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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 56

Episode 56. summer vacation (3)

Central Agras.

As soon as Dante returned, he cut off his membership in the ‘Mana Training Center’. It would be difficult if even a building collapsed while practicing at home.

If you think about it, the existence of a superman itself is very dangerous. Why, do you often talk about martial arts? It’s just that the main character, who fell into the main fire, runs out of control.

‘There must be some among the wizards… … What will happen to those people?’

Even if the wizard runs out of control, it is reported on the news as an ‘explosion of unknown cause’.

There are shadows in any society, including religious and charitable organizations. As long as humans exist, a society without evil cannot exist.

The magic tower was the same.

It was their role to thoroughly cover up their private parts rather than to appeal to their achievements.

There is a separate prison for superhumans managed inside the Mage Tower. Even in the Magic Tower, only some executives knew of its existence and location. The escape difficulty is, of course, EX grade.

“One year membership is 2 billion.”


I am used to spending money now.

I can understand why it is so expensive.

Whether it’s a shooting range or a mana training center. Neo Stones and S-class Mana Stones are included as standard, and maintenance is required every year.

I was about to pay and go to the practice room, but I bumped into Rosé Meyer. It’s the first time I’ve seen him in plain clothes.

Jeans and a white t-shirt. Even though her face was plain without makeup, she had a radiance.

‘Looks like he’s practicing here too… … .’

In a way, it is natural

In order to use Neo Stone, permission from the government and Mage Tower was required, and its use was prohibited in ordinary households. The second-ranked Mayer family was no exception.

It’s strange that there are Neo Stones in BS bunkers. When asked, BS always condescendingly said, ‘Because I am BS’, avoiding detailed answers.

I didn’t know it, but I had a reasonable suspicion that it might not have been the head of a secret organization within the Mage Tower.

Dante greeted Rosé.

“Are you going here too? me… … .”

“know. Dante Prime. Good job then.”

Dante was one of the people Rosé encountered the most throughout the semester. So as soon as she heard the voice, Rose recognized it.

Dante stopped her to turn around.

“Did your grades go well? My theory is completely ruined.”

“… … .”

Rose didn’t answer.

Judging by the look on his face, he doesn’t seem angry.

“just. It’s not like you have to answer. I was curious because we also had finals together. Then see you later.”

This time, Rosé looked at the back of Dante’s head as he turned around.

“It came out well. Practice and theory.”

“okay? That’s great.”

“Yes, go.”

Rosé thought as she went to the practice room.

Did you do well on the test?

Capsules come in a new flavor, have you tried them?

Who’s who’s senior, isn’t he super cool?

I don’t remember ever having a common conversation with friends. It had been a very long time since someone other than my family asked about my test scores.

‘I almost even talked about grades. Dante Prime. Is this a Versailles scholarship student?’

This is the information I learned from reading an article this morning. The Versailles Institute made headlines this morning about Dante.

「Stella’s new face that even the Versailles Laboratory fell in love with! It was an article like that.

Rosé knew better than anyone what the laboratory was like.


Because it was a place where Jeremy and his request for sponsorship were rejected one after another.

Currently, Jeremy was sponsored by five places and Rosé was sponsored by three places.

‘Even if I do. You spurned Jeremy and chose Dante Prime?’

The Versailles Institute is not a big deal if you look at the sponsor as just a source of money. No, with the wealth of the Mayer family, there was no need for a sponsor in the first place.

Sponsorship was not a simple matter of money, but a power struggle entangled with complex interests. The Versailles Laboratory is a prestigious group that is not entangled in either side.

In the superhuman society, the first place that comes to mind when thinking of ‘integrity’ was the Versailles Research Institute. So there were a lot of people watching.

‘Maybe it’s a wizard. Or the warden secretly gave birth to a late baby.’

Not only Rosé, but people who read the article had similar thoughts. Dante Prime would be a two-pattern or higher wizard. Otherwise, there’s no way Fred Kayley would be sponsoring anything.

At that time, Dante entered the practice room.

It was a 20-pyeong space with nothing. Dark gray ore emits a subtle glow.

Dante sat cross-legged in the center of the practice room.

