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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 30

Episode 30. entrance ceremony (4)

Stella Academy celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. The history of the ceremony is 40 years old this year. It has never been done with the same scenario.

Current freshmen were connected to an MR program disguised as a sleeping capsule check.

MR (Mixed Reality) is a program that allows you to create and experience new environments by combining reality with virtual reality.

It is the fourth time that the reporting ceremony has been conducted by MR. However, this year was the first time the ceremony was held on the first day of admission.

Now, the video was being broadcast in real time not only to the current students, but also to the alumni community.

“Honestly, did I know? Is there a declaration ceremony? But you were tricked.”

“me too. Even a genius would never figure it out. If you do, you will lose your mind.”

The very existence of the Shingo ceremony is already known to the families that deserve to know about it. So, the faculty had to mobilize experts to create a perfect scenario every year.

Which year reflects recent issues. In another year, the scenario is completely unrelated to the issue.

This year was a scenario that reflected issues.

Recently, an article like this was posted on a community dedicated to superhumans.

[Above Agras, signs of division. There is a risk of monsters appearing, so be careful. ]

It was a fact, not a fishing article. It’s nonsense to publish a false article for just one academy’s initiation ceremony.

In addition, children from prestigious families access the community with the ID of their parents or family members to obtain information. This was the reason that even the children of prestigious families fell into the trap.

“I didn’t even tell my brother.”

“What are you going to tell me about that? Of course, our pips should suffer the same.”

All of the students who were severely beaten will make a pledge with one heart and one mind. He said he would let his juniors taste the same hell.

And today was that day.

The students watched the ceremony while chewing on popcorn, which they do not normally eat.

“and… … Poor dog peeing over there. If you were like me, you would probably drop out.”

“You were there last year. The kid who got tired of his pants and dropped out as soon as the report ceremony was over.”

Whether it’s a senior, a classmate, or a professor. At the ceremony, few people made fun of work. It was an unspoken rule and manner.

However, there are still students who drop out after the ceremony. Usually, it was a case of giving up because you couldn’t stand it.

“hey. They say they sit side by side and poop when they go to the mission site. It’s only right that those who are going to be mentally broken that much should go out early.”

“hit. What are you wasting your time wasting money on?”

The remaining students survived the ceremony, the first semester of demons, and even the mission to the planet. All of them meant that no matter where they went, their mental strength alone was not enough.

“Anyway, last year was the best.”

“of course.”

It is groundless.

Don’t you feel that what you’ve been through is the most difficult thing in the world?

Even if you ask a superintendent who graduated 50 years ago, he will answer the same. It was the hardest time for me.

“uh? He leaves a will.”

A freshman on the screen was recording a will on his cell phone.

“We must have been scared too? The person who left the will.”

“At that time, it was fake poison gas. But didn’t you think that you would die soon the moment you drank it?”

Now, middle school students were tricked into practice and were dragged into a poison gas scenario that unfolded.

In fact, they used CS bullets developed in the old days, but since it is a rare item that is not used in modern society, there was an unfortunate incident that everyone mistook for poison gas.

Since it was a real-life scenario, no guns were given. Still, there were injuries, and some students had heart attacks.

It was because he could not withstand the psychological pressure coming from the urgent situation.

“We filmed with a micro drone. It’s good because it’s MR. Shall we replay all the individual cams later?”

“right. Do you remember Alicia? He was the first to find a drone.”

“I also remember the comment. What are you filming? Damn you! Search!”

The eyes of the classmates all turned to Alicia. Alicia raised her thumb with an arrogant expression.

Another motivational testimony followed.

“That’s Lisa. It’s not just that I missed it, but I’m in my 30s? You smashed it.”

“In the end, it was a legend case that was dragged out in the middle of the report ceremony after being hit in the stomach by an urgently dispatched professor.”

Micro drones are high-end equipment costing 3 billion won per unit. Alicia ate 100 billion in one sitting.

Alicia, who was listening, spoke.

“I failed to escape because of that. Even thinking about it now makes me angry!”

Later, Alicia won the ‘Drone Destruction King’ award.

At the end of the ceremony, various prizes and prizes are given. The purpose of the ceremony was not simply to harass freshmen.

“But these kids are definitely pitiful. Because it’s a program, avatars appear. Even if it were me, I would lose my mind if a family member or close friend exploded in front of my eyes.”

“uh? They seem to be trying to escape now.”

The eyes of the children all turned to the monitor.

* * *

There are seven people in the party, including Dante and Professor Ramil. They reached the South Boarding Dock with the remaining faculty escorting them.

The boarding area was underground.

Open the protective door that looks like a manhole cover and go down the ladder.

The indicator light was on.

Since it was operated by mana stones rather than electricity, the advantage was that it could return without problems even in emergency situations.

It wasn’t too far to the boarding point.

Dante asked Ramil.

“But how do you get out of the basement?”

“There is an exit that leads to the bottom of the island.”

“ah… … .”

When they normally attack, they attack the ground, not the lower part of the island. So most emergency exits are done in a similar way.

A group of freshmen from Building A103, who had arrived early and were on the escape boat, found Dante’s group.

“uh? Are there seven people over there?”

“There are only three seats left!”

“hey. close the door quickly Let’s go by ourselves.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Ah, aren’t you kicking us out for no reason!”

The escape boat is for 15 people.

