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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 45

Episode 45. storm (1)

The campus is quiet.

It was because all of my seniors went to practice on planets.

The practice was conducted on a planet that usually takes 1-2 months round trip.

Mana, Superman, Monster.

It’s not just the Earth that has changed.

The whole universe has changed.

“A warp hole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy was discovered near Barnard’s Star. The Magic Tower predicted that it would take three years for the warp hall to stabilize.”

Warpholes leading to different galaxies were created all over the universe.

“There is a 20% chance that the warphole will stabilize without dissipating. In our lab, we estimate that the warphole to Andromeda will succeed in stabilizing with about a 70% chance.”

It wasn’t just rare stones that the planetary exploration team was looking for. After the monster invasion. Humans have left Earth and have been steadily searching for new planets where they can settle.

“Mana seeds feed on life force and grow. On a planet with an environment similar to Earth, the probability that life exists is very high. It means that there are many strong monsters.”

Earth had ‘humans’ to face monsters, but not other planets.

In a place where there is no humanity, monsters evolve into powerful individuals by eating even mana stones. It was for this reason that the relocation plan was repeatedly thwarted.

Stellar Academy Simulator Development Center.

Faculty members who hadn’t left for the planetary exercise were pacing around the lab.

Beep. Beep.

Along with the alarm, 00:00 is written on the countdown clock on the wall.

The MR capsule door opened and Jia Han and Ramil Kvyat stood up.

Jia Han looked around with a blank expression.

the dean questioned her.

“how is it.”

“hmm… … By my standards, it passed.”

Ramil also raised his thumb as he exited the capsule.

“It must be really difficult to determine that this is a simulation once you access it, right?”

The faculty sat together and conducted a short meeting.

Jia Han spoke while quenching her throat with bottled water.

“There was only one thing we were concerned about. Students entering the evaluation while recognizing it as a simulation. If that happens, it becomes less realistic and difficult to evaluate accurately. I think that part has been resolved.”

Ramil supplemented the explanation.

“I forgot it was a simulation after it was 100% synced. From the process of boarding the spaceship to moving. The scenario is also implemented to an almost perfect level. the problem is… … After all, it must be that magic cannot be implemented.”

“According to my judgment as a tournament coach, there are at least three mages among the freshmen. They can’t use magic, so they’ll definitely have questions.”

A professor who was listening spoke.

“Why don’t we set it as a magic obstruction area like during the Shingo Ceremony?”

“no way. Even if you’re fooled once, you won’t fall for the same scenario twice. How smart they are.”

The dean asked Jia Han for her opinion once again.

“so. Do you think we can proceed like this?”

“Do you think I will have fun? Can the four people who noticed that it was a simulation convince the rest of the team? I see I can’t. Spiral of Silence Theory. Everyone knows, right?”

The theory is that in a situation where the opinions of the majority and the minority differ, those who belong to the minority become silent for fear of being isolated.

What if you are in a monster-infested environment? I would have felt a greater fear in the situation of being isolated alone.

Ramil also helped Jia Han.

“The professor is right. If you look at the results of the tuning experiment, that’s how it is. Even for a simple problem like 1 + 1 = 2, if the majority insists that the answer is 1, the probability of agreeing with it is over 30%. It is not easy for a minority to endure the pressure of a group. Besides, kids who use magic won’t be 100 percent sure. It’s not an easy problem like 1+1.”

The dean nodded and spoke.

“great. Then, the freshman final proceeds like this. Should we film a promotional video? Let’s try to gather opinions until the time of the next meeting.”

* * *

“Aww! This baby is annoying. Ah-oh!”

Stella Towers private practice room.

The practice room vacated by seniors was occupied by freshmen.

Dante was training tapball.

The tap ball was a device for body vision training in the form of a small ball hanging at the end of a rubber band connected to a hair band.

It doesn’t hurt even if you get hit, but after being hit in the eye by a small plastic ball, the swelling rose.

bang. bang.


Tang Tang Tang.

“Chi! bar. It goes up about this.”

Eventually, Dante took off his shirt and climbed onto the treadmill.

‘Help, heap.’

Now the mana sent to the bridge can be used freely.

To be honest, I don’t even know when.

every day is hell

After one or two, you should send mana to the bridge, right?

I didn’t even have time to think about it. Since I worked hard on my body every day, it started to happen at some point.

‘It’s not a leg anymore, it’s a hand.’

Two and a half months since admission.

Dante wasn’t the only one who developed. Of the remaining 370 students, there were hardly any students who could not use magic bullets at all. The voices complaining about the hard training have also decreased significantly.

Small achievements become the driving force to move to the next level. Each student did their best to achieve their goals.

half past five in the morning.

After completing individual exercises, the children gathered in the lounge with energy capsules and drinks.

Phrygia Carol approached Dante.

“Can I sit next to you?”


When Dante put away his coat, Phrygia sat down.

she asked.

“Did you hear? They say that this year’s Stellar promotional video will be filmed by freshmen.”


Last year and the year before last, Jeremy Meyer took the video. This year, there was a high probability that Roger Meyer would be the main character. Unless she just refuses.

From noble mtl dot com

Meanwhile, the morning news started.

Despite being busy, the students had time to catch up on the news every day and have brief discussions.

[ The government has announced plans to expand the ground area. While civic groups cheered, the Superman Society voiced their dissent. Reporter Raymond gives you the details. ]

Some students complained.

“hey. Wouldn’t it be nice if the ground area was wider?”

“Isn’t it your intention to occupy the earth only with things that exist? I heard there are too many rare stones piled up in the national treasury.”

