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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 43

Episode 43. Gudanji (2)

Dante’s room.

Dante was lying inside the capsule.

Junmori spoke while tidying up Dante’s desk.

“Did you cut your nails here?”


“If you’re going to fry it anywhere like this, go outside and shave it.”


“Why do you put used tissues on the desk when there is a trash can?”


“… … .”

“huh? to throw it away later.”

“I tidy up every day, but it gets dirty every day. Isn’t that really strange?”


In the end, Junmori even put on sanitary gloves and started cleaning in earnest.

The pouring nagging made Dante think for a moment.

‘Would it have been like that if my mom wasn’t busy too?’

Having parents to nag you. I was envious at one time, but it was canceled. It was a foolish thought.

Junmori continued.

“I talked to my mother. club incident. Listening to it, it seems that the words came from other families as well.”

“okay? but why did you talk? Don’t you hate your club? You come from a vagrant.”

“I don’t hate the club. It’s true that I’m a bit reluctant because I’m a vagabond. But I hate twins. What they do is very disgusting.”

In the ‘real’ prestigious families, including the Morone family, the Meyer family, and the Mori family, there are dozens of people of national merit from generation to generation.

Some were supermen and some were regular soldiers. They had pride.

Although the Zordic family would not be ruined by this incident, it was like sending a message.

Trust only money and don’t mess around.

Dante called Ray Schultz before going to the shower.

[Me: Uncle. I’m sorry, but by any chance Charlie Base is Hamel Jensen. Can you get some news about that kid? ]

[Uncle Ray: Yes, I got it. ]

I haven’t been in touch with Hamel lately.

I didn’t read texts, and when I called, the beep went but I didn’t pick up. So that’s what I was worried about.

After taking a short break after the midterm exams, the children returned to their daily lives.

After the entrance ceremony, the forgotten name of Dante was occasionally mentioned, but not for long.

My body is tired and time is tight.

It was advantageous to look at one more letter and sleep one more sigh while talking to others.

Rare stone introduction class time.

Today, we gathered in front of the Stella Tower, not in the classroom.

Professor Ramil said.

“Today we will tour the core room. A student who knows what a core room is?”

Junmori raised his hand and answered.

“A sky island core facility with a floating core filled with buoyant rock powder.”

“great. Sky Islands cannot exist without floating cores. Today, I plan to take a tour of the core room and give an overall explanation of the floating stone utilization technology. Then we will all go together.”

If there is a problem with the floating core, the sky island will crash. It was a level 1 security area and was not normally accessible.

Dante hurriedly approached Junmori.

“Hey, do you have a core room at your house? Did you go in?”

“no. The Core Room is managed by the Magic Tower. Residents are not allowed to come in and out.”


The sky island floats above the city center. If you make a mistake and even fall, you will suffer great damage to the ground. So, floating stone experts dispatched from the Magic Tower toured 500 islands to manage the core room.

after getting off the elevator.

Passed through several security doors.

Ramil explained.

“Stella’s core room provides 5 layers of protection. Smaller islands are protected double or triple. The floor you are stepping on is Neo Stone.”


The students’ exclamation poured out.

“Is this Neo Stone?”

“oh my god. Can’t we take this off and sell it?”

Neo Stone.

The model of the monster that Dante destroyed during the entrance exam was also a Neo Stone.

It was an expensive ore used for core rooms, spaceships, and first-class defense facilities, and was not seen at all in everyday life.

Ramil stood at the last door and spoke.

“This inside is the core room. The space is large, so enter slowly and settle down. Then enter.”

Finally, the last door opened.

Everyone frowned at the intense light as if they were seeing the sun right in front of their noses.

“now. The eyes quickly adapt. Enter slowly, one by one.”

As Ramil said, you can see your surroundings as time passes. However, the light was still bright.

‘and. It’s so big… … .’

Dante also went inside and took his place in the front row. In the center is a huge floating core that appears to be about 50 meters in diameter. Students could stand in front of a circular railing and look down on the core.

Ramil continued his explanation behind the students.

“What you’re looking at is the upper part of the core. Quite big, right?”


“The core is filled with floating stone powder, mana stone solution, and special substances. That ratio can be said to be the core technology of floating cores.”

The floating core technology was monopolized by Central Agras. This was the reason why there were no Sky Islands in other bases.

one student asked.

“But why are floating stones only used on floating islands? Whether it’s a floating suit or a floating panel. It would be nice to apply it so that it can be used in battle.”

“That’s a good point. Development is already in progress. However, there are still many unstable aspects, so it cannot be commercialized. Everyone follows me.”

The students followed Ramil to the core room floor. On the floor lay a board shaped like a surfboard.

Ramil erected a plank and lifted it.

“This is the floating panel FP173 model currently under development. Try it now… … .”


Most of the students, except for a few, raised their hands.

Ramil said with a hearty smile.

“From now on, I will have time for anyone who wants to experience it. Tuition fees are too expensive, so shouldn’t this opportunity be given to only a few?”

This is why he enters a prestigious academy. Experience a new product that has not yet been developed? It was impossible unless you were in the top 5.

The test drive lasted as short as 20 seconds.

Dante also proudly climbed onto the floating panel.

“Then balance it out. We are leaving.”

It is still in the early stages of development.

When Dante climbed, Ramil controlled it like a drone with a remote control.

Ramil said while adjusting the remote control.

“The final goal of the floating panel would be the perfect integration with BMI technology.”

Brain-Machine Interface (BMI).

It refers to the technology that connects the brain and the machine.

“As you know, BMI technology has come a long way. The problem is always rare stones. In particular, research on floating stones is slower than mana stones.”

