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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 63

Episode 63. talk show (2)

Alicia jumped up and stood in front of the youngest writer.

The way she crossed her arms and crossed her leg looked very bad.

“what are you doing? It doesn’t happen.”


The youngest writer sighed and stood up.

“If you come to work, do your work. Don’t think about working on a tough kid.”

Thanks, there was a bit of a fuss.

In the end, the youngest writer left with a sob.

“It’s a shame to cry and scream at what you did well.”

After going to the bathroom, the manager asked with a puzzled expression.

“what. What happened?”

“No, the manager was away for a while. People called writers follow the contact information.”

This time sparks flew at Dante.

“Why don’t you say no?”

“Why don’t we just exchange business cards? Isn’t that too harsh? You don’t even have to make people cry.”

Isn’t it polite to accept contact information?

To be honest, Dante had a hard time understanding Alicia.

There is not much time left before recording.

D.O, who finished makeup, also joined on the sofa.

“what. What’s the mood like?”

The manager opened a drink and handed it to the three of them.

“ruler! First of all, it was my fault that I was away. sorry. and Mr. Dante. It is better not to exchange contact information if possible.”

D.O said with an absurd expression.

“why? I gave the contact number to the woman who did the makeup earlier.”

“Oh, really!”

Alicia slapped Dio on the back.

The manager briefly explained.

“First of all, there is nothing good for a public figure to be entangled with ordinary people. Especially when it comes to superhumans, there are fantasies, um… … . I have a tendency to push myself.”

Alicia summed it up in one word.

“There are too many bastards who approach money.”

“Am I ugly?”

At D.O’s words, Alicia burst into laughter.

“What is sangji? Sangji. anyway! Let’s all take care of each other. Later, babies born without your knowledge might come to visit, right? dad! Give me pocket money! 10 billion shares! Nen?”

Trained at school throughout college, and immediately put into the field after graduating. Superhumans may look great on the outside, but they often lack social skills.

They learn social life a little later than others.

Dante nodded his head broadly as if he had attained a great realization.

“But isn’t it something that children have to do?”

It’s sad to say


“If you don’t keep your senses straight, you could be one-sided without even realizing it. be careful.”

“… … .”

A similar incident occurred just a few days ago.

Crimes that try to ensnare superhumans with low methods such as using drugs or piercing condoms have steadily occurred.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

Dio threw a pebble into the calm river.

“Being victimized one-sidedly is my romance… … .”


Same time station bathroom.

The youngest artist stood in front of the mirror and corrected her makeup.

“The green-haired b*tch is f*cking annoying. Mr. X year.”

At that time, a sub writer entered the bathroom.

“Are you fixing your makeup?”

“Ah yes.”

“Who are you trying to look good for?”

“No, it’s not like that. Erase some makeup… … .”


The blow on the cheek was so hard that the youngest writer staggered for a moment before regaining his balance.

“What are you doing?”

“How old are you? Where is the blue-eyed young man messing around without knowing the order? If you act like a fox even once more, you’re out.”

There is an order to everything.

The hierarchy among broadcast writers is quite strict.

recording studio.

After a short rehearsal, the full-scale recording began.

Since it was not live, the mental burden was less.

Dante looked around quietly.

Because the stage lighting was so bright, the faces of the staff, including the cameraman, were hard to see.

just… …


The lights were quite hot.

PD’s cue sign drops through the earphones.

From noble mtl dot com

The presenter opened his mouth.

“Kovrrr show! Dazuni’s hero series continues today. In the first episode, Jeremy Meyer, who grew up from a national son to a national boyfriend, appeared, right? right today! Before revealing the main character, we introduce the audience. They are very insignificant guys who owed their lives to the three main characters of the day.”

There was a sound of giggling from the crowd.


Dante, too, stared into the crowded crowd.

“ruler! Introducing 300 survivors who came out of the safari world full of monsters!”


