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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 52

Episode 52. simulation (5)

Rosé’s voice was heard over the walkie-talkie.

[Who is the child standing over there? run! ]

Four people draw the aggro, and six people take the golem. It was a very simple strategy.

Nan is also the lowest planet. Golems are easy monsters to catch.

Of course, it’s rare for humans to pull aggro in real missions. Drones armed with high quality mana stones move.

But now there are no drones.

It was a situation where humans had to run themselves.


Marc eventually crouched down on the spot and curled up.


Rose’s magic bullet hit the target precisely.

The obsidian block shattered in front of 3m. Sharp fragments ricocheted into Mark’s body.

“Turn off… … .”

Dante shouted into the radio.

“hey! Mark bleeding profuse. Catch the main body coming this way first.”

Rose, who is good at controlling magic bullets, handles the obsidian chunks flying at high speed, and attacks the main body with mana bullets.

The golem is 7 meters tall. It was not a difficult opponent to hit because it was so large and slow.

In the end, I caught three golems in 5 minutes. It’s a good score for a first time. Except for one person being hurt.

The shooting team, including Rose, joined the front.

Dante looked at Marc’s wounds and talked to Rose.

“Wouldn’t it be hard to go with you?”

Rosé looked down at the suffering Marc Laurent.

“It would be better for Laurent and the like to get out of here. you go back to the lander Because it gets in the way.”

Dante clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘It’s very cold.’

Dante had no good feelings for Marc either. Things like being a beggar and being a deaf family. ‘Cause I’m the one who kept ignoring myself

However, it was pitiful to see him bleeding profusely in fear.

‘I think I’ll die if I don’t bleed… … .’

Thanks to the protective suit, it didn’t become a beehive.

There are three places to be stabbed.

One each on the back, nape, and sides.

Zelma Stone carefully inspected the debris embedded in Mark.

“I don’t think I hit the carotid artery. The side bleeding is the worst.”

Rose sighed briefly.

“If you stay together here, you will have to deal with the golem again. we have a long way to go On the ground, we have to conserve mana as much as possible.”

“But it’s not a bit like sending an injured person alone. Walking in this condition would take five hours. You might encounter a golem.”

The students agreed with Dante’s words.

“that’s right. I’d rather go back with Mark. Rosé and Dante. Two people can do more than two each.”

2nd and 3rd place students were fortunately placed in one team. It was possible because it was random.

Rosé thought it didn’t matter if Mark died. I’m not really going to die anyway.

‘Dante, what the hell is that bastard? Why are you arguing with that guy… … Well, I don’t know if it’s a simulation. Things like that happen, too.’

Rosé never thought that Dante would be a wizard.


Then, Jia Han appeared.

It was so fast that I couldn’t even tell from which direction it appeared.


“and… … thank god.”

The children’s faces brightened. It was like meeting a savior.

“I will take Marc with you, so move on.”

“Then what about the cave? Shall we go in?”

“No way. Don’t worry and go.”

Claudio laughed and shouted.

“yes! thank you! Jia Han is the best!”

“You just did it. did you say?”

“Isn’t it, Professor? How dare I be a professor! would you like to call it?”

Jia Han laughed at Claudio’s sly expression.

“Go quickly.”

Jia Han carried Mark on her back.

Distributes mana throughout the body and lightly kicks the ground.

In the blink of an eye, she was far away.

“and. awesome.”

“Did you see it? Jia Han Wearing slippers. You came out to drink in the neighborhood.”

“But is that kid okay?”

Claudio shrugged and said.

“I don’t know. Did it or not. He usually ignores the other kids, and he’s not good at it. Right, Dante?”

“me? what.”

“Let’s go, man.”

Even if you curse inside, it’s better not to say gossip easily. If you look farther away, you shouldn’t even agree.

For now, the only person Dante could confide in was Alicia.

Arriving at the landing craft, Jia Han hit the radio on the main line.

