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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 58

Episode 58. dazzney park (2)

There is only one amusement park in Agras.

Disney Park.

There are many people 365 days a year. These days, during the vacation period, the normally crowded place is twice as crowded.

Alicia grumbled and looked down at her feet.

“ah… … I wanted to come with my boyfriend. How come with my juniors… … .”

No restaurants, no travel, no driving. There is not much to enjoy for both adults and children.

In this situation, Dazni Park was the best date course. The problem is that it’s expensive and I don’t go often.

When I got off, I saw many children walking around alone.

‘Since there is no money, you only let your children in… … .’

Dante had never begged his parents to buy him a present.

Was it Christmas time? Hamel once asked me to go to the amusement park at Charlie’s base, but I couldn’t go because I got sick.

I remember crying a lot that day.

“hey! Let’s start with our Vikings.”

The rides are fun, but the atmosphere is good.

Countless people all walk around laughing. It was a lively atmosphere that is hard to feel in the city.

Cute animal masks have completely disappeared. In this era, animals were mankind’s main enemies and could not be friends. Instead, staff dressed up as mascots and fairy tale characters roamed around.

After riding the Viking and Flume Ride, it was time to enter the safari. We rode the little train to the safari.

The four of us took about 10,000 pictures in 20 minutes.

I looked through the photos Alicia had taken and talked.

“I’m also going to try stargrams. Even the video is a bit burdensome.”

Dio said with a smile.

“Really? Please let me know if you close your account. Originally, I only had 100 followers, right? It’s 3,000 now. I added just one line, ‘Stellar Academy,’ to the introduction, but it increased 30 times?”


[The place to get off this time is Safari World. Are you ready to meet scary animals? slimy width. The little train stops. Please get off safely after the train has completely stopped. hi! ]

About 200 species of animals live in Safari World, including mammals, birds and reptiles.

Dante honestly didn’t want to go in.

“Should I meet them?”

Only one Prince is the Maginot Line. Although he became friendly with Prince, he hadn’t fully opened his heart to him.

Alicia crossed her arms and pulled Dante towards him.

“It’s hard to see before awakening. There are also puppies here, they are so cute. Will you like it too?”

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The four of them entered the safari side by side.

People walked in the outdoor area, and animals were locked inside transparent cages reinforced with mana stones.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

‘I think the defense is a bit weak… … .’

The first course was in front of the rabbit cage. The guide briefly explained the defense system.

“Our safari world observes animals with real-time mana scans. There have been no accidents in the 20 years since opening. So please be safe and enjoy watching.”

Soaring mana is a precursor to awakening. The zoo has built a system to monitor mana in real time and kill it if there are any abnormal symptoms.

Animals before awakening are literally just animals. It could easily be treated with one drug.

[From 10:30 am, there is an event at the baby tiger cage. If you are interested, please go to the Baby Animals section. ]

The baby animal section was the most popular area within the safari. Four people, including Dante, also moved there.

Each of us has a monitor attached. It shows the appearance after awakening. But people weren’t very interested in monitors.

A baby tiger waddled up and stood with its front paws on the glass.

Exclamation poured out at the dignified figure of the beast.

“crying! cute!”

“Look at the soles of your feet. It’s like Jelly… … .”

Before long, the keeper entered the pen with a baby bottle.

The baby tigers twitched their hips and charged at the keepers.

Once again, exclamation poured out.

“Look at how thick the ass is. Damn deadly!”

“I want to grow them at home… … .”

Alicia asked, nipping Dante’s side with her elbow.

“Isn’t it so cute?”

“But when a baby awakens, is it the same as an adult?”

“well… … Wouldn’t it be weaker than the adult body?”

It was then.

I felt a strong mana towards the entrance where the zookeeper came in.

“hey. I see you too.”

“… … huh. What is that?”

To Alicia, it just felt like a small, strong bundle of magic. But Dante’s eyes saw the form.

“mosquito. It’s like the mosquitoes from the news.”

“Why did he follow us? how?”

There were two pieces of information known to the public.

First, swarms of mosquitoes appeared.

Second, don’t attack people.

Only the Mage Tower knew the most important information.

Third, mosquitoes have strong magical power comparable to S-class mana stones.

So far, mosquitoes have appeared in more than 20 places. However, the Mage Tower failed to capture it alive. It was because it disappeared as soon as it was caught.

Some of the superhumans around them also began to hum.

“Isn’t that a bit dangerous?”

“I know there is a quarantine device at the entrance. What came along?”

The team also whispered to Dante as if he was uneasy.

“Are we out?”

Only Dio, who was dull with mana, was observing the baby tiger with an excited expression.

“oh… … You seem to like milk a lot. They eat very well.”

Dante dragged Dio, who was clinging to the glass, to the back.

“Strange. It says it scans mana in real time. Shouldn’t there be an alarm?”

“what? Alert? What are you talking about?”

Alicia spoke as if she had made up her mind.

“Let’s go out at once.”

“What about the others?”

Safari control room at the same time.

Employees sitting in front of computers were astonished.

“The system is down.”

“Hacking, hacking!”

“What nonsense is that! Our security… … .”

“That’s not important, we have to evacuate first.”

“The alarm is not working! The system is completely down. It doesn’t eat anything!”

Recently, the security system was upgraded with a lot of money. Security systems are best known by control room personnel. None of this would have been possible without an internal helper.

