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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 31

Episode 31. entrance ceremony (5)

Stella Tower Common Room.

Dozens of students were sitting in a group in front of a large TV.

One of the seniors who watched Dante’s escape process showed tears.

“I know that feeling. ah… … trauma.”

“that’s right. We were in just that situation. We arrived, but there were not enough seats on the airship.”

“How did you guys do it?”

“Lots. I managed to escape somehow, but I couldn’t feel that dirty. The moment I landed, my classmates were bombed and exploded.”

One of the students who was listening raised a hand.

“That’s the motive I exploded at that time, you bastard! do you dare leave me? you?”

The students laughed out loud at what was so good.

It’s all memories now.

“I would never make that choice now.”

“Are you crazy? How many years have we been together?”

Now there are only 150 students left in the senior class. He was a comrade-in-arms and friend who cried and laughed together through arduous training and missions, and stood by me in critical situations.

“Anyway, that third-place guy is amazing. In that situation, only empty seats are visible Maximum load weight? I can’t think of anything like that.”

“Isn’t that because you’re stupid?”

“I think I thought of it?”

“Oh, these bastards are real.”

One of the middle school students who had been quietly watching opened his mouth. It was Fabio Morone, the eldest son of the 16th-ranked Morone family.

“I like that kid. Dante Prime. Do you want to call me when you graduate and form a team?”

“Hey, Arthur. Will your dad just watch it? Dante ‘Prime’! You come from an unknown family. Besides, as a team member, the number 1 guy is better. 3rd place is fine as a leader, but as a team member? I do not know. There is a possibility of disagreement.”

In the meantime, the live video ended.

The students rose from their seats one by one.

“Okay, let’s go to bed as well.”

“and… … How absurd would it be if our juniors woke up?”

“Keukkeuk. I know.”

* * *

‘f*ck. what? This unshakable comfort… … .’

7 am.

The freshmen began to open their eyes one by one.

Dante blinked as he lay in the sleeping capsule.

‘Isn’t this a coffin?’

Apparently, I was escaping in an airship a while ago, but something was strange.

And the familiar herbal scent… … .

‘A sleeping capsule?’

Press the button on the side to open the capsule. It was in the dorm room where I slept last night.

Dante turned his head and looked across. Jun Mori was sitting in a sleeping capsule with a bewildered expression.

“hey. What is this? What happened?”

“I got hit.”

“what. What!”

“We were hit. declaration ceremony.”

“… … A declaration ceremony?”

Junmori gave a brief explanation of the ceremony.

Dante stood in front of Mori who escaped from the capsule.

“hey. Did you get hurt even knowing that? Are you ill? Why didn’t you tell me!”

“It’s spitting, so can you move away from me?”

“and… … Because I didn’t know… … No, I didn’t notice even though I knew there was a report ceremony? Do other kids know this? and… … .”

“Maybe half of the incoming students knew? but i got it I didn’t know that the ceremony would be held on the first day.”

“Then you should have been more suspicious! Are you not suspicious at all?”

“I doubted it twice, but it seemed so real. I can feel the mana and it hurts when I get hit. I even had a handkerchief that I always carry in my pocket!”

This was the reason why the suspicious Junmori was deceived. handkerchief.

Dante slumped in his seat.

“Oh, it’s unfortunate. I think it will be unfair!”

“So do i. I want to take a shower. I must have sweated a lot. It’s disgusting because of the smell.”

“Then is this like an MR game?”

“It will.”

“Is it possible to implement this much with a program?”

Although MR technology has developed a lot, it has not implemented even a handkerchief in a pocket. Usually it is.

But this is Stella Academy, right?

Junmori replied.

“Sleep capsules. I used this as a scanning device. When we are in danger, we unconsciously release mana, scan it, and incorporate it into our program. I even scanned my damn handkerchief.”

Outside the door, children who had gone crazy for a different reason than last night ran around swearing.

‘f*ck!! I’m being tricked!’

‘Professor you psycho bastards!!’



then… … .

Dante sent a text message to Jia Han right away.

