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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 53

Episode 53. simulation (6)

‘Big. Cool.’

It is fragrant and dry, and the sweat that has been attached to it is washed away.

Dante was absorbed in the shower, even humming a song he didn’t normally do.

‘finished. Vacation finally! Oh yeah!’

I feel good.

Did you have a good vacation like this? enough to want

After one semester, I came to respect soldiers more. According to the gorilla, training for regular soldiers is more difficult than at the academy.

Besides, even though there are instructors in the academy, there is no senior who catches sh*t, right?

Dante wasn’t lazy either, but living like a machine on a tight timetable every day was not easy.

Dante put on a T-shirt and a bathing suit and ran to the lounge. I thought there would be no one because I left work early… … there is.

‘Is there anyone who finished earlier than us?’

Jia Han said that Article 17 would have ended first, but it wasn’t.

I saw the familiar back of my head in the distance.

Braided black hair.

Dante raised his tiptoe and cautiously approached her.

‘Wind in the ears. plural… … !’

At that time, Gudanji turned his head and looked at Dante.

“What are you doing? You have to hide your mana to play. fool.”


The club also knows how to say this. I guess it made me a lot more comfortable.

“No fun. Are you done already?”

“huh. I finished in first place.”

Johnny spotted the two and ran over and wrapped his arms around Dante’s neck.

From noble mtl dot com

“Are you here?”


“Our team’s baseball team has been torn apart. Really good.”


The club district is only the club district?

said Dante, freeing himself from Johnny’s arms.

“Don’t you have a conscience? Just take out a glass of Coke and offer it to God.”

“Oh oh oh I will. club site. Would you like a Coke?”

“hmm… … I don’t like Coke.”


Dante clicked his tongue inwardly.

How nice it would be to make friends while sipping coke at times like these.

“The club. You didn’t come to swim.”

“uh? huh.”

“Then let’s go swimming. If I had a little while, the kids would be scared to come.”

“That, is it? then. I’ll come wearing a swimsuit.”

“OK. Come quickly.”

Johnny said, ‘Come… … ‘ and made a grumpy face.

Dante playfully kicked the knee and talked.

“You can swim too. quickly! Before the other bastards come!”

“I get it.”

In the meantime, after taking a shower, the 17 team members entered the lounge one by one.

“Hey, Rosé!”

“… … .”

When I turned my head, Claudio was approaching Rosé.

Dante called to him in a very loud voice.

“Hey, Cloudy! oh! Are you here to swim?”

D.O. with waxed hair and D.O. with hair down are different people. It was the same with Dante.

Men dress less than women. Her makeup, hairstyle, and accessories are monotonous. So Rose had a much harder time distinguishing between men than women.

‘what. Did you help me on purpose?’

Rosé was not happy with Dante’s actions. If you’re going to help, don’t let it show.

She turned her gaze to Dio.

“excuse me. Pool days before… … .”

“for a moment! How much did you ask? At that time, I couldn’t make a rational decision. I’ll just take money instead of an apology.”

Rosé laughed involuntarily. I’m dumbfounded.

“oh… … I see all of Rosé Meyer’s smiles. You’re pretty because you smile John!”

What are you talking about out loud?

Rosé asked while trying to manage her expression.

“So how much is it?”

“one… … one million won?”

“… … okay. When you get back, let me know the account. okay?”

“okay. I forgive you your sins Rest then.”

‘Are you going to forgive your sins? What kind of kids are there?’

Besides, it cost me a million won.

Is that the only thing worth your life?

‘That’s why I’m poor.’

That’s not nice, it’s stupid. Rosé thought so.

Dante played for a while in the pool. It felt like I was floating in space when I stuck to the glass surface where I could see the outside.

Gudanji stood next to Dante and talked.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been swimming.”

“right. But where did you learn to swim?”

“hmm… … The place where I lived, there is a big river. Han River.”

Han River?

Is Seoul the place where Ku Danji lived?

‘It would have been nice if the club had met BS.’

If so, do you know

Maybe the club is living in Sunrise River Sky 9902 by now.

