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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 46

Episode 46. storm (2)

Vega, the brightest alpha star in the constellation Lyra, is 25 light-years away from Earth. It often appeared in old sci-fi movies.

At the time, experts said that the possibility of a planet revolving around Vega was slim, but when the warp hole was opened and the lid was opened, a completely different result came out.

Most of the planets invaded by mankind in the early days were located near Vega.

“and… … How could this happen?”

“Couldn’t they all be dead?”

“Don’t be silly, you asshole.”

Stellar freshmen could hardly concentrate in class. So was Dante.

dorm room.

Dante questioned Jun Mori.

“By the way, are you going to practice together like this?”

“Yeah, it costs a lot of money. It also requires a lot of information. That’s why the 5 prestigious schools and other schools pool their money and go to practice in the same area.”

For planetary practice, we rent spaceships with a capacity of about 3,000 people. On the ship this time, there are 2,000 students from the top 5 and 1,000 students from other schools. And the incumbent superintendents to guide the students were on board.

Junmori continued to explain.

“After warping to the area on the ship, divide into small landers and board. That’s how we move back to the training ground.”

Just as we make daily weather forecasts on Earth, there is weather in space as well. Even getting such trivial information costs money.

The schools participating in the practice collected money and obtained information, and sent the practice on the safest day. However, this problem often arises.

In particular, a sudden magnetic storm like this one was close to impossible to predict.

thought Dante.

‘They say the odds of surviving a magnetic storm are normally 67 percent. ha… … Everyone should be safe.’

It’s a must-have once or twice a year.

There were also several cases where the trainee fleet got caught in a storm.

The most recent incident was 12 years ago. At that time, everyone died, and a memorial service is still held every year on that day.

Junmori, who was sitting with me, stood up first.

Dante asked.


“For final study.”

“Okay, go.”

Soon, freshmen will also have their final exams.

The children of prestigious families formed a group among themselves and studied the EE105 planet strategy.

Dante didn’t fit into the study group, but he didn’t have to worry.

‘Because BS says that book is the most accurate… … .’

I had already read the EE105 planet strategy method in the study of BS.

The strategy was described in about 500 pages, and even materials not disclosed to the outside were described in detail.

Dante came up to the room and called BS. that is heartbreaking. I needed someone to talk to.

“grandfather. It is me.”

– OK. I know today is not the day to say goodbye.

It’s because I call at the same time every Sunday. There was a time when BS, who noticed it like a ghost, sighed. It’s commendable that I’m obliged to contact you.

“Alicia, will you be okay?”

– Are you okay?

“… … yes?”

– Are you going to graduate while stuck in the corner of your room at two in the afternoon?

“omg… … Could you please watch over me?”

– There’s no need to keep an eye on a kid like you. Don’t nag, just train. It’s not a problem that can be solved by worrying about you.

“yes… … . Then I’ll just hang up… … .”

Tou. Tou.

“You hung up.”

It wasn’t just BS.

Ray, Grace, Han Jia and other professors. Everyone said the same thing. In the time to worry, prepare properly for final exams.

It’s not that I don’t know their intentions, but it felt very inhuman. My friends and family are missing, so I’m just pretending not to know and studying?

I’m worried about Alicia.

It reminds me of my deceased parents.

When I passed the basketball court, I could see the images of the seniors I used to play with.

Dante went to bed earlier than usual and woke up later. At least while I was sleeping in the sleeping capsule, I didn’t have any other thoughts.

Then one day.

Just before Junmori left the room, he looked at Dante and talked.

“If you rest at a time like this, you become just such a superhuman. One day you will lose a colleague right in front of your eyes. So you have to be strong. This is the conclusion I came to after ruining the ceremony.”

* * *

“Well, we can go back alive, right?”

Inside the dark lander.

50 middle school students at Stella Academy were fighting against a terrible fear. The incumbent superintendents who climbed together soothed the students with a calm attitude.

“don’t worry. Once we have succeeded in escaping the magnetic storm, we will be able to return.”

They were separated from the ship and on their way to the planet ES327, where they encountered a magnetic storm, and crash-landed on an unknown planet.

In the meantime, two superhumans who had gone on an expedition wearing spacesuits returned to the lander.

When they took off their helmets, tender eyes gathered.

“For now, the aircraft is fine. the problem is… … .”

“Can we talk to each other?”

Five incumbent superintendents moved to the cockpit. The students watched their backs with uneasy looks.

inside the cockpit.

The atmosphere was relaxed.

There is a 33% chance of dying from a magnetic storm. Most of them die instantly due to being swept away by a storm.

Once you get out of the storm, as you do now, your odds of surviving increase exponentially.

One superman opened his mouth.

“Did you look at the dashboard when you escaped earlier? We escaped northeast en route to ES327. If so, where is this place?”

“DB147? It’s likely about that.”

“I think so too.”

The two letters in front of the planet are the difficulty.

ES is an S-class difficulty among E-class planets.

DB is a B-class difficulty among D-class planets.

The accident landing place was D-class, so it could be seen as heavenly luck.

“As far as I know, DB147 was fully exploited 32 years ago, and has been abandoned since rare stone mining.”

“32 years… … . Someone else with information.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it? Then we have no choice but to wait until the storm subsides.”

All five people gathered here had experience of attacking even A-class planets several times. However, it is forbidden to act hastily in the absence of information.

From noble mtl dot com

No matter how much I stopped Mr. Monster. Thirty years is enough time for another individual to awaken and become active.

