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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 114

Chapter 114. growing pains (4)

Dante silently followed Alicia. Seeing that he suddenly wanted to go shopping, it was clear that something was going on.

Rococo department store.

The two went straight to a luxury jewelry store.

“You want to buy accessories? You don’t usually do well.”


Alicia looked at the staff and talked.

“What is the most expensive product here?”

“You have to order the premium line separately. Among the store displays… … It is this product.”

“Can I wear it?”

“sure. Come this way, sir.”

Alicia tied her long hair up high with a hair tie tucked around her wrist.

The staff member put a necklace around Risha’s neck and added an explanation.

“This product is a line made with the motif of the jewelry worn by Queen Marie Antoinette. How are you?”

Alicia turned to Dante instead of answering.

“how is it?”

“It’s pretty. A necklace.”

The staff member who was listening smiled and talked.

“why. Our customer is also so pretty, it seems like the necklace is rather buried?”

Dante thought, ‘The employee tries to read line 2 of page 1530 of the sales encyclopedia.’

Alicia asked the staff.

“how much is this?”

“3.2 billion, customer.”

“yes. It’s very pretty. I will look back and come back.”

The two exited the store.

Dante glanced at Alicia’s expression and opened his mouth.

“What. Why did you suddenly wear that expensive necklace?”

“I’m going to ask you to buy me a boyfriend later.”

“Has it turned?”

“ is a lie. I will buy it later when I earn more money.”

Alicia went to several jewelry shops after that. About two hours passed like that.

“The Hanabi basketball team.”

“ok. Why are they?”

“Is that kid on the team?”



“The nun?”


Alicia had a meeting with Paige Tsukasa, who left a deep scar on her relationship.

Dante replied as if it was nothing.

“What is she? Do you care?”

“It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I don’t like it. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me feel bad. Just thinking about seeing your face… … okay.”

“Then I will buy some clothes.”

At Dante’s sudden statement, Alicia put on a puzzled expression.


“You did that before. They say that if a cool guy is next to them, they will be full. How does that mulberry tea feel? I’ll make you feel it. Just great!”

Alicia spoke while suppressing the laughter that was about to spill out.

“You really fell asleep playing G-Roll. So let’s go. I will try to pick out clothes for you.”

The two went shopping in earnest.

It didn’t take long.

Because I bought everything.

Alicia, who showed a neutral reaction throughout the shopping, only smiled after buying her last outfit.

“As expected, the shoulders are important for men. After working out hard, your clothes look much better, right?”

“It’s not because of the shoulders, but because it becomes the face… … .”

“Yeah, no. shut up. Before you say harsh words.”

In any case, Dante was in a good mood.

Broad shoulders, strong muscles, and slightly tanned skin. Do I have to say that I feel quite masculine now?

The pale, skinny boy was nowhere to be seen.

The two of them stopped by the DVD shop for the last time. It was a place that Dante would stop by every time he visited a department store.

From noble mtl dot com

Dante found a somewhat unfamiliar back of the head on the counter. The man was talking to the clerk as if trying to pay.

“ah… … . 1.5 million won?”

“yes. Shall I give you this?”

“I will think about it a little more.”

“Yes, customer. I think it’s better to decide quickly if you want to buy it. There is only one copy left.”

“Ah yes. thank you.”

Dante watched the man to the end.

After hearing the voice, I was convinced.

It was Jun Mori.

‘Why is that child at the department store… … .’

The June Dante knows doesn’t go to the department store. Usually, the personal shopper visits the house and sells the goods.

Dante turned around and waved happily at Junmori.

“Jun. What are you doing at the department store?”

Jun’s face turned red as if he had been caught cheating.

“Ah, that… … .”

“What. Why are you upset?”

“Whoa… … .”

Jun let out a long sigh and continued.

“Would you like to go somewhere quiet and have a cup of tea? I will live.”

“hmm… … . I have a companion. Then do you want to go to my house? I was going to go home and go to school.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course not, man.”

