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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 34

Episode 34. adaptation (3)

“Aww. I slept well.”

As soon as Dante woke up, he opened the notes app on his phone.

[Roger Meyer: Hearing enhancement magic? ]

This was the method Alicia recommended.

Most of the students said they kept their observation diaries in this way.

Rosé said that the earphones were not hers, but for now, she is the most powerful.

Or not.

First of all, it was important to write down everything.

Junmori was up first.

Dante gave a light greeting.

“Did you sleep well?”

“… … .”

Up until this point, I had no idea whatsoever. I finished the shower and looked at Junmori again and talked.

“Wax. Did you buy them?”

Junmori put the wax on the edge of Dante’s desk without saying anything and went back to his place.

“Hey, what is it? Are you mad at me for not apologizing? What’s a boy doing so badly? Aren’t you going to talk to me all semester?”

“Why is a boy here? I’m the type of person who doesn’t talk when I’m angry. There are quite a few men with the same personality as me.”

“I get it. sorry for hitting you okay?”

“huh. It’s true that we managed to escape thanks to you. Thank you. But no matter how much I think about hitting him, I can’t understand it.”

“I got it. I won’t do that in the future.”

“Thank you for understanding me.”

Junmori smiled lightly and took another bucket of wax.

‘What you’re doing is true. It’s cute and cute.’

It didn’t match his personality and seemed like a strange guy, but he didn’t hate it strangely. I’m not sure why.

Junmori asked a question.

“What theory class are you taking today?”

“Introduction to rare stones and introduction to mana studies.”

“The rare stone class will overlap with me. Then see you later in class. Morning training was different between me and Joe.”

“Go out together. Isn’t it the building next door anyway?”

“no. I’m comfortable going alone. Being with someone makes me feel uncomfortable.”


Jun Mori pulled the mask up to the bottom of her eyes and left the room first.

To be honest, it’s a bit sad.

When I sat next to him during the ceremony, I could see that he was very anxious.

‘That child. I wonder if today’s training will go well.’

The physical training was said to be divided into 10 groups of 50 people each.

The freshman-only gym consisted of two five-story buildings. At least it seemed like it would be easy to do physical training indoors.

3rd floor gym.

Dante’s group of 3 consisted of 24 women and 25 men. There were forty-nine in total.

‘I heard that a few people have already dropped out, but it looks like it’s true.’

There are still 10 minutes left.

The children were free to warm up.

“Hey, Dante!”

A familiar guy ran from the other side.

It was Claudio.

I’m still a little embarrassed. Knowing someone made me feel more at ease.

“Oh, did you sleep well?”

“hey. I heard it from over there. After the report ceremony, two of them dropped out.”


“Did the girl pee in her pants? It was because of that, and the other one was the son of a professor at our school.”

“Professor’s son?”

“uh. During the report ceremony, the professor said he had his throat cut in front of his son. Because of that, I was shocked and immediately dropped out. Isn’t that great?”

Dante intended to replay the footage of the ceremony this weekend. They said it could only be played until this week.

Dante replied.

“I think the professor was aiming for it on purpose. If you are going to give up, give up quickly.”

“I think so too. But it’s a bit cruel. Anyway, it’s poisonous, so our professors.”

At six o’clock sharp, four men and a woman in military uniform entered the gym.

The students groaned.

“what? Why are soldiers coming in?”

There are soldiers in Central Agras as well.

Not a superman like a soldier, but a real soldier.

The percentage of superhumans in the total population is only 0.3%. The lack of troops was filled with professional soldiers.

No matter how superhuman it is, the more troops there are, the better in this era. Each country maintained its troops at around 1% of its total population. including reservists.

Central Agras is a city built on old American soil. Basically, the treatment and respect for soldiers were quite good.

A man resembling a gorilla, standing in the middle of the five, shouted.

From noble mtl dot com

“All attention. Gather around in five columns.”

The students gathered in five rows and stood in columns.

The man opened his mouth again.

“This instructor is the gorilla instructor who will be in charge of your physical training this semester.”


“Did you laugh? who is laughing Get all down.”

Dante thought as he stretched out on his stomach.

