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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 55

Episode 55. summer vacation (2)

⦁ Theory course

[ Introduction to rare stones – select – 4.5 – A]

[ Introduction to Mana Studies – select – 3.5 – C+]

[ Cosmic Navigation – required – 3.0 – C]

[ Planetary Mission Basics – required – 3.5 – C+]

[ s*x and Life – select – 4.0 – B]

⦁Average Rating: 3.7

Dante’s hands trembled.

If it comes out well, 4.5.

Even if I couldn’t do it, I thought it would exceed 4.0.

But C?

Alicia jumped up and ran at Dante. Dante raised his arm and went to defense.

“why! How many points did you get? Give it to me. Look. huh?”

I’m not in the mood to play at all. Dante obediently handed over his phone and sat down on the sofa.

“Does that make sense? There were no absences, I did all my assignments, and I think I wrote a good report. No, isn’t C too much!”

“Still, I got 0.1 points better than my first grade. Ha ha ha.”

Alicia giggled as she looked at Dante, who was unhappy.

You may have had this conversation before at a fair.

「I heard that it is enough to exceed 4.0. 」

” only? Did you say ten thousand? Oh ho ho ho ho. 」

Dante never had a grade lower than 4.5 until high school. I also went to BS’s house to prepare. So I was confident.

You realize it only after you receive your report card.

“I am so stupid.”

“Still, the practice must have turned out well.”

⦁ Practice subject

[ Mattan – required – 4.5 – A]

[ CQC – required – 4.0 – B]

[ Intermediate evaluation – required – 5.0 – A+ ]

[ End of term evaluation – required – 5.0 – A+ ]

⦁Average Rating: 4.63

Alicia received a 3.6 in theory and a 4.8 in practice in the first semester of her freshman year. Dante’s performance was almost the same.

“hey! That’s pretty good. Did you expect to get even a 5.0 from the first semester?”

“Since you came out with 3.6, I thought it would come out much better than that.”

Alicia went to sit next to Dante with a puzzled expression.

“and… … You’re overly self-conscious, that’s it. The world is wide and there are many geniuses. How many smart kids there are.”

“Is this absolute or relative?”

“Absolute rating.”

Absolute evaluation is comforting.

In fact, the theory was that even if it exceeded 3.5 million, it was in the top 15 percent.

“Never take a Vibiano class next semester! I don’t listen.”

“Professor Bibiano’s rating is not good. That’s why they get terrorized during professor evaluations.”

“Is it because of the ratings? Are the classes terribly boring?”

While Alicia was comforting Dante, she felt cheerful inside.

What if this kid goes over 4.0 from the first semester? I’m sure you would brag.

It is true that I was a little worried.

‘Reverse. I wasn’t stupid Ha ha ha!’

To be honest, Alicia is also a child who never lags behind. How did you feel when you received a report card with a 3.6 even though you said you were working tirelessly?

No matter how good you are at the base, it is useless. In a word, playing water is different. It was no different from the rabbit king, who dominated the rabbit kingdom, entering the tiger’s den.

I’m used to it now, but during the first semester, Alicia had memories of being quite shocked.

“hey. There are some kids who are just obsessed with theory. You should think about it.”

In terms of performance versus effort, theoretical subjects are good. Practice was a subject that required a lot of talent.

Children who fell behind in practice had to somehow make up for it in theory. And there is another reason why students are obsessed with theory.

Special screening for Mage Tower recruitment.

“Because there is an archetype in the Magic Tower where you can only enter with theoretical points without practical points? Two from each of the top five schools every year.”

In order to graduate from the top 5 prestigious schools, students must pass a total of 12 practical exams at the midterm and final. Just enduring it and graduating was a proof of my skills to some extent.

Therefore, there were a significant number of students who were satisfied with the participation in practice and immersed only in theory.

Listening to Dante also made me feel better little by little.

Reminds me of a documentary I watched the other day. The story of a student who was ranked first in the entire school for 10,000 years and cried all day because he was in last place in the first semester after entering AA medical school.

He eventually became one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons.

‘but. Because grades don’t just mean good memory.’

Dante’s memorization ability is the best, but it was another problem to synthesize various information and describe it logically.

‘Because I wrote almost exactly what I read in the book in the report. That could have been the problem.’

Dante accurately identified his problem.

In the first semester, I definitely put a lot of effort into practice subjects. The theory is ‘what you know?’ I wrote the report without any hesitation.

‘I’ll have to make up for it next semester.’

Following the grade check, the teacher evaluation was conducted.

As I typed in the score, I saw the name of the gorilla instructor.

“hey. Aren’t physical training instructors fired if they don’t get good grades?”

“Of course not. The standard is stricter than that of Professor Jeong.”

“But how do gorillas survive?”

“You’ll find out when you meet other instructors, right? Gorillas are angels. I love gorillas.”

Dante stayed in the bunker for three days.

We ate steak cooked by BS and climbed Namsan Mountain together. The sunset over the ruined city was very impressive.

the night before leaving.

Dante and Alicia talked to BS separately.

“I made three bottles of lemon curd. Take it with you when you go.”

“thank you.”

“What about school?”

“great. It’s a bit difficult physically, but I’m not alone. My goal is to get over 4.0 in theory next semester.”

BS, who had been listening quietly, hit the table with his fingertips, ‘Tak Tak Tak.’ touched

“hmm… … .”

Dante glanced at BS and opened his mouth.

“hmm… … Is 4.0 too low? So should we aim for 4.5?”

“I don’t mean that. Why don’t you focus more on mana control training?”

“You mean to give up the theory?”

“I’m definitely going to graduate. For now, isn’t it a matter of entering the Mage Tower after graduation?”

