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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 93

Episode 93. New Era.(1)

Daewon hyung saw me and raised his hand as if he was happy.

“hey! You are here.”

The T-Project members who were at the booth immediately greeted me.

“haha. hello. Everyone is having a lot of trouble. Is there anything wrong?”

Daewon-hyung added an explanation.

“There are no problems yet. I also pulled the internet line and checked that it was connected. I also brought enough D-Tab spares.”

“After all, Daewon hyung! But why is the booth so small?”

“Don’t talk. I just saved this.”

“Are you just looking for a booth like this?”

“okay. All the good positions were occupied by large corporations. Besides, we were late to apply, so we almost didn’t get a seat at all. This is an area where startups are clustered, but fortunately, one place had to cancel it due to circumstances, so I got this kind of place.”

“..okay. Where are the booths where large corporations are gathered?”

“The entrance over there.”

When Daewon looked at where his brother was pointing, a company occupied a space that looked 100 times larger than the booth.

“Hey, where do you want to live because you’re embarrassed by a nameless company? brother. Next time, we will definitely set up a booth near the entrance.”

The exhibition hall, Messe Berlin, was a large-scale exhibition space of over 40,000 pyeong.

The 20th and 18th holes, which are easy for visitors to access when entering from the main gate, were the best-located sections.

So, the rental cost was the highest.

But even if they could afford it, not everyone could occupy the space.

In order to get a good position, the corporate brand value had to be high above all else.

In fact, it was nothing more than an exclusive space for domestic companies such as Hwanseong and RG, as well as large companies such as Japan’s Shawnee and the Netherlands’ Ellips.

“..can it really be that way?”

“Absolutely. Our D-Tab will be right there in that spacious booth. So, please suffer just this time.”

“okay. And actually, it’s okay if the booth is small. Aren’t we confident about one product?”

“haha. That’s a good attitude.”

Daewon finished the conversation with hyung.

I headed to the booth where large companies gathered to stop by Kowon Electronics’ booth.

Although not the popular 18th and 20th holes.

Still, there was Kowon Electronics’ booth much closer to the entrance than Damoye.

I found a familiar face and said hello.

“hello. manager.”

The head of the organization development team, who was in charge of preparing for the IFA exhibition, looked at me and put on a puzzled expression.

“..are you here? Vice President.”

“yes. Are there any problems with the preparation of the exhibition?”

The development team leader hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

“..At first, all the 5 TVs I brought were fine, but today suddenly one of the TVs does not turn on, and the other one has a strange signal and is losing color. Obviously, before sending it here, I made sure everything was working and sent it, so I’m sure there will be problems like this. I think we should only have three exhibitions. I should have prepared more thoroughly, but I’m sorry.”

Hmm. When a good part goes to an exhibition, there is always a problem.

I guess it was this time too.

It was something I experienced while participating in an exhibition like CES in my previous life.

So, when participating in such an exhibition, it was essential to have enough spare parts.

There were many cases where the first participating companies were unaware of this fact and ruined the exhibition.

It was a mistake that could be made sufficiently because the TV division is actually the first exhibition this IFA participates in.

I smiled and lifted the bag I had brought over my chest.

“haha. Just in case, I brought some spare parts. Try replacing it with this one.”

The face of the instrument development team leader was wide open.

“Five! thank you Vice President. It was already too late to ask them to send the parts back to Korea, so I was giving up, but I didn’t expect that you would come to Korea like this.”

“I came alone comfortably, so I have to bring something like this.”

“yes. Thank you for taking the big worry away. haha.”

He called the travel team members to change the parts I brought.

After a while, the two TVs started working properly.

“Now it seems that the exhibits are ready, have you checked the videos to be demonstrated?”

“yes. We brought everything from photos to animations and movies.”

“okay. There are now two days left until the opening of the IFA. Please take good care of it so there is no problem.”

#28 November.

IFA 1999, the home appliance expo, started with a keynote speech by the CEO of Milleul, a French company famous for luxury home appliances.

Jerry Brown, who had just entered the entrance to the Messeberlin exhibition hall, was not in a good mood.

He was a reporter for the Daily Telegraph, a famous British newspaper with the highest number of copies.

Although he was a veteran who had been covering the electronics field for four years already.

Now I wanted to write an article other than about home appliances.

In his first year in the home appliance field, he felt fresh and went to the coverage without knowing that time was passing.

But after about 4 years, the product is like that product, and the fun soon withered.

I couldn’t stand it, so I asked the director to transfer to the political department two months ago.

Even though I had an appointment, I was still losing my motivation because I couldn’t get out of the home appliance department.

Still, I looked around the booth at the entrance with a little expectation that something special might have come out this year.

That hope faded in less than an hour.

The flat CRT from Hwansung Electronics caught my eye a little, but anyway, the ugly design with the protruding back was a product that did not catch his attention for a long time.

He sighed.

“Whew. The entrance side looks like this, but the other side will do more. I should just take a few pictures or take a break.”

As he moved while pressing the shutter a few times with an expressionless face, a booth crowded with people caught his eye.

“There is a place where companies with low name values ​​are mainly located, so why are people gathering like that?”

Jerry got curious, and went through the people and went inside.