“But how did you swim in the river? Are there any monsters?”

“uh… … but i killed them all Kill if you have it, kill if you have it. now it will look like Because I won’t kill you.”

Talking outside the base was still unfamiliar to Dante. Do you jump into a poison infested with monsters? It was an act I couldn’t even imagine.

‘The club is… … Are they really resistant to poison?’

Maybe it’s a purification mage.

Otherwise, the skin of a child swimming in the river could not have been so smooth. Even if you eat poisonous nutritional supplements, there is no way you won’t have stormy diarrhea.

Danji stared outside and smiled lightly.

“I am. I want to live a little longer now.”

Almost 12 hours after Group 17 returned to the ship, all the freshmen gathered.

I heard that there were two deaths in the group in Phrygia. Freesia was locked in her guest room, and gossip was going around about her.

“I thought he was a total psychopath.”

“Two people died because of you, so how can you not blink an eye?”

“I know yeah.”

way back to Earth. No one was laughing and chatting in the lounge.

Dante returned to his room and lay down on the bed.

‘This is the atmosphere… … .’

Even though I knew it was fake, my heart was infinitely heavy.

There must be many wizards besides himself. No one was talking about simulation. It was a difficult atmosphere.

Junmori, who was lying on the bed next to him, jumped up and went to the bathroom.

shoot ah –

The sound of water mixed with sobs travels away through the drain.

‘What happened to that child?’

The semester is coming to an end, and there are 370 students left.

According to Alicia, after the end of this term, about 120 more people have to get out of the way to be normal.

Looking at the atmosphere, I thought it might really be like that.

‘but. We must have done well enough to be praised by Professor Jia Han.’

In the end, it was a fight against fear.

Dante and Gudanji’s team had absolute talent. I had the belief that I would never die even if I went on like this, so I easily completed my mission.

This time it was an EE class planet. It was an area where missions could be accomplished with just one hard carry.

But what about in the future?

‘It will be more difficult… … .’

Junmori came out of the bathroom.

“I want to swim.”


He said he would never say that the water is dirty.

“Will you go with me?”

“… … okay.”

There was no one in the pool.

Junmori seemed to be crying underwater the entire time he was swimming. For some reason, I thought that this test might be Junmori’s first and last mission.

Earth is visible through the window.

It was time to go back to everyday life.

* * *

1st year 1st semester.

All official schedules are over.

The freshmen didn’t seem too surprised that this final was a simulation.

“Jun. Are you leaving already?”

“I don’t want to be here.”

Junmori packed his things on the day the exam was over.

The place where he stayed was completely vacated. As if no one ever existed.

Dante greeted Junmori on the back of his head.

“hey. Aren’t you going to say goodbye? See you after vacation.”

“Thank you for the semester, friend.”

Junmori left the dormitory without even making eye contact.

‘Are you not going to come back?’

I don’t know.

I feel weird.

The only people who talked excitedly about the final exams were group 17 and group 4, which belonged to the club.

Overall, it was a somber atmosphere.

Dante also packed something to take in his suitcase. Even around the time of the midterm exams, I had planned to spend my vacation at school. But my thoughts have changed.

‘I stopped by the BS bunker… … I’ll go to the slaughterhouse and say hello.’

It was a hard time. I did my best not to be ashamed of myself. Above all, I didn’t want to lose something precious while running.

‘Set a goal, but don’t get eaten.’

[Choi Goe: Come out in front of the dormitory. ]

Dante went outside, shuffling his slippers.

Alicia was riding in the cart. Dante climbed into the seat next to her.

Alicia asked as she stepped on the accelerator.

“Did you do well on the test?”

“so so. You also had a simulation at the end of the first semester of your freshman year, right?”

“no. We practiced on a real EE-class planet.”

“okay? Then, since we were simuls, shouldn’t there be fewer people dropping out?”

“Looks like I’m not. It doesn’t matter to the good kids because they’re good anywhere, but the awkward kids… … If it were me, did I only do this much in the simulation and tremble? I think I’m going to have a mental breakdown.”