“Anyway, there are more of them.”

Jun Mori, who was sitting alone at a distance, spoke.

“If you only think about the ground, you are right. But what about the cost of maintaining the shield? Who else pays the tax? After we graduate, we will become superhuman. That’s all the money we’ll have to deal with in the future. Because the person who pays the most taxes is a superman.”

Someone protested against Junmori’s opinion.

“hey. Aren’t you becoming superhuman just to live well together anyway? ah… … right. Aren’t you famous? I forgot because I was born in a family without me.”

“hit. If you earn that much money, it is natural to dedicate it to the development of society.”

There are many children who are not children of prestigious families.

Junmori, who was attacked by several people in an instant, stood up and said.

“People who said things like you ended up in prison for tax evasion. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on you.”

Some of the children raised their middle fingers at the back of Jun Mori’s head as he left the break room.

Dante also left the break room and followed Junmori.

“hey! go with me.”

“I washed and you didn’t. It stinks, so go away.”

“Isn’t it time to get used to it?”

“If I had been used to it, I wouldn’t have gotten mysophageal.”

The two kept a certain distance and walked towards the dormitory.

Junmori grumbled in a low voice.

“If you earn more than 5 billion won, the tax rate is 70 percent. Even regretting the 12.5 percent tax paid after earning 100 million. I don’t understand why would-be superhumans attack the same superhuman. This is why the Sky Islands keep coming together.”

“It’s hard for anyone to fully understand until they experience it.”

“I’m really annoyed. How much tax has our family paid so far? I’m going to write down their names earlier. When those children become superhuman later, I will tell my uncle and ask him to do the tax investigation as meticulously as possible.”

“Is your uncle an IRS employee?”

“huh. Superman Management Department.”

Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The old-time United States Internal Revenue Service was using the name as it was.

30 minutes later, morning physical training time.

A student gave the gorilla a wireless microphone.

“Trainee. What is this.”

“Instructor, this is equipment for neglecting tricks!”

PT 8 times 30 times. several times?

After shouting ‘Episode 30!’, the gorilla said in a barely audible voice.

“great. 20 starts.”

Two and a half months was the reason why people were always excluded.

The gorilla smiled wickedly and accepted the wireless microphone.

“Instructor Bon received a present today. I feel very good. So today’s training.”

““… … .””

“I lightly start with PT 8 times and 30 reps.”

PT Gymnastics No. 8 twisting the whole body.

Lying down, lifting both legs and twisting left and right, it was a devil’s gymnastics recognized by others.


No one sighed, no one cursed. Yes, it only increases the number of times. The students prepared for PT No. 8 lying in the gym without talking.

The gorilla opened its mouth with a pleased expression.

“Seeing that there are no trainees swearing, it seems that everyone likes PT #8. Great. In that sense, PT No. 8, twisting the whole body 50 times. several times?”

If you curse, you say cursing, if you don’t, the number of times increases.

‘You f*cking gorilla!’

After rolling around like that for about an hour, I find ‘I’m stupid’ shouting slogans repeatedly without even realizing it.

Students no longer blamed each other. Although there were those who were poisoned several times, there was no one who did not get caught even once.

What I gained through physical training was not only strong stamina. It was a time to gain the unity to curse the instructor with one mind and the endurance to suppress the urge to kill.

That night.

Dante was called to the main building as soon as the wrap-up was over. The dean, Jia Han, and Professor Ramil Kvyat were sitting.

“hello. This is freshman Dante Prime. I received a text message from the Academic Affairs Office.”

“Come over here and sit down.”

Dante was a little uneasy.

‘Did you call me because of the nutritional supplement case?’

Jia Han opened her mouth.

“Did you see our school promotional video at last year’s expo?”

“yes. Did you see it on TV too?”

“This year, the freshmen are filming a promotional video. One of the students mentioned is you, Dante.”

“Me? Of course I thought Roger Meyer would do it.”

In fact, the number one priority was Roger Meyer.

Her grades at school, her family name, and even her looks that look like celebrities. However, Roger Mayer rejected the offer with a single stroke.

Jia Han explained to Dante.

“For now, the only people we’re thinking of are you, Dan Dan, and Freesia Carol.”

This was the conclusion that the school side came to after much thought. Jeremy Maier donated his talent, but there were many people who wanted to do it even if he paid money.

This time, there were quite a few sponsors who contacted me by betting billions, but they were put on hold. Among them, brazenly, was the Zordic family, who offered the largest amount.

Dante nodded.

“hmm… … I think you know roughly what the concept is?”

Dante, Gudanji, and Freesia Carol have something in common. All three of them came from unknown families, but achieved remarkable results.

‘Stella is open to anyone! It’s an equal place where people who are not from prestigious families can become publicity models!’

You want to give that impression.

This time the dean stepped in.

“Since you’re making a proposal, think about it. Well, if there is a sponsor, we will need time to discuss it.”

“yes. Let me think about it.”

On the way back to the dorm, Dante called Grace right away.

“I wanted it to be Alicia too. How do you skip the middle class and go straight to freshmen? you choose Because there’s nothing wrong with that. If we do, we will also prepare an article to distribute to the media. 」

By the time Dante was in the middle of filming a publicity commercial, sad news spread all over the earth.

“Next news. A magnetic storm of unknown origin has occurred near Vega Castle. While communication with dozens of airships dispatched to the area was lost, authorities began to grasp the situation. It is said that about 3,000 students, including Agras National Academy, were scheduled to practice in the area. Reporter Raymond will give you more details.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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