I soon felt disappointed.

‘what. It’s just a flat-panel CRT TV. Well, I’d like to compliment it for not making it square like other TVs, but with a thinner center design, but there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it.’

The moment I was about to turn back.

I felt something strange.

‘But how can a CRT TV have such a thin neck?’

Because CRT TVs have a vacuum inside.

Even if it fell and broke, a serious accident could occur.

In addition, no matter how small, the basic product weighs several tens of kilograms, so such a thin stand could not be used.

At that time, a man explaining the product grabbed the lower part of the TV.

flashed up into the air.

“Wow! How light can you hold the TV with one hand?”

“her. I can!”

People’s admiration came from all over the place.

Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off the scene.

‘what? If it’s a CRT TV, you can’t do that.’

Jerry decided to listen to the man’s explanation.

The man, who now looks a little over 20 years old, went on to explain the TV.

“This Wardo TV adopts a thin and light LCD instead of a large and heavy CRT. Thanks to this, a beautiful and slender product was born.”

With those words, the man turned the TV 90 degrees so that people could see the back.

“Wow! It’s really thin.”

“Nonsense. It’s less than an inch thick.”

Jerry’s curiosity grew as the people murmured.

‘LCD? Did you apply technology that was only applied to some monitors to TVs?’

Then one of the onlookers asked.

“The design of the product is definitely pretty and luxurious. But what about the quality? Isn’t the picture quality the biggest problem with LCD TVs?”

Jerry had the same idea.

‘right. I heard that it would take a few more years for LCD to be used in TV because of its picture quality.’

The man answered with a confident expression.

“We, Kowon Electronics, overcame the picture quality problem, so we exhibited our LCD TVs at this exhibition. From now on, we will show you our technology.”

The man blinked and one of the assistants behind him moved his hand.

Colorful flowers filled the screen.

And once again, admiration erupted from the mouths of the people.

“Wow! The color has depth. Do you think you are seeing real flowers?”

“The video is very clear! It can’t even compare to the LCD monitors I’ve seen.”

Jerry fully agreed with them.

If the LCD screens he saw were white in color, it was like looking at an old photo.

The LCD in front of me was showing the original color of the subject well.

The man blinked again.

Perhaps this time it was part of an action movie, the actor on the screen was running towards the car with all his might.

Immediately after he hid under the car, an explosion occurred and all the windows around him shattered, and the inside of the screen was filled with movement.

This atmosphere continued until the end of the video playback.

When the video stopped, Jerry clenched his fists, concentrating to the point of exhaling only then.

‘Nothing bothered me. This is a scoop! One of the weaknesses of LCD was that it moved unnaturally compared to CRT TV, but this product has already overcome that.’

This simply wasn’t something that could be taken lightly as ‘a good TV product came out’.

For Jerry, this product marks the end of the CRT TV era.

It felt like a messenger announcing the arrival of a new era.

He pulled out his laptop and started writing articles right away.

[Title: [IFA 1999] Korea’s Kowon Electronics announces the beginning of a new era with LCD TV.]

『 While mainstream TV companies such as Ellips in the Netherlands, Shony in Japan, Hwansung Electronics in Korea and RG Electronics are all promoting their technologies with flat-panel CRT TVs.

Kowon Electronics, a general electronics company in Korea, announced a new TV product in a new format.

At this event, Kowon Electronics introduced an LCD TV called ‘Wardo’.

Surprisingly, this TV overcame the picture quality problem, which was a weakness of the existing LCD, and showed deep color and clear images.

In addition, the light weight and beautiful and sophisticated design, which are the strengths of LCD TVs, are added to this, so it can be said that the perfect TV was born.


The only downside of this product is that it is more expensive than conventional CRT TVs.

It is not likely to be a major obstacle to selling in the market.

As soon as he saw this Wardo LCD TV, this reporter was convinced that the era of CRT TV was over and the era of LCD TV had begun.

As a TV fan, I pay tribute to Korea’s Kowon Electronics for making such a great product. 』

After frantically writing an article.

After a short hiatus, he was sent directly to the head office.

And Jerry went back to Go Won Electronics’ booth.

Watching the man repeat the demonstration over and over again, I fell in love with the excitement I had felt in a long time.

‘okay. You have to taste like this to be a journalist. Did I say Korea? I’ve heard of cheers and RG, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Go Won Electronics. I’ll have to remember that.’

Jerry stopped by Go Won Electronics’ booth first.

‘uh? Where was the young man who was demonstrating yesterday?’

I wanted to solve the questions that had arisen all night, but the man who seemed the most professional was not there.

Jerry asked the assistant.

“Where did the person who performed yesterday go?”

“Oh, you’re Vice President Kang Jae-woon? Everyone is now going to the booth.”

“That person’s first name was Kang Jae-Woon. you’re vice president You’re young and you’re great. But where are all those booths?”

“It’s a booth in the startup area.”

“A startup?”

“yes. He is in charge of several companies.”

“Well. okay. Everyone..”

Reluctantly, Jerry headed to the startup area in search of fortune.

A startup area with small booths stacked next to each other.

There, Jerry witnessed the bizarre sight of people queuing up and waiting for something.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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