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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 57

Episode 57. dazzney park (1)

Alicia had been seen a few times at Diodo’s school. Dante introduced me, and the two exchanged greetings.

“Are you interested in Alicia?”

“Not like that. You are pretty. Should I say it’s like a fresh kiwi?”

Even while looking at the same thing, someone thinks of ‘green moss monster’, and someone thinks of ‘refreshing kiwi’.

Dante couldn’t agree with Dio’s statement, but he didn’t flinch.

bang! bang!


Alicia came running as soon as she received the text.

Dio jumped up and greeted her.

“Senior Al! Have you been at peace?”

“OK. Were you there too?”

Alicia grabbed a bottle of juice from the fridge and joined the group.

“But why all of a sudden?”

“Do you want to go to Disney Park?”


“huh. While D.O came too.”

“Such ignorant things. If you want to go, make a reservation and go.”


Alicia checked the time.

It was a little past 11 o’clock.

“I can go tomorrow. The safari will be fully booked tomorrow from 12 o’clock, right? As an experienced person, I will take the reservation. Got it!”


The safari in Dazni Park is the world’s largest zoo and the only zoo in the world.

‘braided! These cute animal friends are woven! It turns into a scary monster like this.’

while waiting

Dio asked Alicia.

“By the way, Senior Al must have done a lot of ticketing?”

“I’m a big fan of Kamu.”

“… … Really?”

In an instant, Dante sensed an ominous aura.

The fans’ conversation continued for more than 30 minutes.

There was no room for Dante to intervene.

“Can I really go to the workshop with you?”

“of course.”

“buy. with. sun. yo. this. egg. line. ship! I bought that light stick and waved it only at home. watching the broadcast.”

Shaking a cheering stick at home?

Dante was so stunned that he couldn’t even speak.

The other day, on the plane, I asked Uncle Ray about a public broadcast. It seemed like he decided to go after all.

Alicia asked, looking at Dante.

“Do you want to go too?”


“Can we not stand in line and go to the waiting room? Can I take a picture with a very famous celebrity and get an autograph?”

That’s great when you’re all interested. To Dante, who was not interested in that direction, famous celebrities were no different from ordinary people.

“The time is up, so make a reservation or make it right.”

“Okay, man! Do you trust my sister?”

“… … .”

“I should do five instead of three.”

Dante asked back at Alicia’s words.

“Why five?”

“If you resell it, you can make a lot of money.”

“Are you crazy? How much does it cost to sell it?”

“Yeah, of course it’s a joke. Let’s do a lot and find more people to go with. club before? He also decided to play but couldn’t because of the suspension.”

Come to think of it, I forgot. At that time, the club was very sad. Somehow, the semester ended.

In the end, Alicia succeeded in ticketing.

“There was a swarm of mosquitoes in Disney Park before. Maybe that’s why it made it a little easier.”

Mosquitoes still haunt Central. But there were no incidents. Citizens who were frightened and refrained from going out can now walk around the outside comfortably.

Alicia showed the screen that the reservation was successful and talked.

“Safari is done. I’ll cut off the ticket for premium access.”

Dio spoke excitedly.

“Isn’t that a 3 million won ticket?”

I want to go to an amusement park.

Tickets are expensive.

No money.

So, all I had to do was visit the website a hundred times.

Tickets without attractions are 300,000 won. It was too expensive for the common people.

Premium access tickets allowed you to board all attractions first.

“that’s right. You wouldn’t be able to ride the rides properly without them? Dante, you should contact the club.”


As soon as I sent the text, a reply came from the club.

[ it’s me. Do you want to go to Disney Park tomorrow? You decided to play before us, but you couldn’t. ]

[Gudanji: Really? I want to go. ]

Alicia, who had been peeking at the text message from the side, spoke.

“If nothing special happens, just tell them to come out today. The four of us, let’s hit a movie tonight.”

“Is that so? D.O. Are you okay too?”

“of course.”

three hours later.

The four people, including Ku Danji, visited Rococo Department Store.

“Why are you buying clothes when you go to Disney Park?”

