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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 24

Episode 24. new beginning (3)

Prior learning?

Dante was dumbfounded and laughed.

“There are so many different reasons to curse.”

“If you do this, the academy instructors will curse you even more? That’s why I do it in advance. Get used to it.”

“Are the instructors swearing?”

Illusions are shattered.

Usually, when you think of a superman, something elegant and aristocratic is associated with the image. It was because most of the superintendents were wealthy.

‘As expected, the actual battle is different.’

“It is a matter of human life. A fatal accident caused by a magic bullet control mistake? there are often So, it’s very strict. We, horses are superhuman, not the same as soldiers of the old era.”

There was no mistake in her words.


Cho-in is a soldier of the present age.

It was no exaggeration to say that the survival of mankind, not just the protection of the country and its people, was in their hands.

There was nothing wrong with being criticized. Rather, he was in a position to thank Alicia for not running away and standing by his side.

It was possible because Alicia also had a corner to believe in. defensive magic. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have done such a crazy thing to protect the novice magician’s side without any protective equipment.

The Academy Matan instructors were also often defensive wizards.

“Let’s continue.”

It must have been about three hours.

Now, it has risen to the level of hitting about half of 10 shots.

Alicia said.

“You can’t control it, but the problem is that your power is too strong. At the moment of launch, it can’t beat the power and bounces off.”

“It’s a little better because it shoots weakly. Should I do the same for tomorrow’s test?”

“hmm… … .”

After thinking for a while, Alicia opened her mouth again.

“Maybe you can get into high school even if you don’t hit the target. The controls are dog-like, but the implementation is really good. So, just one shot of the mana bazooka! Shoot and throw away the exam hall and come out. with impact.”

“Don’t play around.”

“Are you serious? you have power So, it means to show your strengths. If you’re not sure, try contacting Raina or BS.”

There is truth in Alicia’s words. However, this time I decided to seek advice from adults. Because it’s an important test.

Alicia set up obstacles on the field. One button press was enough. She leisurely fired magic bullets while talking.

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“Think of the first time you used magic. Was there a way?”

“It just happened.”

“I did too. How lucky are we? Because I just did what others worked hard to get.”

“Will the day come when the magic bullet becomes just like that someday?”

“hmm… … well. It might be difficult to control it freely like me. But shooting in a straight line is possible with enough effort.”

Even borrowing the power of a firearm called the Managun, but not being able to hit the target is definitely a lack of effort.

Dante opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind.

“Can I register as a member right here?”

“All I need is a recommendation for a wizard certified by the Superman Association.”

Not all superhumans could be recognized by the association. In order to be certified, it is necessary to work for a certain period of time in an organization recognized by the association.

“I’ll call Dad.”

The recommendation process was easily resolved with a single phone call from Karum. The annual membership price was 500 million won. Dante paid with a sponsor card. In a lump sum, of course.

Having come this far, the two decided to stop by the lounge. The lounge was on the top floor of the building.

It is a spacious and relaxing space.

Drinks, snacks, and finger food always seemed to be provided as standard in these high-end facilities.

The smell of fragrant coffee and bread. Even the sound of tableware rattling is luxurious.

only twice a month. It’s not at all like life in Charlie’s District, where you were content to eat the cheapest rabbit meat. To be honest, I think I thought that when I left the base.

‘Wouldn’t it be similar to the environment Hamel lives in?’

But it wasn’t.

If Hamel lived in the top 0.1 percent, life in Agras now seemed like it would be in the top 0.0001 percent.

Of course, if you enter Floating Island, you might change your mind again.

Dante grasped the surrounding situation.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

Half of it was hidden like Alicia, and the rest was exposed. The owner of an enormous amount of mana is also seen occasionally.

The time when I diligently rolled my eyes. A familiar face appeared.



Alicia looked after Dante.

“ah! Isn’t that the elevator when he folded?”

“that’s right.”

“Let’s go and say hello.”

“… … uh?”

Alicia walked over to the 75th floor who was lying on the sofa with a murmur. Dark brown hair glistens in the sun.


“… … Ah yes.”

The 75th floor made an awkward expression and stood up.

“I saw you in an elevator before. Do you live at Sunrise River Sky?”

“Ah yes.”

The eyes of the 75th floor reach Dante, who has followed Alicia.

“See you here again.”

Alicia asked with her eyes wide open.

“also? Where have you two ever met?”

At the same time, he pokes Dante’s side and smiles sinisterly.

“you… … Is that right?”

“I like women. Did you really want to die?”

Alicia sat down on the sofa without erasing her smile.

“Can I join you? I am Alicia Smith. How do you two know each other?”

The 75th floor answered.

“Did you run on the treadmill at the apartment gym?”

After answering like that, this time he looked at Dante and said.

“Is your nose okay?”


Why are you bringing it up now?

Dante was uncomfortable to plant.

Alicia sipped her Coke and continued to talk to the guy on the 75th floor.

“I am attending the academy.”

“Oh, where are you?”


“Then I might be a senior. I’m thinking of Stella too.”

“really? I have eyes to see Enrollment next year?”

“I’m still 15, so I have two years left.”

“Then I came in as a new recruit when I was in my senior year? Great. Let’s be close to our same age. Do you come and go and say hello?”


Dante watched the two of them with a sad expression. The conversation is as natural as flowing water.

‘what. He didn’t say a word to me on the 75th floor. Are you really good at talking?’


It was on the 75th floor that we first talked to each other at the gym, right?

