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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 33

Episode 33. adaptation (2)

6 am to 10 pm.

Looking at the tight schedule, I am already out of breath.

“No Mr. 10 minutes for lunch? They’re not real jerks.”

Alicia giggled at Dante.

“Does it take you 10 minutes to eat a capsule? If you eat a capsule and drink a glass of water, it will be done in 10 seconds.”

“No, lunchtime is originally a break time. Shiba, if you make a timetable without a break, are you telling me to look through it?”

“uh. Then follow well. I’m going to class.”

“wait for a sec! Could it be that you were like this even in your second year?”

“secret. Ha ha ha! Hello!”

“and… … .”

Dante sighed and came down to the student cafeteria on the third floor.

It was a restaurant, a place to rest while drinking capsules and drinks. Hundreds of capsules and beverages. All are provided free of charge.

“No, this is not so much.”

I don’t have too much free time.

Dante was on the sidelines, though, thanks to his choice of a top-of-the-line sleeping capsule.

The 2 billion sleep capsules had the recommended sleep time of 2 hours, and the lowest priced model had 6 hours.

Children who choose the lowest price have only two hours of free time. That meant I only had time to shower and clean.

‘Then when do you study? When do you read books? ah… … really.’

I originally planned to work hard, but thinking that I had to move according to the timetable every day made me feel frustrated.

‘Is the first semester of first year the hardest?’

The current time is 7:10.

Alicia had been working out in her private practice room a little while ago. That meant that middle school students were given personal time until at least 8 o’clock.

Then, someone spoke up.

“3rd place. Right? Dante Prime.”

Dante scanned the man quickly.

There are two stars on the jacket. I meant middle school students.

Dark brown hair with moderately tanned skin. At first, the impression seemed good.

Dante got up from his seat and said hello.

“Yes, that’s right. Seniors.”

“I am Fabio Morone. I saw the declaration ceremony. How are you doing?”

“thank you!”

The 16th ranked Morrone family.

It runs a weapon development company under the world’s top Rocard Group, and Fabio Morrone was born after failing to produce a superman for the second generation.

For that reason, the family has very high expectations for Fabio Morrone. Dante also remembered reading it somewhere.

Fabio asked.

“But why are you so impressed? Did you get the timetable?”

“ah… … yes. I expected it to be tough, but it was much worse than that.”

“I also got a timetable and cursed at first. Maybe it will get better when the grade changes. The timetable. Even if you become a middle school student, you do it on your own, so you don’t do that.”

“Oh yeah? thank you.”

“Then let’s play basketball together sometime. Late at night is fine, morning is fine too.”

“Basketball is good. I like basketball.”

“I am at 12 o’clock every night. I use the third coat, so if you have an idea, come out.”


“Good job then.”

Fabio nicely raised one hand and walked away.

‘Good. I have people to play basketball with.’

Many people recognized Dante because of the ceremony. The only person who spoke directly was Fabio, but ‘Is that him?’ A voice was heard intermittently.

Dante checked the timetable once again.

「 06~08:00 morning physical training

08~12:00 : Theory class (2 subjects)

12-16:00 CQC close combat training (including 10 minutes lunch break)

16-18: Magic bullet training

18-22:00 Finish physical training and personal counseling (including 10 minutes in the evening)

※ Prepare energy capsules to take in advance. 」

No matter how you think about it, the timetable has turned.

‘But I’ll get used to it again.’

I don’t know anything else, but I’m looking forward to CQC training. I didn’t know superhumans trained for close combat.

If you don’t want to be beaten by monsters in practice like Alicia did, you’d better learn it properly.

Around 11:30 the same night.

Dante found the basketball court.

To be honest, I didn’t have the confidence to even play basketball starting tomorrow. For some reason, I want to crawl into a sleeping capsule in a dying state.

‘But who is it?’

On Court 3, a pair of men and women who looked like a couple were practicing basketball.

As we get closer, we see their faces.

They were the Mayer siblings.

‘That b*tch. Do you even know how to laugh?’

Upon hearing the story, he said that no one had ever seen Roger Mayer smile. Always expressionless and cold eyes. No one to talk to first, no friends.

Rosé with Jeremy looked pretty happy.

Dante approached them and spoke to them.

“hello. My name is Freshman Dante Prime.”

The eyes of the siblings reach Dante.

Roger Mayer went over to the bench and sat down with a straight face.

‘and… … what is it really Twat-tweet-tweet!’

Jeremy asked with a warm smile.

“uh. Are you here to play basketball? I am Jeremy Meyer.”

“yes. Senior Fabio told me to come to Court 3 by 12:00.”

“Oh yeah? Then take off your coat and come in. Let’s see your skills.”

“Are you with the seniors too?”

“huh. Fabio and I have been together since last year.”

Dante took off his coat and looked around. The only place to put it was the bench where the dog was sitting. I put the jumper off a little away from her. joined the court

bang. bang.

From noble mtl dot com

A basketball bounces bouncily.

The basketball court, which I often visited at Charlie’s base, was poorly equipped. There were many places where the floor was dug, so the ball would bounce in the wrong place.

Dante and Jeremy. The two were engrossed in basketball, exchanging balls without much talk.

At 12:00, Fabio and other members arrived one by one.

“Oh, are you here? Dante.”

“yes. I came first and warmed up with Jeremy-senpai.”

There are three seniors, two middle schoolers, and six including Dante. Roger Meyer didn’t even greet the others.

‘Ehh. It’s a dog class, isn’t it?’

Dante asked Fabio sneakily.

“Rosé doesn’t usually say hello, right?”

“They covered their face a lot. He talks less.”

“ah… … .”

3:3 team match.

