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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 112

Episode 112. growing pains (2)

Dante mustered up the courage to call Hamel by name.

“hey! Hamel!”

His gaze turned to Dante.

It was an expression full of bewilderment.

Dante felt a sudden heart-stopping pain.

Is it just a matter

The time I spent thinking like that was 1 year and 6 months.

“Hey you bastard! Do you have the DVD I gave you? 」

Dante imagined this reunion again and again.

But now it seemed to be clear. Hamel deliberately avoided it.

The face of a friend I had been with every day for 10 years suddenly felt unfamiliar.

Hamel smiled awkwardly and scratched his head. The reason why Hamel scratched his head was that he was uncomfortable in this position. Dante was well aware of his best friend’s habits.

“uh. uh… … . A long time.”

Hamel’s voice, after the transformation period, also felt very unfamiliar.

It is a very calm and attractive voice with a low-pitched tone. Even as an announcer, I can’t believe it.

Dante felt strange.

The voice and atmosphere changed.

The Hamel Jensen he knew seemed to have disappeared.

“Why… … .”

Just as Dante is about to speak again.

The staff spoke while lightly pushing Hamel on the back.

“I will ask for a private conversation after the test. I will move.”

At the staff’s words, Hamel turned his head and moved on.

Dante watched Hamel until he disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Alicia, who entered the waiting room first, poked her head out.

“what. Who are you? Acquaintance?”

“huh. Hamel.”

“If it’s Hamel, is that ball friend? Hamel Jensen or Macy?”

“huh. Hamel Jensen.”

“They said they lost contact. How did the deal go?”

“I don’t know either. We’ll talk later after the game.”

“okay. let’s go in We have to win today, we!”

Students had free time to rest in the waiting room.

Dante sat alone on the sofa and remembered the last thing Hamel had said.

“I’m lending it, man. Keep it Koi. I’ll go find it when I go to Central. 」

Dante recommended taking the superhuman test, and Hamel said he would go to Central.

As Dante recommended, Hamel was tested and became a superhuman.

But why… …

‘Didn’t you come to see me? Why are you avoiding me?’

My heart is stuffy.

I didn’t have the confidence to wait until the game was over.

“I’m going to the bathroom for a minute.”

In the end, Dante stood with his back against the wall opposite the test room and waited for Hamel. Anything was good, so I wanted to talk more.

The test of Brion’s team, which had a small number of people, was over in about 10 minutes.

Hamel came out last.

He smiled lightly and approached Dante.

“Did you wait for me?”

“huh. Let’s talk for a minute. It’s been a while since we met.”

Hamel clenched his fist and slapped Dante lightly on the forearm. It was something I had done often before.

“I’m sorry, but let’s talk after our game. You know that. Our team is small and the situation is a bit like that. Even at a strategy meeting, you have to work hard.”

Talking this far, Dante couldn’t hold on anymore.

“Then see you after the game.”


Hamel hurriedly ran down the hallway to join his teammates.

“hey! Go with me!”

His laughter, familiar even to Dante, disappeared at the end of the hallway.

The match went ahead as scheduled.

The preliminaries will be broadcast live on NextTube. Mixed basketball is a popular sport, so quite a few viewers logged on.

“oh… … . 300,000 people have logged on already?”

Alicia smiled happily and put her phone down.

Jia Han called the students together.

“You don’t have to worry about strategy leaks. Take strength! Take it with force and press it. Understand?”


“Who are we?”

“”stellar! stellar! stellar! Go for it!””

The duration of the match is 4 sets of 10 minutes each.

It’s like a normal game.

The rules were also similar to the general game, but there were differences.

The biggest difference is time.

There is a time limit rule in basketball, and the time limit in Manabu matches is generally shorter than that of regular matches.

For example, apply the 5-second rule instead of the 8-second rule (the attacking team must enter the opposing camp within 8 seconds), and the 15-second rule instead of the 24-second rule (the attacking team must shoot within 24 seconds).

In short, it is characterized by a much faster pace than normal games.

Brion Academy players also gathered together and made a resolution.

“A tough opponent is right. Let’s do our best though. got it?”







“”Go for it!””

The main players of each team entered the field.

The friend who has always been by my side is standing across from me. Dante concentrated on not conscious of Hamel.

From noble mtl dot com

1 hour and 30 minutes later.

The match ended with an overwhelming score difference of 208:32.

Stella got her first win.

The media’s attention was focused on the winning candidate, Stella.

The main players, including Jia Han, conducted brief interviews.

“Han Ji-ah, superhuman. You won today by the highest score ever. Please tell us what you think.”

“Of course, this is the expected result. Because our Stella is the best. And although it was disappointing in terms of skills, I applaud the Brion Academy for playing fair. Why is there ‘that team’ that breathes foul play? I hope that the team will also play a clean game.”

“As for the team… … Are you attacking Hanabi Academy?”

“I’m not sniping, I’m telling you the facts.”

“Then, please say something to the Hanabi team.”

“You are supporting actors.”

After the interview, Jia Han headed to the waiting room with the students.

A male student asked a question.

“But wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I provoked you for nothing?”


Jia Han hit the back of the boy with a full swing.

“So win. okay?”

“Ah! This professor kills people! and… … I almost broke my spine.”

“It’s tough. And at times like these, you have to clean your mouth a little. It feels good when you just win, but it feels ten times better when you win with your mouth shut.”

“Isn’t it only good for professors?”

“is it? Then you too diligently wipe your mouth once. You will know what I mean.”

Dante slipped away from the group and headed for Brion’s team waiting room.

The waiting room was empty.

It was only the cleaning staff.