[ Ahh. This is Lander 17. There’s one guy who’s injured, and I need to come and pick him up. Roughly bandaging them and putting them on the bed, right? ]

[Yeah yeah. Coming soon! Woo woo woo, come out! ]

Jia Han went to the guest room and pulled out the fragments stuck in Mark’s back. It’s a simulation, so it’s possible.


Red blood gushed out all around.

Mark frowned and groaned.

“eww. ugh… … Gyo, Professor!”

“Are you sick?”

“of course!”

“Don’t die man. I will come pick you up soon Then I go.”

“… … yes?”

“Shouldn’t we take care of the students on that dangerous battlefield rather than the losers?”

“… … .”

“Wait as quietly as possible. If you feel movement, a group of golems might attack you, right?”

After that, Jia Han slowly disappeared.


But rather than angry, I felt fortunate.

‘Haaa… … . I want to go home and rest.’

Jia Han thought as she crossed the sea of obsidian.

Rosé suggested leaving Marc and leaving, but Dante was of the opposite opinion. In a situation like today, Dante is right.

When a teammate is seriously injured, you have two options.

do you leave,

Even if you delay or abandon a mission, will you save your teammates?

The higher the planetary difficulty, the higher the chance of having to leave the injured.

‘Dante and Rosé. If the two become a team, there will be a lot of conflicts. It’s so different.’

From noble mtl dot com

It’s the same with the radio that’s being heard now.

[Are you a baby golem? ]

[Looks like I’m strong. ]

[I like the mood right now. Let’s do our best and succeed in our mission! ]

[Calm down, everyone. Because the real enemy is inside me. ]

Well, it’s still the first semester, so it’s too early to say anything. Jia Han wanted the two to absorb each other’s strengths and grow together.

The children moved at a rapid pace. In the middle, I ran into a group of golems once more, but I caught them neatly.

In front of the lava cave.

“Flash on!”

“Flash Man!”

“Flash girl!”

riot, riot

‘Still, it’s better than hanging down and shivering.’

While Dante was thinking about that, Rosé poured cold water on the friendly atmosphere.

“stop. Aren’t you right?”

“Yep, boss!”

This time, Dante took the lead, and Roger decided to look at the rear.


The children entered the cave cautiously.

Could it have been about 10 minutes?

Dante stopped.

An exclamation was heard through the headset.

‘and… … .’

The dark cave became bright.

It was thanks to the mana stones on the wall.

“Is this a mana stone?”

“It looks like this… … .”

“Can I follow you?”

This time, Rosé could not stand it and opened her mouth.

“Be vigilant or straight. Having a mana stone means that the mana concentration is higher than the surroundings, and the probability of monsters appearing is high.”

It is verbatim the correct word.

However, it failed to change the minds of the team members.

Mana stones are self-luminous minerals. The children were fascinated by the mysterious rainbow colored mana stone cave.

“It must be E-class, right?”

“If you’re lucky, there’s a chance you’ll be S-class.”

E-class planets are distributed with monsters of the same class and mana stones. But it wasn’t 100 percent. Even on E-class planets, high-grade monsters or rare stones of B-grade or higher appear from time to time.

Probability… … .

What is the probability of dying from being crushed by a wad of money that suddenly fell while sleeping?

The pure white mana stones protruding pointedly like crystals were truly spectacular.

Dante stretched out his hand and lightly swept the mana stone.

‘Why did your parents work as miners? Is there a secret hidden in the rare stone?’

Claudio said, placing his hand on the cave wall.

“hey. We can mine rare stones without a mana drill.”

“stop… … .”

Before Rose had time to stop, mana erupted from Claudio’s hand. There was a roar as the mana stones attached to the surroundings fell to the floor.

“Are you crazy?”

“omg… … .”

D.O quickly removed his hand as if embarrassed and stepped back.

“I didn’t know it would break so easily. Sorry.”

The mana stone that fell to the floor soon crumbled and disappeared without a shape.

Rare stones are very sensitive. There was no easy process from quarrying to transportation and processing.

“Water wind… … Prepare homemade bombs.”

Rosé tried to say it was a water balloon, but quickly changed her words. A water balloon to catch a monster? don’t you see it?

