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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 59

Episode 59. dazzney park (3)

There were only 200 species of animals on the safari, but even a rough estimate of the number of animals numbered in the thousands. This is because of insects, including ant nests.

‘Shiba, so leave only one ant. Why an ant nest… … .’


This was a scale for which the four academy low reps could not come up with an answer.

Even when an ant awakens, it is about 30 cm in length. It’s not a strong object by any means. But when dozens or hundreds of them rush at you, the story changes.

‘Gather as many survivors as possible and wait for the commandos to come. That’s for the best.’

From the beginning, there was no option called ‘run away’.

Alicia is a defense mage. If she had just asked to run away, there would have been no way, but the Alicia Dante knew was not that kind of person.

Entrance to the souvenir shop.

When I went out, my feet didn’t come off.

It is, of course, the closest to the zoo. I saw people running around entangled with monsters. There was blood on the floor.

If you go too far, you endanger yourself and your team.

“Radius 50m. Let’s see what we can do inside it.”


Gudanji answered and at the same time harpooned a long-tailed white rabbit. It was a weak entity, so a one-shot one-kill was possible.

Dante gathered mana in his legs.


Lightly kick off the ground and jump.

There were quite a few children who came alone to the zoo. Dante shouted, holding each of the lost children in his arms and lifting them up.

“Evacuate to the red building! Red building!”

Distributing mana throughout his body, Dante delivered children to souvenir shops.

It’s good that you came out to the entrance.

Most of the children must have died without being able to resist once inside the safari.

I think I went to the souvenir shop like that about 10 times.

“hey! Enter the club!”

In the air, five razor eagles, and on the ground, three 10-meter-tall ironclad black bears were charging toward the souvenir shop.

Blade Eagle’s main skill is [ Blade Grinding (S) ].

Hundreds of spinning blades are sprayed at the same time, and if you get hit, you die instantly.

Ironclad Black Bear is [ Steel Fist (B) ].

Its skill power is weak, but its armor is thick, so it consumes a lot of mana to kill the main body.





I ran like crazy, but my butt grazed the blade.

Dante managed to get inside the building.

The angry black bear, having lost its prey, began smashing buildings with its fists.

A few frightened people screamed, and the rest of the people agreed.

“Shhh. Let’s lower our voices.”

Kruk bang!

Eventually, the ceiling also collapsed. At that moment, even Dante was slightly scared. However, the debris did not fall through the shield.

People shuddered in a lot of crouching. There were still many people crying out loud.

D.O sat the two crying children on his lap and hugged them tightly.

thud! thud!

The ironclad black bear climbed to the top of the souvenir shop and stepped on it before leaving.

Vibration stopped.

Alicia spoke quietly into Dante’s ear.

“What was that bastard just now?”

“Probably a black bear.”

“Shiva thing. I don’t think I can last long.”

Dante patted Alicia on the back and encouraged her.

“don’t worry. I also have a club map. Understand?”


This was also the first time Alicia had implemented a large shield.

In the beginning, we had to shovel a couple of times due to space issues, and three ironclad black bears punched at the entrance and window, so there was a blow.

Mana consumption was severe.

The 4 people were surrounded by people in the middle of the shield. Some people even handed over drinks to say thank you.

Alicia murmured as she took the sparkling water.

“ha. I want a cold Coke that will freeze my mouth.”

“hey. But will our professors come too?”

“He will come.”

In the five prestigious academies, competent superhumans are invited as professors, and unlike incumbent superhumans, they stay on Earth all year round. So, in the event of an emergency, it was selected as the first priority.

Dante texted Jia Han and Ramil.

[Me: Professor! We are stuck inside the red building at the entrance to our safari. Alicia puts on a shield, and I think there are about 300 of them here. Please come quickly! ]

Luckily, my phone exploded.

‘It seems that the system is paralyzed. Why did you let me use my cell phone?’

The news of the monsters appearing in Dazni Park spread quickly through the community.

There were also many brutal videos.

[ The post has been deleted. ]

[ This video cannot be played because it is against the law. ]

Citizens were outraged by the restrictions on information.

Alicia gradually became impatient.

‘It’s taking too long.’

About 15 minutes have already passed. Mana was also almost running out.

“Let’s get a little closer to the inside of people.”


Dante stood up and cried out in a loud voice.

“For the shield to last for a long time, the area must be narrowed. Please stick as close to the center as possible!”

The people crouched and moved little by little toward the center.

Alicia lowered the amount of mana output.

As the defenses narrowed, the building debris fell in torrential rain around them.

Alicia reached out to Dio and Dante.

“catch. Just save your mana. just in case.”

“Yes, sister.”

Dante asked Alicia.

“Should I ask someone else? Two or three people with a lot of mana.”


After today, there is a high probability that Alicia’s characteristics will be known to the public.

It’s funny to worry about this in the current situation, but that doesn’t mean Dante can’t decide on his own.

The ability or characteristics of a superhuman should not be recklessly disclosed by others.

Alicia had already made up her mind the moment she decided to stay here.

‘I wrapped it up tight, what are you doing? At least one more should be saved. That’s why superhumans exist.’

Three more superhumans gathered near Alicia. It was said that he was a magician belonging to the same mercenary group.

Alicia treated them with respect.

“Hello, seniors. Rescue is later than expected. I would like you to share some mana.”

Even Dante and Dio.

Six people sat in a circle and held hands.

One superman opened his mouth.

“I’m glad I have something to help with. It is because of people that time is getting longer. There are only monsters in the mission, so it’s possible to attack boldly, but now it’s a rescue operation, so you have to be careful.”

