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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 50

Episode 50. simulation (3)

Stellar Simulator Development Center.

Developers’ hands are busy.

“Do you have a condom rendering sample?”


“Then why didn’t you put it in beforehand?”

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to find anything. sorry.”

“Why can’t I find anything? They are all adults. Doesn’t that mean that others don’t have anything to write for you?”

“and… … .”

“When it’s time to feel unfair, move your head quickly.”


From noble mtl dot com

Superhumans spend as little as 3-4 days and as long as several months or more on ships. There were quite a lot of cases where couples or married couples ran missions.

A baby born in space is called a space baby.

Hamel is a space baby.

Dante also found out through a conversation with him. That superhuman ships always have condoms.

Galaxy G Lounge.

Claudio asked.

“But don’t condoms break easily because they’re tough?”

Dante asked.

“Why is Magma Cerberus called Magma Cerberus?”

“Ohhhhh! Then it won’t explode while moving, and it melts and explodes as soon as you throw it, right?”

Throwing a water balloon into a lump of magma doesn’t mean it hardens. However, if you mix mana stone powder in it, the story will be different.

“We get 200 C-class mana rounds this time. Let’s break some of them apart and mix them into a water balloon.”

“Hey. genius genius. I recognized him from the Groggy Project.”

It was a painful memory for Rosé.

‘The Groggy Project? The name is also very grandiose.’

Dante took his feet out of the water and dried them with a towel. Roll up your sweatpants and put on socks.

Usually, female students wore pleated skirts with shirts and cardigans.

On the other hand, Rosé was always dressed in uniform. The uniform skirt looked quite uncomfortable with the H-line.

Rosé, who was wiping her legs with a towel, narrowed her forehead and spoke.

“You got a hole in your sock.”

“Oh, this? I am very good at cutting holes.”

Rose quickly looked away. Watching him shove his feet into sneakers with holes in his socks made me feel sick.

‘How many times do cheap clothes get holes? He’s a strange kid.’

Pull the white half-stocking all the way up to your knees. Dante was walking away to return the drink. I felt a warm breeze on the nape of my neck.

“What are you doing, you?”

“uh? stockings. It’s the first time I’ve seen it, so it’s amazing.”

“… … .”

Rosé jumped up and pushed Claudio into the pool.

‘I must be crazy, really.’

with a plop!

A splash of water sprang up.

Dante, who had just finished returning the cup, approached Rosé and asked a question.

“Terminal. Are you going to do it together?”


“But what about D.O?”

“D.I.O? If you’re talking about that pervert, he’s in the water. Then I first… … .”

“… … what?”

Dante jumped into the pool with his clothes on.

Rosé turned around with a puzzled expression. Someone was floundering in the pool.

‘Swim… … can not?’


no, how?

Rosé learned to swim at a very young age. It is also required in elementary school. I had never seen a person who couldn’t swim in my life.

Meanwhile, Dante pulled Claudio out of the water.


“Wow, Mr. Rose. hey!”

“Are you okay?”

Dante patted Dio lightly on the back.

It didn’t look like he drank a lot of water because he brought it out right away.

Rosé politely put her hands together and approached the two.

“Can’t you even swim? why?”

“Because I never learned! Wow, I almost died.”

“Do not lie. Didn’t you even go to elementary school?”

“Because kids without money don’t learn things like swimming in school? You almost killed a person!”

Claudio was among the poorest of the freshmen this year. I used the cheapest sleeping capsule in a 4-person room and borrowed money from a bank loan and even acquaintances to enter the school.

It was a fact that Dante knew.

Dante and some other children taught Dio to swim, but it wasn’t easy. Dio had a phobia of water.

“Because my family was poor, I secretly jumped into the river near the base at night. I want to practice swimming. Then I almost died 」

Rosé felt like her heart was sinking.

The second-ranked Meyer family. There were few opportunities to mingle with the common people.

“I didn’t expect you to be unable to swim.”

