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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 60

Episode 60. dazzney park (4)

“That’s why it’s prestigious. To study and watch while thousands of people are dying.”

“Even if the girls over there are like that. Does it make sense to tell a child who has been poisoned to go out and study? It wouldn’t be like getting back to normal condition with just one shot.”

An even more exhilarating situation was happening right in front of my eyes.

Dante staggered toward the entrance without hesitating Ramil’s suggestion. Rather than thinking of stopping the children called classmates, they moved together, supporting Dante.

Ramil also followed the children to the entrance of the building. The five of them sat side by side, buttocks together.

“professor. But that butt still bleeds.”

“I’m not dying, man. look at that or something Aren’t they all great?”

It was scary when I was the main character, but seeing it outside the frame is spectacular. It felt like watching a movie.

Alicia, who had stopped crying, recorded the battle scene of her senior superhumans by taking a video.

“Professor Han is great. zone… … It’s so cool.”

Even though Alicia was abusive, she didn’t speak harsh words in front of adults.

Ramil replied with a smile.

“Professor Jia Han? damn! Dope. It’s something we all know about.”

Alicia asked, hesitant.

“But do professors and adults swear badly while performing their duties?”

“My life comes and goes, but I can’t do it.”

D.O also asked with a curious expression.

“Among the professors at our school, who did it the most?”

“Probably Professor Bibiano.”


Everyone was amazed.

Professor Bibiano’s problem is that his classes are boring and he doesn’t give grades. He was always kind and kind to his students.

Professor Bibiano is a swear word.

I couldn’t even imagine.

“He is old now. I was once the team leader who taught Professor Jia Han. A professor’s temperament… … It is not an easy style for a professor to teach… … anyway! Even such a professor was strict enough to shed tears. What I said is a secret to one professor.”


Jia Han was registered as a two-pattern wizard who uses bondage-type magic circles and freezing-type magic.

However, people predicted that she would be a multi-pattern mage. Because his skills were so outstanding, it seemed like he was using more than two magics.

Dante, who was fascinated by Han Ji-ah’s performance, turned his gaze to the ground.

There were dozens of people who died nearby.

‘How many died?’

I remembered what the gorilla instructor told me during training.

“I don’t care how many people died. I think about how many people I have saved and how many more I can save in the future. 」

There were thousands of monsters, and there were four on this side. Dazney Park averages 30,000 visitors per day. 300 of them saved a whopping 1%. It was a big job.

I still don’t feel comfortable

It doesn’t make sense to be comfortable with a dead body in front of you.

‘Maybe it’s comfortable for people like psychopaths to endure.’

In fact, many of the talented superhumans showed similar tendencies to psychopaths.

Psychopaths do not feel fear or fear. It might be a human weapon optimized for catching monsters.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was a chronic disease for field workers. There were many superhumans who could not fall asleep without sleeping capsules. The first sleeping capsule was invented for the purpose of treating insomnia.

While Dante is lost in thought.

Dan’s eyes were on Dante.

‘Are you okay now? Shall I touch your forehead?’

Only three people have ever put their hand on the forehead of Gudanji. Mom, brother, and Claudio.

The club had an instinctive resistance to skinship. Whenever someone put their hands on their mother or themselves, something bad was bound to happen. It was like that outside the base.

But people here are different.

Even when Jeremy supported me on the day of the entrance ceremony,

Even when D.O put his hand on his forehead,

Even when Alicia stroked her hair.

It was warm.

So I was embarrassed, but I didn’t hate it.

It was the hand that reminded me of my mother.

“excuse me… … Dante.”


“Yes, I am. I told Professor Ramil that you were sick. Ask for an antidote… … .”

“Oh really? thank you! Would I have died if it wasn’t for you?”

“ah! It’s not like that… … just worried I said.”

Dante smiled as he looked at the club.

Gu Danji, who was embarrassed, laughed awkwardly and made a noise.

“Hi-Hi… … .”

The mother and younger brother suffered an accident while Dan-ji went to get firewood. To humans, not monsters.

I thought I would never laugh again.

When I went to Central Agras, I thought everyone would look at me like a bug. So I just tried to stay outside the base.

‘Uncle Mayer is a good person.’

The site was discovered by a soldier carrying out an LNP sweeping operation. He even cut off the legs of two soldiers while running away.

Silas Meyer embraced such a club. The bodies of family members were also collected and placed in the charnel house.

It didn’t matter what Silas Meyer’s approach was. To the club, he was a good person. I found an expensive house and paid for my tuition. Thanks to that, I also met Dante and Alicia.

There was no grandiose goal for her, such as entering the Magic Tower. Kill your enemies and protect your loved ones. That was all.

In fact, Mayer had already dealt with the people who killed Gu Danji’s family. However, he did not inform the club.

Even back then, revenge was the only thing that could motivate Gudanji.

‘Dante got hurt because I was weak. I will become stronger.’

The only culture outside the base is looting and violence.

The complex was good in Agras. I wanted to learn the ‘real culture’ here and live like a human being.

The first thing to learn was human relations. Right now, I needed someone who would embrace me even though I was clumsy.

Like Dante or Alicia.

Danji moved his fingers and grabbed Alicia’s hand, who was sitting next to him.

Alicia held Danji’s hand tightly.

“sister. Green hair is pretty… … .”

“okay? Would you like to?”

Gudanji shook his head in amazement.

“Oh no?!”

Dante came out to help the club.

“Because one green moss monster is enough?”

Alicia stared at Dante’s butt with a meaningful smile.

“Oh my, our Dante. Do you menstruate? Judging by the amount, it should be overnight.”

“Did you turn? What kind of girl are you, wow… … .”

