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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 21

Episode 21. Fair (3)

“ah! And there is something I forgot to say. There are conditions for providing student loans. An average of 4.0 or higher in theory classes.”

Jia Han didn’t say that you have to be at least in the top 10 percent to get a 4.0 GPA.

“Yes, I understand.”

Dante got out of the model house.

Alicia, who was sitting over there and yawning, approached with a stretch.

“What is taking so long? Just full option pounding! Is there anything I can do or think about?”

“What kind of person is that Professor Jia Han?”

“well. I don’t know what kind of person you are. class is boring What do you say?”

“They said something about letters of recommendation?”

“Ah, another trick.”


“You have to do really well on the test to get it to the end. every semester.”

“They say it needs to be over 4.0.”

“only? Did you say ten thousand? Oh ho ho ho ho.”

“What is that evil laugh?”

“Did I always get first place in the whole school when I was in middle school?”


Alicia used her arrogant facial muscles to curse at Dante before asking questions.

“What is my first semester GPA?”

“How many?”

“3.6. It’s said that there are a lot of venomous people who have taken a primer on magic since they were five or six years old. Wouldn’t it be easy?”

To be honest, Dante wasn’t too worried. I don’t know if it’s practice. I was confident that I would not lag behind others in studying theory. There are also books I read at BS’s house.

It took us 4 hours to look around just one booth. It was also the reason why the expo was held for 90 days.

“uh! Come to think of it, Jia Han seems to have no classes this semester. It looks like you’re just trying to promote the booth and practice?”

“Are you good?”

“very. Mr. Han is not good at theory classes. But after listening to it, they say it’s not a joke during practice.”

There was no such thing as fierce application for classes at the Superman Academy. Most of the classes are conducted according to the curriculum, and I was able to pick and choose what I wanted for some theory classes.

It doesn’t make sense if you pay 500 million won in school fees and can’t even take the classes you want.

“Would you like to visit one more place?”

“No, it’s the last day of your vacation. It’s okay because I saw it with Stella. The rest of me will come and look around by myself.”

“oh… … sense. Then let’s go somewhere with me.”

30 minutes after that.

Dante was sitting on the sofa in the salon.

It was a high-end beauty salon located in a Rococo department store.

The director was an elderly woman.

“What are you doing? Bring all your boyfriends.”

“He’s new to Agras. Would you like to introduce yourself?”

Dante sat silently and watched as the ping sun turned into a golden sun. It took no more than 5 minutes. The director was a wizard who could change the color of his hair.

Alicia asked Dante, shaking her golden hair.

“how is it?”

“Blonde is better. But why all of a sudden?”

“I’m tired of pink. this is my original hair color I’ll have to dye it green later.”

“… … .”

From noble mtl dot com

I think Ping Taeyang’s next nickname will be Choi Yi Goe.

Green Moss Monster.

Alicia jumped and landed in front of Dante.


Dante was anxious.

When Alicia smiles like that, she has a plan.

“Don’t laugh like that. It’s disgusting.”

“Do your hair while you’re here too.”

“No thanks?”

“Hey. only once. huh? Why don’t you try blonde hair like me?”

Alicia sent a helping look to the director.

“Director. Don’t you think his blonde hair would suit him very well?”

“Um, wouldn’t that be bad?”

thought Dante.

‘Director, of course it will come out like that. Because I have to earn money.’

I will not fall for such a shallow trick.

Dante got up from the couch and turned toward the exit.

“It’s okay, let’s go.”

“If you don’t like it, you can go right back to your original hair color.”

“What are you doing? It only costs twice as much money.”

“no. If you don’t like the color of your hair, they’ll restore it to its original state without charge. Isn’t that right, Director?”

“How about doing what Alicia said?”

“I will shoot. Do it, do it, huh?”

In the end, Dante reluctantly sat down in the hairdressing chair. In fact, I had very little thoughts of wanting to do it.

Since Alicia is there, I’m trying to do something like this. It was an experience that I would never have attempted if I had been alone.

“The director is a very nice person. Dyeing also takes mana. That’s why I only get 30 dyed customers a day. If you still don’t like it, they’ll restore it for free.”

The Director spoke softly through Dante’s hair.

“Our guest has fair skin and attractive features, so I think any color would suit him well.”

“Ah yes. thank you.”

good night.

When I was little, I think my mom used to stroke my hair before I went to sleep. It was a pleasant feeling while tickling something.

The procedure time was also as short as 2 minutes.

Alicia summoned an employee standing over there.

“Hey, manager! Please style him!”

“I’m excited, very. It’s my hair, why are you excited?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”


“You and me. There will be a lot of things to do together in the future. If the guy next to you is cool, he’ll have a bag on his shoulder.”

Reason once.

After finishing the styling, all the hair salon staff surrounded Dante and cheered.

“You look so good, sir.”

“I’m not saying empty words, but seriously, blonde hair is better. best!”

It’s also an atmosphere where you can’t get bitten.

Dante liked the blonde hair too.

He only changed his hairstyle, but his image looked more sophisticated. It also went well with the sparkling blue eyes.

“look. do you like it too Genes can’t be helped, but the rest can be filled with effort like this, right?”

Right before the old era collapsed, it was an era where people of all ages were managed, but it was relatively recent that mankind started to take care of their appearance again.

Even today, half of the hair salon customers are men. He said that he even received hair removal, eyebrow tattoos, and skin care.

“thank you. Do you like it. really.”

“Then I shoot this as promised!”

I scraped 4 million won with Alicia’s scar (sponsor card) and left the hair salon.