“Of course you shouldn’t have known! Even if you know, then it’s an attempted murder!”

“I will fully compensate you for the psychological damage you have suffered. How much will it be?”


It’s the easiest and quickest way to solve a problem that Rose knows.

Dante stopped trying to ask.

It wasn’t a matter of going out on your own.

‘Even if it’s a bit harsh, I don’t know if it’ll help D.O… … .’

Of course, Dante also has a trust of 5 billion from his parents. However, it was impossible to give money to D.O.

Claudio stood up, wrapping a towel around her neck. Then, he approached Rosé’s nose.

“How long will it be? did you say?”

“okay. talk.”

“sorry. that’s the order Don’t rich people only learn how to make money and not how to apologize? Dante. let’s go.”

Claudio and Dante grow apart.

The laughter of the two could be heard in the distance.

Rosé’s heart ached for some reason.

She headed to the section with guest rooms.

‘He said he was poor. then you need money I’ll give you what you need most, but why are you angry?’

For attempted murder, I thought I would give it roughly 1 billion won. Rosé couldn’t understand Claudio, who dumped a lot of money because of his petty pride.

The other children were in the middle of a discussion.

Even the friends who had run to say hello at the beginning of the semester didn’t say hello to Rosé anymore. It was because he knew that he would be ignored anyway.

‘Nothing to worry about. I just need to graduate.’

Rosé took a box of condoms from the guest room building and headed to the conference room.

Some children welcomed Rosé.

“Leader! I believed you!”

“Are you doing it together?”

“But what is it? if… … gift?”

Rosé put the condom box on the table and sat down.

“This is Dante’s idea. That’s why I want Dante to be the team leader.”

The boy who called Dante a ‘beggar’ earlier opened his mouth.

“Where is the Prime ‘stuff’ rubbing against Mayer? The team leader is just Rose, you do it.”

Roger asked.

“you. What is your name?”

“me? Marc Laurent. Hey, we went to the same high school… … .”

“Where does Laurent ‘someone’ give orders to Mayer?”

“No, not an order… … I wish you would. sorry.”

thought Dante.

‘Rosé Meyer. He’s also a real hitter.’

Same with the Zordic headband incident last time.

Are you taking sides, or do you just not want to see the children of such a family setting up?

I honestly don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a conversation to build friendships? Roger Meyer usually didn’t open his mouth at all. He was a very complex character.

Then, someone took out a condom and lifted it up.

“this… … What are you going to do now?”

It was red and had odd horns.

Even if you choose, why do you have to… … .

Dante briefly explained how to attack Magma Cerberus.

“Are you okay?”

“It should be considered that C-class mana stone powder is at least 50 times more efficient.”

appliances or streetlights. Mana stones used in real life are E-class.

Giving C-class magic bullets to an E-class planet mission meant that you should eat it for free. If you fire it calmly, you will never die.

But isn’t it the first encounter with the monster? Not many people could keep their composure.

“So, let’s throw a condom, catch the lava first, and kill it with magic bullets?”

“It’s not a condom, it’s a corn balloon! men and horses!”

Once the lava is hardened, the difficulty level goes down from C grade to F grade. However, even Dante wasn’t sure if the water balloon would work.

After that, the meeting continued for more than two hours. Dante, Rosé, and Zelma. Three people led the meeting.

towards the end of the meeting.

Rosé looked at Dante and talked.

“You are the team leader, right?”

“Don’t do that, let’s decide by majority vote. how is it?”

I didn’t want to forcefully drag the kids who didn’t like it. It is against democracy for Rose to unilaterally decide the team leader.

The result was 7:3.

Eventually, Roger Meyer took over as team leader.

Rosé didn’t look good.

“I can’t help it. Let’s have personal time today and get together again tomorrow. Then make water balloons.”

Dante went straight down to the room.

The space for 4 people was quite comfortable. Seeing that it was the same room as Jun Mori, it seemed that the students who shared the same room were allotted rooms together.