Twelve people boarded and seven joined, making a total of nineteen people. That meant four people couldn’t ride.

“hey! Quickly press the emergency escape button!”

Someone tried to press the button, and someone else blocked it.

“You f*cking selfish bastard. Did you forget you came all the way here because of that third-place bastard? There are still seats left, so let’s leave them behind?”

“Then get off and pick up that bastard!”

While the passengers were quarreling, Dante and his party arrived.

The wounded Claudio and the hunk carrying him climbed the escape line first.

Now there are five people left.

There is only one empty seat.

Dante also now grasped the situation.

“what. Is there only one seat left?”

I looked around, but I couldn’t see any other escape routes. It seemed that those who came first got on and left.

‘Ah, what should I do?’

While Dante ponders for a moment.

Jun Mori opened her mouth.

“hey! Pick a seat by playing rock-paper-scissors. This is not fair.”

“Unfair? crazy. Still, I was loyal and waited. It’s not fair for a latecomer to ride, you asshole!”

Ramil was speechless.

Dante questioned him.

“Professor, are you going too?”

“hmm. I was going to do that, but things… … .”

“Sit down in one of the remaining seats. Are you okay with one seat as the professor? If we get out of here, we might be able to use magic… … It will be safe to stay with the professor.”

No one disputed this statement.

Even if you escape from the island, there is no guarantee that you will be safe. If Ramil protected the escape ship with defense magic, he would be able to reach his destination without difficulty.

“I-I’m going too!”

“me too! You want me to come over here and search?”

Everyone except Dante and Ramil pushed inside. Big and small scuffles ensued.

“go away! There are no seats, so what are you trying to do by pushing in?”

“Did you even put a name on this place as yours? i’m going I’m going!”

“Oh f*ck off! professor! Professor, get on this way. yes?”

Ramil did not express any opinion or move.

Dante opened his mouth again.

“Anyone who knows airships well. How many kilograms can a 15-seater carry?”

“If it’s a 15-seater, there are 15 people, what kind of bullsh*t. Aren’t you riding the professor? Then we will depart.”

“This place is also collapsing!”

They are children who have already returned to a difficult path because of a history of collapsed emergency passages. They were afraid that their escape would fail.

Then, a male student shouted.

“do! I will! I know. My father works for the Rocard Group. Usually, these emergency escape airships are designed with a capacity of 100 kg per person. Considering carrying personal firearms and cartridges.”

Then it is 1,500 kg.

It was said that it could carry 19 adult males weighing 79 kg.

“Professor, let’s get on.”

Ramil smiled lightly and tapped Dante on the shoulder.

“okay. let’s go.”

In the end, all 19 people made it to the escape ship. It was Ramil who pressed the emergency exit button.

Woo woo woo.

The ejection port on the floor opened with a mechanical sound.

It seemed to descend vertically, then flew up with a ‘bung’.

The children’s eyes turned to the window. Central Agras was already a sea of fire. no one spoke up

Ramil encouraged the children.

From noble mtl dot com

“Sorry, guys. We adults have failed. I couldn’t stop it.”

The airship left the city center in an instant.

When the bombardment subsided, only the whimpers could be heard.

In the end, Dante also showed tears.

It was a complex feeling that cannot be explained in words.

“ha. I’m glad though Come out together… … .”

Nearby students tapped Dante’s back and shoulders.

“Is the base all right?”

“Central has also collapsed, but the base… … .”

With children’s sighs, the airship was sucked into the deep darkness.

* * *

On the other hand, the lounge where the faculty members gathered.

When Jia Han entered, several professors applauded.

“Aren’t you going to quit the professor and become an actor?”

“Iknow, right. A professor makes several children cry again this year.”

Most of the faculty directly accessed the program and helped deceive the students.

Jia Han was killed 10 times in various places today. This means that Dante and his party were not the only ones who witnessed the death of Jia Han.

“Our Professor Kvyat has also improved a lot in acting, right? Professor Han! There was a hint of despair in his voice.”

Ramil Kvyat.

He is still flying with Dante.

“By the way, Dante Prime. It’s worth getting into 3rd place. That was a particularly difficult scenario.”

Not only Dante, but also students who entered at the top of the list were given highly difficult scenarios.

“Iknow, right. If you hadn’t destroyed the emergency passage in the middle, you’d have set the record for the shortest time to escape, right?”

Jia Han, who was listening, opened her mouth.

“He is him. Sponsored by the Versailles Institute.”

“Oh really? no wonder… … .”

“I’ll have to keep an eye on him, but Dante has a sense of being the leader. Doesn’t everyone with good skills have leadership?”

Today’s record will be used as a reference when assigning planetary practice teams in the future. Just like when building a real team, it is to send practice by grouping children who match their inclinations as much as possible.

“Anyway, it’s worth looking forward to these freshmen. I heard there are eight breakers. There are three of us in our school, so I said everything.”

“It seems that the simulation is slowly taking its place, right?”

Jia Han replied.

“Still, MR cannot completely replace planetary practice. Everyone knows, right?”

“Yeah, but… … Planetary training costs a lot of money. There are many children who are injured.”

Stellar Academy goes to an alien planet for practice once a semester. However, the cost was so high that some of them were planned to be replaced with MR.

Today’s declaration ceremony was also part of the program test.

“Well then, I guess it’s coming to an end soon. Let’s work!”

Now it was the turn to select and award the outstanding students at the ceremony.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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