Jun has a strong personal inclination. And above all, he had a personality that did not like to cause trouble to others.

Even when Jun saw that Alicia was right next to him, he suggested that we drink tea. I had a feeling that something was going on.

Dante and Alicia, and even Jun Mori.

The three of them took Sky Taxi and moved to Sunrise River Sky.

Alicia and Jun came and went, only exchanging greetings.

Alicia led the conversation with her unique affinity.

“June. Are you always wearing a mask? Because of mysophobia?”

“yes. Wearing a mask makes me feel very comfortable.”

“But what are you two going to talk about? If it’s about the opposite s*x, I think this Alicia-sama can help.”

After thinking for a moment, Jun replied.

“I’m not talking about the opposite s*x… … You are welcome to join the conversation if you wish.”

“okay! I like to listen to other people.”

Dante didn’t quite understand the situation now.

Even though Jun shared the same room for a year, he seldom talked personally. But suddenly, it’s not enough to have a conversation, so Alicia is invited?

It seemed that the details of the situation would be known only after we had a conversation.

Dante’s house.

“come in.”

Twenty shopping bags were neatly placed in front of the front door.

Dante gave Jun the slippers he had never worn.

“This is new, so wear it comfortably.”

“Thank you, friend.”

In an instant, Jun’s eyes turned red. Should I say that I was moved by Dante’s trivial consideration?

“The house is much cleaner than I thought.”

“Last year, I lived with a guy who was very tidy and nervous, and I lived with him for a year. So it must have become a habit.”

Jun smiled lightly and sat down on the sofa.

“I don’t know who it is, but I think he was a very clean and good friend.”

“hmm… … . It wasn’t bad.”

Meanwhile, Alicia made three cups of lemon tea and joined them on the sofa.

“Brilliant! Alicia Lemon Tea. Have a drink.”

“right. I don’t like lemons. He doesn’t like sour things very much.”

“okay? Would you like something else then? What would you like to drink.”

Jun waved his hand and held the glass in his hand.

“What are you talking about! I like lemons now. Have a good drink, old man. Thank you for caring me.”

After taking a sip of lemon tea with enthusiasm, Jun Mori trembled as if in a seizure.

He gave an explanation as if to make an excuse before asking.

“It’s not because I hate it. I just woke up to the freshness of the lemon.”

“… … I get it. by the way. What are you worried about?”

“My parents divorced. because of it.”

The Morrie couple’s divorce made headlines in various media. The reason for the divorce reported externally was a difference in personality.

Interest in the Mori couple did not last long. This is because Jun’s mother, Erissa Mori, poured a lot of money into controlling the media.

The Mori couple divorced by agreement, and Erica handed 10 billion won to her husband.

Had he sued, he might have received a huge amount of alimony. But Jun’s father withdrew. Because he didn’t want to hurt the woman he loved all his life.

Jun was just frustrated by his father’s behavior.

Junmori continued.

“I’m already an adult, so there are no custody issues. Just mother and father. I am in a position where I have to choose one of the two.”

“One of the two? Why should I make that choice?”

“Because my mother doesn’t want me to interact with my father. In our Mori family, everything revolves around the mother’s family.”

“ah… … . That’s right. Did you say your father majored in art? I saw it in an article.”

“that’s right. art major.”

Alicia, who was listening, asked a question.

“So for your future, you should choose your mother. But do you have more feelings for your father?”

“that’s right.”

“hmm… … . mother is What kind of person are you?”

“that is… … .”

Jun talked about Erisa Mori for a long time. Erisa Mori’s obsession, control, and even OCD. It was mostly negative.

However, she did not mention the fact that she had been violent towards her father. I couldn’t reveal that. Even for my father’s honor.

Alicia listened to Jun without missing a word. There was someone who came to mind naturally.

‘You look a lot alike. With my mother.’

According to the results of the study, the difference in the ability of superhumans to perform missions according to gender is insignificant. On the other hand, the pros and cons are clear.

