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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 90

Episode 90. Tiger and rabbit.

Vice Chairman Jin said.

“Representative Kang.”

“Do you think the LCD TV will come out without any problems?”

“sure. At the beginning of next month, the products to be exhibited at IFA will be ready. Come see it sometime then. You’ll be surprised. haha.”

“..okay. Don’t expect it.”

However, Vice Chairman Jin’s voice seemed to have calmed down a bit.

“Vice President. What’s wrong with you?”

“.. would you like a drink?”

“..the TV division hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.”

“haha. don’t be scared I’m not going to ask Kang to drink, so I just called to be a friend.”

“Where are you? I will go now.”

“Come to Maesong Restaurant in Jangchung-dong.”

30 minutes later, in front of Maesong Restaurant.

Thought it wasn’t a fancy restaurant.

But it must be such a shabby shop.

There was a lot of rust on the signboard.

The inside was small enough to fill up with about 10 people.

Push the sliding door aside.

Vice-Chairman Jin was seen sitting alone with a fricative sound.

“Vice President!”

Vice Chairman Jin, who was pouring soju into an empty glass, without any snacks, raised his head.

“I’m here? sit down.”

“yes. But why are you drinking alone? Who is the chief of staff?”

“I sent it first. big.. write write. I’m really drunk today.”

Vice Chairman Jin frowned after pouring out the soju at once.

“Let’s have some snacks together. Boss~”

Vice Chairman Jin waved his hand.

“Leave it. Because this is a place where there are no snacks in the first place.”

“Then move to another place. I will let you go.”

At that moment, I heard my grandfather’s voice from the kitchen.

“okay. As he said, go fast! Don’t bother people anymore.”

Even at the owner’s blunt remarks, Vice Chairman Jin smiled kindly.

“haha. mister. What this guy didn’t know. Never mind.”

“Whether I knew it or did it, I was bothered by it. Go quickly.”

Vice Chairman Jin still had an innocent face.

“I’ll just add two more bottles and go. So please be patient.”


No more talking from the kitchen.

Vice-Chairman Jin continued his work.

If there were snacks, I would pick them up and eat them.

It was very uncomfortable to do nothing and just sit still.

In the end, he grabbed an empty glass and handed it to Vice Chairman Jin.

“Give me a drink, too.”

“like. Did you decide to accompany me for a drink today?”

“It will be difficult until you get it, but we will persevere as much as we can.”

“haha. good posture ruler!”

We continued the conversation, giving or receiving a drink.

“The Baekwoo group collapsed not too long ago. I’ve had a pretty special relationship with the president over there. He was about ten years older than me, and he was a great person who made himself up differently from me, but he had a lot in common.”

It was only then that I could guess the reason why Vice Chairman Jin’s face was somber.

Baekwoo Group.

He had affiliates in various fields such as the electronics/electric industry, shipbuilding, and automobiles.

It was a huge conglomerate that was called as one of the four largest groups in Korea along with Hwanseong, Gowon, and RG.

Baekwoo Group Chairman So Myung-hwan shouted immortality even when the IMF financial crisis hit.

He showed confidence that this crisis was nothing.

In the end, the year could not be over, and in August, the group disbanded as the entire group fell into a workout state.

Since then, Chairman So Myung-hwan himself has been under investigation by the prosecution for a large-scale accounting fraud case.

I fled overseas as of yesterday.

He became an internationally wanted criminal.

Chairman So, who became a wanted man from the chairman of a giant conglomerate, seemed to have touched Vice Chairman Jin’s heart.

“You must feel bad.”

“okay. I’ve been living my life with the sole purpose of becoming the chairman of the Gowon Group, and I suddenly think that my goal was not in vain. Even if I become the group’s president, I may fall down like Chairman So at any time, but I think I’m just looking ahead.”

That’s creepy.

Vice-Chairman Jin must have said something he didn’t know.

If he hadn’t been involved with me, his fate would not have been much different from that of President So.

In the end, though, he succeeds in taking the place of group president.

The main subsidiaries, Construction and Electronics, are collapsing.

The rest of the rogue affiliates were all taken away by the brothers, and I was sent to prison for slush funds.

“I don’t know what fate is, but I don’t think Vice-President So will become like Chairman So.”

“Huh. How can CEO Kang guarantee that?”

“Because there is a big difference between Vice President and President So.”

“What difference?”

“President So did not meet me, but Vice-President did meet me.”

Vice-Chairman Jin smiled as if he was pleasantly surprised at those words.

“Shh. These words were not meant to comfort me, but to brag about themselves.”

I replied with a natural-looking face.

“You can think of it that way. In any case, the Vice-President will not become like Chairman So, so rest assured.”