“What is menstruation! On the topic of making water balloons with condoms. Can I use condoms and not menstruate?”

“Yes, I was wrong.”

Well, condoms work and menstruation doesn’t work. It wasn’t that kind of problem.

Dante was an only child and had few opportunities to associate with women.

My heart still trembles and my pupils shake when I see women exercising wearing only a bra top. It was just that I was embarrassed because I wasn’t used to it.

Gudanji whispered in Alicia’s ear.

“sister. Men are menstrual-no-no!”


Alicia burst into laughter at the club’s tip.

“You were kidding. joke! There was a lot of blood on your pants.”

“ah… … yes.”

Now, the monster eradication is slowly coming to an end. The most glamorous resort on Earth has turned into ruins.

in just 40 minutes.

‘There must have been no superhuman to fight properly in the early days, right?’

I can understand why the old world fell so quickly.

In today’s operation, 10,000 supermen and 50,000 soldiers residing in Agras were mobilized. The assembly time took less than 10 minutes.

The superman riot squad arrived on the scene in two minutes.

Still, there were many casualties.

Ramil brushed his butt and stood up.

“Monsters don’t wait for us to be ready. No matter how thoroughly we prepare and plan, this happens. Everyone handled it well and didn’t panic. Good job.”

The safari was at the innermost part of Dazni Park.

It took some time for soldiers and medical personnel to arrive. They were all wearing protective masks.

Medical staff looked at the bodies scattered on the floor.

Hopeful messages came and went here and there.

“Here, I still have a pulse!”

“Here too!”

The soldiers lined up in two rows and built a human barricade. It was also intended to prepare for the unexpected and to prevent survivors from seeing the body.

“Please move slowly!”


A large transport plane passes overhead.

[ All survivors, please follow the instructions and move to the entrance. ]

Ramil cried out loud.

From noble mtl dot com

“ruler! Everyone, get out of the building. Go to the entrance. The injured, please stand by!”

Dante and the children waited until everyone had left the building. And after making sure the building was completely emptied, they moved.

Some children came running and took me into my arms. These are the children Dante saved and Dio appeased.

Dante carried a boy of about seven years old in his arms.

“What is your name?”

“… … Rome.”

Dante was about to ask if he had come alone.

What if you didn’t come alone?

What if the child’s parents died?

I couldn’t afford it.

Roma buried her face in Dante’s shoulder and sniffled.

Pat Pat.

“I came with a friend, but my friend died. I mean I asked to come. Whoa… … .”

Considering that the children came together, it is not a good house. How much guilt will this child live with in the future?

“It’s not your fault. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

All Dante could offer was a semblance of consolation. My heart hurts.

On the other hand, the child in Claudio’s arms was laughing.

She was a girl only six years old.

The girl’s mother fidgeted and followed Dio.

“He is too. I want you to come to my mother.”

“Are you a superman? My dad is also a superman. It’s gone far away now.”

Claudio spoke with a solemn expression.

“mister? Wherever I look, it’s Mr. A prince!”

“Then, since I am a princess, I must marry the prince!”

The woman looked at D.O and thanked him.

“Thank you for hugging my daughter earlier. I was also out of my mind.”

“you’re welcome.”

“Do superhumans always work in fields like this?”

“hmm… … It’s kind of dangerous.”

“This time, when my husband comes in, I’m going to do better. Less nagging… … .”

The entrance to Disney Park.

At first glance, there are quite a few people who survived.

[ Superman, please move to the right line. All academy students, including superhumans, please move to the right line. The transporter goes straight to the hospital. Please follow the guidance and move in an orderly manner. ]

Dante put Rome to the ground.

He knelt down on one knee and stroked the child’s crown.

“Do you have a cell phone?”

“no. My friend brought my friend’s mom’s phone… … uh huh suck… … .”

A low-end mobile phone with only calling and messaging functions costs 9,900 won per month including equipment. If you don’t even have a cell phone, you’re in the middle class.

“Wait a minute. Don’t you have a pen or something?”

“Uh, that… … .”

Roma pulled out a cute ballpoint pen from his pocket. It was in the shape of a robot character that is popular among children these days. It looked like it was stolen from a souvenir shop.

“I didn’t mean to steal from the beginning… … My younger brother wanted it from before, but he couldn’t come today… … .”

Dante’s eyes softened.

Tears seemed to be pouring out at any moment.

A monster appeared and your friend died. However, the place to evacuate was a souvenir shop. The boy felt sorry for his brother who couldn’t come with him and stole a ballpoint pen.

And only one.

It is the past that was buried for a while, living in an apartment worth over 20 billion and sleeping in a sleeping capsule worth 2 billion.

The reality is that many people still live in such poverty.

“are you okay. this is what i buy Understand?”

Dante wrote Roma’s phone number on the palm of his hand.

“Memorize it in case it gets erased. Call me if anything happens. Understand?”

“yes! Thank you!”

Dante laughed and rose from his seat.

“Then go quickly.”

“I… … hey!”


“That ballpoint pen… … .”

“Oh right. It would have been a big deal. Please pass this on to your brother.”

“yes! mister.”

But the uncle… … .

It was too much.

no transporter.

Superhumans said they were going to a hospital specializing in superhumans on Sky Island. It was a place where there were superman-related government offices, including the Superman Association.

Dante closed his eyes and thought.

‘right. But that magic… … Who was it?’

The moment when people were evacuated to the building. I saw a familiar magic pattern in a place a little away from the safari.

The magic accurately hit the air type monster.

‘It was definitely a pattern I saw that day.’

A criminal who murdered a malicious commenter in the middle of the city.

The guy was here.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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