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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 51

Episode 51. simulation (4)

Roger Mayer is an offensive mage.

Offensive magic must not be used at any time. For that reason, Rosé grasped the situation a little later than Dante or Freesia.

‘simulation. I’m watching everything, right?’

The privacy protection law applies to MR and AR, so you cannot peep in the bathroom or changing room. However, the record remains on the secure server.

If a record remains, you should be careful with every word you say.

Dante asked Roger.

“You know what I’m going to say?”

“We’re taking our final exams. what you have to say Are there any guarantees that only we can hear each other?”

Dante quickly shook his head.

‘I think Roger Mayer has face blindness (a symptom of not being able to recognize faces, cognitive impairment). Nothing known so far. Are they hiding it at the family level?’

“I’m warning you from the bottom of my heart, if you open that mouth you will die. I’m one hundred percent sure 」

These are not empty words.

After realizing the meaning, Dante had goose bumps all over his body.

“Then later… … .”

“no? don’t just don’t do anything Anything more to say?”

“uh? uh.”

Rosé turned around as if nothing had happened.

Dante ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face.

‘and… … really. Did I just say I’m the team leader?’

The tangled threads are now unraveled.

Why doesn’t Roger Meyer say hello?

Why do you record and listen to people’s voices?

Why don’t you call me by name

Why do you have to go alone

Why did you check Jeremy’s ears during the ceremony?

The reason Rosé was able to serve as the team leader during the team tournament was because we met every weekend and got used to each other.

But this time there was no time for that.

Dante took the word out and regretted it a little.

‘I wasn’t trying to hold on to my weaknesses… … Things have gotten a little serious.’

Meeting time yesterday and today. I could see that Rose was having a hard time.

“You take care of this. 」

” me? or boy? 」

“This is you and you. 」

“Who are you and who are you? definitely talk 」

A similar situation has happened several times.

Rosé doesn’t usually call me by name. So, the only one who thought it strange was Dante. Dante had a series of events that made her suspicious.

So I thought to call him out separately and ask him to help if necessary. I never thought that the fact would be such a serious matter as to discuss death.

Meanwhile, Rosé went straight to a room other than the conference room. She turned off the light and lay down on the bed, wrapped in a blanket.

She turns over on her side and curls up like a baby.

‘Jeremy. What should I do?’

A flower in a greenhouse?


Roger Meyer was a poisonous weed in the greenhouse.

It was a ‘flaw’ that had to be plucked out of the Mayer family.

The Meyer couple also objected to Rose going to school. He was also against becoming a superman.

“You will become our family’s weakness. 」

” no. I’m really confident that I’ll do well. I’m confident that others won’t find out. yes? 」

Jeremy took care of such Rosé more sincerely than his parents.

“Our pretty Rosé. If you can’t tell them apart by face, you just have to practice distinguishing them with something else. So don’t cry and stop! 」

I tried my best, but there was a limit.

The only person Rosé could talk to was her brother, Jeremy.

Rosé did not attend elementary school. It was because he was still young and could make mistakes.

I had a friend in middle school. Rosé confessed her secret, and her friend didn’t come to school the next day.

Since then, Roger Meyer has not made friends.

‘I miss you.’

But Jeremy’s face doesn’t come to mind. Only the crushed shape and kind voice lingered in my ears.

Normal human relations were impossible. I couldn’t figure out how it felt until the other person told me about it.

Even when Jeremy was struggling with bad comments, he couldn’t comfort him. Jeremy always said he was fine, and it wasn’t until I heard him sob one night that I knew he wasn’t.

When that happened, Rosé’s heart broke. There was only one reason for Rosé to somehow become a superhuman.

Even if I die, I want to die with my brother.

* * *

How many galaxies are there in the universe?

Roughly ‘hundreds of billions’ or more.

It is an era in which people freely cross outer space. However, until now, it has not been possible to determine exactly how many galaxies there are. The universe is vast.

Among hundreds of billions of ‘galaxies’, there are only about a thousand ‘planets’ that mankind has set foot on.

Planet EE105 was ranked as one of the most Earth-like planets. It was a perfect environment for freshmen to carry out their first mission.

and today.

Eight years after humanity last visited EE105, Stellar students were due to set foot on the planet.

The 17th instructor was Han Ji-ah.

Inside the lander, she gave a few caveats.

“It is a rule that our instructors do not get involved in practice. So don’t even think about asking for help.”

There is only one case where the instructor is involved.

When it is determined that a student may die.

“And most importantly, under no circumstances should you step out of the crowd and act on your own. I don’t have two bodies, right? Don’t forget that our instructors always follow the ‘team’, not the individual. OK?”


During the last middle school practice, seven people were seriously injured and one died. It was a case of being scared and leaving the scene alone.

All freshmen were given the same equipment.

A protective suit.

One Managhan.

One rifle and 20 mana rounds.

Walkie-talkie, water bottle, first aid kit.

It’s roughly the level of a single commander.

Dante passed the 10 live ammunition he received to Claudio.

“I will mainly shoot with mana guns. You take care of it for now.”

“Thank you, brother!”

Because Dante has a large mana barrel, even if he continuously fires his mana gun, he can last for six hours. At least he wouldn’t have to go through an embarrassing situation because he didn’t have mana.

However, D.O. has an exceptionally small amount of mana. Among the ten people gathered now, the amount of mana was the least.

Rosé also distributed five live ammunition to the two teammates with low mana.

“Thank you, chief.”

“Is everyone ready?”


“Who are we?”

“Stella One Star!”

It is a comment that symbolizes Stellar Academy. Especially when it comes to seniors, ‘Who are we? Stella Three Star!’

When I actually do it, it cringes badly.

