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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 62

Episode 62. talk show (1)

Hamel Jensen is no BS Kids.

Hamel’s parents were BS Kids.

In the C108 accident, BS lost four students at the same time. The Jensen and Prime couples.

The reason behind the incident is still unknown.

In fact, it was very difficult to uncover crimes committed by high-ranking officials.

One of the purposes of BS training students was to infiltrate the secret organization within the Mage Tower. And there was already one disciple with that goal just around the corner.

Anyway, I couldn’t leave Hamel alone.

BS had a sense of responsibility to protect the families and children of its students. Especially if the family is a minor.

Bunker in BS a few days ago.

BS sat down in a chair with Prince in his arms. I pretend to put my legs on the table and answer the phone.

“What is it? You make all the calls.”

– Do you know how busy I am?

BS snorted at Ray’s voice full of resentment.

“You are busy. Do I need to know?”

– ha… … . It’s not different, it’s Hamel. I was recently tested by the Charlie Base Superman Association.

“Yanma! did you just watch it? How many times have I said no!”

If it’s Hamel’s record, I’ve already seen enough to see. He was a child who should not have entered the path of a superman.

But what about the superhuman test?

BS grabbed the scruff of his neck and let go of his anger.

Ray spoke in a calm voice.

– Do not get involved in children’s choices. That’s what the professor said.

“No, I said I wasn’t interested, so I was interested. How did you change your mind?”

– I don’t even know that. I saw that I had applied for a visa. It looks like you are going to Central.

“hmm. It must be because of Dante.”

– I think so too.

“By the way, the reporter who asked Risha a trashy question. Have you dealt with it?”

It wasn’t for a day or two that the reporters did crap, but I couldn’t stand the guy who did that to Alicia.

How dare you touch my baby

– yes. Dealing with recommended resignation… … .

“Yanma. If you’ve done your job, you should report it!”

This time, Ray didn’t hold back either.

– If you’re going to do this, why don’t you pick another person! I’m busy so I’m hanging up!

“A good old man.”

BS looked at the disconnected call screen and put his phone on the table.

“Prince. Next time Ray comes along, bang his balls! It should be bitten off. Understand?”


* * *

Choin Central Hospital.

‘Hamel is coming to Agras. Is this?’

It seems that he prepared a great surprise, but Dante had no intention of accepting it as it was.

Anyway, good luck.

After one worry disappeared, my heart was light.

way back to the hospital.

A familiar voice called Dante to his feet.


Dante turned around and said hello.

It was Jeremy.

Standing on either side of it were two men in black suits.

“Oh, senior! How is your senior here?”

“that is. hmm… … . Would you like a cup of tea on the rooftop? Drinks are fine too.”

“That’s good.”

The rooftop was decorated like a garden. The artificial trees planted around it give off a fresh scent. It is because there is a device that emits phytoncide extracted from other planets.

The two sat side by side and drank cola.

“But seniors need bodyguards too?”

With Jeremy’s level of skill, he wouldn’t need a bodyguard.

“When you walk down the street, you often get molested. I can’t push the fans away with my hands, can I? Those bodyguards are ordinary people.”

“oh my god. Are you just groping?”

“Huh. Don’t talk.”

We played basketball together every day, but today was the first time we had a personal conversation.

Jeremy has been unraveling rumors about various truth fans and malicious commenters for a long time.

When I listen to it quietly, I fall into it. The pronunciation and voice were very good. Looking at it like this, I thought that I was not popular just because of my looks.

“There aren’t many fun things in the world. As a result, there are many people who hang themselves on celebrities.”

“but. So is it.”

In the harsh modern society, the things to enjoy were limited. The entertainment market was growing rapidly every year.

“right. You asked what was going on here? Of course, there was a variety shooting. At Disney Park.”

“oh… … . Really? I don’t think I saw it when I was walking around.”

“The incident happened shortly after filming began. Do you know that you are a running star?”

running star.

It was a program in which stars traveled here and there and performed various missions.

“I have heard. I don’t watch that variety show… … Are the people with you okay?”

“A lot of people are hurt. There are dead people. No matter what I tried, it was useless. If you get scared, just run and watch. Everyone scattered here and there, so I didn’t have time to do anything properly.”

Quite a few people died, including the idol Between members that Fabio mentioned before.

“uh? wait for a sec.”

Jeremy apologized to Dante and answered the phone.

“huh. i’m on the roof I’m with Dante. will you come up? Yes, then.”

Jeremy, who hung up the phone, explained.

“Rosé. Rose is also at the hospital.”

“Did you film Rose too?”

“Not like that. Rosé is my chewing gum, so if nothing happens, I follow her schedule.”

Dante thought for a moment.

Jeremy trembled while talking about malicious commenters a while ago. Brothers and sisters love each other. That’s why I thought that Rose might have killed that malicious commenter.

Well, rather than thinking seriously, it was just a passing delusion.

“ah… … . You two look very close.”

“You know too. Rose is sick.”

“yes. I happened to… … .”

“Are you going to keep it a secret? Please.”

“no way. Where can I go to talk about something like that? I didn’t tell anyone. I won’t do that in the future.”

“But how did you know?”

From noble mtl dot com

When Rosé heard about it, Jeremy was very surprised. It is said that there was an earphone incident, but it is difficult to relate it to ‘facial blindness authentication’ with that alone.

Dante explained step by step the process of becoming convinced of face room authentication.

Jeremy nodded with a worried face.

“As expected, the problem is that there are frequent team assignments.”

“Is Rosé’s pain such a problem that you have to hide it that much?”

“The situation is a bit complicated. I hope you don’t care anymore.”

“yes! right. You know me and Alicia, right? I think I will probably enter the same agency as my senior.”


Jeremy gave some helpful advice.