“Yes. But you know that both theory and practice are important in the Magic Tower, right?”

That’s right.

However, there was no set formula for entering the Magic Tower.

Usually, a person with a high theoretical + practical score is selected from among the five prestigious families, but there are many other methods besides this method.

However, it was just that the Mage Tower was a very closed institution, so it was not known.

“I see you have the potential to awaken as a two-pattern or higher wizard.”

“ah… … all right. What are you talking about?”

BS judged that even if Dante graduated like this, the probability of entering the Magic Tower is 80%.

There was also a way to make use of personal connections if one fell apart. That’s 100 percent. However, there was a downside that the back stomach was known.

BS wanted Dante to enter the Mage Tower without revealing his existence. In addition, if you enter the inmaek, you will have enemies from the beginning. It wasn’t a good thing.

“Your ability is the best in terms of utilization. But the best way is to use the pattern you read. How far can mana control go now?”

“Sending to the legs is free, I’m practicing sending to the hands.”

“It can’t be like that. Rather than using a specific part, focus on realizing the pattern at once with the mana emitted from the whole body. You can start with a short straight line. Is it easy?”

“… … no. I don’t think it will be easy. Did Grandpa make it easy for you?”

“If you can’t do that, you’re weak-willed. Woven with earnest will! Don’t worry, it will happen soon.”

The magic is woven! Woven it! can you do it?

Damn genius wizard.

“Think about it. There is a magician with great abilities, but his theoretical grades are sh*t. Then, at the Magic Tower, ‘You are eliminated because your theoretical grades are low.’ Do you think it will be like this?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Whether it’s physical training or studying theory, it’s good to work hard. Just don’t get hung up on the grades in front of you. Mana control doesn’t happen overnight, right?”

When salty! If you do it soon… … .

“I want you to spend three years of your time where you need it most.”

“yep! Thanks for the advice, Grandpa. Really, really helpful.”

“Then let me teach you how to practice.”

BS took Dante and Alicia down to the shooting range.

“uh? This is Neo Stone, right?”

I didn’t know anything when I came before.

Now that I see it, I know for sure. The entire shooting range was surrounded by Neo Stones.

‘Can Neo Stone be used at home?’

BS explained with a happy expression.

“I reinforced the Neo Stone by coating it with an S-class mana solution. However, if you hit it with full power, it may break, so don’t do that.”


I knew that Dante’s power was high, but BS didn’t expect that he would become a destroyer.

Dante is a kid who needs careful control rather than power. Rather, strong power was becoming an obstacle to growth.

“Then, Alicia, show me a demonstration. From step one.”

Alicia stood in front of the firing squad and stared at the target.


Round your lips and exhale lightly. A small amount of mana stretched out in a straight line and disappeared after hitting the target.

I’ve seen Dante too. Alicia used this method when catching an attacker at Echo Base.

“Did you see it? That’s step 1. Step 2 next.”

This time, even though I only put my lips together, the magic bullet came out.

“The second step is to spit out mana as if breathing quietly without making a sound. Step 3.”

I didn’t even put my lips together this time. Magic bullets shot out almost simultaneously from the lips, eyelids, uvula, and collarbones.

“oh… … .”

From noble mtl dot com

Dante exclaimed in a low voice.

Alicia was equally astonished.

‘I purposely didn’t radiate much mana, but you saw it all?’

I knew that Dante was sensitive to mana, but I didn’t expect it to be to this extent.

BS added a detailed explanation for Dante.

“Perhaps it is easier to do it through the mouth than through the legs. Because of the feeling of ‘spitting out’ something, ’emission’ becomes easier. One thing to note here is that it is better not to use motion when using magic. Attackers always use promiscuous actions.”

In fact, high-ranking wizards did not use motion when using magic. Concentrate solely on the realization of magic.

For example, let’s consider using managun. The moment you reach out with the mana gun, the opponent recognizes the attack. It was as if the numbers were read before the attack began.

“Right now, the Mage Tower is focusing on analyzing the intelligence of monsters.”

“Monster intelligence?”

“It means they are getting smarter.”

“oh my god… … .”

“It’s not yet at the level of learning human strategies, but just in case. Wouldn’t it be terrible if that day came?”

It is an established theory in the academic world that even relatively intelligent chimpanzees and dolphins lose their temper when awakened as monsters.

However, the orthodoxy has been breaking recently. It was a fact not yet known to the public.

“Okay, let’s start with breathing out. Alicia, go out and see.”

“Can I read that book?”

“What are you doing? He said he would read the book first.”

“I love reading books! It’s not true, but there’s nothing to do?”

Alicia left and Dante practiced the mana release method.


There is also mana in the breath.

0.3 percent.


“Yanma. Does the concentration increase if you spit it hard?”

BS was frustrating.

All BS could do now was detect mana.

Wouldn’t Dante’s growth speed increase if he showed a demonstration?

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

I don’t think there will be anything like that.

“Whoah hey hey hey!”

“… … Then practice. If you have any questions, take care of them.”


Even BS is leaving.

I learned to spit it out in an hour. Dante was thinking of skipping the training of specific parts and practicing full-body expression right away.

Sit cross-legged on the floor and focus on the flow of mana… … is a horn

“hahahaha! Whoops!”

There are now two and a half years left until graduation. Long if long, short if short. At least before graduation, I wanted to master the whole body expression method.

‘Still, something is very cool.’

Isn’t there a saying that life is not speed but direction. I ran hard for a semester, but I felt like I was in the middle of the day.

The satisfaction of doing your best.

Other than that, there seemed to be nothing to be gained. I lived in haste as if I was being chased day by day.

There was a milestone in such a life.

‘Whole body mana expression. And the two-pattern wizard.’

Dante set a new goal.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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