But the situation is urgent. Evacuating the spectators came first rather than figuring out the cause.

“I will contact the headquarters at once.”

Reynolds, the safari director, picked up the phone.

“hello? This is the safari control room. Security has been breached. This system is all down.”

– Is that all?


– They’re asking if a monster came out.

“Looks like swarms of mosquitoes have entered us.”

– So, did the animals awaken?

“No, since we don’t know what will happen, starting with evacuation… … .”

– Let’s not make a fuss and deal with it quietly. Contact your security company.

After saying that, the call was disconnected.

Reynolds’ hands trembled.

‘f*ck. Bastards.’

I had no choice.

What if this case was reported?

The company would suffer huge losses.

Besides, if everything was settled without much trouble, Reynolds himself would be the one to take responsibility for it.

I have a family to feed.

It took me 15 years to rise to the position of head of the control room. Decisions are made from above. There was no need to take the risk of making an arbitrary decision.

‘I shouldn’t be the decision maker in this matter.’

“First, contact the security company.”

“yes? The door leading to us has also been breached. Besides, mosquitoes… … .”

“Do what I tell you to do!”

Entrance to Safari World.

Superhumans, including Dante, got out of there almost at the same time.

Even though we don’t know each other at all, conversations come and go.

“I am an incumbent superintendent. Are you academy students?”

“yes! Are the people inside okay?”

“I need to get out.”

The current superintendent man looked at his two children and his wife in turn, then continued.

“I will contact the Magic Tower, so the students… … .”


This is the sound from the safari side.


The man and wife started running with each child in their arms.

“Uh, what should I do? Shouldn’t we run away too?”

Alicia answered Claudio’s question with a calm expression.

“5 minutes. If you hold out for just five minutes, the advance team will arrive.”

“Then you want to stay here? There were so many animals earlier… … If everyone is awakened, we are in danger too. Wouldn’t it be better to leave?”

The screams are getting closer.

Claudio had a frightened expression on his face.

Dante asked Alicia.

“5 minutes. Can you stand it?”

“huh. not here Let’s go inside the building.”

There was a two-story souvenir shop right nearby.

Hey hey!


At that time, dozens of aerial monsters soared into the sky with a creepy sound.


Air type monsters started attacking the ground.

D.O looked up at the sky with a dazed expression, stepped backwards, and bumped his butt.

“Mi, crazy… … .”

Dante grabbed Dio by the scruff of the neck and pulled him up.


Gudanji and Alicia used mana to land in front of the souvenir shop at once, and Dante pushed D.O’s back and matched their feet.

D.O. couldn’t run properly, probably because his legs were weak.

“Keep your mind straight.”

“ah… … The real Shiva.”

D.O. barely held back the tears. It is D.O who successfully completed the declaration ceremony and final practice.

But from then on, it’s on a different level. It was the first time he encountered so many monsters at once.

‘I’m just going to run away, really… … If I die here, will there be a reward? How much will it come out?’

Even in the midst of this, D.O calculated the insurance money and compensation in his head. Even if you think about your family, you shouldn’t die without reason.

‘At least the debt will be paid off?’

While D.O was thinking about this.

Alicia and Gu Danji were lost at the entrance of the building. People in the souvenir shop can’t even get into the barrels pouring out.

Dante shouted.

“It’s dangerous to go out! There are wizards! Get inside the building!”

Alicia also raised her voice.

“Go in! Go in if you don’t want to die! I’m a defense mage!”

At that, D.O. was relieved.

‘Was Senior Al a defense mage?’

D.O also joined in with a trembling voice.

“Bar, there is a defense mage. Get inside the building! into the building! please come in… … .”

People at the entrance joined forces and pushed those trying to get out into the building.

“There is a wizard!”

“There is a defense mage! It’s safe to stay inside!”




The attack fell right in front of the building.

Now, all the people who were running away ran into the building, causing mayhem.

Pushed, tripped, stepped on, yelled at.

After many twists and turns, the four people, including Dante, found themselves in the center of the souvenir shop.

Alicia immediately unleashed her defensive magic.

The interior was still noisy.

“If you die from being crushed by a building here, you will be responsible!”

“No, that’s right!”

Dante was also a bit puzzled, so he quietly asked Alicia.

“Are you sure it’s safer inside the building?”

“If you get hit by a direct hit, you won’t last long.”


Dante understood the meaning right away.

A shield using mana lasts much longer against physical damage. Even if the building collapsed, it was a physical impact, so the shield was not significantly affected.

If the building collapsed, it was like a protective shield was overlaid on top of the mana shield. If you get a direct hit from a monster from the outside, it’s hard to hold out for a long time.

This was why Alicia had chosen indoors as her shelter.

Dante whispered in Alicia’s ear.

“Can I get it if I run out of mana?”

Alicia asked again, her eyes wide open.

“how did you know?”

“I am a genius.”

“This bastard is real! I’m busy right now, talk to you later.”

“I’ll go out with the club site and bring people.”

“Be careful.”

Alicia was a magician with a unique constitution, capable of exchanging mana with others as well as shield magic.

The day I first met Alicia at the Versailles Institute. She’s ‘cute!’ While doing so, he pinched Dante’s cheek. At that time, Dante noticed that a small amount of mana had entered his body.

There have been similar situations for a while since then.

Dante grabbed Gudanji’s wrist.

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“We’re going to bring the people out here this way. You cover me.”


Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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