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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 22

Episode 22. new beginning (1)

Dante’s house.

Dante stood under the bathroom lights and stared at the mirror for a long time. I think I look really cool because I pretend to be cool.

‘You’re a bit handsome, aren’t you?’

It’s definitely a mood changer.

I could see why women go to the hair salon to get their hair done and their nails done.

Dante ordered sleeping capsules first. don’t be too expensive As a mid-priced model for 20 million won.

I was lounging on the couch when I got a text from Alicia.

[Geum Taeyang: Hey. If you are going to buy sleeping capsules, go to the store and try them out before buying them. Don’t order it online. ]

[Me: I already ordered??? ]

[Geum Taeyang: I knew that… … . Cancel right away, climber!! ]

Dante immediately canceled the order. I think Alicia was right.

Even though Alicia seemed to be spending a lot of money, she had her own philosophy of spending. He was definitely more meticulous than Dante.

‘Oh right. I’ll have to call.’

Dante called BS.

After a while, a voice came through the receiver.

– hello.

“It’s me, Grandpa! How are you?”

– okay. I heard that you had arrived in Agras safely. I’m talking about Ray.

“yes! And that sponsor… … .”

– You signed a spawn contract with the Versailles Lab? I heard that too. I’m talking about Ray.

“And next door to Alicia… … .”

– Alicia is in room 9901 and you are in the same apartment building as room 9903, right? I heard that too. I’m talking about Ray.

After several similar conversations, Dante realized.

My grandfather, you are angry.

“Ah, Grandpa. I’m really sorry for not contacting you for a while! I was distracted when I suddenly came across newspaper articles.”

– so. What’s the matter?

BS’ voice was cold enough to make my heart sink. For some reason, I felt that it would not be solved easily.

Dante mustered up the courage to open his mouth again.

“It’s nothing else, the third pattern. I’ve seen pretty much the same pattern in other people.”

– Is that real?

BS was quite surprised.

“yes. So can you talk to me? I feel like I’m going to die of curiosity.”

– I don’t think it’s something to talk about over the phone. Let’s see. Don’t call Ray.


BS just said what he had to say and hung up the phone. When I asked to meet him, I broke out in a cold sweat.

‘It’s ruined, it’s ruined.’

It’s embarrassing when you think about it. The first time I called BS was right after receiving the new watch as a gift.

From noble mtl dot com

Dante felt awkward about contacting someone first. My parents were always far away from where I couldn’t ask for their regards. Hamel was the type to contact and strike first.

I only received calls coming, but I hardly remember contacting you first.

‘From now on, I’ll definitely call you once a week.’

Dante designated every Sunday evening as ‘the day to say hello to BS’. I even set an alarm so I never forgot.

the next morning.

Alicia came home.

“This will be more helpful than reading 1,000 spell books? Then I’m off to hell Bye!”

She gave me a book and left immediately. I tried to see him off, but he said no.

Dante sat down on the sofa and immediately turned over the bookshelf.

The book that Alicia gave me as a gift was the latest version of ‘500 Owners of the Floating Island’.

“oh… … Ray Shultz, the eldest son of the Schultz family. Uncle, your family is very famous. Then, does he live on Sky Island?”

“The Roly-Poly Company? These energy capsules are so cheap and delicious.”

The Roly Poly Company.

As a company that produces energy capsules, a necessity for modern people, it was popular because it was cheap and tasted good.

“One of the few Koreans among the superhuman elites in existence… … . Aren’t all Koreans ruined? Roly-Poly was of Korean descent… … .”

At one time, there were many Koreans in the super-famous family. Most of them died after the first monster attack, but a few superhumans with outstanding talent took the lead in protecting their people by carrying hard.

The problem was not the superhumans, but the politicians. They used the money earned by their superhumans to fill their own pockets, not to protect their citizens.

Because of that incident, the position of Koreans in the superhuman society has sharply narrowed. All the talented superhumans became naturalized in America at that time, now Central Agras.

It is a very famous incident that is still recalled 300 years later, and was even included in textbooks as a representative example of ‘corruption’.

In the present era, the meaning of the old nationality of Korean or American has almost disappeared. Now, rather than that, it was divided into a ‘Central Agras vs. 5 bases’ composition.

People from Central Agras of Chinese descent are treated better than those from the European Charlie Base.

and the same evening.

Ray came home.

“I’m going to go on a day trip. Are you fine?”

“You’re busy for no reason, but didn’t you take the time because of me?”

“If you think so, getting a small airplane pilot’s license is also a way.”

You look really busy.

Ray didn’t let go of his laptop throughout the flight. During that time, Dante read through the gifted book twice more.

two hours later.

Dante was standing in front of BS’s bunker. This was the time when the sun was still up.

After a brief greeting, the three went inside.

Ray was the first to speak.

“Do I have to be with you too?”

“You don’t have to.”

“Then I will go down and do some work. I have a lot of work.”

Ray disappears.

As usual, BS made a cup of lemon tea and handed it to Dante.

“Where did you see him?”

“In the apartment. I’ve only seen it once… … .”

BS sat across from Dante.

“That pattern is a very rare magic. I have only seen one person in my entire life.”

“Except Grandpa?”

“okay. So, until now, me and him. It means there were only two of them.”

This was the reason BS was surprised.