If you are unlucky, there is a possibility that a new monster will appear.

“The battle test seems to have passed. Still, the mental test will go well, right?”

“Since it happened like this, how about creating a more terrifying situation?”

“okay. I spent a lot of money to come here, but I have to get something. is not it?”

“Do you have coffee? Let’s have a cup of coffee and go out.”

“The longer we discuss, the more nervous the kids will be?”

“Saying this, there are no demons, we.”



I felt a vibration every now and then.

Screams were heard every time that happened.

A superman looked ahead with night vision goggles.

“Salty and fifteen. They must be going to drink water.”

Its official name is Blue Shell Lizard.

It was nicknamed Saptegosaurus because of its resemblance to Stegosaurus. It was a safe object if it did not attack first with a non-preemptive monster.

Alicia and some students also took night vision goggles and looked around at the continued shaking.

“Does it look like a dinosaur?”

Alicia also put down her night vision goggles and spoke.

“I think it’s salty. Saltego is a regular monster on D-class planets.”

“Saltygo also appears in Class A?”

At the word A-class, the atmosphere quickly turns cold.

Alicia wrinkled her brow and fired.

“So what. Do you wish this was a Class A planet? You’ve noticed, you bastard.”

Fabio Morrone laughed ‘Ku-k-k-k’ and comforted Alicia.

“hey. It’s okay to prepare your mind in advance. What are you being so mean about?”

“It is up to you to prepare your heart. Beomtak number two. Tututu!”

“I’m going to do it, I’m number one. in your mind?”

“Ugh, what are you saying? Wow!”

Alicia frowned and trembled.

The frozen air melted for a moment, and laughter erupted here and there.

Alicia continued without missing the atmosphere.

“Hey, who are we?”

“Stella Two Star!”

“Even if we get killed by the storm, let’s not get hit by monsters, we.”


Fabio also encouraged his colleagues.

“Everyone, take good care of yourself. If a monster appears, I’ll throw Risha as bait. Are they all bouncing together?”

Alicia nodded with a calm expression.

“Gorum Gorum. Monster Joe, I can last 10 minutes by myself. Chew one of our energy capsules. It’s time to eat.”

One of the superhumans who was listening to the students’ conversation in the cockpit laughed.

“It’s nice to have one of those guys on the team. Doesn’t the atmosphere change quickly?”

“I know. I don’t think the horror operation will work either. Shall we go out and unwind?”

“So be it.”

The magnetic storm dissipated within five days and communications resumed. The students who went to practice returned to Earth two weeks earlier than planned.

Thousands of citizens and journalists flocked to the Central Aerospace Center.

Alicia and Fabio conducted an interview on behalf of Stella. A great number of questions arose.

“Miss Alicia Smith. How did you feel when you were swept away by a magnetic storm?”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared at all. However, the speed of judgment of the flight sensor was faster than that of humans. We got out of the danger zone right away. The aircraft made of Neostone had little damage other than scratches. I think I can trust him and carry out my mission in the future.”

“Fabio Morrone. Aren’t you a superman who came out of your family in three generations? It must be heavy on your shoulders.”

Fabio replied with a very firm expression.

“I will not take questions about my family.”

Reporters have not hesitated to ask rude questions ever since.

“Wasn’t it difficult for an eco-base graduate to survive in a prestigious university?”

“I know that butchering is a job that even superhumans don’t like. What was your childhood like? Did you eat a lot of meat? Do you have any tips for staying in shape?”

“The two of you seem close, but how is your relationship? Are you a lover who transcends social status?”

In the end, the two of them shut up, and the moment they were about to leave the interview room with the person in charge.

The last question followed.

“Twenty of the upperclassmen of Stella Academy I went out with died. did you know How are you feeling?”

These are the children who have just returned.

I didn’t even know the details.

Eventually Alicia could not stand it and turned around and raised her middle finger.

click. click.

A flash baptism broke out.

Fabio Morrone took off his jacket and covered Alicia as he spoke.

“If possible, use this.”

Then he blew a cool chuckle at the reporters.

* * *

In front of Stella Tower.

Freshmen and faculty lined up in front of the tower.

The shuttle arrived and the seniors left the tower one by one. Roger Meyer ran to Jeremy and took him into his arms.

Dante waited for Alicia.

I didn’t even have to look for it. Because there is only one green hair in the school.

While contact with her was cut off, Dante changed the name stored as ‘Super Strange’ to ‘Alicia ★★’.

One star for freshman, two star for junior, and three star for senior. It was a favorite storage method used by Stellar students.

Alicia went straight to Dante.

Dante spoke first.

“Are you okay?”

Alicia hugged Dante lightly.

Several people’s gazes stopped at the two people’s brief embrace.

‘… … Are you two dating?’

‘What relationship?’

‘Do you like Dante’s green hair?’

‘what. I was going to confess this vacation… … .’

In fact, the parties had such a conversation.

Alicia whispered in Dante’s ear.

“I got into an accident. Trash bastards like Mr. X. If I didn’t have a camera, I would have split my head.”

Dante was speechless.

okay. There’s no way a touching reunion with Alicia Smith is possible.

“What did you do as soon as you came in?”

“I might get suspended.”

If Alicia talks like this seriously… … .

“Did you slap the reporter?”

“Am I not that stupid?”

“No, you’re so stupid.”

“What a dog! See you later.”

Dante thought as he looked at Alicia, who was sulking and walking away.

‘I’m glad you came back safely.’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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