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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 64

Episode 64. talk show (3)

A man who served as managing director of Disney Parks for eight years confessed to the crime. He revealed that he was an LNP executive.

Based on the confession, the Mage Tower and the government raided the LNP base. 70 members of the organization were arrested, and traces of mosquito development used in the attack were also found.

and after a few days.

A mysterious man posted an article online.

[ I am the head of the LNP. The current situation is a remodeling of the magic tower and the government to trick the people. The LNP has absolutely nothing to do with the Dazney Park case, and there is no evidence that Sangmu is a member of any self-organization.

Don’t trust the Magic Tower.

Love & Peace. ]

And that’s not all.

Since then, dozens of people who identified themselves as LNPs have posted similar posts.

The government denied the fact, and arrested those who wrote false articles one after another.

Of the 7,000 deaths, 2,400 were minors. Among them, there were about 500 children under the age of 10.

Any death would be regrettable, but the public was outraged that an amusement park with many children had been attacked.

The incident resulted in the exile of the Oldman family, the largest shareholder in Disney Park, from Floating Island, and the bankruptcy of the insurance company AEA.

The government website was flooded with petitions to find and eradicate all LNPs.

Dante’s house.

D.O, who was lying on the floor and rolling around reading an article, spoke.

“But don’t we give a bounty? They say that 500 million won will be distributed to the bereaved families of the deceased.”

From noble mtl dot com

Dante’s parents, who died during a mission on an alien planet, also had a death insurance of 200 million.

The same goes for superhumans.

In the event of death, there is no compensation for a small amount of insurance money. Instead, superhumans were paid large sums of money, including risk pay, for each mission.

The reason why the compensation money was set for the Disney Park case was because of the judgment that it was a ‘man-made disaster’.

Dante partly agreed with Dio’s words.

“I know. I wish I could give you some.”

In the event of a fatal accident, compensation is usually paid only to the bereaved family. No bounties were given to firefighters, policemen, or superhumans who ran into danger.

“But it is a job. It’s the same as if a teacher doesn’t give out a bounty for teaching students.”

D.O jumped up from the floor and hit the floor with his fist.

“Aren’t we still beginners? Are you a student? Didn’t you even graduate?”

“uh… … . I heard that it is. But are you in a hurry to pay tuition?”

“no? Not necessarily. just.”

Dante has already willingly lent a sum of 100 million won. D.O. didn’t want to burden Dante for nothing.

‘Even if he knows he didn’t mean to borrow money, he’ll be bothered.’

evening the same day.

The three musketeers of Stella joined the club and watched the Cobra show.

“You think I’m that handsome?”

“oh my god. Filter sucking is no joke. That’s right, Senior Al.”

“It’s a filter sucker. Am I really pretty?”

“that’s right. You are the prettiest sister.”

“The club site! don’t take sides I know it’s true!”

“It’s really true… … .”

“Oh gu oh gu our cutie.”

It was difficult while filming.

When I saw the result, it was a million times more fun than what I felt on the spot.

“As expected, the broadcasters.”

“The demonic bastards edited it like a demon, but it’s so much fun.”

The cell phones of Alicia and D.O, who represent Stellar, rang non-stop.

“Oh no! Put it on silence.”


At the end of the enjoyable show, there was also a video commemorating the victims.

Dante slaps Dan on the back.

“hey. I wish I could have been with you too.”

“ah… … . I wouldn’t have said anything. MC Cobra bad guy. Why are you harassing my friend?”

“It was fun though. Do you want to go with me on the next shoot? Even if you don’t appear, it’s okay to watch.”

“uh… … uh… … Then I will ask and answer!”

The team consulted with Silas Meyer first on most things. He was a vagabond, and he was still not used to life here, so he thought that he should not move hastily.

A lot has changed since the talk show aired.

The Cobra Show is a popular program with viewer ratings approaching 40%. The reaction was so hot that it was incomparable to the advertisement.

The three of them were given nicknames such as Geek Girl, Bed Man, and Gwangtto.

“What is Gwangtto? Gwangtto!”

It means that it is a stupid advertisement.

“What’s better than a b*tchy girl?”

“I don’t know. I keep hearing about Geek Q Girl, so it’s friendly and nice, right?”

On the day of shooting the second schedule, ‘Celebrity Chat’.

A huge number of presents have arrived at the station. To borrow Alicia’s expression, it was ‘tribute’.

“Originally, when fans give presents to their favorite celebrities, they call it support or tribute.”

“Are you taking all the presents from the original staff?”

“huh. Please take a pretty picture of my baby! and paying bribes.”

“Have you ever done something like a tribute?”

“no. I love Camus, but not to that extent. I just listen to music, go to concerts, go to studios, buy goods, memorize how to cheer, and often swing around. Just like that?”


turn the shim

It means streaming music or video on the net.

When ranking music broadcasts or various music charts, the number of times the song was streamed is also included in the score.

So, passionate fans used various methods to increase the number of views.

Dante was dumbfounded.

“… … just that much? Aren’t you almost a fanatic?”

“no it’s not?”

Alicia held up a small box with a cute girl sticker next to her face and took a selfie.

“What are you doing?”

“You should take a quick picture too. Post it on social media.”

Among the tributes, D.O selected items sent by his fans and displayed them on my table.

Then he squatted down and took a picture with the tribute.

“What else are you doing?”

“hey. take a picture of you too There is a gift of sincerity from the fans. Is it difficult to take a picture and post it? How much would the fans who sent us like it if we certified it?”

Alicia nodded in agreement.

“It’s a complete bummer. I feel good too.”

Whether it’s swimming, tribute, certification, or getting on the precepts.