‘The simplest is the toxic pattern. Wouldn’t that just make you copy it?’

There is a difference between the patterns that people use magic and materials have. It’s hard to be sure because there aren’t enough pattern samples yet, but this is what I thought.

‘If you want to deal with poison, you have to follow the pattern used by poison wizards. It must be different from the toxic sample pattern I saw in the lab.’

What I want to try the most is the change system pattern I saw in BS and Xian. However, it was too complex, so it was impossible for the first goal.

‘If I could follow that, I’d be able to know for sure what kind of magic it was.’

The stronger the magic, the more complex the pattern.

If the head of the beauty salon had 300 spells, Phrygia carols had 800 spells, and BS had an average of 3,000 or more complex patterns.

‘I want to practice attacking first. After graduating, I’ll be able to see a lot of attack patterns, right?’

Dante recalled a pattern he had seen in the Dolomite Mercenaries when he was young.

The pattern itself is similar to BS-flare, but much simpler.

‘Let’s practice fire magic first.’

Of course, the goal is not to do it right now, but to do it before graduation.

Draw a blueprint in the air.

And if you focus… … .


Mana in the form of a short straight line appears and then disappears.

And again focus… … .


I tried to make two straight lines, but only got one. This was Dante’s level now.

one straight line.


* * *

Coke Coke.


Smoky in the bathroom.

Dante rushed into the living room with tears running down his nose and shut the door.

‘ah… … My pattern book.’

I burned the notebook on which I recorded various patterns. It was because of what BS said.

“Don’t leave any records anywhere. Only you should know. Do you know what I mean? 」

Even a superhuman who is sensitive to mana like Jia Han does not recognize her own patterns.

Still, the reason academics call it a ‘pattern’ is because the moment you use magic, you can feel a complex flow of mana that is different from usual.

But what if it were known that patterns could be visualized?

Either one.

Become the world’s greatest wizard, or die before mice or birds know it.

The odds are, of course, that the latter is overwhelmingly high.

Dante thought as he lay down on the sofa.

‘but. I can’t be happy with the thought of losing my unique magic to someone else.’

Sweet imagination continues.

‘Isn’t it rich if you copy and sell a very strong magic pattern?’

A person who is good at mana control gets a pattern? Then I thought I would be able to follow suit.

For a good cause, the more public a pattern is, the better. What if superhumans who are good at controlling all learn and use powerful magic?

The number of people who die on missions will also decrease. Perhaps there was a possibility that the long war with monsters would come to an end.

‘If you want that, you’ll have to leave a pattern book as a legacy before you die… … .’

Dante, too, was opening his eyes to world affairs little by little.

Things done with good intentions don’t always have good results.

And the important thing is… … .

Still myself, yap! It’s a magician with a single straight line.


Claudio was supposed to come today.

A message arrived on my cell phone.

This is an alarm from the front desk of the apartment.

[ We have visitors.

Visitor Name: Claudio Grom

Would you like permission? Y/N]

It was a message with a picture of D.O attached.

From noble mtl dot com


Dante pressed Y and waited in front of the front door.


I opened the door and greeted D.O.

“Are you here?”

“Really good. Is your house very nice? And above all, there are a lot of pretty girls. Did I see a very famous model in the elevator?”

“Okay, come in now. Change into slippers.”

D.O took off his sneakers at the entrance and changed into slippers.

sniff sniff.

“But what does it smell like? Does it smell burnt?”

“ah… … I burned something.”

“What are you burning?”

“Black history. What would you like to drink?”

“Uh, anything.”

While Dante brings out a drink.

D.O stuck to the window and admired the scenery.

“You said your sponsor did it for you?”

“huh. Professor Jia Han lives here, and several seniors also live here.”

“It’s good to have money.”

Dante took out two bottles of sparkling water and sat down on the sofa.

“At home. Did you go?”


His roommate is Jun Mori, but Dante is closer to D.O. Jun was the type who seldom confided in himself.

Dio sat down on the sofa and gulped down the carbonated water.

“I didn’t know, but I must have used some debentures to pay tuition. I barely prevented my father from being taken to an illegal fighting arena. With the money Rose gave me.”

