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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 92

Episode 92. A huge wave.

The head of the money management team, Jeonggi Hwang, nodded.

“of course. It’s a pretty famous IT company that provides free internet mail service. It was listed on the KOSDAQ a few days ago and I was watching it with interest.”

“Buy all Doeum stocks you can buy.”


It was a famous company whose stock price rose several dozen times during the IT bubble in 1999.

It is the largest for an IT company listed on the KOSDAQ.

It had the advantage of being able to invest several tens of billions of units.

“If we put the maximum in, we need about 50 billion or more. But are you really going to put that amount into one doeum? These KOSDAQ stocks are very risky due to their high volatility. I was also planning to invest in Doeum, but the amount was set at 5 billion won or less.”

“Even if this investment leads to loss, I will bear it. First, invest as much as you can in Doeum stocks. Please invest about 5 billion won in stocks of a company called Eurom Technology.”

Euro technology.

It was a company that was like a symbol of the IT bubble of 1999.

In less than a year, the stock rose more than 100 times its initial stock price, which is a unique case that once entered the top 10 in the business world.

In fact, if I could, I wanted to push even 100 billion won.

However, unlike Doeum, the market capitalization itself of Eurom technology in this period was not large, so the amount that could be invested was small.

“Ummm, even if it’s risky, you only choose very risky sports. The Eurom Technology is a company whose share price jumps sharply with an article that its subsidiary provides free phone service to the United States. The stock price, which was 2,000 won last month, has almost doubled. In my view, there is a risk of a stock price crash in a month or two.”

Hwang was right.

I can’t remember the exact time though.

I saw an article that said that the high stock price suddenly plummeted and many ants shed tears of blood.

“Then, first of all, please keep both Doeum and Eurom skills for a month. After that, if you feel it is dangerous at the discretion of Team Leader Hwang, you can withdraw immediately. If anything happens within that month, it’s my fault, so don’t worry.”

I remember when the stock prices of those two fell, at least not this year.

#Gowon Group Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho’s office.

Jin Seon-ho said to Lee Woo-kyung, who was sitting across from him.

“Thank you for coming back. mister. During that time, I felt overwhelmed by myself, but now I feel like I can breathe a little more.”

“I didn’t come back because I liked you, so I don’t really like you.”

It was a blunt answer, though.

Jin Seon-ho spoke with a smile on his face.

“Nevertheless. Anyway, you’re back. Thanks to this, the construction executives, who had been shaken, regained stability. Little by little, the number of jobs is increasing, and the reputation that has been lost is recovering.”

Lee Woo-kyung shook her head.

“..you know that this is not enough, right? If nothing is done, the construction side will eventually collapse. This isn’t something I can do even if I come back. Do you have any workarounds?”

“It’s a measure to say, but there are some things that I believe in.”

“okay? What?”

“Representative Jae-Woon Kang? It all depends on him. If CEO Kang saves only the TV division, there is a possibility. The TV division will save electronics, and electronics will save construction.”

Lee Woo-kyung smiled as if he was startled.

“her. You have no choice but to rely on the ability of just one person.. Is that what the owner is saying now?”

Jin Seon-ho laughed bitterly.

“I feel sorry for myself as I can only say things like this, but what should I do? Construction cannot afford to receive orders from overseas due to its accumulated debt of over 2 trillion won. In Korea, the construction industry has already hit bottom due to the IMF. There is no way to regenerate on its own.”

“Can’t the insufficient funds come from heavy industry? The ship side is doing well, so there must be some cash piled up.”

“..Yuho, the fifth, owns the largest stake in Heavy Industry. Yuho isn’t a bad guy, but he’s also not big enough to support funds that he might never get back.”

Lee Woo-kyung put on a bitter expression.

“I told Byung-wook hyung that I had to drive it over to the person who did it, but it looks like he ripped it all out and gave it away.”

“..yes. Still, the group’s main businesses, construction and electronics, were passed on to me, but I am struggling because I can’t even keep what this pathetic bastard has inherited.”

After thinking for a while, Woo-kyung Lee spoke.

“..If Yuho turns out like that, there is a way to move other directors in the heavy industry to receive financial support. Shall I talk to the directors over there? I mean, they wouldn’t be very disrespectful either.”

“You don’t have to. You usually don’t like putting pressure like that. The reason I brought you was in the sense that I wanted to help you run the group, and I didn’t bring you to do that kind of back work.”

“Boy… you’re stubborn. So do you really think that Kang Jae-woon can do it?”

Jin Seon-ho nodded his head.

“I think CEO Kang can do it. If he can’t do it, nobody can. I’ve never met a better person than Kang, regardless of age.”

“..it’s just that he’s not a guy with good eyes.”

“The eye is only a fraction of his ability. His knowledge of electronic products is world-class, and his managerial ability deserves to be called a genius. He started with his bare hands and in less than three years he had built a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“You mean that guy is now twenty-one?”

“yes. First of all, I brought in CEO Kang to try to live somehow, but it might have turned out well. In the future, CEO Kang will create a huge wave. And the wave will be so strong that even large corporations like Cheers and RG can’t stand it. I got on that wave early, so I have an advantage over them.”

Lee Woo-kyung said with a face that was hard to believe.

