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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 44

Episode 44. Gudanji (3)

A toxic pattern is seen in nutritional supplements.

The team was perplexed and asked back.

“… … why? Why take it?”

Dante laughed and said.

“Because it looks delicious. I asked for a prescription for nutritional supplements, but they didn’t? healthy.”

“okay? That’s good, then. Because I am healthy.”

“When did you start eating this?”

“hmm… … Almost from the beginning?”

Gu Danji was from a vagrant and had poor health from the beginning.

At least these days, her complexion has improved and her weight has risen a bit.

thought Dante.

‘This is poison mixed with rainwater. How did it get mixed in with the supplement?’

It couldn’t have been a coincidence.

Someone intentionally changed it… … .

The pattern is the same, but the concentration is much thicker than that of rainwater. It was as if he had made a nutritional supplement out of boiled rainwater.

There was no death from drinking some rainwater. However, when ingesting rainwater, it is accompanied by abdominal pain and diarrhea. Long-term use has been known to cause hair loss, poor eyesight, and, in severe cases, blindness.

‘I don’t think anyone would do the crazy thing of drinking rainwater…’ … there is A vagabond.’

It was highly likely that the team had been living outside the base and drinking rainwater.

‘But why did I write this?’

There are hundreds or thousands of known toxic substances. But did you use rainwater?

After thinking for a moment, Dante nodded.

‘Anyone can get it easily, so it’s hard to track.’

Dante held out his palm to Gudanji.

“I only have one.”


“Let’s try just one pill of that nutrient.”

“hmm… … Then I’d get scolded… … .”

“hey. Would you like to eat and die? Nutrients! it’s good for your body If you like it, please prescribe it to me too. huh?”

“okay. only one.”

The team could no longer refuse Dante’s request. She took out a pill and handed it to Dante.

Dante chewed up the nutritional supplements on the spot.

Gudanji smiled brightly at Dante.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It looks delicious. Because you eat.”

“I just ate and my throat hurts. Shall we go down and have a drink?”


dawn the next day.

Good food!

Dante sat on the toilet and thought.

‘The club has already developed resistance… … Hmm!’

Modern society is based on EM (Effective Micro-organisms) quarantine. It is a method of using beneficial bacteria to kill viruses that are harmful to the human body.

However, complete quarantine leads to weakened immunity. People who used to live inside the base don’t last long outside the base.

Gu Danji’s overall health was poor due to his long wandering life, but his immune system was more developed than others.

That was the reason why Gudanji could walk on two feet even after eating toxic nutrients.

Dante skipped morning strength training due to health problems. Instead, I went to the infirmary.

“Dante Prime. what did you eat yesterday?”

“Capsules and drinks… … I stole a pill from a friend and ate it. Aren’t I dying? Do you think that nutritional supplement is strange?”

“Then why do you eat other people’s nutritional supplements? How many times have I said that not all nutritional supplements are good! anyway. I have to eat what suits my body.”

“Anyway, it is. I think I ate the wrong nutrients… … That bathroom!”

Stellar Academy has 20 medical staff and 30 counselors.

Peter Hardy was a physician at Stellar for seven years. He shook his head as he watched Dante run to the bathroom.

‘Anyway, there are guys like that.’

He checked the list of medications prescribed to the students.

‘Let’s see. Club site… … .’

Calcium, magnesium, etc. were alternately prescribed in the multivitamin. There was nothing unusual about it.

Any medication can have side effects if it is not right for you. Calcium and magnesium, in particular, can cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

Dante came out of the bathroom and lay down on the hospital bed.

“I think it’s because of those nutrients.”

“Okay, let’s get fluids and rest today.”

“Are you going to investigate?”

“inspection? Yanmar. Do you know that we are so free? It’s a common thing.”

“No, the student is dying, of course we have to investigate. Didn’t I pay 500 million in tuition to die here?”

“Jjasik, umsal-eun.”

Probably not.