The lights were turned on in the stands and applause and cheers erupted.

Sitting in the front row of the crowd was Roma, a kid who stole a ballpoint pen. Roma looked at Dante and waved his hand diligently.

“Dante! Dante!”

“… … Rome?”

Dante was also happy to see Rome and waved his hand. The camera captured the reunion of the two from various angles.

How did you get all 300 people together?


In addition, this talk show was arranged by the Magic Tower and the government respectively. Production costs were excessive.

The purpose of the talk show was clear.

making a hero.

To do so, he needed followers to testify to the hero’s achievements. With my mouth, ‘I am such a proud person!’ Doesn’t that make a hero?

MC Cobra, the host of Cobra Show, continued his comments.

“Is the tearful reunion over?”


“great. Today’s main character is Twinkle Twinkle Shining Star! Stella Academy’s Three Musketeers. First, please introduce me to the beautiful lady sitting next to me.”

“hmm… … .”

“In short, in one word.”

“yes! I am.”

“Okay, here we go. One word is over.”

“… … yes?”

“Let’s start with the video we prepared.”

MC Cobra is known for being mischievous.

Just before entering today’s recording, the three musketeers were given a strict order not to answer anything other than the questions they had prepared.

“hahahaha. oh my god.”

“Was that person that person?”

Suddenly, laughter erupted from the crowd.

The guests looked at MC Cobra with a blank expression. He shrugged and pointed backwards with his finger.

Dante, who turned his head, also expelled it with his voice.

The figure of Alicia, who gave the reporter a thumbs up, was stuffed like a big door.

“Alicia already made her name known as Suck Q Girl a few months ago. An introduction would suffice, right?”

“… … .”

Alicia, who was usually not taken aback, was at a loss for words.

“ruler! The first guest is, b*tch Alicia Smith.”

As the crowd cheered, Alicia smiled and raised her middle finger.

The image washing I planned with this was a complete failure. Damn you radio station bastards.

Actually, I didn’t do this to feed Alicia.

[In this era, all real journalists are dead. ]

These days, people do not immediately believe the news that is making a lot of noise in various media. In particular, reporters who ask rude and ineffective questions were the number one target for criticism.

The Geek Q Girl meme still appears frequently in the comment section. It was mainly used to criticize reporters who wrote fishing articles with insincere or provocative titles.

In a word, Geek Q Girl had a positive image to the public.

“Now, the second guest sitting in the middle. Please introduce yourself.”

“I am Claudio Grom. Nice to meet you.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“Are you relieved that the video didn’t come out?”

“no? I was waiting. cue!”

“Unfortunately, there is no video prepared.”


“I only prepared the sound.”



Voices came sporadically from here and there through the surround speakers.

“Claudio? I only slept during class.”

“Apart from sleeping… … .”

“D.O makes me sleepy.”

“Sleep all day… … .”

“I remember sleeping every day… … .”

As I kept listening to it, I thought, ‘Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep…’ … ‘. From a certain moment on, all I could hear was the word ‘sleep’.

“So I prepared.”

With MC Cobra’s comment, the staff came up on stage with beds.

MC Cobra stood by the bed and gestured to D.O.

“You can comfortably record today’s recording here.”

D.O vigorously threw off his shoes and jumped onto the bed.

“oh… … . Isn’t this a Simon X mattress?”

“ruler! This dude just completely ruined our pro PPL. sh*t!”

“… … So, Temp X?”


“Seal X! Or LesxNick!”

“Look at this. please stop! already! It’s ruined!”

For a moment, D.O thought that he was really ruined.

He lowered his head and spoke with a sullen expression.

“… … sorry. Please edit this… … .”

“Actually, the Simon X I mentioned first is correct. everyone? The mattress is Simon X.”

“… … .”

By this point, Dante was getting a bit of a poop.

I just introduced myself.

They said the recording time was 12 hours, so I thought I could understand why.