“that’s right. It would be easy to get caught if MB explodes, but that doesn’t work.”

MB’s official name is MB (Mana-Bomb).

However, it was rare to explode MBs even on alien planets.

because it is a rare stone.

The first priority of any planetary mission is the extraction of rare stones. Rare stones are very sensitive minerals, so they disappear when you explode Mana Bomb.

So, unless it was really urgent, the use of MB was prohibited.

same time.

Jia Han formed a team at the Mage Tower and headed to Dazzney Park.

inside a small airship.

The team is twenty people.

“300 survivors in the building in front of the safari entrance. The building is in a state of collapse. When the Jupiter crew breaks through the entrance, the Ramil crew joins in there to protect the victims.”


In this situation, it is safest to hold out inside until the monster is caught.

When the first call came from the Magic Tower, no one believed it. It was common sense.

Developed a mosquito that induces monster awakening, put it on safari, and paralyzed the system?

Dazni Park is privately owned, but the safari is managed by the state. This means that the defense system is not so weak that it can be easily penetrated.

Everyone was still looking in disbelief.

“Was it possible to artificially awaken the monsters?”

“As long as the mana concentration is sufficient, it will be possible. However, the entire object cannot be awakened at the same time. Everyone knows the monster awakening rate. 0.3 percent.”

This coincided exactly with the probability that humans would awaken as superhumans.

But did thousands of individuals on the safari awaken at the same time? It is impossible.

Meanwhile, inside the souvenir shop.

Alicia didn’t speak for a moment. She concentrated with her eyes closed.

‘You have to save mana as much as possible. Concentrate and get the maximum efficiency with the minimum amount of mana.’

Ku Danji knelt down behind Alicia and massaged her shoulders.

‘The air is thick. Will Dante be all right?’

Dio, sucked by Alicia’s mana, stretched out on the floor. Now there are five people left.

Dante also quietly closed his eyes and was lost in thought.

The skill she currently has is [Detect Mana Pattern]. But it didn’t help much.

Avoid the monsters in front of you and save the children. Other than that, I couldn’t think of anything. In short, they were not able to properly respond to the urgent situation.

‘There’s still a lot to learn… … .’

The probability of encountering hundreds of monsters all at once like today is zero. At most, there are four or five species per region.

It is because there is a hierarchy among monsters.

Weak monsters avoid strong monsters and move to another area.

The superman sitting next to Dante held his hand and shook it.

“But over there. student.”

Dante opened his eyes and spoke.

“… … Me?”

“Is your ass okay? It looks like it’s bleeding a lot.”

My ass is wet and hot, as if I had been urinating.

“ah… … .”

“How did you get hurt?”

“I just came in and hit the blade… … .”

wait for a sec.

Was there poison in the blade crushing skill?

For some reason, my vision is blurry and my stomach is sick… … .


‘f*ck. It must be poisoned.’

Kudanji jumped up and sat down next to Dante.

“Dante! why? Did you bleed a lot?”

Matansa explained in a calm tone.

“I think the bladed eagle poison has spread. It’s not deadly poison, so take the antidote and you’ll be fine.”

“Is there an antidote?”

“It’s a fairly common object, so there’s an antidote, so don’t worry.”

From noble mtl dot com

Dio is stretched out, Dante is knocked down, and Alicia is still with her eyes closed.

The team also took out their cell phones.

I was thinking of sending a text message to Jia Han.

[I: Professor. Dante/poison/antidote needed… … ]

“excuse me. What is the spelling of Blade Eagle?”

It was then.

I heard human voices outside.

“Looks like the rescue team is here!”

Activity name Jupiter.

A magician who uses telekinesis.

While he floated and cleared away the wreckage of the building, the rest of the superhumans killed the monsters they could see one by one.

Eventually, the entrance was breached and Ramil went inside.

“This is Ramil Kvyat from the Mage Tower. From now on, I will protect you.”

“Wow, I lived… … .”

“Can I go out?”

Ramil talked while looking at the people getting up with their clothes on.

“I want to be caught in an hour or two. Until then, it will be safe here. Initial response was excellent.”

Ramil built a huge shield around the building. Then he tapped Alicia on the shoulder.

“Good job. Just get up.”

“ha… … .”

Alicia jumped up and was buried in Ramil’s arms.

“thank you. professor… … .”

Eventually, she burst into tears.

What if I run out of mana before the rescue team arrives? Aren’t these people dying because of me?

Oh, I was just thinking about it.

The club manager ran to Ramil and talked to him.

“I need the antidote for Dante’s Blade Eagle.”

Ramil opened the first aid kit he had brought.

Of the animals in the zoo, forty-three species had toxic attacks. I have brought all the necessary antidotes.

“Now, first aid will be provided with this.”

Without blinking, Ramil inserted a needle into Dante’s forearm and injected the antibiotic and antidote.

“Take a good look at you too. There are more injections than I thought when I go to the mission site. Claudio Is that guy out of mana?”

“yes. I borrowed some.”

Ramil smiled and patted Alicia on the shoulder.

“Do you think you have a special constitution? Why don’t you just borrow some mana from a student and try to revive it?”


Gudanji still had a relatively large amount of mana left. Alicia put the mana she took out of the jar into Claudio.

Dio and Dante opened their eyes almost at the same time.

“ruler! Gentlemen, calm down. I’ve put up a solid defense up to this entrance. So go out and watch your seniors fight. It will help you forever.”

The magicians who watched it clicked their tongues.

“Did you say Stella Academy? Poisonous, poisonous.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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