Ku Dan-ji did not appear on the broadcast, people inferred through the community that she was also at Dazney Park.

‘It wasn’t the Three Musketeers, it was the Four Musketeers. Why did only three appear? There was also a black-haired woman who filmed the promotional video for Stella.’

It was thanks to such reviews.

Dante and Danji, and even Dio.

Three of them are already confirmed on the same team.

It was a situation where we had to discuss who to pick for the other two.

D.O. had a lot of strength in his shoulders.

“hey. Even last semester, we were very upset. It’s thanks to the club, but it feels good anyway.”

In particular, Jun Mori has repeatedly appealed to Dante saying that he wants to be in the same group.

“I rejected the same team last semester. I know I’m shameless, but I don’t know if other kids will understand my illness. How 30 days! Can I be homeless… … . 」

The three put their heads together to cull candidates.

Alicia was in a similar situation. Didn’t the whole world know that she was a defense mage?

“Summarize and submit the reason why you must team up with this Alicia-sama in one A4 page. Add extra points if you add my compliments!”

For similar reasons, Dante also accepted Freesia Carol as a fourth member of the team.

My roommate, Gudanji, actively recommended it.

Some students who heard the news complained.

“Isn’t that team too fraudulent?”

“To the hard-carrying Phrygian carol of the 1st and 3rd place in the entrance exam and the 1st place team in the tournament. Claudio. Only that bastard is shaking. How did you get on that team?”

“It’s a bit harsh to say D.O. Didn’t you see their broadcast? Would you have let a bastard who can’t do anything appear on TV?”

Among the testimonies of the 300 survivors, not a few were exaggerated.

However, the purpose of the broadcast itself was ‘making a hero’. The broadcast was edited to make the three musketeers stand out as much as possible.

Anyway, thanks to the broadcast, D.O.’s awareness has risen considerably. There were even rumors going around that he might have some hidden ability.

While the students are having trouble forming a team.

A list of equipment has been published on the website.

「 Survival training equipment list guide (freshmen)

■ Individual payment item

1) 1 mana gun (A54-S model)

From noble mtl dot com

2) 1 mana dual ammunition rifle (A3 model)

3) Magazine 2

4) 50 normal live ammo + 50 mana ammo

5) Girdle, ammunition belt

6) Gas mask + purification pad

7) canteen

8) bayonet

9) flashlight

10) sleeping bag

11) blanket

12) 1 Person Tent

13) Gas raincoat

14) Field shovel

15) Combat Uniform

16) walkie talkie

■ Items paid for each team

1) Purifying capsules 10

2) Mana Drill 1

3) Mana Stone Storage Box

4) Class C Defense Capsule 2

5) depth finder

6) First aid kit

7) Disclosure on the day of practice

■ Personal items

1) Toiletries

2) Underwear, socks, hygiene products

3) towels

※ In addition, you can carry up to 1kg of personal items, excluding mobile phones. (item free)

However, the marked payment items and personal items cannot be duplicated. 」

This list was nothing special.

Except for just two things.

‘A mana drill and a mana stone storage? Why are you giving that to me?’

why why

There is a mana stone collection mission among the missions.

“hey. Are there still mana stones left on Earth?”

The club head nodded.

“there is. I’ve seen it.”


“hmm… … . The bottom of the Han River?”

“… … .”

There were only two places on Earth where rare stones were left. In deep water, or in the inner core.

“So you’re asking us to jump into the water now?”

Dio grumbled with a pale face.

“I’m totally screwed, f*ck.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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