Meanwhile, Dante came down to earth.

It was a short time, but it was perfect for motivating students.

By previewing and experiencing cutting-edge science and technology, children dreamed of a future that would be better than today.

‘But why can’t I see Danielle… … .’

Danielle, who played the middle team tournament together, took a rare stone class with Dante. But today I didn’t see it.

2nd period mana science class time.

Dante asked Johnny. Johnny was Daniel’s roommate.

“hey. Daniel, where are you sick?”


“really? when?”

“Two days ago? He packed up and left.”

“Then do you have a room alone?”

“no. There was another person who used it alone, so I joined with him.”

So the class started.

There are many empty seats everywhere.

‘Looks like you’re following me well. Why did you drop out?’

Besides, I placed second in the tournament.

Dante was not well understood.

At the beginning of the semester, children with weak stamina and mentality were left out. Now, after the middle of the semester, middle-ranking students were leaving.

After basketball practice that day, Dante asked Fabio.

“I have friends who played tournaments with me. It’s Danielle. My entrance grade was in the top 80 and I hit the middle well, so why did I drop out?”

“Now is the prime time for that.”

“is it so?”

“You can think of this as a special forces unit where you can legally desert. If you have a little bit of room in the house, you fall into the rear instead of the tough special forces.”

If that happened, it would be difficult to enter the Magic Tower, but there was no problem in working as a superman once you graduated.

Fabio continued.

“What are you going to do next year?”

“Next year?”

“Academy War.”

The Superman Olympics, in which students from 85 academies participate, is held once every three years during the summer vacation season.

I’ve also seen Dante on TV. But I never thought of participating.

“Can I go out too?”

“of course. Almost anyone who wants can enter. If you lack skills, you will fall right out of the preliminaries.”

Instead, everyone could only compete in one event.

“What are you going to do, senior?”

“I’m playing basketball, of course.”

“Next year, senior Jeremy is graduating, so he can’t participate?”

Jeremy Meyer already had an academy match when he was a freshman. A shooting sport, not basketball.

“Jeremy is a multiple skeet gold medalist.”

Multiple skits. It is played in 20 rounds, five targets at a time, and only one trigger per target is allowed.

It was the most difficult of the shooting events.

From noble mtl dot com

Fabio poked Dante in the side and spoke.

“But basketball is the most popular. to the women You know beatin? male idol. The main vocal there was cast while playing basketball in Daejeon Academy.”

“ah… … is it so? I’m not really interested in that.”

“The era of self-PR. I don’t know? There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to graduate. So, let me know your face in advance. The academy match is the best opportunity. So if you have any thoughts, tell me in advance. We have to prepare for the team battle starting this vacation.”

The individual competition starts this winter vacation, and the team competition is important, so I prepare at least a year in advance.

I heard that the entire curriculum will be changed in the first half of next year.

“yes! Thanks for the suggestion.”

Dante looked up the Academy War video before falling asleep.

Basketball has men’s, women’s and mixed teams. Both men and women could participate in the mixed group and could use mana.

next tube.

When I sorted by search, I saw this title.

[ Video developed by BB to GG (feat. 17th Academy Daejeon Basketball Finals) ]

It has a whopping 80 million views.

It was honest content with an honest title.

Even though it uses mana, it was quite interesting to see five men completely defeated by five women.

‘and… … It would be embarrassing to lose to GG.’

After watching related videos, I came across a gag program clip.

Dante put down his phone and went to sleep.

* * *

“This is a gift. It’s nothing special, I hope you like the lip gloss.”

“huh? wow… … thank you really… … .”

Freesia Carol gave Gudanji a lip gloss.

that evening.

Gu Danji applied pink lip gloss and headed to the counseling room.

All students receive psychological counseling and health checks twice a week.

‘Can I see it?’

As many students left, the counseling time was adjusted. Danji was consulted at the same time as Dante.

When I entered, I did not run into Dante.

The counselor welcomed the complex.

“Did you just come? Sit over there.”


“Nutritional supplements. Are you eating well?”

“yes. By the way… … .”

The counselor opened his eyes wide and looked at the club complex. Gudanji was a child who did not open his mouth first.

“My eyes are a bit strange these days. It’s cloudy sometimes.”

“okay? There were no problems with the inspection record. Then I’ll do a blood test today.”

“yes… … .”

“And for the time being, let’s increase our sleeping time by just one hour. It’s okay to take a short break.”

“yes… … .”

“okay. We had about 10 minutes left for consultation. Do you want to go get a massage?”


The club got up in a hurry and the wheeled chair was pushed all the way back.

The counselor smiled and held out his hand.

“Is there something urgent? I need to take nutritional supplements.”

“Ah yes. sorry.”

Gudanji handed out a box of nutritional supplements to the counselor.

“You still have two pills left? I’ll prescribe five more pills, so take them and get more next week. Then go.”

“thank you.”

After leaving the counseling room, Gu Dan-ji walked around the hallway and spyed on Room 603.


The door opened and Dante’s voice was heard.

“Can’t you give me a little more massage?”

“Go, man!”

Gudanji quickly hid behind the wall and pressed the elevator button.

footsteps approach

“uh? Is it a club?”

“Yep? hi.”

“what. Did you change the consultation time?”


Click click.

Gudanji held the nutrient container in his hand and shook it lightly.

Dante looked down at her hand and opened his mouth.

“Why do you carry nutritional supplements in your hand… … wait for a sec.”

Dante stole the medicine cabinet from the club.

The pattern was visible inside the transparent case.

“You, since when did you eat this?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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