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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 91

Episode 91. D-Tab.

Daha Building 6th floor.

T-Project conference room.

Damoye CEO Jang Dae-won, Dowoon Electronics President Chae Ki-hwan, and his daughter Chae Sang-ah, manager, etc.

All the major members gathered together, including Hongin Media President Oh-chan Jung, Digital Camera Module Manager Ko Hong-min, and Game Manager Hong Mi-hye.

Among them was fortune.

He looked at the tablet PC sample with eyes full of emotion.

Front touch screen.

rounded corners.

Even the little camera on the back.

It was bigger than the tablet PC I had in my memory.

The shape itself was very similar.

“..you mean this really works?”

President Oh-Chan Jung answered.

“yes. The GUI is fully implemented in the form you mentioned. Each app is separated by a square icon, and it is made to be launched with a single touch.”

Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Unlike CUI (Character User Interface), which requires inputting characters to run a program or write an executed program.

The GUI is a method of directly clicking an image, such as a picture or photo, to use it.

Since it is very intuitive compared to the CUI, it was easy to learn how to operate it.

Because of such advantages, all future smartphone OSs will follow the GUI method.

Jaewoon first touched the icon with the word ‘Download’ written on it.

Soon a familiar word processor window appeared.

Below it was a virtual keyboard that could input text by touch.

When the keyboard buttons were pressed in the order of ‘c, t, ㅁ, ㅗ, ㅇ, ㅕ’, the words ‘Damoyo’ appeared on the blank screen in an instant.

“Touch sensitivity and reaction speed are all good. Mr. Chae. He said it would be difficult, and he did it well. You did a really good job.”

It’s not as good as the smartphones I used in the 2020s.

The performance of the early version of the smartphone lineup released by Hwansung Electronics seemed to be the same.

CEO Chae Ki-hwan said with a smile.

“haha. In fact, it was not easy to develop a mutual capacitance method for the first time. This didn’t happen solely because of the performance of the touch screen itself, but I’ve seen a lot of thanks to the OS and Drill CPU made by Sang-Ah. Compared to other OSs, Easy OS has a very short processing time for touch signals. In addition, the fast operation speed of the drill CPU is added to achieve this kind of performance.”

While saying those words, CEO Chae gave Sang-a a proud look.

Jae-Woon looked at Sang-A and bowed his head slightly.

“It was a lot of work. Chief Chae. I’m sure things will come out with this level of perfection. I was shocked.”

“It was a fun experience for me too. In particular, how many opportunities will the daughter have to work with her father? It wasn’t too difficult because I worked with a happy heart.”

“Then I’m happy.”

Jae-Woon ends the post below.

This time, I put my finger on the pear-shaped icon of the web browser ‘Net Navigator’.

Soon, the search portal site ‘Afternoon’ filled the screen.

“The internet works well too.”

“yes. There is a built-in LAN card inside, so you can connect to the Internet by wire, but not wirelessly.”

Jae-Woon swung up the screen with his finger.

At the same time, the contents below were quickly scrolled up.

After a long time after the finger passed, the screen change gradually became slower as if friction was applied.

Then the movement stopped.

Inertial Scroll.

One of the top credits that made the A-Phone the best smartphone was properly implemented.

“That’s great.”

“When I only heard the words of the director, it didn’t really come to me, but when I made it, it was an indispensable function in order to use the touch screen properly. Even without a keyboard or mouse, you can surf the web without any inconvenience with this inertial scroll function.”

“haha. Still, I didn’t expect it to be so neatly implemented. You did a great job.”

“Chairman Chae Sang-ah worked harder than me. All the important parts of Easy OS were made by Manager Chae.”

‘It’s also ivory.’

Next, Jaewoon pressed the camera icon.

Figures of people behind the tablet PC appeared on the screen.

he shouted

“This is a commemorative photo of the completion of the tablet PC! Everyone smile.”

Seeing the awkward expressions of the people in the photo, Jaewoon burst into laughter.

“haha. Because you’re smiling, what’s everyone’s expression on this?”

people grumbled

“Director. Where is the way to shoot suddenly? You have to give it time to prepare.”

“Right. If you’re going to take a picture, you have to let us know in advance. My makeup is a mess today.”

“haha. This one was just a test. We’ll be filming officially again in a little while, so please smile at that time.”

Jae-Woon looked at Hong-Min Ko, the manager in charge of the digital camera module.

“Anyway, the photos are great. You must have had a lot of trouble making the digital camera module smaller. Manager Hong-Min Koh. You did a really good job.”

“It was a little difficult until we decided to use plastic instead of glass for our lenses, but after that we haven’t had any problems. However, the picture quality is slightly inferior to that of digital cameras on the market. First of all, since the lens is small, there are limitations.”

“haha. Even if it’s just this, it’s great. The picture quality doesn’t have to be better than this.”

Because the camera is not attached to take good pictures.

Take pictures easily.

The purpose of use was different from that of a general digital camera as it was a camera that could be uploaded to the Internet or used immediately for other tasks.

After closing the camera app window.

Jaewoon moved his finger to the icon marked ‘NW’.

Soon, Nyworld’s mini-hompy window popped up.

I uploaded a picture I just took.

Shortly thereafter, the photo that was just taken was added to the list of photos on the minihompy.

‘It would be great if it could be uploaded wirelessly, but that’s a bit disappointing.’

The wireless communication method was still the so-called 2G.

Data communication was possible, but the speed was slower than that of a modem.

Above all, it was difficult to connect to the Internet wirelessly because Wi-Fi and wireless LAN cards were not yet popularized.

Finally, Jae-Woon pressed the icon that said ‘Game Heaven’.

About 10 games appeared on the list.

Among them, a game called ‘jump’ was launched.