It’s hard to understand the conversations these bastards are having.

But Dante seemed to know roughly why he had to take a picture and post it.

click click.

The number of guests on this talk show was 30. Jeremy, Jia Han, and Ramil were also included in the guest list.

Jia Han opened the door and entered.

“These! If you come, you should come to the waiting room and say hello. get out of here.”

Jeremy and Ramil were also there.

All belong to Stella Academy.

Those who gathered exchanged greetings in a friendly atmosphere.

Jia Han called people and burned her will.

“You know the concept of this talk show, right? Never, even if other guys are scolding! Don’t be discouraged. i can’t see that Understand?”

For today’s show, 6 people from 5 prestigious academies were selected and invited as guests.

The academy match was scheduled to take place at the recording studio, not the field.

Ramil said while putting his hands together in the middle.

“The relief is Shining Stella. Who are we!”

““Shining Stella!””

“go for it!”


This kind of scene wasn’t just happening in Stella’s waiting room. Through the walls, the shouts of other academies were also heard.

‘Invincible AA!’

‘Girls Generation!’

No, why is everyone so militant during the recording of the talk show?

About 30 minutes left until recording.

Jeremy sat down with the freshmen and talked about this and that.

“oh… … . Did you get a lot of tribute?”

“… … .”

Even Jeremy Meyer used the expression tribute.

Dante felt strangely betrayed.

‘This seems to be a very common expression in this world… … .’

“You know there is an academy war next year, right?”


“And Professor Jia Han. Can you roughly guess the tremendous desire to compete?”


“Have you ever seen rap battles or b-boy battles? Why, when you look at them, they are proud enough to make you feel arrogant, and they provoke others to the point of being rude. We can do the same today.”

““… … yes?””

Dante and Dio were taken aback, but not Alicia.

“I am confident that I will do very well. hahahaha! It will be fun.”

Usually, when graduates from prestigious academies collide somewhere, there is only one thing the public expects.

A tense fight that doesn’t lean to either side.

Recording time is imminent.

Jeremy untied the towel from around his neck.

“You brought together the five most prestigious families. I didn’t call each other credit or procrastination out of humility. We just need to show that we are the best. First of all, in terms of combat power, Professor Han is ranked number one, so don’t worry too much.”

After hearing that, Dante was also relieved.

‘but. Professor Han is a bit strong.’

Jia Han was a style whose fighting power could be measured just by opening her mouth. Should I say it’s a tone optimized for ‘Agari Fighting’?

Gu Danji trembled as he recalled the time he was called into the meeting room during the team tournament.

‘that’s right. Professor Jia Han is a very scary person.’

filming begins.

It took 5 hours for 30 people to introduce themselves.

The recording studio was open.

In the end, Jia Han fought with a professor representing GG holding onto her hair. Because of that, even the students had to step in and stop it.

When the cut sign fell, the two professors, who had a dogfight, hugged each other and laughed.

“It’s been a while since we filmed, so it’s really fun, isn’t it?”

“Iknow, right.”

“Would you like to brush off some hair in your hand?”

“oh. If you ever need a hair transplant, charge me.”

Jeremy laughed out loud at the bewildered freshmen.

“Look at entertainment as entertainment. Have you heard of that?”

“and… … . It’s really great. How do you do that?”

“You can say that all broadcasting is like this. reality? don’t believe If you are looking for reality, you should watch the news, not entertainment.”

The recording was said to be done for four days, 12 hours a day. It’s a 2nd shot.

To be honest, it was a lot more fun and comfortable than when I was filming the Cobra show. Adults who were good at broadcasting made cakes and put candles in them, and the students just had to blow them off.

The students who were wary of each other on the first day started talking comfortably as time passed.

Even then, when the cue sign dropped, a bloody diss battle took place. After that, there were always words of apology.

After airing the first episode of Celebrity Chatter.

D.O officially signed a contract with S Enter. The contract period was 2 years.

The news of additional rewards from the Magic Tower continued.

[ Our Magic Tower decided to give a reward to the academy students who helped the citizens at the time. The reward ranges from 50 million won to 200 million won. It will be paid on an equal basis. ]

There were 143 students at the site, but 60 of them remained to help the citizens.

The 4 Stellars, including the club site, received the highest reward of 200 million won.

Of course, Claudio was most delighted with the news of the bounty.

Dante, Danji, and Alicia collected 100 million each of the prize money and gave it to Dio.

Then only 500 million.

Tuition fees for this semester are covered.

“Ah, that’s okay. how do i get this Isn’t it hard enough for me to get this?”

“I just threw it in your bank account. 1 million.”

“If you give it to Sangji, you get what you give. He talks a lot.”

“hmm… … . I know a very, very rich man, so I have a lot of money.”

Dio didn’t cry this time either.

“I really appreciate everyone. Even if I sell this money organ, I will definitely pay it back. really.”

Alicia raised her fingertips and jabbed them into Dio’s stomach.

“Of course it should. If you don’t, I’ll rip off your stomach with my own hands! I will split up and get rid of the organs, so know that.”

While on vacation together, the four of them quickly became close.

Dante visited the gym and mana training center in his free time even though he was busy.

At some point, at the entrance of Sunrise River Sky, a large signboard was installed that said, ‘No outsiders allowed’.

‘Turn it off. I’m going to run on the treadmill lightly with Xian in the basement today.’

Change into workout clothes and leave the house.

97th, 98th, 99th floors.


I was about to enter the elevator, but the club site jumped out. With two large suitcases.

“what. Did you decide to stay with Alicia?”

“No, not like that… … move out this house.”

Kudanji smiled and pointed to the empty room 9902.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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