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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 54

Episode 54. summer vacation (1)

Stella Academy professor’s lounge.

The school served refreshments to the superintendent and crew members who participated in the freshman term.

In a noisy atmosphere, the talk of ‘Latte’ overflowed.

“At this point, I think I might try a professor. Watching the students reminds me of the old days. Did you like it?”

“Kids these days are weak. Where is our practice? It’s an on-site input. is not it?”

“Anyway, it was fun. I asked for a student named Kudanji, so everyone knows!”

“How are you? Anyone who sees it will know that you are the president of the mercenary corps.”

Meanwhile, faculty members were busy working on ratings.

The theory is graded by each professor, but the grade is determined through a faculty meeting.

It’s the children’s future that depends on it. It was natural to evaluate it fairly.

Article 17’s capture of Magma Cerberus received the highest evaluation from all professors.

“Honestly, I have nothing to complain about. I would believe it even if I was a current superman.”

“It is impressive to see how calmly everyone responds.”

“Anyway, since there is a pivotal point called Rosé, he must have felt mental stability.”

“Dante’s condom balloon idea is also ingenious, but Claudio. Is this guy righteous?”

Ramil Kvyat, who was in charge of the Matan class, expressed a similar opinion.

“Claudio is growing very fast. However, the amount of mana is disappointing. If that is supplemented, you will grow into a pretty good magician by the time you graduate. His academic attitude is also very good.”

Next was the turn of Group 4, which belongs to the club site.

“Here, the students did it all by themselves. Would it be difficult to evaluate?”

Gudanji caught the monster before it even approached. Other students didn’t even have a chance to face the monster.

Jia Han said.

“Don’t you feel like watching the old Jeremy video? Danji has the ability to survive even if thrown alone on a D-class planet. EE-class planets were too easy. It would be difficult to give high marks to other team members.”

“Isn’t that unfair? I never had a chance to catch it.”

“Then watch the video of the group 4 meeting and make your decision.”

The video was over in just 10 minutes.

It was an absurdly short amount of time, considering the other teams were meeting for several hours a day over two days.

“The club site didn’t step out, so the rest of the team left it, didn’t it?”

“that’s right.”

“The students made this choice because of the tournament, right?”

The tournament was a team evaluation.

This means that the entire team received the same score regardless of individual abilities.

Bibiano Perez quenched his thirst with sweet coffee and raised his voice.

“How in the world can you think such a shameful thing? It’s something to be wrathful!”

This time, even Han Ji-ah didn’t criticize him for being an old man.

“I was also very disappointed. It’s like how a few people were driving the atmosphere like that, so everyone went along. At least on Stella, that shouldn’t be the case.”

* * *

“It’s ugly, it’s ugly.”

Ray’s private plane.

Dante and Alicia were on their way to Seoul.

The ‘Dazney Park mosquito swarm’ case was featured in the media. Various religious groups advocated the apocalypse and were eager to gather believers.

Alicia clicked her tongue and said.

“Ugh. Pseudo-teacher bastards. It’s a ploy to suck up money because I want it at this time.”

America was originally a Christian country. However, it was difficult to view Central Agras as a Christian country.

It took a long time for the monsters to emerge and re-settle. In the meantime, numerous new religions appeared and disappeared repeatedly.

Even today, there are hundreds of religions all over the planet. There were not many true religions among them.

Dante reclined his chair and leaned back comfortably.

“It’s really strange. Even very smart people just throw their money into a cult. How does that happen?”

“I know.”

It’s a good time to make money with religion.

There were more people doing business under the pretext of religion than true religious people.

Humanity went to the brink of the apocalypse and barely survived. However, monsters are still there, and it is an environment where you cannot live without mana stones. It wouldn’t be strange if the end came again sometime.

Pseudo-religious leaders have made huge amounts of money by exploiting human psychology that has fallen into anxiety. There are 20 religious people residing on Sky Island.

Alicia was in the middle of exercising with dumbbells on the plane today as well.

“right. Uncle Ray! Do you know that Dante is completely s*xy? I heard you have three fan clubs?”

“I saw it too. I heard there’s an anti-club too?”

When I left school the other day.

Thousands of people flocked to the Central Station platform.

90% fan of Jeremy Meyer. The rest were people who had come to see Dante, Gudanji, Alicia, and so on.

I received gifts and fan letters. I took pictures with strangers. It was definitely a pleasant thing.

It wasn’t that life had changed at all.

‘It’s just going to be quiet like this.’

It’s honestly embarrassing.

People in Charlie who recognized Dante’s face also left comments. There were many exaggerated or false facts.

However, it is not easy to live a quiet life when you reach the top five. In the past, it is similar to an athlete.

“right. mister! I want to go to that Kamu workshop. Can you mobilize some personal connections? I was crazy, but I was crazy.”

Dante asked, taking away Alicia’s dumbbell.

“A workshop?”

“Public broadcast. Do you have a music program? But go and see for yourself.”

Ray Schultz readily agreed to Alicia’s request.

“It is not difficult. Let me know.”

“Oops! I love you, mister!”

The number of people entering the studio is about 500 people. Usually, the application for listening is opened and closed in 0.001 second.

Alicia also hated the fans who came and went to the broadcasting station with ‘back’ at one time. However, once I tasted the mulberry taste of networking, it was not easy to quit.

Dante questioned Ray.

“But how is the mosquito case going?”

“I’ll do an investigation from upstairs. I don’t know exactly.”