Honestly, Dante is like Alicia, ‘Hello? Who am I?’ I had never been close to anyone in this way.

Was it because I went to a boys’ school?

If that happened there, ‘What is this idiot?’ There is a 120% chance that the look in your eyes will come back. It’s real.

I just thought that if we sweat together at the gym a few more times, we would naturally become close.

‘Good, what. I’m sure Alicia has a personality that’s easy to get along with.’

Then, a text message came.

It was Grace.

Dante checked the text with some nervousness.

[Grace: Good choice! It only checks payments over 100 million, so you can use it comfortably for less than that. Since you already registered, if you need private lessons, look for that too. 10 million won per episode would be appropriate. Go for it! 😀 ]

You spent 500 million at once, but you are praised for doing well. When will I ever get used to this kind of life?

Dante turned his gaze back to the 75th floor.

The 75th floor was introducing herself to Alicia.

“right. i’m cyan Sian Hulken.”


When Alicia tilted her head, Xian quickly added her words.

“I am from a vagrant. Luckily, I was sponsored by the Roly-Poly Company.”

“… … A tramp?”

Alicia and Dante. Both of them were surprised. You say that you are from a vagrant like this without hesitation?

Alicia thought it would be rude to ask questions, so she turned around.

“right. Do you live on the same floor as Professor Jia Han?”

“huh. Professor Zia is also sponsoring in Rolypoli. So I found out.”

“I get it now. Is that why you want to go to Stella?”

“uh. I heard there’s nothing else to see but Stella? Professor Jia.”

Alicia clicked her tongue inwardly.

Dante and Xian. I thought that if I put two ignorant bastards next to me, I would be able to grow big in the next few months.

‘It’s cute though. It’s a hundred times better than those bastards who ate medicine.’

This time, Dante spoke to Xian.

“You don’t have to worry about energy capsules? I like roly-poly capsules.”

“Come to my house once. There are all kinds. There are also limited-edition products.”

“okay. Give me your number.”

The three exchanged contact information with each other.

Saving Cyan’s number, Dante thought.

‘I don’t think he’s a suspicious person since he casually invites me to his house… … .’


They told me not to dig deep into BS, so I decided to keep my friendship moderately.

“uh! wait for a sec.”

Spotting someone, Alicia jumped up and ran towards it. It was a man who appeared to be in his 60s.

“hello. This is Alicia Smith sponsored by H&R.”

“Ah, Miss Smith. long time no see?”

“How have you been? I just came to say hello.”

The man also introduced Alicia to the people who came with him.

“You know this one you just heard about, right? Alicia Smith, who entered Stella’s 5th place. Do you guys know what Karum is? I am the daughter of that house.”

After greeting, Alicia joined the table again.

“sorry. That’s the president of H&R. And those who came with me are the Minister of Magic and the Director of the International Superhuman Cooperation Organization.”

The men took their seats at the table right next to Dante. They chatted about several recent deaths.

Alicia whispered as she stabbed Dante in the side.

“Let’s go alone.”


“Sian, do you come here every day?”

Xian, who was drinking soda, frowned.

“Ugh carbonated. sore throat i come every day I just get up, exercise, and shoot practice. That’s all.”

“Then would you like to exercise with me?”

At Dante’s suggestion, Xian smiled brightly, showing his teeth.

“okay! I go to the gym at 5:00 every morning. I usually use a superman-only gym. The facilities there are good. When would you like to go there too?”

Looking at Xian, who was smiling brightly, Dante felt a little bit of pity for some reason.

‘He’s going to have a hard life in the future. Few people know… … .’

It is true that it takes a little bit because he is from a tramp. However, Xian did not hide it and spoke confidently.

In addition, since I was sponsored by a large company like Roly Poly at a young age, I thought that I was not a person with a dirty past.

“okay. Then see you at that time. I’m going to my house Will you stay here longer?”

“uh. I’m going to practice some more.”

“Okay then.”

In the end, Dante boarded the Sky Taxi alone with Alicia.

Dante was the first to speak.

“The president or minister or what those people said earlier. Is that the case?”


After the death of the former and the 7th offender. Two more similar incidents occurred in the city center. The dead were all criminals with prior convictions.

Now, public opinion was forming that the cause of death was not ‘murder’. The government and media strongly denied it, but people did not believe it.

Dante continued.

“Is this a real serial murder?”


“Such things do happen here.”

“The law is strong, but it’s not fair to everyone.”

“I guess so.”

For example, let’s say a thief stole 5 million won. It may be a small sum of money to the rich, but it may be all property to someone else.

A rich man may think that the same punishment is appropriate, but a person who has lost all his possessions may consider the punishment too light.

Dante was lost in thought.

‘Is that him then?’


Now is not the time to think like this.

Dante looked at Alicia and said.

“But do you always talk casually to people you meet for the first time?”

“I’m not the type to hide my face. But am I talking about you?”


“You seem interested, so I’m going to continue… … .”


“Then what is chastity? Will you stay?”

“Then, oh my, did it melt without knowing it was there? would you say?”

“This f*cking Roma!”

“Then what do you say to me! What was the correct answer!”

“I don’t know either!”

that evening.

Dante has BS and Karum, Grace and even Ray. I asked for your advice.

Bazooka won a landslide victory 4:0.

Today, I’m going to put my body in a sleeping capsule.

I had a pleasant imagination of blowing up the exam hall.

Dante fell into a deep sleep.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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