If the strength of a female superhuman lies in detailed mana control, the strength of a male superhuman lies in a strong mentality.

The gender ratio of Choin Academy graduates is 5:5, so the male to female ratio is similar. However, the s*x ratio registered to the Superman Association is about 6.5:3.5, with a much higher male ratio.

The main reason is that women retire much earlier than men. Most of the reasons for retirement were mental illness.

This problem is not limited to superhumans. Even if they are not superhuman, women are 1.5 to 2 times more likely than men to develop depression, PTSD, and anxiety disorders.

Erissa Mori and Saisha Smith.

The symptoms of the two were strikingly similar.

Alicia felt a sense of kinship with June.

“Even though you and I grew up in different circumstances, my mother was terrifyingly like your mother. My mom was also superhuman. Although he is dead now.”

“… … really?”

“I think I know why it was harder for you. No, I know.”

As a child, the only person Alicia could rely on was Alex.

“There was only one time. I cried out loud to my best friend and cursed at my mother. But while talking about it, instead of being cool, I felt guilty.”

I’d say spit in my face, probably.

No matter how hard it is, it is very difficult to curse my parents.

“So what did you do after that?”

“I was sick all alone, what. Now I have friends I can confide in. But I still don’t talk about my mother very well. He had already passed away.”

“Senior is right. It’s the first time I’m talking about something like this. I feel like I’m going to die of boredom if I keep going like this.”

“You must have been worse than me. It’s the Maury family. If there is even a rumor that you said one wrong thing, it will be a big blow. I must have suffered a lot alone. I even had a brother.”

Alicia reached out and gently patted Jun on the back.

Dante looked at Jun like that and thought.

‘A guy who would normally be frightened is still standing still?’

Jun suddenly stood up from his seat.

“Can I use the bathroom?”

“huh. there.”

Jun came out of the bathroom only after 10 minutes. The soft bangs were wet with moisture.

‘Did he cry again?’

The place where Jun cried was always the same. A toilet or a sleeping capsule. And after crying, always wash your face.

Alicia asked, looking at Jun, whose eyes were red.

“Uh huh. Are you crying? Illuwa. Nunna give me a hug!”

“Hug me, hug me. Are you a baby?”

“Why are you f*cking? Could it be that you are not jealous?”

“Yeom disease.”

“Rainbow reflection.”

Jun hates childish puns, but for some reason, the childish looks of the two of them seemed really good.

“great. It was great. being able to talk like this. To have someone who understands me.”

Alicia shrugged and smiled brightly.

“If you get frustrated in the future, call me. whenever.”

“Then can you give me your contact details?”

“of course.”

Dante crossed his arms and leaned back deeply on the sofa.

“Hey, Tsun. Didn’t you come to talk to me?”

“that’s right. But senior Alicia’s advice touched me more. There are many similarities.”

Like the child of this foolish bastard.

“her. Really? Then get off to the next door! You’re going to run out right away because it’s dirty?”

“are you okay. As soon as I clean, I, Jun Moriji. Shall I clean it for you, sir?”

“No no. I like to live dirty.”

“hmm… … . If that’s the case, it must be difficult to develop a relationship that is more than a senior-junior relationship.”

““… … .””

A moment of silence passed.

Jun quickly rectified the situation.

“I played a joke once. Wasn’t it fun?”

“Our match. I’m looking at you because I’m not familiar with you yet. If you talk nonsense again, you will drag your snout into the sewing machine. You know what I mean?”

“… … Big. Kkeuk.”

Jun laughed out loud. It had been a very long time since I had such a pleasant feeling.

Erisa Mori always said this.

” friend? Wake! If you go later, tell them several times that they are all enemies. Don’t go around talking about you carelessly. After all, it will become a weakness. you will be unhappy Do you see what I mean? 」

Jun thought.

‘Mother is wrong. From now on, I will live my life my way.’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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