‘No, why are you a gorilla? It’s against the rules.’

When the gorilla-like instructor introduced himself as a gorilla, he couldn’t help but laugh. He looks so much like a real gorilla. Not before awakening, but after awakening, he looks like a gorilla!

At this rate, it seemed like every day from now would be hell. I couldn’t help but laugh.

After 5 minutes, I started to hear a groan.

The instructor raised the students to their feet.

“Full in situ.”

“… … .”

“evil! answer. Full in situ.”


“Introduce again. This instructor is the gorilla instructor who will be in charge of your physical training this semester.”


This time, the person who smiled without notice came out.

The students opened their eyes to find the source of the sound.

“who! Are you laughing! Get all down.”

I heard someone groaning softly.

“Hey, Shiva. Some bastard will laugh and scream… … .”

“Did you curse? 10 more minutes.”

An hour passed just like that.

No one was laughing anymore.

“Today, we will learn 14 movements from PT #1 to #14. You should watch the demonstrations of these teaching assistants and follow them. Do you understand.”


PT is a physical training system that was created by the old US Army a long time ago. Soldiers all over the world still train the same way.

The instructor said he did up to 14, but in the end, he could only do 6 jumps in an hour.

“Repetition is not relief.”

“I don’t lip-sync just with my mouth open. Is it a goldfish business?”

“The last slogan was omitted. Trainees don’t know what omission means.”

“Sing loudly!”

“You do it right. Even if it looks rough, the movements are moderated according to each angle.”

Each time, a wrong person came out, and at that time, ‘First come, first served, except for one person, all run!’ It was an infinite loop of running.

In the end, there was an unfortunate incident where a female student who could not stand the limit of her physical strength was arguing.

“Men and women have different basic stamina, but that’s too much!”

“Do you think monsters are women? Trainees are seated. The rest of the first-come-first-served ones out, run!”

The girl cried and watched her classmates run.

‘What are you crying about for doing well?’

My stomach is bubbling over.

Everyone, not just Dante, thought the same thing. We couldn’t look cute when we were sitting alone and crying while we were running.

At least Dante was confident enough to run, so he was left out of the 10th place every time. The problem was the slow running students.

Dante observed the students’ mana from time to time. Guys who were controlling mana and distributing stamina often stood out.

There are clear differences in muscle strength by gender. This is because different hormones are secreted. However, in the superhuman society, it can be overcome with a tool called ‘mana’.

In particular, in terms of mana control, there was also a study that showed that women were slightly better than men.

‘I’ll have to do my best too… … .’

Two hellish hours ended just like that.

As soon as the instructor left, a blonde female student approached the student who made a physical remark.

“Wow, this b*tch is swearing at women. hey wake up What is the basic physical strength of men and women? Then, do some exercise before entering school, you idiot!”

There was no one to dry it.

So was Dante.

It was mentally exhausting rather than physically exhausting. Should I say it was a time full of fakes and schemes to harass the trainees?

Besides, I have to go to class right away. It seemed that time would be tight to take a shower and go to the classroom.

Claudio held out his hand to Dante, who was sitting. Dante held his hand and raised his hips.

“Ahhhhh. Are you going to the dormitory?”

“uh. Come with me.”

On the way to the dormitory, Claudio told me about the blonde girl.

“The girl you were swearing at earlier is Courtney Zordick. If you get caught by him, whether you are a man or a woman, you will go to hell. Be careful too. I like not being involved.”

“Are they twins?”

“Courtney and Katarina identical twins. They are goddesses as long as they keep their mouths shut. It’s a problem with spitting out a lump of sh*t in your brain.”

The Zordic family was not treated as a prestigious family even though they were ranked 8th.

As a case of finding a golden egg decades ago and becoming rich by accident, the family’s history is not deep, and the family has a lot of talk about the personality problems of the Zordic sisters.

‘The mana control is pretty good.’

Courtney Zordic stood in the row right in front of Dante during training. It was impressive to see him training by distributing mana to the muscles of his whole body.

However, since the reviews were so bad, I didn’t really want to be involved.

‘and… … I’ll do some strength training as well. It’s like an idiot.

What will you do if you regret it now? If you do this, you’ll get used to it.