Dante asked again.

“When the magma hardens, aiming for the anus is quicker. Because that is the vital point.”

Magma Cerberus has three heads. You don’t die with just one hit. So it was more efficient to hit a vital point than to shoot three shots to the head.

The children moved again. There were many crossroads in the middle, but Dante moved forward without hesitation. It was thanks to memorizing the map perfectly.

Han Ji-ah, who followed from a distance, was also impressed.

‘Doesn’t it just shoot magic bullets well?’

The area of the lava tube in R4 area was equivalent to that of the Korean Peninsula in the old days. If you make a mistake and lose your way, there is no answer.

The area you are passing through now is the end of the lava cave. Estimated travel time to the flag is 2 hours.

Dante, who was in the lead, stopped.

“atmosphere. right.”

There is a fork in the road in front of you. Mana’s movement was felt on the right.


A warm feeling is felt.

The children held their breath and slowly backed away.

“You don’t have to try to get it right. The balloon will burst if you just go near it.”

Dante and Rosé moved to the side with the team members in between. I was thinking of getting back.

Roger said.

“D.I.O. Throw two bombs at the entrance.”


container. container. container.

A condom ball rolls lightly through the serious air. Soon after, the guy showed up.


The balloon burst due to the intense heat. Stepping on a small puddle of B-class magic, the guy’s front legs stiffened in an instant.

Rosé and Dante didn’t miss the chance and fired magic bullets, hitting the guy’s leg.




The one who lost his forelimbs couldn’t move. After that, things went easily.


“It’s hot, it’s very hot.”

You and I are all covered in sweat.

I wanted to go outside and breathe in the frozen air.

After that, I ran into two Cerberus, but I caught them easily.

Jia Han shed a laugh in a somewhat dejected mind.

‘I just followed you. I’ll wipe my feet and go to sleep.’

It wasn’t a monster that could be caught so easily.

The condom bomb strategy was great, but if I had hit the torso first, I’d have bitten or burned two or three of them.

It was Claudio’s idea to tie the legs first.

‘It was a very neat and standard strategy.’

The way back after pulling the flag.

Jia Han joined the children.

“Are you going with me now?”

“You have to return to the original country by yourself. I want it to have meaning.”

“We did a good job right?”

“It wasn’t bad. Shall we leave work early in that sense?”

“Oh yeah!”

Jia Han and the students sat in front of the cave and waited for the lander to arrive.

Zelma asked while holding a round obsidian in her hand.

“Can I take this as a souvenir?”

“However much. Give it to me.”

Jia Han gathered mana on her fingertips and engraved Zelma’s name on the obsidian.

“uh? me too.”

“Please do me too.”

Dante also chose an obsidian the size of his face.

“Please engrave me here.”

It’s something that will disappear anyway.

Still, these are all memories, right?

“Rosé. Aren’t you?”

“What to do.”

“Everyone is doing it, won’t you?”

Dante picked up a drop-shaped obsidian and put it in Rose’s hand.

Instead of her name, Jia Han engraved a rose and handed it to Rosé.

Rosé stared at the obsidian for a long time.

“Thank you. you are pretty.”

“Okay then let’s go! Good job everyone.”

* * *

While freshmen are taking their final exams.

A promotional video for Stella Academy this year has been released to the public.

Charlie Base Area 3.

Hamel lay down on the sofa and connected to the Next Tube.

[ Stellar Academy promotional video ]

‘oh… … Here it is!’

I heard from Ray Schultz that Dante was filming a commercial. TV commercials are 40 seconds long. Hamel watched the full 3-minute video.

“oh… … oh! John… … Who is he? Dante was riding very much. ”

Hamel was excited by the appearance of a black-haired girl with a strange charm, whose name he did not know.

‘Are you close with Dante? I should ask for an introduction later.’

Dante Prime, the son of a miner, is an advertising model for the top 5 prestigious academies!

I couldn’t go on like this.

Hamel left a comment on the video.

[ What’s the name of the male idiot? I hate women. ]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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