“..He looks great, but is the vice-president of the Gowon Group valued that way?”

“One CPU that CEO Kang made completely changed the game of the American PC industry. Apple, which adopted that CPU, had little presence in the first place, but in an instant, it achieved the No. 1 market share. And two months later, the CEO of the American dinosaur company Wontel flew to Korea to try to recruit CEO Kang. Even if Hwanseong Chairman Yang Ki-moon asked to meet him, he did not show his face once. He must have said that he felt a sense of crisis.”

“Besides, this is just my guess. CEO Kang is preparing for something huge right now. One floor of the Damoye headquarters building that he owns is a completely secure area. Even the employees say there are places that no one can enter, but new technologies that will surely surprise the world are being researched.”

“.. he really is like an onion that never ends.”

“So. CEO Kang will definitely save the TV business.”


Kowon Electronics TV Division’s conference room.

Former executives of the TV business division and executives at the vice president level or higher within Kowon Electronics.

And Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho and Maesong Restaurant Vice Chairman Lee Woo-kyung.

All the key figures of Go Won Electronics gathered and looked at me.

I pointed to the finished LCD TV prototype.

“This is the masterpiece of Kowon Electronics’ TV division, Wardo LCD TV.”

The Wardo was a design that reminds me of a wine glass as the lower part of the bezel that surrounds the display gets thicker towards the middle.

Even the color was purple, reminiscent of wine.

“Oh oh! Beautiful.”

“Something looks classy.”

While the people who saw Wardo whispered, Vice Chairman Jin started to applaud.

People who were noticing followed Vice Chairman Jin and applauded.

The conference room soon filled with applause.

As soon as the applause subsided, Vice Chairman Jin opened his mouth.

“It feels more like a work of art than a TV. Very nice. Who designed this?”

The head of the organization development team of the TV division pointed at me.

“This is Vice President Kang Jae-woon.”

Vice Chairman Jin asked with a surprised face.

“Did the vice president do this himself?”

Vice Chairman Jin’s eyes turned to me.

“vice president. What the hell can’t you do? If you have a good brain, can you easily come up with such a luxurious design?”

“haha. It can’t be. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit too. Still, it is worthwhile to make it because the vice-president likes it.”

“..awesome. After all, it was a godsend to entrust the TV division to the vice president.”

It would not be wrong to say that that decision was the best thing that Vice Chairman Jin has made in his life.

Because it was the only way to save Kowon Electron from collapsing.

“I don’t think it will be too late to say those words after seeing how well this Wardo is selling.”

Vice Chairman Jin shook his head.

“no. This is something that can only be sold. Because I want to buy one right away and bring it home.”

Vice Chairman Lee Woo-kyung, who was next to him, also nodded.

“Vice President Jin is right. Even an old man like me would be greedy for it, but it would be strange that it didn’t sell.”

“haha. I’m glad you think so. But no matter how beautiful a TV is, it’s not just furniture to watch, right? We will have time to watch TV.”

I turned on the TV by operating the remote control.

A documentary program called ‘Nature’s Flower’ was shown on the screen.

It was a program that could properly show the advantages of VA mode LCD TV.

“..the color is really nice.”

“yes. Compared to the existing TN mode panel, the contrast ratio is superior, so it can produce deep colors. Besides, it is about 4 times brighter than a CRT TV, so the picture will come into your eyes more clearly.”

CRT TVs have limitations in raising the brightness because they create images by colliding electron beams with the fluorescent material inside.

However, since LCD TV uses a light source called a backlight that looks like a fluorescent lamp, it is easy to increase the brightness by increasing the number of backlights.

This difference in brightness also had a considerable effect on the fact that CRT TVs were later pushed to LCD TVs.

I changed the channel to the screen where the movie appeared.

It was an action movie with drums exploding and actors moving out of breath.

People’s admiration flowed from here and there.

“Five! That explosion scene is really cool. Is that LCD? I can’t believe it. It’s completely different from the LCDs I’ve seen before.”

“okay. It’s unobtrusive and natural when people move.”

“The picture quality is good. If that’s for sale, I’ll be the first to buy it.”

When people seemed to have enjoyed it enough, he turned off the TV and continued talking.

“Vice President. In my opinion, this will at least not be disgraceful at the IFA, but what do you think?”

Vice-Chairman Jin shook his head strongly as if he was not in a good mood.

“What do you mean by disgrace? The stuff came out just as the vice president promised. I can’t think of anything more shocking than our LCD TVs.”

Then I thought of D-Tab.

‘Well. We apologize in advance for that expectation. There must be at least one more product that has this kind of impact.’

“I am glad that you were satisfied. Then this Wardo TV will be submitted to the IFA.”

“It was really hard work. Vice President Kang Jae-woon.”

“haha. When Go Won Electronics does well, I will also do well.”

“It’s also reliable. Then please do the IFA demonstration as well.”

“yes. We will imprint Kowon Electronics and TM Display in the minds of people around the world.”

“haha. I can only imagine.”

#26 November.

Two days before the IFA opening.

Arrived in Germany yesterday, I couldn’t unpack properly and went to work at the IFA exhibition center in Berlin.

First, we stopped by Damoye’s booth.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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