Even so, the students now felt a sense of belonging as if they had become real Stellines.

coo kung.

Landing was successful with slight vibrations.

Dante held the Managun in his hand and spoke.

“Watch the floor on the ground. I and Rosé move in two rows at the head.”


One by one, they get out of the lander and set foot on a new planet.

“and… … .”

“Shiba is so cold!”

“I’m going to die because it’s cold, not because it’s a monster.”

2 degrees below zero.

Because of the wind, the perceived temperature was lower than that.

Dante tapped Rose on the shoulder and spoke.

“Shall we leave?”



Sea of Obsidian.

There is only black ore all around.

The key to crossing the Obsidian Zone was twofold.

First, avoid shiny places.

The more diamonds are cut, the brighter they sparkle. If obsidian is shiny, it means that it has not yet been weathered and is sharp. I didn’t have to step on it.

Second, avoid places where mana is concentrated.

This is basic. It’s because the probability of monsters appearing is high.

tat tatak.

Even if you run to the entrance of the cave, it will take you six hours. First of all, I run for two hours and see. If he had endured physical training so far, it was a level that he could do without difficulty.

Dante and Rose.

The two thought the same thing while running.

‘On the way, I’m sure I’ll run into a golem at least once. I don’t know when it will be.’

It’s an unfortunate mission for wizards. You cannot use magic in simulation. I had no choice but to wait for the next semester to practice on the ‘real’ planet.

Jia Han hadn’t gotten off the shuttle yet.

‘A water balloon with a condom. Who would have thought of that?’

The reason she caught up with Article 17 was because it was a more difficult area than other places. Magma Cerberus was a very difficult monster to deal with with magic bullets alone.

‘Anyway, those who use magic. I’m going to be a bit impatient?’

20 years ago.

When Jia Han attended the academy, there was no planetary practice. After graduation, I got a job right away and was put into a mission.

At that time, each institution had a superhuman intern program. They are mainly dispatched to E-class planets and cannot use magic for the first year.

It was difficult for Jia Han to understand.

“Why can’t I use magic? The magic bullet can shoot better than the seniors! 」

There was a time when a colleague was seriously injured while using magic like that. It was because I was too excited.

‘I passed out after being hit in the stomach by Captain Viviano that day.’

“You look like you’ve been using some magic, but you are worse than the monsters over there. If you’re going to do whatever you want, get out of the team right now! 」

Jia Han, who made headlines as a genius girl, has since been treated as trash for a long time.

When I went out to the field, there were many things that I couldn’t handle properly, let alone magic.

‘It’s less likely to happen now. Because I learn enough at the academy.’

From noble mtl dot com

There is only one thing to learn through the academy planet practice. Even if you encounter a monster, do not panic and respond calmly.

Jia Han stood up from her seat in light sportswear.

‘I’m going to go out soon too.’

Sea of Obsidian.

Dante and the team took a short break. I ran for two hours. A cloud of smoke spread around.

Marc Laurent took out a canteen and quenched his thirst, thinking.

‘under. Should I run four more hours?’

On the treadmill, you can run for 6 hours without difficulty. However, this is an area full of rugged obsidian.

Both feet were already bruised.

Dante was laughing and talking to Claudio over there.

‘I’m going to lose to those idiots? It can’t be like that.’

The Laurent family once resided in Sky Island. But the glory only lasted 3 years.

After being pushed by a family from below and exiled, he now built a nest on the outskirts of the main district.

‘I’m going to rebuild our family. certainly.’

Not only Mark, but all the academy students have similar thoughts. There were a lot of family members at the level of Gomango.

Meanwhile, Dante is worried about Claudio.

He hadn’t even encountered a monster yet, but Dio’s mana had been cut in half.

“Hey, Dio.”


“It seems that you unconsciously released mana while running. Can you feel it too?”

“huh. Is mana leaking out as if there were holes all over the body? I don’t even remember when… … .”

“Shh! wait for a sec.”

I could feel the movement of Mana from afar.

It was slowly getting closer this way.

‘Monsters eat mana and grow. They thought of us as prey.’

Mana spreads all over the planet, but the concentration is low. On the other hand, the 17th team members had a thicker concentration of mana.

‘They reacted to our mana.’

Rose rose from her seat.

“come. Three obsidian golems to the northeast.”

“Then let’s move quickly. They said they were slow.”

thought Dante.

‘Three of them are worth trying. It’s better to grab it and go.’

“Rosé. Are you going to grab it?”





At that time, a huge chunk of rock fell to the side about 10 meters away.

The children jumped up from their seats in amazement, grabbing their guns.

Rose also spoke while loading magic bullets into her mana gun.

“You have to grab and move. Dante?”

This time Dante opened his mouth.

“Do you remember making the plan? Me and Mark 1st, Zelma Jose 2nd. It pulls aggro in two directions. let’s go!”

“Shiba. You want to attack the monster head-on?”

“What did you do during the meeting? go!”

Dante, Zelma, and Jose started running northeast. Marc, who hesitated for a moment, followed them.

The four aggressors had the most amount of mana except for Rose.

Rosé talked to the remaining team members while hiding her mana.

“If we don’t catch them, they die. Concentrate.”


“let’s go.”

Teams 1 and 2, who jumped out first, split in both directions with three golems in between.


The golem hiding in the ground was fully revealed. Sharp obsidian gloves, dull, yellow eyes.

coo kung!

The golem plunges one arm into the ground.



A chunk of obsidian was pulled out with a roar that sounded like a landslide.

“come. run!”

A huge chunk of obsidian about 3m in size flew right in front of Dante and Mark.

that’s amazing speed

Marc Laurent froze on the spot.

30m, 10m, 5m.

‘Poetry, sh*t. Run?’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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