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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 113

Episode 113. growing pains (3)

Dante lay down in his sleeping capsule and checked the comments and DMs on social media.

I wanted to be quiet for a while. When the war began, the public who lost interest returned like migratory birds.

‘Ugh. These bastards.’

Even if there are 100 good comments, I feel bad when I see one bad comment. Alicia is the type who enjoys even such malicious comments, but Dante is not good at that.

The higher the level of punishment for malicious comments, the higher the intelligence of malicious commenters. They used to scratch people’s stomachs with clever puns.

After skimming through the comments, Dante went into his DM inbox. There were thousands of messages that had been left unread.

Still, I check my inbox regularly. Because good friends who often forgot often send me a call.

Scrolling down quickly, Dante found a familiar ID.


It was an ID created by Hamel after his initials and the name of his favorite actress. Hamel always used the same ID.

‘Is this really Hamel?’

Dante touched the message.

Looking at the date, it was the same day I played basketball with Brion.

[ HyejinM: It’s me. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye today. I haven’t been able to contact you in the meantime. I have a situation. It’s not your fault. So please don’t feel sorry for me. then win I’ll cheer you on. ]

Something complicated and subtle.

What’s the matter?

On the one hand, I was worried, but on the other hand, I felt like my heart was relieved.

The burning love cools down and turns to ash, and the friendship that seemed to last forever fades away like the ebb tide. Although he was a little distant from Hamel, there was no need to obsess over it.

There were many good people by Dante’s side now.

Ray Schultz, BS, and even Stella’s friends including Alicia. Maybe it was greed that he tried to hold on to Hamel.

Dante pondered for a long time before replying briefly.

[I: 0101-5333-0803. Save the number, though, man. ]

Put down your phone and close your eyes.

Memories with Hamel came in like a tide and spread to every corner of my brain.

Dante put on a light smile and went to sleep.

* * *

Stella Academy.

The team headed to the parcel storage in the basement of the Stella Tower.

“I’m here to find a courier.”

“Please take your student ID.”

An employee who checked my student number found a box and handed it to me.

Dan-ji held the box in his arms and headed to the rest area on one side.

The students celebrated the disassembly of the delivery service with joyful expressions. In many cases, packaging materials, including boxes, are returned immediately. If you take it to the dormitory, it will only accumulate garbage.

At that time, someone hugged the jar tightly from behind.

“Just just a jar of honey!”

Danji turned around and said hello.

It was Alicia.

“sister. Did your sister get the package too?”

“huh! what did you buy?”

“hmm… … . well.”

Alicia quickly opened the box and took out the contents.

“Brilliant! Aren’t they so pretty?!”

“… … yes.”

Dan-ji looked at the pink thongs studded with crystals, and soon took his eyes. It wasn’t even mine, but it felt like my face was burning.

The students nearby looked at Alicia and talked.

“Where the hell do you find stuff like that?”

“Sir, some information.”

A male student asked a question.

“What do you do when you don’t have a boyfriend and wear pretty underwear?”

Alicia replied, putting her underwear in her bag.

“You are. Have you ever seen a girl’s underwear? I don’t think I would want to take off my clothes in front of you bastard.”

“Don’t hit the bone. No, my older sister said that. When you don’t have a boyfriend, you don’t care about underwear. They say they wear them in pairs.”

“That’s what your sister does. I always wear matching tops and bottoms. Go to the set.”

“Anmulangung. effort.”

Alicia turned her gaze back to Danji, who had been left alone for a moment.

“But what did you buy? Can I see it?”

“yes. just… … .”

Danji pulled out a plain ivory-colored cardigan from the box.

As the students continued to press in, Alicia grabbed Danji’s wrist.

“Let’s go out at once. What the hell are there so many shopaholics?”

“My sister is Stella’s number one shopaholic.”

“Thank you baby. Isn’t first place good for anything?”

The two got out of the tower and walked around the campus. The hot summer air quickly made me sweat.

Alicia raised one arm and flapped her hand fan.

“Ugh. Armpit sweat cubs! I want to screw it up.”

“Our school is at 8,000m above sea level. But why can’t you be cool?”

The floating island uses mana stone energy to freely adjust the temperature.

From noble mtl dot com

For example, tourist sites with tropical islands as a motif maintain midsummer temperatures throughout the year, and residences are often set at around 23 degrees in spring.

Stellar Campus has four seasons like the ground. It was because it was helpful to adapt to various temperatures to run a mission.

Alicia loved Stella’s changing seasons.

“Echo base has no seasons. So I really like it now. Does it feel like even the seasons are alive and moving? I feel alive.”

“ah… … . I thought you were mad at me for the little armpit sweat.”

Alicia laughed and patted Danji’s head.

“To be honest, it’s true that I was angry and annoyed because of the sweat. Still, summer is good.”

“I don’t know what you mean, but I get it.”

“I don’t know, but what else do you know?”

“I think the meaning is similar to that my sister is angry and annoying, but I like summer.”

Unlike Alicia, Danji was fed up with seasonal changes.

Summer with temperatures well above 40 degrees and winters with minus 20 degrees. The Korean land where Danji lived was such a climate.

Danji always envied people living in city-states with constant temperatures.

” mom. Can’t we go and live in Echo Base too? When I went there, they gave me a small house and paid for my living expenses. 」

At that time, Danji’s mother said:

“That is a false rumor. Echo Base has a lot more bad guys than here. They want to capture us and use us as slaves. 」

Life outside the city is fatal in many ways. But the most fatal of them all was the lack of information.

Just as each country has a president, so too a group of vagabonds has a leader. They maintain their power by desperately preventing outcasts from moving into the cities.