Dio is also from Echo Base.

“If it’s an illegal fighting arena… … That monster and that?”

“huh. How do you know?”

Was this even real?

After hearing what Alicia said, I didn’t expect it.

It seemed to be true that they gambled with illegally imported monsters and people.

“Can I lie down for a bit?”

“Do as you will.”

Claudio stretched out on the sofa and lay down. He seemed to have a lot on his mind.

Dante asked.

“I am really curious. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to go to AA or somewhere cheaper?”

“AA is falling apart and I can’t go. I want to get into the Mage Tower office job. In order to do that, you have to come out with at least 5 prestigious schools.”

is that too

Wizard’s Tower.

Few of these new generations want to work in the field. There were many people who even worked in the field, who wanted to move to an office job after building their careers.

It is for this reason that people of the past generation are swearing that they are ‘these days’.

“How much urgent debt do you have?”

“I think there are about 100 million bonds left. Even if you just solve that, I think I’ll be able to breathe.”

Both of Claudio’s parents were miners. Although Dante’s parents worked as miners under cover, anyway, there were many similarities, so it bothered me more.

Dante asked cautiously.

“Can I borrow that?”

Dio jumped up and knelt down in front of Dante.

“really? Then I will serve you as my older brother for the rest of my life!”

“Oh no! Get up, you bastard.”

“Can you really help me?”

“uh. No, I was thinking of asking… … I thought you’d be embarrassed.”

“no. I’m not embarrassed at all. I must! I will pay you back.”

“Okay, so go sit down. Don’t get down on your knees anywhere!”

“My knees are cheap. don’t mind. hey thank you so much and… … Shiba really looks like she’s going to cry.”

I knew D.O’s circumstances were difficult, but I didn’t know that he would even use private loans. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have talked about it right away.

D.O drank the remaining carbonated water and wiped away his tears. There was a sinful heart at home and a lot of heartache.

“I will definitely graduate and pay your money first.”

“Okay, so don’t give up like the other bastards.”

“You can’t do that unless you’re crazy.”

In fact, many students drop out and end up in psychiatric hospitals. I was able to graduate somehow even if I held on to my mentality. It’s not that easy.

Dante shot 100 million into D.O’s account on the spot. It didn’t matter if I didn’t get it back.

“And just in case. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay this money back, so don’t be burdened.”

Losing money is okay, but losing a friend would be heartbreaking. So that’s what we talked about.

“Yep, brother! But where is the bathroom?”

“excuse me. Sit down as much as possible.”

“… … Did you turn?”

“Do you know how many germs bounce when you stand there?”

“Calm down man! You were brainwashed by the evil ‘Jun’. The devil is gone!”

These days, if you don’t spray disinfectant after urinating, it’s disgusting. This is all because of Junmori.

Brainwashing is so scary.

Dante shouted as he saw Dio heading to the bathroom.

“hey! Cheap and spray disinfectant!”

“Damn it.”

D.O., who came out of the bathroom after doing his errands, smelled burnt from his body.

“I almost suffocated from the disinfectant. What have you been doing?”

“Leave it. I’ll fall for a while.”

“By the way, have you ever been to Disney Park?”

“oh… … no? Shall we go? I will shoot.”

“I didn’t necessarily mean that, but I won’t decline.”

what is an amusement park

Dante had never been to an arcade.

At least Hamel was a game fanatic, so I could only go to Hamel’s house to play most games.

After thinking for a while, D.O spoke.

“Do you have anyone else to go with?”

The first people that came to mind were Xian and Alicia. Since we live in the same apartment, we can call you right away if you call.

“Sian is next door to Professor Jia Han… … .”

“draft? Are you a man?”


“Let’s go to Disney Park with three men?”

“Do you have anyone to go with?”

“Wow, you boring bastard. Don’t you have to point out the word ‘woman’ when talking about it?”

“Why don’t we go to an amusement park with men?”

“You look dull and pitiful. So let’s call our senior Al.”

I’m sorry

Then, say you want to go with Alicia from the beginning.

“I get it. I will contact you.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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