“Could it be 200 per dye?”


“crazy. What kind of hair color do you spend 2 million won on?”

“That’s what you’re saying because you don’t know. listen carefully? If you repeat dyeing and bleaching in the original way, your hair will be damaged. Should I go to the clinic if my hair is damaged? At least 500,000 won. Should I take care of my scalp too? At least 300,000 won. If you do it wrong, it can cause hair loss. Do you know how expensive it is to treat hair loss?”

strangely fall into

Just a few months ago, it was a lot of money, about half of my monthly living expenses. After hearing what Alicia said, 2 million won didn’t feel very expensive.

“How much do you treat hair loss?”

“You know the hair wizard, right? If you get it from him, it’s about 2 billion won.”

“It’s crazy.”

The national rule that hair loss cannot be cured with magic has been broken. Currently, there is only one hair loss treatment magician on earth, and he was residing in Sky Island in recognition of his contribution to appeasing hair loss sufferers.

“Are you really a bully? Even though it’s only one wizard, it’s too expensive. Common people have to live with bald heads for the rest of their lives! woo woo woo… … .”

Rumor has it that the wizard’s house uses gold leaf for toilet paper and cuts diamonds for toothpicks.

Alicia continued.

“Honestly, if you only think about money, the Master of Mistakes isn’t bad either.”

Sorcerer was a derogatory term for a wizard with abilities that were not useful in battle.

“Misbehavior is also dependent on misbehavior. They say you have super useless abilities.”

“I know. So I guess this way is not easy. How angry would it be if I used crap magic even though I studied as much as I could?”

The two climbed onto the sky taxi from the roof of the department store.

Dante watched Alicia enter the destination carefully and asked a question.

“hey. Do you have sleeping capsules in your room?”

“no? I was a bit frustrated with the sleeping capsules. It’s essential in the dormitory, so I use it, but I don’t use it outside.”

Come to think of it, there were no sleeping capsules in Hamel’s house either. Hamel was a child with severe insomnia. So why didn’t I buy sleeping capsules?

Dante asked again.

“But how much is the taxi fare?”

“About 500,000 won?”

“… … .”

“I’m using a ska anyway, so what?”

“Where do you get your spawn from?”



It is a defense company that stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s No. 1 company, the Rocard Group. If you don’t know about other fields, it was a company that ran the world’s best in space fleet and mana weapons manufacturing technology.

Despite being sponsored by such a giant corporation, Alicia was not conceited.

‘Even these amazing kids train every day, not covering weekdays and weekends… … .’

“By the way, is there any problem using Scar just to make up your appearance like this? I should write something more valuable.”

Alicia let out a short sigh and answered.

“Now, think about it. If you’re a sponsor, would you rather the sponsored kids walk around as scruffy bastards or dress up in bling bling?”

“Does it matter?”

“We are not just money bugs. We have an obligation to enhance the image of the companies that sponsor us.”

It may sound like the right thing to say.

The world of superhumans was still unfamiliar to Dante.

Alicia right now, isn’t her father a superhuman? Dante’s parents never mentioned superhumans.

‘Even if I can’t talk about confidential missions, I’ll tell you something else.’

To be honest, I couldn’t help but feel sad. My parents are graduates of the world’s most prestigious academies. Because I didn’t have a chance to hear their experience and knowledge at all.

When Dante asked this question as a child,

“How was this mission? Did the monster come out? 」

My parents always answered the same.

“What do we, miners, know? It’s all about digging rare stones all day long. 」

If you hated being a superman so much. It was enough just to convey the oracle through Ray. But why did he bother to meet BS?

There is only one possible scenario.

1. The couple wanted to end the mission in your hands, but failed.

2. The reason the couple sent Dante to BS was because they saw hope in their son.

3. Even though they died, there was a conviction that someone had to complete the mission to the end.

4. That confidential mission must be a very important thing that the couple must complete even if it means making their son, who has been trying to protect his whole life, enter the path of a superman.

‘It’s obviously not something anyone can do… … .’

So it shouldn’t be ‘anyone’.

Dante looked at Alicia and talked.

“Is there any advice you can give me? I won’t be able to see you for a while when school starts.”

“What is your advice on the subject of being a 1-year senior? But if you want, I will.”

“Do it.”

Alicia cleared her voice and opened her mouth.

“I mean the academy. There are a lot of really crazy people out there. either for good or for bad. So you should be prepared too.”

“I am prepared to some extent.”

“Don’t be careless for a moment. don’t underestimate anyone It’s the beginning when you feel like you’re at your limit, so don’t stop.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Ooooh, that’s nice. Listen well.”

“That’s why you and I can have conversations.”


“Look at me, I’m not nice.”

“… … Does our Dante have two lives? This bastard gave me the best advice!”

Alicia grabbed Dante’s neck with both trembling hands.

Dante spoke with a faint smile.

“good to hear.”


“The word we.”

The hand that was holding the nape of the neck is released.

Alicia thought with a pout.

‘How lonely has he lived? our son our Dante. our prince. Didn’t your parents call you that?’

while in thought.

Dante opened his mouth again.

“I am really looking forward to it. I had never lived so intensely before.”

“… … will you do well? This Alicia Smith boasts.”

“It is good that you say so. It gives me confidence.”

Alicia tapped Dante on the shoulder and said.

“You’re doing great. And we can do well, we.”

The boy looks at the girl and dreams of the future, and the girl looks at the boy and remembers the past.

The two went back to their respective homes, creating a friendly atmosphere for the first time in a while.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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