The appearance of mosquitoes in the present era is as shocking as the appearance of monsters in the old era.

It’s often outside the base, but inside the base?

It was also a serious problem that swarms of mosquitoes appeared in Central Agras.

BS bunker at the same time.

Grace Kayley found the bunker.

BS greeted her with a plain expression.

“Hi go! How did a precious person who couldn’t send a text message because he was busy come all this way?”


Grace quickly held out what looked like a briefcase.

“Bigbang won the bid not too long ago… … .”

“Hey, my baby! You finally came to this father’s arms.”

BS quickly snatched the bag and held it in his arms.

“Can I sit down now?”

“then! Good work.”

What Grace brought was a handgun called the ‘Bigbang Pistol’. It is a handmade pistol made from a meteorite that fell to Earth 450 million years ago and is an outdated item.

Grace, who was dispatched to the auction house after being ordered by BS, managed to win the bid. Of course, BS paid for it.

“Do you want to spend 50 billion on this gun?”

“Did you just say ‘this’?”


Grace shook her head diligently and strongly denied it.

‘Would you like that?’

Watching BS rejoice like a child, on the other hand, it was bittersweet.

I have to visit often, but I really can’t.

“Fred the guy. Are you still stuck in the lab?”

“Yeah, what. It’s always the same.”

“Gonom is one of the most stupid people I have ever met.”

“I agree.”

“What, man? Even if I say that, you shouldn’t say that. Goyan bastard!”

While BS looks over the pistol. Grace looked around the house, noting what she needed.

‘Food and flour for the Prince. And chocolate already… … .’

“Grandpa! Have you eaten the chocolate I bought you before?”

“Why don’t you buy a lot of that?”

“It’s because they eat everything they see. Then your health deteriorates. A nobleman who can’t even go to the hospital.”

“I am the one who survived after killing tens of thousands of human monsters. Would you mind eating some chocolate? If you’re going to nag, go away. The exit door is over there.”

‘I really can’t stop it.’

Grace drank a glass of lemon tea and sat across from BS.

“When are the kids arriving?”

“If you’re talking about our wonderful Dante, who calls you once a week, he’ll be back soon.”

“Oh hey! I was wrong, I am.”

“Isn’t it the story of the magpie that repaid the favor? Even the slightest thing repays the favor. Tsk tsk.”

Even if you have ten mouths, you have nothing to say.

The Kaylee family and the Schultz family. BS was not the only one who helped me. If it’s money, it’s money, if it’s connections, it’s connections.

BS was never condescending in that regard. He only asks for one thing. constant care and love.

Even if I called once a week, BS wouldn’t be angry. But even that wasn’t easy. If you do some research, a month has already passed.

It might be an excuse.

When Grace didn’t respond much, BS spoke up again.

“why. Why do you want to crack your dentures?”

“Wrong! Where else did you hear that?”

“Lisa said that.”

“Did that gibae say that? oh my god.”

“There is nothing to be ashamed of. Isn’t Risha young, smart, and even pretty?”

oh. my. gat.

This is at least 3 months old.

Grace quickly changed the subject.

“right. I have something for you.”


“I mean Dante. Promoting this school… … .”

“If that’s the case, I heard about it a long time ago. Directly to Dante.”

“… … .”

I would like to go at least 6 months.

“I thought I’d try pushing it after I made my face known through advertisements. what do you think?”

“I agree.”

“… … really?”

Grace was genuinely surprised. There are dozens of BS Kids who are currently active. BS has always been reluctant to let their names known.

So most of them were silently doing their job in an unnoticed place.

“May I ask why?”

“Can not be done.”

“yes… … I understand.”

“Jeremy Meyer. Do you know?”

“sure. Who doesn’t know Jeremy, my God.”

“Just make it to high level.”

From noble mtl dot com

Just high enough?

Jeremy is a popular actor with the highest recognition among academy students.

‘He talks about difficult things very easily.’

smart smart

Then, a knock was heard.

BS jumped up and greeted the visitor.


“How are you doing? I came running right after vacation because I wanted to see you.”

“Heh heh heh. okay? I had a hard time coming.”

Seeing the happy BS made Dante feel good too. Should it be like a real family?

what are relatives Dante was hard to see even his parents’ faces. With five people from different generations gathered in one place, it was like a holiday.

The children greeted Grace as well.

The adults said they had something to say and entered the compartment.

Dante stroked Prince’s head and said.

“Hey, shall we go to the Han River?”


“The club manager says there aren’t many monsters.”

“Is this his hometown?”


“Anyway, I won’t go. The river is okay.”


Alicia smiled cleanly and raised her middle finger confidently.

“Your grades are coming out today. It’s time, let’s check that.”

Dante pulled out his phone.

The antenna is floating.

“But how do cell phones explode here?”

“Everything explodes when you roam, why doesn’t it explode? Are only vagrants living outside the base?”


“Sometimes when a monster appears, I do a mission, right? So, of course, it explodes.”


The two sat side by side and accessed the academic information system.


I am more nervous than when announcing college admissions results.

It is the first report card of the academy.

Dante was confident.

Next to her, Alicia, who checked the grades first, clenched her fists and cheered.

“Oh yeah! 4.0 Babe! oh my god. I was over 4.0. you?”

Dante moved to a corner to avoid Alicia’s prying eyes.

The first subject is A.

‘Not bad.’

I didn’t even need to check it in detail from the second subject.

Dante, who checked the average rating, was dumbfounded.

“and… … oh my god. Are you crazy? what, wow… … .”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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