Dante took out his trump card and held it up.

[ Scene#1 : The main character, holding on to his stomach with a sullen expression, talks as much as he can. ]

“If only Roger Meyer was sick. Then you’re going to investigate… … .”

Peter Hardy couldn’t answer.

It felt like a sharp blade had been stabbed in the heart.

Dante is right.

‘If it was Rosé Mayer, I wouldn’t have gone overboard like this… … That’s right.’

he opened his mouth

“I will investigate. Promise.”

“Right now.”

“Contact the club now. okay?”

“yes. Please release the fluid as slowly as possible, doctor. one… … three hours?”

Looking at Dante with a proud expression on his face, Peter Hardy laughed.

‘Where did that come from?’

* * *

conference room that night.

All the staff, including the medical staff, gathered in one place.

Everyone complained.

“no. What the hell is going on, are you having a meeting at 11:00 p.m.?”

“Isn’t that too much?”

The dean took the microphone.

“Now, pay attention. I’ll just say something quick and I’ll be done. Toxins were detected in the nutritional supplements prescribed to one of our students today.”

The meeting room was instantly engulfed in shock.

Peter Hardy stepped forward.

“Today a Dante Prime student came into the infirmary with severe stomach pain and diarrhea. The night before, he said he stole nutritional supplements from a student at Gudanji. Dante’s symptoms were so serious that he called the Gudanji student. I also collected the prescribed nutritional supplements. I didn’t even have to send it to the lab. It tested positive with a toxicity detection kit.”

Peter Hardy goes down, and the dean takes the mic again.

The counselor who gave nutritional supplements to Gudanji quietly stood up.

“There, Mr. Parker. You can just go out and go with the police.”

“… … yes?”

When the dean opened the front door, the police were waiting. Sarah Parker followed the police without a word.

The dean continued.

“I don’t think anyone will ever complain about having late meetings. I don’t think I need to explain at length how serious the problem is. In the future, all medicines will be replaced by students taking them directly from vending machines.”

One of the medical staff raised his hand and spoke.

“Then I’m sure there will be students who won’t eat it because it’s annoying.”

“Health supplements are not essential. Wouldn’t it be better not to eat it than to be poisoned to death?”

Most people agreed with the dean’s words.

“And one more. Doing this with me, Mr. Hardy. It could have been done quietly. If so, our medical staff would have rebelled. Are you saying you don’t trust yourself?”

From noble mtl dot com

The method of extracting medicines from a vending machine has already been discussed several years ago. But doctors objected.

There was no choice this time.

The case has already happened, and now there is no better way than this.

“What happens in the world’s best hospitals doesn’t happen at Stellar. Not only the students, but all of you have come to this position through fierce competition. So don’t let your guard down for a second. Everyone knows, right?”


“Then let’s break up.”

When the dean left, people flocked to Peter Hardy’s side.

“What kind of poison was it?”

“Are students okay?”

Peter Hardy replied.

“Probably not severely toxic. It seems to be aiming for side effects caused by long-term use. Exactly what kind of toxicity it is will have to be analyzed at the laboratory to find out.”

Jia Han’s office.

She sipped her strong coffee and texted Dante.

[Me: Are you studying? ]

[Dante Prime: I want to play basketball with my seniors. ]

[Me: Would you like to go on a date with me instead of a senior today? come to the office ]

10 minutes later.

Dante appeared in sportswear.

“Sit there. Are you ready for the academy battle?”

“no. Not yet… … I’m just doing it for exercise.”

Jia Han put down a glass of drink in front of Dante and sat across from her.

“It’s plum tea. It’s good for stomach aches and diarrhea. Eastern folk medicine? something like that.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“How are you sick? Are you okay?”

“yes. Have you heard all the rumors about me being sick? did you get any results? Nutrients.”

“huh. Maybe I should do some more research in the lab? There was no problem with the kit.”

“ah… … is it so?”


Dante also understands the school’s position.