It was a game where a cute character jumped rope.

The operation method was very simple.

If you flick your finger according to the movement of the string, the character will jump and avoid the line.

Such a simple pattern was repeated.

It was quite addicting.

In particular, it was a familiar way of playing for Jae-Woon, so he was instantly immersed in the memories.

‘As the founder of Mtus, the concept is similar to the game released by Mtus. The name is the same as back then.’

In addition, a game in which a falling stone is bounced by touching it, a game in which a rope crosses while holding a rope in the air, etc.

Easy to operate and addictive games were gathered.

Since the overall ranking is also recorded on the Internet server, it has a system that even stimulates the competitive spirit, so it is well made to give fun to tablet PC users.

“Chief Hong. There are many fun games. You did a really good job.”

she waved her hand

“no. It’s a bit late for me to join, so it’s frustrating that I can only make simple games like this. We will prepare properly when the next version is released.”

“It’s great that you’ve got these results in just a few months. Then we look forward to the next game.”

“yes. Then I will show you a much more interesting game.”

After finishing the conversation with Manager Hong, Jaewoon looked at the tablet PC.

‘That’s enough!’

The competitor of the tablet PC made by the T-Project was a laptop, not a desktop PC.

This product was thinner and lighter than previous laptops.

Thanks to the adoption of the drill CPU, the speed was incomparably faster.

It was easy to operate and had a camera so I could take pictures.

There is even a game using a new interface called Touch, so I was convinced that it was a product that had no choice but to be sold.

Starting from last year, many events that occurred during the project period of over a year flashed through Jaewoon’s head.

He said to the T-Project members with a gloomy expression.

“..Thanks to all of you, the world’s first tablet PC is finally born. I am truly proud of all of you who have done such a great job. For now, I say this to myself, but soon people all over the world will be admiring the creation of this great product. Everyone worked really hard.”

Applause erupted from everywhere at his words.

Manager Hong Mi-hye in charge of the game opened her mouth with slightly red eyes.

“The director also worked hard. It was a good work environment, the welfare was excellent, and they were treated well, so I had a lot of fun working there!”

Another member continued.

“Chief Hong is right. Especially since the daycare center was opened on the first floor, my wife praised our company a lot. He asked me to stick with him until he retired. haha.”

Jae-Woon took out a black card and said.

“Do you know that that is the only strength of our Damoye? We don’t eat ordinary things even when we have a party. Tablet PC completion ceremony to be held today. The menu is, of course, beef. You can pay with this card.”

With the sound of applause, one member asked with a playful face.

“How much is the card limit? Wouldn’t it be 10 million won or something like that?”

“This is a platinum card that is only available to VVIP card companies. He’s a guy with no limits.”

His words rang out even louder than before.

“Wow! Love it. Director!”

“Everyone is the best!”

#When the atmosphere calmed down, we let the other members out.

Only Dae-won’s older brother and Jung Oh-chan, the president, were left behind.

“Daewon hyung. Is the T-Project job worthwhile?”

Daewon has already handed over half of his brother’s shopping mall duties to Park Si-woong.

Instead, he was taking over the T-Project job from me.

“yes. It’s fun because it feels like a government secret organization from a movie is developing a new technology. It’s a pity that I have to tell the world soon.”

“haha. That’s how you sell the product. We spent nearly 15 billion won on T-Project development alone, but it’s a bit of a lot of money to use as a hobby.”

“Still, seeing you say that, it looks like you’ve almost caught up with this business, don’t you?”

“yes. Some things are still a bit vague, but I think we will be able to figure them all out in a month or two.”

“okay? That’s fine. So after two months, can I completely pass it on?”

He nodded with a confident expression on his face.

Good luck.

Still, there is not enough time to take care of Kowon Electronics’ TV division and TM display.

It was not easy to pay attention to the T-Project.

It was like carrying a big burden.

This time, I asked the president Oh-chan Jung.

“Chief Jung. D Is the App Store ready?”

The name of the platform that will trade applications (apps) for the Easy OS for tablet PCs is the D App Store.

It was created based on the P store, which now sells MP3 music.

It was an important platform that will be my source of money in the future.

“yes. The platform was already completed last week. Lastly, we are checking to see if there are any problems.”

“A developer kit for Easy OS?”

A developer kit is an auxiliary program that helps you easily create programs that work with Easy OS.

“I am ready too. We plan to distribute it all over the world at the same time as the release of the tablet PC, the D-Tab.”

The tablet PC was named D-Tab, after D for Damoye and Tab for Tablet.

“That’s great. So, when will the English version of various applications and our flagship sites like Nyworld be ready? As I said, I’m going to present this D-Tab at the IFA at the end of this month. We have to demonstrate to people all over the world, so by then the English version should be complete.”

CEO Jung smiled.

“It has already been prepared. All programs made by Hongin Media are made with consideration for overseas expansion. Preparing the English version is basic. The only outsourced program, Haehungeul, has already been received in both Korean and English versions.”

Man, I really like the way you do things.

“haha. Also! This is Mr. Jung. It’s nice that I don’t need two words.”

I said to the two of them.

“Then, the two of you will cooperate well so that D-Tab’s preparations for the IFA entry will not be a problem, so please take care until the very end.”

It was the day when Hwang Jung-ki, the head of the money management team, reported the investment status.

“The present value of the stocks invested by Damoye is about 123 billion won as of yesterday’s close. My funds have grown quite a bit, so I’m going to try to invest a little more aggressively by subtracting some. Of this, 20 billion won will be converted into cash tomorrow and exchanged. As candidates, we are considering IT-related companies such as Silver Bank, which have made huge profits in the past.”

IT department?

If so, there are suitable stocks.

“Captain Hwang. Have you ever heard of a company called Doeum?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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