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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 23

Episode 23. new beginning (2)

Dante warmed up by running along the track. After about 3 laps or so. Naturally, I got on the treadmill right next to him on the 75th floor.

The 75th floor was running at 16 km/h. It’s a tough pace for ordinary people. Dante followed him and slowly picked up speed.

Now 16km/h.

it’s the same speed

But the guy suddenly sped up.

17, and up to 18, 19, and 20.

Dante also accelerated without losing. Maybe it was because we looked similar in age, but I felt a bit competitive.

At 20 km/h, which is the average speed of marathon runners, it was equivalent to running 100 m in 18 seconds. It is a very light pace for beginners.

As I went over 25 km/h, there were people watching one by one. The machine that the two are running now is a model that came out for both ordinary people and superhumans, and was able to speed up to 50 km per hour.

It seemed that the 75th floor was starting to become aware of Dante. One hour at 25 km/h. This time, Dante sped up first.

30 km per hour!

Then the 75th floor also increased its speed.

‘Wow, Mr. Lee. I want to stop now, right???’

A 100-meter runner runs at an average speed of 38 km/h. The two ran for almost an hour at 30 km/h.

‘Isn’t that change system like body enhancement? What’s not so messed up?’

In addition, the change system pattern was maintained for more than two hours. Keeping magic for such a long time? It can’t be a shapeshifter. I wondered if I might have strengthened some muscles or organs.

By the time the people who were watching were tired and dispersed. Dante hoisted the white flag first. As the treadmill slowed down, the 75th floor also got off the machine.

‘sh*t… … .’

The steps are heavy.

Dante took a step forward with his tattered body and mind.

But then.

“excuse me.”

He called Dante and stopped him.


Dante caught his breath and turned around.



The 75th floor handed Dante a towel.

“blood. kofina. Wipe it.”

From noble mtl dot com

Dante accidentally received the towel.

The 75th floor coolly disappeared leaving Dante behind.

‘Shiba… … .’

Why do I get nosebleeds that never happened before?

Still, if there’s a positive side to it, what’s the point of talking to him?

Today is the day of great humiliation.

Since then, Dante has been steadily going to and from the fairgrounds to collect information. Also Stella and AA. My heart goes to these two places.

AA, Agras National Academy’s best advantage is that tuition is free. And unlike other academies that only accept superhumans, it was a comprehensive university. It was like there was a superhuman department in between the various faculties.

‘Because I don’t have to worry about tuition… … .’

I like the fact that it is a comprehensive university rather than the fact that tuition is free. In addition, the dormitory was not compulsory. This means that it is possible to commute from home.

The downside of AA is that there is no school uniform. In modern society, not only middle and high schools and superhuman academies, but also most universities have school uniforms. The intention was to save money by not buying multiple sets of clothes.

For that reason, Dante’s middle and high school uniform was a black T-shirt and black pants. It was embarrassing to even call it a school uniform. The adults also liked to wear black clothes, so there was nothing to distinguish them.

However, the superhuman academy uniform is different.

The stylish design borrowed the hand of a famous designer, and the color and style were very diverse.

‘I heard that Stella is the coolest in school uniform.’

A sophisticated design that matches navy and ivory. Stellar’s symbol was to wear a yellow star-shaped badge on it.

Dante’s mind leaned more towards Stella.

‘Oh right!’

I need to contact Professor Jia Han.

Dante calls Grace. She reacted skeptically to the letter of recommendation.

「Professor Jia Han? You know, I’m not a bad person. But should I get a letter of recommendation? It’s not that I don’t have money.

We need a proper push and pull in human relationships. Did I tell you before? Don’t accept favors for no reason.

There must be a plan. ‘Oh my, boy. Can I use you for a publicity article for our school?’ I’m going to talk about something like this.

The article will be published on our side first. For now, I’m not going to reveal your name. 」

So Dante sent a rejection text to Jia Han.

[Me: I’m sorry, but I will decline the recommendation. I think it would be better if the opportunity goes to a friend who is in a hurry to pay tuition. Thank you for your concern, Professor. ]

[Professor Jia Han: Really? I suggested it because I was worried about the tuition fee. I’m fine, don’t mind me. If we get a chance, will we see each other again? Wouldn’t it be nice to see it as a teacher-student relationship? Have a nice day then. ]

September and October.

Dante’s life was monotonous.

Exercise, reading, self-study in the senior year of high school, sleep, saying hello to BS.

Didn’t he drop out of school after the death of his parents and leave Charlie Base? So, I didn’t get a high school diploma.

A high school diploma was not required to enter the Superman Academy. Still, I chose self-study because I wanted to know at least what everyone else was learning.

And one day in early November.

Alicia gave her time.

Having decided to help Dante for two weekends.

She visited Dante’s house in her school uniform.

There is a star on the top of the school uniform. There were two middle school students and three senior students.

“Tomorrow is the test?”


Tomorrow was the day of the academy entrance test. Mana Scan and Magic Bullet. Test these two items.

The test was conducted collectively at the Central Agras Superman Association, and the method was to apply to the desired school with the results.

Alicia went to the sofa and lay down.

Dante frowned as he sat down on the stool.

“Wear a skirt!”

“I was wearing underpants.”

Alicia flapped her skirt and showed off her underpants.