‘If I said that one of the students was almost poisoned, there would be a complete uproar… … .’

Jia Han asked a question.

“But why did you do that? Did you want to eat nutrients like that?”

“yes. You entered the club as the 1st place. I heard that even the first-place kids’ underwear is being traded at a high price. It’s a club, but I ate it once because I thought it was good to eat.”

Ji-ah Han quickly noticed that Dante was lying. I pretend to be calm, but I’m still clumsy.

I couldn’t escape the keen eyes of Jia Han, who had gone through aerial battles before and after childbirth.

“Oh, I heard you became close with Xian. I heard you.”

“is it so? I contacted you when I went out a while ago, but you didn’t answer. You said you were coming to our school next year?”

“of course. I did some business.”

“Xian praised the professor a lot.”


“It was almost fanatical. Would you like to have a side job as a professor?”

Xian talked about Jia Han quite often.

I guess it was because the only person I knew was Jia Han.

“Chief? Is Xian that good?”

Jia Han laughed for a while.

“But why did you ask to see me?”

“Ah, but we have a relationship, but there aren’t many things we run into at school. You know I saw the tournament director, right?”


“Good job. I called to tell you that. In particular, the semifinals were legendary.”

“I’m impressed that the legendary superman praised me!”

“okay. You must be busy, but I took my time. go see See you sometime.”


Even after Dante left, Jia Han stayed in the office for a while.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s strange… … .”

Peter Hardy said as if he had voluntarily tested for toxicity, but Jia Han didn’t believe it.

Several students a day complain of abdominal pain and diarrhea. In particular, freshmen often missed training on the pretext of stomachaches.

But why did you do the toxicity test?

Unless the student asks for it, the probability of testing toxicity to the extent of diarrhea is close to zero.

‘This is getting interesting.’

Dante noticed the poison in Gudanji’s nutritional supplements and took them himself.


I don’t want to question how you figured it out.

Jia Han was half convinced that Dante was a wizard related to poison.

‘Versailles Antidote Lab. and a toxic-related mage. Doesn’t it make perfect sense?’

Jia Han stretched all the way and smiled pleasantly.

“I will sleep well today.”

I was wondering why the miserly old man was sponsoring all of it. It seems that I have found the answer only today.

‘So Dante is going to the Versailles Institute after graduation? That’s a bit disappointing.’

Of course, the best route that a poison expert wizard could choose was the Versailles Lab. Because it’s safer than on-site and you get a lot of money.

Still, Jia Han wanted good kids like Dante to play in the field.

‘Then, among the freshmen, even Dante… … Are there at least four wizards?’

This is the conclusion I made while coaching the tournament.

Jia Han hummed and left the office.

* * *

Despite the concerns of the medical staff, the children quickly adapted to the medicine vending machine system.

Although there are children who complain about not being able to eat nutritional supplements like Dante, there were not many cases where they did not eat because they were annoying.

This is Stella Academy, where the top students compete.

With this, Dante was also convinced of Jia Han’s lies. If there were no problems, there would be no need to spend money and change the system.

‘Rosé Meyer. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to use it often.’

If it hadn’t been for mentioning Roger Meyer’s name, it was clear that the seed wouldn’t have worked.

Shortly thereafter, news arrived that the twins’ father, Young Zordyk, had been admitted to the hospital. Some say that poison was detected in the glass he used at the whiskey bar he frequents.

Judging from the fact that a very rare venom ingredient that was not even found in the research sample was detected, a person of high rank was in the shape of a spiral.

both students and adults. I do my job in my own position. Dante made a small change with my ability, so I felt good.

‘Can I make a bigger change if I go to that high place?’

And a month before final exams.

New students were given new assignments.

“Now, this freshman final exam is an E-class planet simulation battle. The mission location is EE105 planet, which was captured 23 years ago, and the team members are random on the day of 20 people. Before each test, please familiarize yourself with the EE105 planet strategy. more.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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