“Whoa. I’m losing… … .”

Junmori was lying in the room.

“Is the meeting over?”

“I don’t think I can sleep here today. The air is musty and unpleasant. Dust has settled on the sheets, but there is nowhere to blow them.”

A closer look at the table reveals that it is dusty. Dante caught his tongue again at the detailed program.

‘ah… … I need to lie down too.’

from elementary school to high school.

There were always group assignments and I was used to them.

When Dante led, his friends followed.

But it’s hard.

There were many children in Stella who were assertive. And even in the situation where I couldn’t fulfill my role, I often spread sophistry first rather than saying I’m sorry.

Especially if it’s a powerless family like Dante, they openly ignore it. This aspect was mainly conspicuous in upper-middle class children.

Like Marc Laurent who became the same team this time.

Junmori kept tossing and turning as if the bed was uncomfortable.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“huh? No, it’s the first time I’ve ever been in bed. The bedding is rustling and annoying.”

“I have something to ask you.”


“What do you think of when you see people from namesless families like me?”

“To be honest, I don’t really care. On the contrary, people who live halfway through are arguing about family origins and ignoring them. They try to put others down and feel superior.”

Dante had a similar idea.

When it came to the Mori family, there was no need to live in fear of having the pie in their hands stolen.

Just looking at Floating Island right now, that’s the case. The upper class occupies 90% and does not miss it. The fight to hold the remaining 10% was bound to be fierce.

“hey. But did Rosé not call her name often?”

“is it? I’m not sure. We haven’t talked to each other except during the last team tournament.”


I mean… … .

* * *

conference room the next day.

Group 17 team members sat huddled together and disassembled mana live ammunition.

“oh… … Is it strong to eat this?”


Dante and Dio put the mana stone powder extracted from the live ammunition in a box and moved to the bathroom.

I decided to use the basic ivory-colored condom instead of the flashy condom that Rosé brought with me yesterday.

It wasn’t difficult to make a water balloon.

It was enough to first put an appropriate amount of mana stone powder in the condom, fill it with water, and tie it.

D.O couldn’t stand it and blew a cone balloon at Johnny who entered the bathroom.

“Take it!”

Johnny, who was hit in the face by a cone balloon, ran at Dio.

“Oh, just this bastard! But what are you doing?”

“Maybe it’s like recycling the condom I used last night?”

From noble mtl dot com

“Damn it. Do you use condoms even when you are alone?”

Dating in school is free.

However, there were not many students who were casually dating.

Love marriages are rare, especially in the upper classes. It was because of the research result that the probability of being a superman is high if superhumans marry and have children.

Even if it’s just Dante and Hamel, aren’t both their parents superhuman? Even if you don’t have to try hard, the probability of marrying a superman is high.

I’m so busy with my duties that I don’t have time to date. For these superhumans, the space ship was the best date spot.

Dante and Dio made 30 water balloons and went back to the conference room. Dante was holding a water balloon and threw it at Rose. Rose caught the balloon without blinking an eye.

“Nice catch! Captain, pass Kane!”

Kane made a flower bud with both hands and waited for Rose to pass.

Rosé paused for a moment and threw the balloon at Dante again.


“If you accept it, where will it go? Rosé. Please talk to me for a second.”

As the two of them went out together, ‘Ohhhhh’ from behind. I heard a voice saying

Rosé silently followed Dante.

“Where are you going?”

“A quiet and secluded place?”

“Just talk about it here.”

Rose stopped walking.

Dante turned and approached her, whispering quietly.

“You are in pain.”


“Then can I check?”

“What do you want to say?”

“Your face… … .”

“wait for a sec.”

Rose smiled lightly.

It was a creepy smile.

She lifted her heels and stretched out her arms to pull Dante’s hair. Then he whispered in my ear.

“I warn you from the bottom of my heart, if you open that mouth, you will die. I’m 100% sure.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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