“There are a lot of people, so I have to do it pretty. Stop nagging and try on this! it’s just Let’s go buy shoes with me. A new version of Loubu X is out.”

“… … .”

Alicia counted not only her clothes, but Danji and D.O’s as scars. I heard that H&R is providing 100 million won in monthly allowance.

“Because I don’t have much to write about during the semester. I save it and use it during vacation.”

Dante looked at Alicia who was riding in 12cm high heels and said.

“You go out on your feet after that. isn’t that too high? He’s about the same height as me.”

Alicia is 180 cm tall including the height of her high heels, and her club height is 158 cm. Being next to Alicia, the small club looked like a kid.

From noble mtl dot com

Alicia let Dante’s nagging go into her ear.

“What does it matter that I like you? If it’s unfair, maybe you’ll be taller like D.O.”

“Aren’t I on the small side too?”

“what. A man must be 185. Right Dio?”


“They do it very much. Women are beautiful when they are small and modest. Like a club site.”

“It sucks. Braided baby. ”

“You’re the one who started the man blah blah blah?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Are you dementia? They say early dementia is fashionable these days. Be careful too. Because you can see.”

“Do you want to go back?”

Gudanji, who had been watching the two of them while stamping his feet, opened his mouth.

“excuse me… … don’t fight.”

D.O lightly crossed his arms and whispered to Danji.

“It’s not a fight. The two of them are like that.”


The club thought.

‘Dante doesn’t like green hair… … .’

Seeing the two of them pat, I felt somehow fortunate.

‘Small and pretty like a football club… … Are you small and small? Still pretty… … .’

D.O, who looked at Danji’s expression, asked a question.

“Where are you sick?”


“Looks like you have a fever? face turned red Come and see.”

Dio put his hand on Gudanji’s forehead.

“uh? hmm… … .”

“It’s like having a fever. Not even… … .”

In the meantime, Dante and Alicia, who had finished fighting, looked at D.O with sharp expressions.

“What are you doing?”

“What are your arms and your hand on your forehead? Maybe… … no way… … .”

Unlike Gudanji, who was very embarrassed.

Dio’s expression was calm. This kind of childish driving has graduated from inside my mother’s belly.

“No, because your face is red. I pointed it out because I wanted to open it.”

The clubhouse remained rigid and only opened its mouth.

“I am not sick. it doesn’t hurt at all So, put your hands away.”

Alicia stroked the crown of Gudanji with a motherly smile.

“Ah, it’s really cute. It sounds like the baby is talking.”

“ah… … I am not good at English.”

“are you okay. Who is good at it from the start? You just have to practice.”

Dante felt good about introducing Alicia to Gudanji.

‘I like that Risha has a good personality.’

The team also smiled and talked about how good it was.

“Thank you. Senior Al.”

“Senior Al? You just call me Unnie. Isn’t that convenient?”

“and… … Do you know your sister?”

Dio also interrupted the conversation.

“I know that, sister. There are some Korean kids at Echo Base. Right, sister?”

“Don’t call me older sister, call me senior Al. You’re not even Korean.”

“yep! Senior Al!”

Overhearing the conversation, Dante thought.

‘When I said noona, I thought you liked me blindly. That doesn’t seem like it again.’

After the Great Humiliation Incident of Tanya Tudor Limited Edition.

Dante had never called Alicia his sister. If you keep doing it, the rarity will decrease, right? The special move is to save it for the decisive moment.

After shopping, the four of them gathered at Alicia’s house. Alicia chose an old-fashioned zombie movie called ‘Busan X’.

The team especially liked it.

“Hey, do you understand all of that?”

“hmm… … Eighty percent?”

Alicia talked while chewing on popcorn.

“But there is a character named Jin-hee over there. Doesn’t it resemble Danji?”

Black straight hair, big eyes without double eyelids, and concave features. They looked alike, but Gudanji’s face was a little more gentle and cute.

after the movie is over.

Alicia and Gudanji’s fashion show followed.

Gu Danji was forced to wear Alicia’s high heels, which didn’t even fit her feet, and she fell.

Dio giggled and spoke.

“Oh, our Pudeok. Are you okay?”

“… … .”