MC Cobra covered D.O with a blanket and returned to his seat. He looked at Dante and asked.

“What kind of X will happen to me. Do you have a lot of worries?”


“Then let’s start with the video.”

A completely unexpected figure popped up on the screen.

It was Roger Meyer.

[ Dante Prime in one word? again ]

After this incident, Roger Meyer turned down all requests for appearances on TV. Instead, what they accepted was a one-minute video shoot.

Afterwards, Rosé worked hard to explain why Dante was a ‘twit’, but the broadcasters had no intention of sending him out.

Dante quickly opened his mouth.

“So that’s it. Team tournament before… … .”

“The last guest, again, again, again! Please give Mr. Dante Prime a round of applause!”

No opportunity for an excuse was given until the recording was over.

* * *

“Wow… … oh my god.”

Dante’s house.

D.O also decided to stay here for the time being.

After taking a shower, D.O stretched out and lay down on the sofa.

“hey! Place a towel under your head. The sofa is wet.”

D.O said without a word, pushing a towel under his wet hair.

“I die after two broadcasts. It would be better to just train.”

Dante felt the same way.

Even celebrities didn’t do that.

I think it’s such a quick thing.

MC Cobra is really… …

“A cub like a viper.”



Alicia came with three bottles of chilled watermelon juice. Drops of water dripping from the ends of her wet hair wet her T-shirt.

Dante took out a towel and wrapped it around Alicia’s neck.

“Your clothes are wet. I am wearing it.”



“”ha… … .””

The three sighed at the same time.

I think we talked about the recording for about an hour.

Alicia opened her mouth.

“I mean Alex.”

Dio knew at least that Alicia’s mother and brother had died.

“Actually, Alex committed suicide.”

“… … Why are you talking about that all of a sudden? Are you drunk? to my charms.”



“anyway! Alex and I are five years apart. When I was 15, Alex graduated from BB and joined the mercenary. I had a girlfriend then. We dated for 3 years since college. I don’t know how the crazy guy managed to date while he was busy.”

Ares Academy (BB).

BB is a boys’ school, so it’s difficult to become a CC (Campus Couple)… …

it was the environment.

Alex met his girlfriend on a blind date and met for three years.

“But as soon as I joined the mercenary corps, my girlfriend got pregnant. our mom? There was a fuss. I will never allow you to marry. So Alex arbitrarily filed for marriage registration. They said I should be responsible for my children.”

After that, Alex cut ties with his parents. I only kept in touch with Alicia from time to time.

“By the way, has it been a full month since you registered your marriage? got a call My wife had a miscarriage. I guess I did. Then one day a problem arose. The points your brother earned are supposed to go to the woman’s side of the family.”

It refers to the points required to move into Sky Island.

There were very complex criteria for accruing those points.

Usually, when they get married, the couple discusses and decides whether to accumulate points with a male surname or a female one.

But that was for women.

I’ve never discussed

“Is that how you feel? In the end, the news reached my dad, and I mobilized all my personal connections to get behind the scenes of his family. It turned out that the woman had never been pregnant or miscarried. She was the daughter of the director of a fairly large hospital. The ultrasound and the records were all fake.”

“Wow Shiva. Are you crazy?”

“so. How did it go?”

“You’re a woman who left her family and got married. She’s the girl I’ve been in love with for 3 years. But it was all fake. I couldn’t stand it and died. Alex.”

Alicia drank the remaining juice in one gulp and stood up.

“Then I’m sorry for being fussy earlier. I want you to understand.”

Dante tugged at her wrists and put her back on the floor.

“Hey, just say what you want to say and get lost. Why don’t we watch a movie together? dirty thing It’s just one-sided.”

Alicia said with a strange smile.

“Then, let’s see if you try it 2 to 1. Come here.”

“… … You are really crazy.”

D.O, who had been watching for a moment, exclaimed vigorously.

“I am ready! Senior Al!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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