“Hey, hello. I’m sorry, but did Brion’s team go?”

“yes. As soon as the game was over, he packed up and left.”

“… … yes. thank you.”

* * *

inside a large bus.

The Brion Academy basketball team was returning to school.

Despite the disastrous defeat, the atmosphere was surprisingly upbeat.

“Yaya! Don’t be discouraged! Our goal is 3 wins. Gaza!”

“Three wins! 3 wins! 3 wins!”

The record for the Brion mixed basketball team was 2 wins in the preliminaries. This time, I competed with the goal of winning 3 games.

From the beginning, I had no idea that I would beat the top 5 Stellars.

A student looked out the window and talked.

An airship was seen departing from the Agras Stadium Sky Station.

“Looks like they’re going on a private airship.”

“Since the school is on an island in the sky, we take an airship. Would you like to take the bus like us?”

Brion Academy was located on the edge of the main district.

The school was established by a handful of retired veterans and has a capacity of 100 students per grade. It was 1/5 of Stella Academy.

“I’m a little envious, though.”

“hey. AA is also on campus ground. What are you envious of? They say it’s an island in the sky, and it’s not much different from a concentration camp.”

“Do you call that kind of self-comfort or masturbation for short? Stinky, stinky.”

“It’s not? Am I really not envious at all?”

Few of them aimed at the ‘Wizard’s Tower’. There were so many students who couldn’t even handle magic bullets, let alone magic.

Mixed basketball requires advanced mana control skills. It was said that the people gathered in the bus now were Brion’s top-ranked talents.

Although their skills were not comparable to the top academies, they had their own pride.

Jaemin reached out and closed the booth door.

No matter how low it is, it’s still a superhuman academy. Even if they didn’t have private planes, they had at least a high-end bus.

Jaemin closed his eyes in the seat next to him and stared blankly at Hamel.

Then, he tilted the chair to the height of Hamel’s seat and stretched.

“ah… … Shiba. I knew it would hit me, but I didn’t expect it to hit me this far.”

“… … .”

“Are you sleeping?”

Hamel opened his mouth while closing his eyes.

“Honestly, shouldn’t the rules be changed? How to fill the 20 entries in a small school like ours.”

“As far as I can see, it never changes. Just looking at it, it’s hard to sweep all the medals in the top 5 prestigious schools.”

It was a pity that Hamel couldn’t play today. The skills are not enough, and the staff is also not enough. I felt that this was an unfair treatment.

Jaemin asked carefully.

“But how do you know Dante Prime? Are you close? It looks like they were talking about something in the hallway earlier.”


Jaemin was Hamel’s roommate and best friend. Hamel had never brought up the story of Dante even to Jaemin.

Quick-witted Jaemin questioned Hamel.

“What’s just, ma’am. What. Can’t you talk to me too?”

After thinking for a moment, Hamel opened his eyes and stood up.

“Why don’t you keep in touch with your friends from Sky Island? It’s like that.”

“ah… … . that? you know what So in a word, you’re embarrassing and don’t want to contact me.”

Jaemin White.

The White family ran an insurance company for the third generation and had occupied Sky Island for over 50 years. However, the company went bankrupt last year and was pushed out of Sky Island.


The insurance company that went bankrupt in the Disney Park case was owned by the White family.

After the incident, Jaemin did not contact his friends from Sky Island.

for selling out

I hate the sympathetic eyes of my friends.

Jaemin spoke up.

“But aren’t Dante’s parents miners? You were so concerned about it on the talk show. What’s there to embarrass him about? You must be from a good background and have more money.”

“well. I don’t know. It was just as good when I passed the superhuman test. I wanted to brag quickly. because it’s a big deal But he became too famous. For a moment, I felt that what I had was so insignificant.”

To be honest, I thought I would pass the mid-level academy.

The results were disastrous.

Brion Academy may seem great to the average person, but it was just a low-level university that was ignored by the public.

So I thought about going to a regular university instead. Then at least there won’t be any comparisons with Dante.

However, giving up the path of a superman without even trying was crazy, even if you think about cancer. Hamel chose the Brion Academy over his old friend Dante.

Hamel continued.

“Dante did nothing wrong. He’s a good guy. It’s just that I’m having a hard time accepting the current situation. He doesn’t know anything and keeps texting me. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? what?”

“I left suddenly. For not being by my side But really, I am the one who should be sorry. Until then, Dante had nothing. I had a lot of legacy left by my parents and a lot of people to help me. Still, I couldn’t get Dante. Because I’m having a hard time too.”

“Wasn’t this a complete piece of trash?”

Hamel laughed at Jaemin’s words.

“Am I a bit grumpy?”

“It’s not a joke, is it a b*tch?”

“You f*cking bastard.”

“I’m just kidding. just take it easy You went through the same thing, but the circumstances are different and you think differently. I understand you.”

Hamel was a good friend to Jaemin.

Just as love has timing, so does friendship. No, all human relationships are like that.

This time, Hamel and Dante’s timing is just a little off.

Instead, there was Jaemin between the two of them, and Hamel and Jaemin relied on each other to overcome difficult times.

Upon arriving at the dormitory, the two turned off the lights and lay down on their respective beds.

Jaemin was the first to speak.



“Shouldn’t you put a text in anyway? If your baby is human.”

“… … .”

“They didn’t even contact me from Sky Island. But he said he contacted me several times first. You’ve been there for a year and a half. So tell me before it’s too late I need time.”

“Will that son of Dante understand someday?”

“of course. Because we are friends.”

Hamel groped under the pillow and put the phone in his hand.



“Come to think of it, there is no number.”

“Send me a DM, asshole. sleep. Do not talk to me.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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