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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 32

Episode 32. adaptation (1)

“Why does the guy who even received the award look like this?”

star hill.

Dante was sitting with Alicia.

“I had a scary thought at the ceremony.”

“It wasn’t a scary thought, it must have been scary. Are you completely normal? what’s the problem?”

“Did you see my video? There weren’t enough seats at the end. I thought about this for a while then. Still, wouldn’t it be better for me to survive? Wouldn’t it be helpful for my future if I live more than others?”

Wasn’t it the first day of admission?

We didn’t know each other’s capabilities yet.

But what if I had known?

Did life have to be prioritized, as people in the old days did?

“It looks like crap. Because he is a superman, because he is an expert, because he is an essential person for the country. So it’s only right that I survive. Thinking like this… … .”

Alicia, thinking deeply, answered.

“How is that? It’s selfish, but isn’t it the right choice?”

“Soldiers, we. Then you have to protect it. Even if I die, it’s a soldier to save one person’s people. That’s why superhumans are respected and treated. But something seems wrong. It seems that superhumans do not exist for humanity, the rest of us exist for superhumans.”

Alicia ruffled her hair with both hands and lay down on the grass.

“Oh, I don’t know!”

seventeen, eighteen.

It’s an age when you worry and think a lot.

Head-to-head, the only conclusion was an average of 17.5 years old.

Alicia continued.

“Why all of a sudden! Is it because his name is Dante? Well, the government does not own the people, but the people own the government. Do you want to talk about that?”

“That’s Churchill, not Dante.”

“I know? That’s what it says.”

Dante also lies down next to Alicia.

The two of them meditated with grass bug ASMR today as well.

Dante was the first to speak.

“I can do it.”

“oh… … I know that. I do it.”

“I have potential.”

“For me, there is only progress.”

“So walk your way.”

“Tell people to f*ck off whatever they say.”

“hey! Going well, really.”

Alicia giggled and replied.

“what! It just had to make sense. I like that saying too. Alighieri Dante. Did your parents like Dante too?”

“I don’t know. How do I know. We haven’t had much time to talk.”

“But why aren’t you saying anything? declaration ceremony. He said he was a traitor and did G-Roll.”

“I realized. The one who does not speak is not a traitor, but the one who speaks is a traitor. Are you crazy? why do you say that never do it Don’t even die!”

Alicia told Dante the saga of the ‘Drone Destruction Prize’. After hearing her story, Dante also felt that the resentment had gone away a little.

“But are CS bullets that poisonous? I want to take a look at it too.”

“Crazy. Are you a pervert?”

“Oh, pervert. I wasn’t even wearing pants. Wanna see?”

“You bastard!”

“uh? A shooting star!”

Dante pointed to the sky with the tip of his finger.

A shooting star was falling.

The two quickly put their hands together and made a wish.

Please, let me become a star that never sets.

* * *

in a dorm room.

Dante stood in front of the mirror and touched his hair.

Charlie didn’t do this on base. Now, without waxing, he looked too ugly.

“I am also a real asshole. Ability to interrupt magic? What was it? anyway. Falling for a lie like that… … .”

No matter how you think about it, it’s frustrating.

You should have noticed the pattern when you didn’t see it. how can you fool that

‘But I will never be deceived from now on.’

If there is a practice that goes on in a similar way? It seemed like it would be advantageous to be able to notice that it was ‘fake’ before others.

Jun Mori, who was watching, spoke.

“You need to change your wax. smell… … .”

“okay. Buy me one.”

“don’t worry. I’ll go and buy it right now.”

After roughly brushing his hair, Dante wiped his hands with a wet tissue and threw it into the trash. Inside the trashcan was a handkerchief that appeared to be brand new.

“hey. Did you throw away the handkerchief?”



“During the ceremony, Claudio or something got bitten in the mouth. It’s embarrassing.”

Ah yes yes

To be honest, I was dumbfounded, but decided to leave it alone. Junmori says no, but mysophobia is a disease.

How tired are you too? It seemed like it would be easier to live in harmony with each other.

“But you didn’t show any symptoms of mysophobia at the ceremony. Hold my hand well and support D.O.”

“My mysophobia doesn’t activate in wartime.”

Oh, that’s right.

It’s a selective mysticism that only activates normally, isn’t it?

Anyway, he’s an odd guy.

“Then I go first.”

Jun Mori summoned Dante and stopped him.

“for a moment. I have something to tell you.”


“Then you slapped me in the room. two cars. You better apologize.”

This is really outrageous.

Apologize after you helped a stupid guy come to his senses?

“If something like this happens in the future, I won’t slap you and leave you behind. okay? Good job then.”

Dante closed the door and left.

With the door between them, the two thought the same thing.

‘What kind of guys are there?’

Junmori sighed and sat down in front of the desk.

I take out a disinfecting tissue and wipe my desk thoroughly to calm my mind.

“Violence is bad under any circumstances. I am right and Dante is wrong. that I have to apologize Violence is not right. It is better to die than to live beaten by others. Dante was wrong. I’m right.”

Every family has at least one secret they want to keep hidden. The Mori family also had many secrets.

‘I don’t live like that. I’m not going to live being beaten like my dad. I have to be strong to do that.’

Jun Mori also changed clothes and got ready to go to the gym.

From noble mtl dot com

4 a.m.

Dante pulled the zipper on his overcoat all the way up to his neck. The cold, refreshing wind gave goose bumps all over my body.

Grab a kickboard spread out in front of the dormitory and head to the Stella Tower. I was thinking of going to a private practice room.

It’s only the 3rd day of admission.

The campus was still unfamiliar.