Alicia scrutinized Dante’s expression. He is a child who always thinks a lot.

Fabio Morrone had a similar personality to Dante. Alicia often teased such Fabio as a ‘seriously ill patient’.

“right! Did you see the commercial?”

“No, not yet. It’s obvious without looking at it. The male lead is good, cool, let’s get married.”


Alicia hit the brakes and stopped the cart. Then he put his hand on Dante’s forehead.

“hey. you are very sick I think I suffered fatal brain damage during my finals.”

Dante laughed and removed Alicia’s hand.

“It’s done. So what? People.”

“There’s a complete asshole. Can you wait a minute?”

Alicia found the comment she had been keeping in mind and showed it to Dante.

[ What’s the name of the male idiot? I hate women. ][ sympathize 528 – Dislike 321 – Comment 5 ]

I’m full of energy. I’m full of spirits.

“Are you a male jerk? Empathy 528? Crazy.”

“But the video is really good. I didn’t even know you were the main character? It’s so different from the real thing. without conscience.”

Dante, who looked at the video, had no choice but to admit it. correction is too much People, buildings, and backgrounds.

“Whoever sees it will think Stella is heaven.”

“Actually, if you look at the environment, that’s right. We just got used to it.”

Even Dante himself was surprised when he said it.

When did heaven become hell?

Sitting on a hill with stars and admiring the city, it felt like a distant past.

The two of them rode the cart around and talked for about an hour.

“I’m going to see BS right away. what are you going to do?”

“What are you going to do together?”


“Then go out today and shop for about three days? Let’s go together with Uncle Ray. I’ll tell you.”

“okay. Let’s pack up and meet in front of the Star (Stella Tower).”

“all… … star. Are you all Stella? See you later.”

When I went back to my room, Dio was waiting in front of the door.



“Go into your room, quickly.”

Dante was pushed into the room by Dio.

“What is it?”

“Rosé sent 100 million won? Should I return this? I think I sent you the wrong one.”

“Don’t you think I sent you the wrong one? If you really care, send me a text.”

I don’t know if I added one more zero (0).

I don’t think I accidentally added two more.

“Then give it back, then?”

Seeing D.O with a serious expression made me laugh, but on the other hand, I could understand his feelings.

‘To D.O., 100 million must be a lot of money… … . It was the same for me.’

“If you’re like me, I’ll just take it.”

“okay? Then I will too. … … is not it? What if I get sued?”

From noble mtl dot com

Dio pondered the entire time Dante packed his things before leaving.

“Have a good vacation!”

* * *

The meeting room at the Tower of the Magic Tower.

Silas Meyer and other Mage Tower officials were sitting with serious expressions on their faces.

“A swarm of mosquitoes appeared in the city. It is nonsense.”

“Isn’t that why we got together? We need to find out the truth.”

within the last week.

Articles about sightings of mosquitoes were posted on various communities.

Mosquitoes were the most dangerous animals to humans even in the old days. One million people die each year from mosquito bites.

However, in the era of AA, mosquitoes were eventually eradicated. It was thanks to the multiple quarantine system that applied various microorganisms, magic, and rare stones.

In this situation, it was unbelievable that a ‘swarm’ of mosquitoes appeared in the middle of the city.

Three superhumans who claimed to have witnessed mosquitoes were summoned to the Magic Tower.

“It was definitely not a regular mosquito. Other than us, superhumans who were nearby would have noticed it. Because the amount of mana was huge. It’s strange that I haven’t awakened.”

“you’re right. It is not a mosquito that hatched naturally.”

“Are you talking about a test subject?”

“yes. In my short opinion, yes. And what’s even weirder… … So far, there are people who have seen mosquitoes, but no one has been bitten.”

Bloodsucking depends on the species.

When only females bite, when both s*xes bite, or when they do not bite.

Even so, it was strange that hundreds of mosquitoes that did not bite were infested in swarms.

At the same time, Disney Park.

The child who was walking holding her mother’s hand pointed in the air.

“Mom, what is that?”

Swarms of black mosquitoes were flying towards the crowd.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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