It was a little tiring, but I thought it was the right direction. This place is operated for the purpose of manifesting mana for all students entering Superhuman Academy High School.

Didn’t they say that when a person is pushed to the limit physically and mentally, they exert superhuman strength? It’s a bit ignorant, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better way.

When I returned to the dormitory, Junmori was spraying disinfectant on the bathroom toilet.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“huh. Did you guys do PT too? I’ve been doing it every day since I was ten. three hours a day.”

Dante chuckled and laughed.

Junmori asked as she came out of the bathroom.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I thought I was worrying for nothing. then i have to wash See you in class.”


I was still laughing while taking a shower.

‘ha. What are you worried about? Let’s do well, Nana!’

Jun Mori was born into the 38th-ranked family. Among the 500 families that have entered the Floating Island, they are at the top. He probably entered school with almost all the education he needed.

3rd place in admissions grade, until the declaration ceremony.

Dante has had some pretty outstanding results, but he shouldn’t rest on his laurels. In particular, in subjects like CQC, which I have never encountered before, it was clear that I would fall behind in the beginning.

Rare stone introduction class time.

When Ramil Kvyat entered the classroom, the students booed him.


The remnants of the ceremony were still left in the hearts of the children. Listening to whispers around him, he said that the professor who had his throat cut in front of his son was Ramil.

‘You must have been very busy. He had his throat cut, a bomb exploded, and he escaped with us.’

Is it because they are comrades who escaped together?

Dante felt an inner affinity for Ramil.

“Sleep, pay attention. I am Professor Ramil Kvyat, who will be in charge of the rare stone class and magic bullet class this semester.”

Ramil was a defense magician and a talented person who even earned a doctorate through research on rare stones. With only 20 years of experience in the field, he received a love call from Stellar Academy the year before last and joined as a professor.

The rare stone class was quite interesting.

“Earth is classified as a Class D planet. It was on our planet that mankind first discovered rare stones.

Monsters, rare stones, and superhumans. Why did the Earth suddenly change? Currently, the most influential hypothesis is the ‘mana seed theory’.

The mana seeds buried in the spacecraft during the alien exploration took root on the earth, and the animals and humans that responded to it were awakened as monsters and superhumans, respectively.”

At that time, a student raised his hand.

“Professor, I have a question for you. So, shouldn’t the superman disappear now? Almost all of the mana stones on Earth have already been collected, and the frequency of monster appearances has also decreased.”

“Good question. However, ‘I collected almost all the mana stones’ is a student’s guess, right? There are still a lot of mana stones left uncollected on Earth. It is also the reason why the earth is classified as an inactive planet rather than a dead planet.”

“Where do you stay?”

“Investigating that is today’s assignment. Please fill out and submit three 10-point word pages by tomorrow. more.”

A deep sigh lingers where the professor floats.

“and… … When, where and how do you find it… … . Where do we have time for that… … .”

“It is really too much. Surely they won’t give you homework during the second period, right?”

It wasn’t even the morning of the first day, but Dante was grateful to Alicia. Wasn’t it something you should be very grateful for for making time over the weekend during the semester?

Fortunately, Dante already knew the answer to the first task. This is the contents of the papers I saw in the library of BS.

After class, several students, including the Zordic twins, approached Gudanji.

Curly blonde hair with a red headband. At first glance, it is difficult to tell who is Courtney and who is Katarina, and they both dress and look alike.

The rest of the children also had blonde hair and wore blue headbands.

thought Dante.

‘It’s very childish. Zordyk and the children?’

Courtney Zordic opened her mouth.

“Just ask! You saw the Shingo-style Ripple, and it was great?”

“uh? uh… … .”

Gudanji smiled lightly as if embarrassed.

“He was very calm. Have you ever caught a monster before?”

“huh! there is.”

Meanwhile, Dante grabbed his bag and got up.

‘I really like the club. Hasn’t there been anyone to talk to?’

Anyway, where did you catch the monster?

Sure enough, Courtney Zordick asked the club.

“huh? Where did you catch the monster? you can’t Aren’t you like a vagabond?”

Gudanji shook his head and shook his head.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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