[I: Professor. Are you alive? ]

[Professor Jia Han: Did you feel stiff after being killed ten times last night? Are you surprised? ]

[ come out… … . ]

[Professor Jia Han: See you later in the auditorium. ]

“oh my god. how is this… … .”

“The ceremony will be broadcast live to current students and graduates.”

“… … .”

Did other people see this?

Suddenly, a demon appeared in Dante’s mind.

[Me: Do you want to? ]

[Geum Taeyang: Did you sleep well, baby? ♥ ]

[I: A traitor. convex ]

How can you not say a word?

My hands are shaking.

Is it because of relief or because of betrayal?


Then, someone knocked on the door.


The door opens.

The person who showed up was Claudio.

Dante jumped up to greet him.

“Is the boat okay?”

“Wow. Be nice.”

“what’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to say hello.”

“Gorum Gorum. It is a life saver.”

Claudio laughed at Dante’s clever look.

“Look at this kid. Did you really try to trick our family?”

“Is it real?”

“Anyway, nice to meet you and thank you. To re-introduce myself, I am Claudio Grom. Just call me D.O for convenience. And there.”

Jun Mori also came out of the capsule and stood next to Dante.

“Jun Maury.”

“Oh, the Mori family? Thank you too.”

Claudio held out his hand, but Jun Mori did not grab it.

“I am mysophobia.”

“Oh, yes. It’s nice to be so confident.”

In the meantime, the other children also found Dante’s room one by one.

“Hey, third place! It was fun.”

“Good job everyone. But thanks to you, you seem to have managed to escape?”

They were comrades who survived the war together. Warm words were exchanged before that impression had yet to dissipate.

It wasn’t like that for everyone.

“By the way, what room is that raycist f*cking in?”

“Ah, you really are an asshole with only mouths.”

“If I see you on the way, I will break your head, really.”

The children sat around Dante’s room and talked for a long time.

“I’m sorry that we asked to go by ourselves when we escaped earlier. I was really out of my mind then.”

“I don’t think anyone was sane. Except for that kid in third place.”

“But is your father really a raw card developer?”

“I’m still strangely hit by shrapnel and bleeding. Was it really f*cking painful and f*cking dizzy?”

“So we were fooled. Is there really no one? The one who notices.”

At that time, an announcement came from the speaker.

[ Support position – Good morning! Stella Academy new students. Speakers are fine. All freshmen, please gather in the auditorium by 9:00 am. And guys, we love you! ]

““… … .””

“”shut up!””

9 am.

The freshmen gathered one by one in the auditorium.

Everyone couldn’t get together. During the ceremony, a student who suffered a heart attack and several students who suffered convulsions were being treated in the infirmary.

At the same time as the reporting ceremony began, 20 medical staff were placed in front of the dormitory, and immediate action was taken if there was a problem.

Fortunately, no one died.

“Aren’t the seniors coming today?”

Dante sat halfway down with Jun Mori.

Boos poured in as the dean and faculty entered the auditorium.



The professors were all laughing at what was so good.

‘Yes, people must have enjoyed it. life… … .’

The children, whose anger had not yet subsided, continued to boo.

The dean of the academy, Giorgio Stella, took the microphone.

From noble mtl dot com

“Sleep, quiet.”

It took some time for the hall to quiet down.

The dean spoke again after everyone had been silent.

“Welcome again to all new students who have just entered Stellar. And I suffered. Only after the declaration ceremony can you truly be called a ‘Stelline’. Everyone did a good job.”

Ramil Kvyat, who was sitting in the back, raised his arms and pretended to clap. It meant applauding the students.

match. match. match.

A shower of soulless applause followed.

“We at Stellar have a tradition of presenting awards after the ceremony. There were people who died as soon as the scenario started, and there were students who stood out. So from now on, I’m going to award.”

The Dean was sidelined and Ramil Kvyat took over the microphone.

“First, the ‘shortest time to die’ award. The friend called by name is forward to the podium.”

Following the award for the shortest time to die, the best will award, the silence award, and the singer king award were given.

This award was given for fun rather than for active performance, and there were no injuries.

“Hey… … . The award of silence is acknowledged.”