“I heard that girls’ school uniforms also have pants. Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“Not uncomfortable. But what if I prefer a skirt? Isn’t it a waste for only me to see these long and slender legs?”

Her words suddenly reminded Dante of the humiliation of the past. I didn’t want to bring it up, so I quickly turned around.

“But your face is no joke. The dark circles are all the way down to the chin. Can I use sleeping capsules?”

“huh. Why would the use of sleeping capsules be compulsory in dorms? The students might be looking around in their sleep, right? Because schoolwork is so hard. That’s why I use it for surveillance.”

Dante wondered if that might actually be the case.

To be honest, it is difficult to know the details of the academy curriculum. This was because each school controlled information.

If you disclose the course of your department online, you will be expelled. However, since it is impossible to monitor private life offline, only the lush ‘Kadera’ wandered around.

At least, the lower ranking academies were not strictly controlled. People who are students and drop outs often post posts saying, ‘I’m going to solve the story of going to the superintendent academy’. Even that said, there were many things to be heard.

Dante opened his mouth.

“So thank you for coming despite such a hard time! Is it the right time to say that?”

“Okay. But if I hadn’t called, I would have been a little sad. If you’re ready, let’s go.”

This time, the means of transportation is Sky Taxi.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s the world’s largest scale.”

Most of the world’s largest and best things were concentrated in Central Agras.

Central Agras and five bases. These were separate nations with different rulers and different laws.

However, in wartime, Agras serves as the command center and each base follows orders. This relationship has now extended to other fields, and the Agras government has often been involved in the affairs of other countries.

Nevertheless, it was difficult for each base to express their dissatisfaction. From various weapons to rare stone application technology. There were too many cards that Central Agras was holding.

The two moved to the magic bullet shooting range. It was in the middle of the city not too far from the apartment.

“Is this whole building a shooting range?”

“huh. A place where a lot of active superintendents come. So, you should also cancel your membership.”

I’m afraid to ask how much.

Will it be very expensive?

“I wouldn’t be able to come if class started anyway. Do I even need to cancel my membership?”

“Why, do you know that there are people who participate in auctions worth hundreds of won to have a meal with a famous entrepreneur? There’s a members-only lounge here. For money, you get a chance to chat with famous superhumans.”

“ah… … under?”

“I am not a group that can survive just because I am good. Do you know what I’m talking about?”


Alicia liked Dante. after Alex’s death. Dante was the first person with whom he had such a comfortable conversation. I don’t know why, but I’m a trustworthy child for some reason.

Now I fully understand Dante’s situation. So Alicia gave Dante exactly the advice she had heard from her father and Grace.

shooting range counter.

Alicia spoke to the staff.

“hello. Do you have a field spot? Two.”

“Are you a member?”

“Only me. Please give me a seat as a non-member.”

The employee checked Alicia’s ID and Dante’s visa.

“Here is the key card. You can go to the 48th floor. Alicia is a member, so I gave it to the higher floor.”

“thank you.”

They said that the members-only shooting range is on the upper floors, and the shooting ranges used by non-members are on the lower floors.

The two took the elevator to the 48th floor. After entering the card, I saw a comfortable lobby. And there was a wide space beyond the glass.

Alicia explained.

“The field rents an entire floor. You can practice to your heart’s content without worrying about others.”

“Where is the gun or protective gear?”

“You can choose from now.”

There was a built-in panel on the table in the center of the lobby. If you select the equipment you want from there, you can receive it through the elevator dedicated to the equipment.

The two picked the same model of Managan.

“This is the basic mana gun used during testing. A54-S model.”

“It’s different from what I wrote in Charlie.”

“okay? what… … Are you in another country? There is no reason it should be the same.”

After about a minute, a beep sounded.

Alicia pressed the green button on the wall.

[ Receive equipment. Place the used equipment here and press the red button. ]

Dante carefully observed the sequence of events.

“Then let’s go in.”

They split each mana gun amicably and entered the field. It was an open space covered with artificial turf.

“If you rent a VR device, you can simulate a planetary battle. Would you like to try it?”

“First, let’s prepare for the test. It’s tomorrow.”

“okay. Then do it yourself.”

There were five visible targets.

Dante decided to aim for the nearest target first.

Control your breathing and aim at the target.



Shu Shu Shuk.

I fired five shots and all five missed.

Alicia, who had been watching from behind, stood next to Dante.

“Have you never been properly taught? Why are you like this?”

“Even BS didn’t say anything? He just told me to focus on control.”

“Of course, as long as you have good control, your posture doesn’t really matter. have you seen me before? Just standing there and shooting magic bullets without a mana gun. But you’re in control, so your posture is also important. Look Carefully.”

Alicia demonstrates.

“Spread your legs. bend your knees pull the upper body Arms extended, forming an isosceles triangle.”


Hit the farthest target at once.

“You should try it too.”




“Hey! For now, don’t think about controlling it, think about shooting a pistol and shoot in a straight line. again.”

“Straight! Don’t you know what a straight line is? again.”

“Climb! Why does the bullet bounce at 45 degrees when the target is in front!!”

“Power regulation. power control! Arms up!”

“Did your eyes stick to the back of your head? again!”

I heard all the swear words I’d heard my whole life in one hour. Dante stopped firing for a moment and replied. I’ve been patient with this for a long time.

“hey. Are you stressing me out right now?”

Alicia replied with a grin.

“No, upfront learning.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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