It’s a rare magic that you might not want to see at least once even if you were in the superhuman society for the rest of your life. It was surprising to meet him as soon as he went to Agras.

“… … So, will you tell us today?”

“I’ve come this far, and you’ll be sad if I just send you back, right?”


“Change system.”

“Are you a changer?”

Magic that turns water into ice and sand grains into gold is included in the transformation system.

“But why didn’t you tell me right away?”

“Yanma. Are you willing to brag about a rare skill that is not even registered with the association to a kid like you?”

It’s change… … .

Dante, who was lost in thought for a moment, opened his mouth again.

“But I mean. Wouldn’t it be possible to transform into a dead-end person if it were a change system?”

BS replied with a serious expression.

“well. Maybe it’s possible. That’s why I told you to watch carefully.”

“ah… … .”

“If such magic were possible, what do you think it would be used for?”

“It turns into a different face… … . I guess it could be used for bad things.”

“bingo! the one you saw If the pattern was similar to mine, that means it wasn’t exactly the same, right?”

“yes. The overall structure was similar, but a few straight line arrangements were different.”

“hmm… … .”

BS thought about it for a long time and continued as if he had made up his mind.

“There was an assassination attempt when I was young.”


“He was a team member with me for 20 years. But there were a few things that got in the way.”

“Are you saying that someone might have attempted an attack disguised as that team member’s face?”

“Wait a minute.”

BS took out a book from the bookshelf.

A faded photograph was inserted between the bookshelves.

“I’m showing you because I believe in you.”


BS pushed the picture to the front of Dante.

Dante quickly looked at the photo.

“uh! It’s Bell Simon. and… … Even grandpa was bad when he was young… … .”

Dante thought of the BS he was uncomfortable with and quickly changed his words.

“Are you pretty handsome?”

It was a picture of five people standing around Bell Simon. It seemed to be taken in front of the airship right before going on a mission.

BS didn’t even tell us who the rest of the characters were.

“I believe that somewhere out there exists a magician, the Shape Shifter, who can transform the body at will. The guy who attacked me might already be dead.”

“ah… … He got off the 75th floor. He looked like a high school student.”

“I’ll figure out the rest, so don’t do anything conspicuous.”

“yes. Is the information I gave you helpful?”

“Yeah, well done man! I call you sometimes.”

Are we getting to the point now?

Dante immediately lowered his head.

“sorry. I will contact you often from now on.”

“I’ve been alone like this for 15 years.”

“Yes… … .”

“So is Alicia. The disciples often come and go, but the only thing we can trust is our Prince. Just look at that guy Ray right now. I slam the door because I’m busy and go in and do my own thing. Gooyan guys.”

Dante somehow felt like a high treason.

Still, with a sorry heart, on the other hand, I feel good. Because I can see the human side of BS.

“But Grandpa.”


“It’s the transformation magic. I miss you… … .”

BS looked around and held the bottle cap in his hand.

“Take a good look.”


Dante focused his gaze on BS’ hand.


When he opened his hand again, there was a gold coin in the place where the bottle cap had been.

“… … what. Is that the alchemist?!”

“Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.”

“why… … .”

“Did you forget? Am I capable of using magic right now?”

“Oh right. sorry. I must have been too excited.”

Because it was a very rare magic, I was so excited that I forgot an important fact for a while.

BS has its magic sealed. So, of course, it was impossible to demonstrate magic.

“Then how did you just do that?”

“It’s a very simple trick. This isn’t magic, it’s called magic. My third spell is no different from this one. Thanks to that magic, I made money.”

“and… … I want one too.”

“Then why don’t you try it? That’s my pattern. To do that, you must first become good at mana control, right?”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Dante quenched his thirst with lemon tea and continued.

“But I mean. Usually patterns only appear and disappear the moment the magic is manifested, right? Grandpa, I don’t know because it’s such a rare case… … .”

From the first moment I saw BS, the pattern was visible all the time. It seemed that something had been sealed in the middle of manifesting three magics at the same time.

“That 75th floor boy. I could see the pattern all the way inside the elevator from the 50th floor to the 75th floor. So maybe it’s a shape shifter? We have to keep it that way.”

“Maybe. However, it should not be easily determined. Let’s say you’re a defense mage, for example. In order to continuously maintain the shield, the pattern must also be maintained for a long time by adjusting the mana, right?”

BS’ words reminded Dante of the Old Town raid. At that time, the pattern was maintained throughout the 5 seconds Alicia’s shield was created.

Dante asked.

“Then is it possible to create a strong shield at once and erase the pattern?”

“Of course it is possible. Even if it is the same defensive pattern, there must be a slight difference in that.”

In technical terms, a line like Alicia was called a Long-lasting Shield, and a one-time shield was called a Single-use Shield.

The long-lasting shield is mainly used for fighting monsters, and the single-use shield is mainly used for city protection.

way back home.

Dante had many thoughts.

Like Alicia. Or if you can control mana more skillfully than that. Is it possible to draw someone else’s magic pattern as it is?

‘Then you’re going to be a complete fraud.’

I’m laughing for nothing

It was an imagination that made me feel better just thinking about it.

Reality is 0.6 seconds, but it doesn’t cost money to dream, right?

‘I’m going to start exercising again soon.’

dawn the next day.

Dante found a gym in the complex.


A male student on the 75th floor.

The guy was running on the treadmill.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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