Ku Dan-ji ran into the dressing room blushing and fell again.

Dante said a word to Dio.

“Why do you say puduk? Do the kids still call Gudanji Pudeok?”

“Is that so? Iron Puduk, Puduk. isn’t it cute I’m honestly cute.”

“That’s true, but it could be something like trauma to Gudanji.”

“but. I was completely bullied from the first day of admission. But I like that Al has a good personality. A kid with the same club district does all the fashion shows.”

Dante thought a little differently.

Didn’t he feel that he would kill himself if we didn’t do it together?

* * *

“The club. Are you awake already?”

“Ah, sister! I usually sleep a little bit.”

Ku Dan-ji was sitting by the window in the living room, looking out at the night view. It’s still four o’clock in the morning.

Alicia took out two bottles of mineral water and sat down next to the jar.

“Drink this.”

“Thank you.”

Clap clack.

“I really like this house.”

“Where are you these days?”

“uh… … Riverside Palace?”


As you can tell just by hearing the name, Riverside Palace is a luxury apartment on the riverside. Although not as good as Sunrise River Sky, it was a very expensive apartment.

“Do you have a sponsor too?”

“Ah, yes.”


There is no way that a vagabond could have entered a prestigious university without a sponsor. It was a question that could be answered with a little thought.

“Where do you get it from?”

“hmm… … Well, you can’t talk about it until graduation.”

In this case, it is usually an individual investor.

Representatives of private mercenaries or wealthy people who prefer superhuman bodyguards.

“Would you like to swim with me since you woke up early? On the rooftop.”

“yes. But I didn’t bring a bathing suit… … .”

“A lot for me.”

Gudanji was shocked to see Alicia’s bikini collection.

“I’m not wearing that bikini.”

“How are you? It’s early in the morning, so no one is there.”

“and… … I don’t think it fits.”

“don’t worry. Right for us! It’s because there are mulberries.”

Alicia took out two squishy apricot-colored lumps from a drawer and held them up.

“… … .”

“Put this here! If you meticulously fill in the blanks… … .”

“… … .”

“If it’s still empty, I’ll layer two on top of each other!”

“… … .”

“If that doesn’t work, three… … no. Just wear this.”

In the end, Gudanji headed to the rooftop wearing the rash guard that Alicia had tucked away in the corner.

There were only three people who came first.

D.O also swims on a moonlit night… … I was riding a tube. Even wearing a life jacket.

“Hey, Dio! Is Dante sleeping?”


D.O, who found Danji and Alicia, flung his arms vigorously and escaped from the pool.

“Dante is sleeping. I heard there is a rooftop, so I came alone because I was curious. Opportunities to swim in places like this are rare… … .”

“But why are you riding the tube?”

“I can’t swim. I also have a phobia of water.”

“okay? Then take off your vest and get in.”


If the opponent had been Dante, he would have refused. But learn to swim from Alicia?

D.O took off his life jacket and carefully dipped his feet into it. I never had any crazy thoughts. Only the passion to learn to swim is 100%.


“Power to the thighs!”

“Rolling the torso! Turn around!”

“Breath. Breath! Breath, rest! This is an amoeba cub who couldn’t even do this Pagasari! ”

“… … Senior Al over there. Can we stop?”

I got skinship thanks to a 30-minute binge break.

Have you ever heard of back smashing?

Well, it wasn’t what I wanted, but… … .

‘Anyway, it’s skinship. No refutation.’

Anyway, now it floats on the water. I worked hard not because Alicia taught me well, but because I was embarrassed.

“great job. look. can you do it? hehehehe.”

“Thank you, senior. Can you teach me again next time?”

“So what?”

And at 8:30 am.

The four of them took a sky taxi and headed to Dashney Park. The Sky Taxi platform in Dazuni Park was only available to those who bought a ‘Premium Access Ticket’.

The opening time was 9 o’clock.

“wow. Look at that.”

“Sister, is that a hot air balloon? I’m seeing a hot air balloon for the first time.”

A large banner was hung on the hot air balloon that sparkled in various colors.

「A place where your dreams unfold like magic.

Welcome to Dasneypark! 」

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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