“The soldiers are trying to kill us. We too must fight. We must gather our strength! 」

「If you follow me, they will give you living expenses? dog sound. They cut off my leg and put me in a factory. After being enslaved for three years, he barely escaped. 」

It was only after Dan Dan came to Agras that he realized that everything was a lie.

‘If it wasn’t for those children, my mother and younger brother wouldn’t have died either.’

Soldiers periodically came to appease the vagrants. Broadcasting and distributing flyers. Let’s go to the city together.

At that time, Danji did not appeal strongly to the family. Because I was young and lacked information.

The complex was still regretting it.

Alicia took Dan Ji’s cardigan and unfolded it with a ‘thud’.

“I will get along well with you. But why did you buy long sleeves? It must be too hot to wear now.”

“This one? Actually, I bought it a month ago.”

“A month ago?”

“yes. But they made a mistake. So now I have it.”

“really? I should have just refunded it.”

“Your sister is right. I’ll just refund you. I must be a real fool.”

“So you were sullen even after receiving the package?”

“A little.”

With a sidelong glance, Danji glanced lightly at Alicia from head to toe.

“I want you to be my sister.”


“I envy you for being tall. You look pretty no matter what you wear. I get teased for wearing high heels. It’s like a baby imitating an adult.”

Alicia thought deeply.

It’s because the complex is small. It wasn’t that there was no feminine charm at all.

“I think the tone is too loud. I look cute. See you when you talk.”

“I hate being called cute. I want to have big breasts and be s*xy like my sister.”

“Then let’s go to plastic surgery with me. Let’s fill it up! Come with a D cup.”

“hmm… … . I can’t because it’s a bit scary. I need to think a lot.”

Alicia chuckled and laughed.

Why does such a cute kid hate being called cute?

It was difficult for Alicia, who has always lived as a s*xy woman, to understand.

Danji let out a short sigh.

“Still, I am much better than before, right? talking.”

“of course.”

Danji was eager to study English.

Compared to a year ago, it was a stellar level.

Alicia asked.

“But why do you think that? you are attractive enough It’s just that you and I have different charms.”

Danji did not even breathe and refuted.

“no? I like being tall and tall.”

“why. Does the guy you like like tall girls?”


“Isn’t it something? How dare you deceive this sister! Who is it?”

When Alicia questioned, Danji rolled his feet and lowered his lips.

“No no no!”

Alicia, who was smiling happily, spoke in a rather spleen tone.

“The club site.”



Alicia jumped out with Danji’s cardigan in her hand.

Danji followed Alicia without knowing why.

“Oh yeah! Shade reception!”

Alicia smiled broadly as she occupied a large shaded bench.

She gestured at the jar.

“Come quickly! I was in the shade.”

Danji sat down, and Alicia slashed her thighs and lay down.

“Kyaa. good night. My shoulder hurts so much these days? Is it because you have big breasts?”

Danji, who looked at Risha and his own chest in turn, pouted his lips.

“no? Maybe it’s because I’m old?”

“Oh ho ho ho. Our complex is pretty, so my sister is putting up with it. If you say you’re older just once, re-roar your cherry lips with a sewing machine! I will sew it up.”

Danji chuckled and took out a thin booklet from his bag. And fanned Alicia’s face.



“I sent an e-mail because the courier didn’t arrive. They said they were sorry and said they would send it next week, so I just waited. But it was repeated three times.”

“You shouldn’t have talked to me. If it were me, I would have done a lot of sh*t.”

“So I am very angry. So yesterday I just got angry with the email. Then, the courier arrived today. however… … Spring has passed.”

Alicia continued to listen to Danji’s story with her eyes closed.

“I don’t understand. Why are you ignoring me when I say nice things? Do you only do things right when you get angry?”

“I know. Aren’t people so strange?”

“I thought I would have to live badly in the future. So I feel a little bad.”

“Were you nice in the first place?”

“… … .”

The sudden attack froze the jar. The booklet she was holding fell down on Risha’s face.

Alicia put the booklet away and reached out to tug at Danji’s cheek.

“It’s a joke, you idiot. If you see a bad guy in the future, tell me. I’ll give it all to you and beat you up.”


“Let’s continue to live kindly in our complex as it is now. Understand?”

“What if I live badly?”

“Then you’ll be beaten by me too.”

“hmm… … . But, sister.”


“I might win. Am I too strong?”


Alicia jumped up and sat down, bending her neck from side to side.

A bloody ‘wood deuk’ sound leaked from the bones.

Danji slipped the cardigan that had been scattered across the back of the bench into his bag.

“sister. Calm down. joke… … .”

“… … joke?”

“Then bye bye!”

The complex disappeared from view at the speed of light.

Looking at the complex moving away, Alicia thought.

‘Look at the waving hair. hair is so good I wonder if I should dye my hair black… … . I’m in a good mood too.’

* * *

While most of the finalists for the individual events had been confirmed, the mixed basketball team had one last qualifying match left.

Jia Han burned with enthusiasm as always.

“Us and GG. It’s a tie at 6-0. So, should I win? If you lose, it’s all over, babies. Ho ho ho.”

After a bout of practice, the basketball teams dispersed to their respective dormitories.

Dante went after Alicia.

“hey. What are you up to these days?”

“that is… … no.”

Alicia hates talking, but not Dante. But this time, something was unusual. I thought I should ask.

“Say it when it is nice to say it. one. two! two and a half! Half of two and a half!”

I tried doing it the way Alicia always did, but it didn’t work. Risha raised her middle finger with a drained expression.

“I want to go shopping. Follow me or not.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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