The last thing he said was this.

“If possible, don’t get too entangled with the people over there.”

A few days later.

After being discharged from the hospital, Dante, Alicia, and D.O. visited the headquarters of S Enter.

The club concluded in the direction of not appearing on the broadcast. It was just that he himself was burdened, and the opinions of the sponsors were similar.

There are still many people who feel reluctance to see tramps appearing on TV. There was no need to make his face known early on and be criticized.

S Enter office.

A man who appeared to be in his early 40s was beaten by three people.

“Welcome. Former planning team leader Aiden Palmeop. I will share the business card after exchanging contact information.”


“The terms of the contract have already been agreed upon with Mr. Ray Schultz. You can read it and sign it.”

portion is quite large.

While Dante and Dio read the first page of the contract, Alicia signed it.

“Do you sign without reading?”

“Uncle Ray must have figured it out.”

Dante turned to the contract and shouted.

“… … uh! No dating during the contract period?”


Alicia freaked out and lifted the tablet.

Is there really such a clause?

“It’s bullsh*t.”

“You ngus boz (go out and see).”

No love affair.

Although this may seem like a Stone Age mindset, it is a condition that exists.

These days, fans are not tolerant of their favorite celebrity’s relationship. Some fans have the delusion that they will even be able to marry that celebrity, and when a scandal arises, they turn into malicious commenters.

However, the industry did not reject such extreme fans. because it was money.

Aiden smiled and briefly explained the terms of the contract.

“Actually, the three of them are not celebrities. You can do love freely. However, just one. Just be careful with SNS. We will create an account at the company level. If you send us the posts and comments you want to post, we will post them after we check them.”

After signing, another document was handed over to Dante and Alicia.

It was a list of programs to appear in the future.

About twenty of them.

“As you know, there are two things confirmed here. Both are talk shows. You can review the rest and choose the one you like. The schedule recommended by our agency is marked with an asterisk, so please refer to it.”

D.O, who had been sitting absentmindedly, asked a question.

“I’m only hosting two talk shows at S Enter, right?”

D.O did not officially sign a contract with S Enter.

Alicia has a huge sponsor, H&R, and is already a hot topic in the community.

Same goes for Dante.

Deda, the first scholarship student at the Versailles Institute, made his face known through an advertisement for Stella Academy.

On the other hand, Claudio didn’t have a sponsor, and he wasn’t a standout talent in terms of looks and skills.

From the agency’s point of view, there was no need to carry D.O.

Aiden explained to D.O in a calm voice.

“yes. that’s right. For now, only two talk shows are hosted by us.”

And if the response is good?

At that time, a formal contract is sufficient.

After completing the contract, the three gathered at Dante’s house.

The questions to be asked on the talk show were fixed.

The questionnaire was already triple-filtered through the hands of the Mage Tower, the agency, and Ray Schultz.

Most of the questions were related to the day of the incident, and there were not many personal details. If there are any questions you don’t want to answer, you can leave them out.

D.O lies on the sofa and laughs bashfully.

“and… … . I’m on a talk show.”

I want to do what I always do properly.

Unlike Dante and Alicia, D.O. still needed a lot.

‘under… … . It would be nice if only the tuition for next semester could be settled. What did I do during the semester?’

Now that I think about it, I was really immature.

No, to be precise, there wasn’t too much information.

There were numerous articles like this in the superhuman community.

[If you enter one of the top 5 prestigious schools and can’t find a sponsor, it’s oops. Almost all of them seem to have sponsors. ]

┗ Yes. Even though I’m not in the top 5, I still have sponsors.

┗ ㅅㅅ Almost all of them have sponsors? what bullsh*t is this It’s ridiculous. The passing BB smiles…^^

┗┗ Sounds like BB. What if there is no certification?

┗┗ Look at the non-spawned BB jjinta bastard going crazy hahahaha You’re an idiot and you’re not here. I’m AA and I don’t have anyone around me who doesn’t have a sponsor. Verification available.

┗ If there is no sponsor, it’s a sham.

This is the level of information ordinary people can get outside the base.

So, after entering Stellar, Dio also thought that he could cover his tuition with donations.

Even the staff at the Stellar booth at the entrance exam fair said this.

“With a little effort, you will find a sponsor. There is also a program that connects the school itself with sponsors. 」

As the employee said, there was a connection program, but the opportunity never came to D.O.

Because D.O. is a skill that requires ‘a lot’ of effort.

‘You have to stand out on talk shows somehow. That’s the only way.’

* * *

on the day of recording.

The three of them were sitting in the waiting room with tense expressions on their faces.

The costume is a school uniform.

It wasn’t personal items, but the staff even coordinated the outfits they got from the Stella school uniform shop.

Alicia complained as she looked in the mirror.

“Hey, sir! Can I not wear that red headband?”

“why? red on green. It’s like a sweet watermelon and pretty.”

“There are some kids I really hate, but they always wear red headbands. Please change.”

The red headband was the trademark of the Zordic twins. I haven’t worn it on campus since the Rosé incident, but I always wear a red headband in the Nexuu video.

In the meantime, a woman called the youngest writer sat down next to Dante.

At first glance, around the early 20’s?

She was a pretty woman with shiny blonde hair.

“hello! I enjoyed the promotional video. Chop that baseball! It was so cool when I caught it. I am a huge fan.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“By the way, did you dye your hair blonde? Seeing the roots grow, it looks brown.”

“oh… … . that’s right.”

“I think my natural hair color would suit me better.”

“Ah, yes. I will refer to it.”

“I… … May I give you a business card?”

“Ah yes.”

“Then are you giving it to me too?”

Alicia, who was listening, shouted with a displeased expression.

“hey! This is where the writer just personally picked up contact information from the performer, right? Is this a very strange place?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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