“You didn’t say a word in that situation?”

“Who is the madman who sang?”

Still, a prize is a prize.

The children who received it were delighted by lifting the certificate.

Ramil’s voice continued.

“Then, let’s get into the actual awards ceremony. The first person to be awarded is just Gu. In front of the podium.”

The intestines are cluttered.

Kudanji climbed the podium with his body shrunken.

“Just ask. Most Monster Kills Award. You are awarded this award for killing the most monsters in the ceremony.”

thought Dante.

‘… … Caught a monster? how?’

Ramil explained briefly.

“The student just killed four air monsters right before the end of the scenario. Unfortunately, the escape failed.”

In fact, the escape was not a failure.

The club had no intention of escaping from the beginning. Because there was no reason why I had to leave alive.

“Next is Roger Meyer. beautiful family image. We are giving you this award because you ran to your family through a dangerous situation. By the way, we succeeded in defeating two monsters and escaping.”

Again, the hall was cluttered.

Jeremy Meyer is a promising talent who will lead the next generation. The world also evaluated that Jeremy’s skills are superior to Rosé’s.

‘But why did you go to see Jeremy? The upperclassmen’s dormitory is on the opposite side… … .’

Well, it’s not a very incomprehensible situation. It was true that there was something strange about it.

The awards ceremony continued.

It must have received about twenty awards.

Dante’s name was not called.

“The following are the final awards given to individuals. Dante Prime.”

When Dante’s name was called, the students of Building A103 cheered and shouted.

“Dante! Dante!”

Ramil laughed and said.

“Dante is a good student. It’s popular with the sturdy male students.”

The witty joke made the students giggle and laugh.

Ramil continued.

“Best Leadership Award. This award is given to you for demonstrating leadership with calm and cool judgment even in an emergency situation. You failed to defeat the monster, but managed to escape. And thank you, student.”


“Our Dante student, Professor Ramil, must be on the escape ship! that it should be burned I was moved.”

“Ah, yes.”

Dante smiled and grabbed the certificate.

The sturdy male students once again gave a loud applause.

“Okay, and the final prize. This award is a collaboration award given to a group. All students in Building A103 stand up.”

The students stood up from their seats with puzzled expressions.

“collaboration? What did we collaborate on?”

“Only 53 out of 500 people managed to escape at the ceremony. Eighteen of them came from Building A103.”

Excluding Ramil, 18 people got on the same escape boat as Dante. The number of people in Building A103 was 16. The other two said they had succeeded in escaping through the eastern boarding area, not the southern one.

With 50 people staying in each building, 1/3 of the total number of people managed to escape.

“For students in Building A103, priority reservation for a private training room for one semester!”

““… … .””

It’s because I’m a freshman, so I don’t know yet, but it’s not easy to make a reservation for the personal training room in Stella Tower at the time you want.

“And the latest wireless earphone MX77 is given as a prize.”

“”Oh yeah!””


These are high-end earphones that cost 20 million won a pair.

After the awards ceremony.

Again the dean took the microphone.

“There is a reason why we hold the declaration ceremony in the first semester. Even if I become a middle school student, I won’t be fooled because my hair is thick. I think it must have been more difficult for the students of the 90th class this year because they had to go through the declaration ceremony on the first day of admission.”

“that’s right!”

“It was too much!”

The dean continued with a benevolent smile.

“You will have to remember the anger of the day. There should be no exposing of the ceremony to the juniors, right?”


“Then, our faculty members, including myself, will do our best to continue the ‘dog honey jam’ declaration ceremony in your own words next year. Did you know?”

The students cheered and pledged.

He said he would let his juniors taste the same hell.

“One last word, you all heard the same thing on the tour shuttle. But I was careless. why? Because the professors said that you can get the same information from the Academic Information System. Then log in and read. You must have thought like this, right?”

Quite a few children spilled over. For the reason the dean just mentioned, or excited about entering a prestigious academy.

“As many of you have experienced, monsters don’t wait for us to be ready. So you have to do your best every day. Time should not be wasted in vain. Then we’re done talking. Disband everyone!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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