After running for 30 minutes, Dante felt at ease.

Except for Dante, all five of them were from families residing on Floating Island.

I thought I was pretending to be very proud and unlucky. I don’t know what else will be said behind the scenes, but at least in front of me, all of them were good-mannered seniors.

bang bang.

“after. shoot!”

The match continued.

Jeremy fired a shot from quite a distance.

The ball that seemed to miss was sucked into the goal.


Before Dante could say anything, the rest of the crowd lunged at Jeremy.

“Hey, I told you not to use mana tricks. This bastard is cheating on someone!”

“Foul! Senior Jeremy exit!”

Jeremy spoke impudently in a solemn voice.

“Uh huh. It is against the law to use mana at Superhuman Academy!”

“oh… … Really? good. let’s go. Allow use of mana from now on. Bang bang!”

From then on, Dante became a stranger.

There are no missing balls.

They kicked off the ground lightly, flew up to the goal, and hit the shot.

“and… … .”

Dante felt a little sorry for Jeremy Meyer. Chewed with a spear from behind. Actually, I didn’t feel that way.

‘Anyway, since he’s a famous actor, he must be much more careful about his words and actions in front of the public.’

After the game.

Fabio and Jeremy came over and apologized.

“sorry. I won’t use mana from tomorrow. There are days when we sometimes go crazy with the desire to compete.”

“no. It was fun to watch.”

“Then see you tomorrow!”


Dante went to the bench to get his coat.

Roger Meyer was nowhere to be seen when he left.

“OMG. It was fun for the first time in a while.”

I was going to pack my clothes, but I saw a wireless earphone next to the bench.

“what? Is it mine?”

Dante rummaged through the pockets of his coat. There was only one pair of earphones in his pocket.

“If I was wrong, I almost lost 10 million won.”

Blow ‘Hu’ on the earphones to remove the dust and insert them into the ears. I was going to run to the dormitory listening to the sound of insects.

I quickly touched the left earphone with my fingertips twice. However, a strange sound came out instead of the grass bug sound that I had downloaded in advance.

[ Ashley Jules. Where is that lip gloss from? Heregio Russell. Professor, how about ending today’s class? Fabio Morrone. I liked the 3rd place guy. ]

‘Why did you record this?’

I’m not sure yet, but I think I recorded the names of the academy students and their voices.

I got goosebumps from listening to it all the time, so I took out my earphones.

‘what… … But where did mine go?’

If one belongs to someone else, then one is lost. Dante paused and checked the location of the earphones on his phone.

Fortunately, the other couple seemed to be in the dormitory. Dante was about to text Fabio but changed his mind.

‘The owner will come looking for me?’

Since each earphone has a built-in GPS, I decided to leave it where it was.

‘ah… … The dormitory is just around the corner, but it’s annoying.’

This time, I have to ride a kickboard.

I was about to go out on a kickboard when someone walked out of the girls’ dormitory.

It was Roger Meyer.

She was in the same uniform she had been wearing earlier.

As Dante approached, she hesitated and stopped.

“Have you lost your earphones? I picked it up on the bench earlier. I thought it was mine because it was the same model and color.”

Looking at it up close, it’s pretty.

Like her face, her golden eyes were unique and attractive.

But what if it’s pretty?

‘I’d rather be pretty and have a good personality like Alasia… … Oh, do you like it? no good is right It’s because I spoke harshly.’

Rosé’s gaze touched Dante’s palm.

MX77 silver base model.

If it was a school at Charlie’s base, the owner would have easily found it. There are so many rich people here that it’s faster to find someone who doesn’t have top-of-the-line earphones than someone who has them.

“It’s not mine.”

“But in case you don’t know, why don’t you check it out?”

She pulled out a pair of earphones from her pocket, showed them to me, and left the dormitory plaza. From the looks of it, it seemed to be going towards the Stella Tower.

‘Are you going to the library at this hour? He seems to know how to talk though.’

Dante left the earphones where they were and returned to lie down in the sleeping capsule.

It’s already two o’clock.

Today, I decided to set the capsule timer to 3 hours instead of 2 hours. Because it seems like it’s going to be an incredibly difficult day.

‘Rosé Meyer. He’s really strange.’

Like the group I played basketball with earlier, most people from prestigious families have good manners. Because I received a thorough education from a young age.

But Rose, the daughter of the Mayer family, openly ignores people’s greetings?

‘I’m sure there must be circumstances… … .’

Anyway, I don’t want to think deeply.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s just disrespectful unless you talk to them first and ask for their understanding.

Greetings are not very difficult. Even if you can’t hand it over first, it’s polite to accept it when the other person greets you. Even a vagabond knows this much.

‘Anyway, why did I record my voice… … .’

Suddenly, I remembered a book I had seen at BS’s house. Was it titled ‘Rare Magic White Paper’? There was also a ‘hearing enhancement magic’ described there. If the owner of the earphone is a similar magic type, it makes sense.

What if you could recognize someone just by hearing their voice from a great distance? During a random ranking match or a team match, you would be able to know the enemy in advance and gauge their strength.

* * *

same time.

Roger Meyer was also lying in a sleeping capsule. She texted Jeremy.

[Me: I must have left my earphones on the bench earlier. What if Dante Prime picked it up but heard it? ]

[ ♥ : It’s not a big deal. He doesn’t know anything. You will never know. ]

[Me: I’m still worried. ]

[ ♥ : I was complacent. I’ll talk to my dad and see if it’s possible to make biometric wireless earbuds. Understand? ]

[Me: Yes. ]

[ ♥ : Then sleep soundly, my love. ]

[Me: Okay. ]

Rosé tried to suppress her anxious mind and went to sleep.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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