‘Because I said that today’s schedule and student ID will come out. I’ll go get it after working out.’

Dante put on the earphones he received as a result of his injury and replayed the sound of insects. A handful of romance settled down on the campus, which was only splendid with lights.

From the outside, it looked quiet. When I arrived, the private practice room was full.

‘ah… … . I guess I should make a reservation in advance.’

The priority reservation ticket I received as a group prize seems to be quite useful. Dante texted Alicia.

did you wake up

[Me: Where are you? I went to the private practice room, but there is no seat!!! ]

[Geum Taeyang: To 1130. ]

It’s good to have a senior.

I can’t exercise, but I have to ask for a tour.

It was a structure with 15 practice rooms lined up on both sides of the hallway. It looked more like a fighting room than a practice room. The walls and doors were made of hard-looking metal.

‘Did I make it like this because I was worried that I would break the wall while exercising?’

No. 1130. I rang the bell and Alicia opened the door and came out.

“good morning. come in.”

“oh… … what. Is there anything wrong?”

Dante sat down on the bench press.

It was an ordinary space equipped with a treadmill and some strength training equipment.

Alicia quenched her thirst with water and spoke.

“Dawn and night times are the hardest to book.”

“okay? So, should I come here during the day?”

“Can I?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Have you not received your timetable yet? You will know when you receive it. You cute freshman.”

Judging from the rough words, it seems that the daytime schedule is full. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of hours of free time though?

Alicia sat down on the floor and continued.

“But, if possible, do you give up the private practice room to the seniors?”

“Are you territorial?”

“under. when i was a freshman I didn’t know why and came here almost every day to train.”


“It’s enough for you to do it outside.”

“You are. Why can’t you train somewhere else when you become a middle school student or an upperclassman?”

“No, there is a secret here. right away! It has gravity, air pressure, and temperature control.”

“oh my god. really?”

I understand now.

Why did you make the practice room into a fighting room?

The main mission of the superhuman is not Earth, but an alien planet. There are planets with environments similar to Earth, but there are more places that are not.

Alicia explained.

“In the first year, I went to practice in an environment similar to Earth. So, wouldn’t it be necessary to go to private practice rooms?”

“no? Wouldn’t it be helpful to practice in advance, senpai?”

“I hate you.”

“It’s done. Can’t you try that once? Things like barometric pressure or gravity control.”

Seeing Dante like that, Alicia burst out laughing. I feel like I’m seeing myself a year ago.

“Really, what is so urgent on the third day of admission? okay. I will teach you how to use the machine.”

A control unit was attached to the wall.

It didn’t look too complicated.

“Temperature, barometric pressure, and gravity in order from the top. And the timer on the right. If you set it to 10 minutes, it will slowly change into the environment you want for 10 minutes.”

“Doesn’t touching this wrong cause you to die?”

“Did you make the system go round like that? Bingtak? But there are people who faint often. There are CCTVs in every room, so there is nothing to worry about.”

Private practice rooms can control the environment within the limits that humans can endure with their bare bodies. However, the ‘endurance limit’ is different for each person, so overdoing it could lead to an accident.

Dante spoke while pressing his finger on the control panel.

“But it is really amazing. Looking at this, do I really become a superman? I want to.”

Of course, the equipment technology required for extraterrestrial missions has also advanced greatly. However, you should not neglect training. Isn’t the environment of the earth, the deep sea, and the alpine zone different from the earth right now?

The atmospheric pressure at the summit of Mount Everest is only 1/3 of the normal atmospheric pressure. Then, what about floating islands floating between 3 and 10 km above sea level?

If it had not been for a 24-hour supply of warm oxygen, about half would have collapsed from altitude sickness.

Alicia continued.

“Among exoplanets, even on the ground, there are places where the pressure or gravity suddenly changes. Even if the scouting party grasps the terrain and environment in advance, there will always be a corner that they miss like an idiot. That’s why it’s important to build a body that can adapt to sudden environmental changes.”


“And your seniors will be going to practice in a place like this starting this year, so they need a practice room, right?”

After listening to it, I can understand the position of seniors.

To be honest, I was going to use a private practice room because of the gossip. I thought it would be okay to give up the practice room to seniors for about a semester.

“so. Would you like to adjust it?”

At Alicia’s question, Dante shook his head.

“no. I took up too much time working out.”

“I’m going to do strength training from now on. Run on a treadmill next to you.”

“Is that okay?”

“It doesn’t matter. Up to two people.”

“Then let’s do it!”

Dante took off his coat and got on the treadmill.

Alicia set the barometric pressure to 800 hpa.

“Atmospheric pressure of 800. You can think of it as about 2,000 meters above sea level. It won’t be that hard.”

Oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is 21%.

If the air pressure in the practice room is adjusted to 800 hpa, the oxygen concentration drops to 18-19%.

Dante came down after running for an hour on the treadmill.

“Whoa. I’m sure you’re out of breath more than usual. But aren’t you going to be crushed?”

Alicia was lying on the bench press and lifting 70 kg. It seemed excessively heavy for her body.

“Who is going to be down? Is there anything to be ashamed of?”

“but. Is it okay to use mana if it is dangerous?”

“huh. So, if you are a control freak, be careful not to be crushed. Got it?”

“I get it.”

There is no dispute.

control. right?

Training is the only way not to be ignored. Dante got back on the treadmill.

By the time I left the practice room.

A text has arrived.

Stella Academic Office Information: New students, please come to the main building and get your student ID.

[ New Student Common Curriculum Timetable (Click) ]

Dante checked the timetable and exclaimed.

“Are you crazy?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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