“okay? Hearing President Kang’s words, I think that’s really the case. haha. I feel better. Come on, get a drink.”

Well. Did you just comfort me?

Suddenly the pace rises.


Then the kitchen door of the dining room opened and an old man who looked over seventy came out.

“huh! A kid who doesn’t know anything just wipes his mouth. And you, a vice president, do you believe in the words of such a con artist and do your best?”

The unfriendly store owner who doesn’t even have snacks is now even attacking him personally?

I must have gotten a little drunk, too, and I opened my mouth as I stared at the old man.

“president. When did you say you saw me as a scammer? Aren’t you being too harsh?”

At my words, Vice Chairman Jin stopped me with a bewildered face.

“Chairman Kang. Originally, he was a bit of a talker. You understand.”

“sorry. Vice President. I’m not that kind of person, so I can’t stand being hurt for no reason. I have to say something.”

The old man continued to say goodbye.

“Leave it alone. Let me hear more of what you want to say.”

“Everything I have said to the Vice President so far is true. If the vice-president had not met me, within a few years, the group’s symbol of construction and electronics would have been lost, and he would have been in a very difficult position.”

“Lost construction and electrons? Don’t say nonsense. Construction and the former cannot be touched by others due to the ownership structure.”

“You don’t lose it because someone else takes it away. Construction and electronics will collapse on their own.”

“..Are you saying that even if it goes bankrupt, the ownership will be transferred to the creditors?”

“I am. This is how you show that you don’t know anything. Construction never collapses. How good is the order performance from overseas? Besides, the former is a bit difficult right now, but we are providing adequate support to each affiliate. If the semiconductor economy improves, we will be able to pay off our debts immediately.”

“Thousands of words. That overseas order will ruin the construction. The Iraq War in 1990, the receivables from the Middle East must be over 2 trillion, so don’t hide that. It will explode in two years at the latest. And if I hadn’t intervened, even the former wouldn’t be able to survive until the semiconductor industry improves. Debt accumulation is going to be staggering. It would be unacceptable for creditors.”

After I finished my words, there was silence for a while.

It was then that I realized that I had made a mistake.

‘Ouch. Information that will be released in the future, but not now. I just said everything because of this guy’s drunkenness.’

I’m blaming myself for making me buy unnecessary doubts.

The old man suddenly laughed out loud.

“Chuckle. look at this guy Everyone, you’re looking right through!”

Vice Chairman Jin laughed bitterly as if he had guessed the fate of the group.

“It’s also representative of Kang. I knew it all.”

Fortunately, I guess what I said wasn’t very secret information.

There was no sign of doubt on their faces.

The old man spoke.

“Preference. Where the hell did you get this guy from? Even a young guy with one eye is truly amazing.”

“…I didn’t bring it, but my ugly bastard brought it. A guy who only grazes on grass is a friend and he came with a tiger.”

“Rabbit and tiger are friends… There are only two cases where this can happen. Either the tiger is mistaken for a rabbit or is trying to do so. Which one are you?”

The old man I met for the first time today recognized my identity at a glance.

“…to put it bluntly, it can be said that it is closer to the latter.”

“I don’t understand. Do tigers need to live with rabbits? Tigers have to live with tigers. Why are you making such a useless effort?”

“I don’t really like tigers who are rough and have bad personalities. I like cute and kind rabbits. I will live with the rabbits for the rest of my life.”

The old man laughed again.

“Shh. He’s an odd one.”

He stopped laughing and looked at Vice Chairman Jin.

“It has been two years since my brother passed away. I honestly thought our group was over then. As expected, watching what your brothers are doing just made me sigh. But at the last moment, heaven helped. To have a guy like this.”

“I think so too. To be honest, if I hadn’t met CEO Kang, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to survive this time. And in the end, I must have watched the construction and electronics collapse with both hands.”

“Huh. Of course it was. Anyway, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll give you some special snacks. You, the tiger in this rabbit mask. What do you want to eat?”

“..can I say anything?”

“Tell me anything. Only what works will come out.”

“..just make a simple golbaengi seasoning.”

“Fuch. Golbeng is uncooked. this is true That’s what my brother and I liked. The more I look at him, the more he reminds me of my brother. Anyway, wait a minute. I will give it to you soon.”

After the old man entered the kitchen, Vice Chairman Jin opened his mouth.

“Maybe things will turn out well thanks to CEO Kang.”

“The person who entered the kitchen right now is Vice Chairman Lee Woo-kyung, who contributed to the founding of the Gowon Group. He has quite a bit of stake in the group, and he has a lot of influence, especially since there are many people who follow him in each affiliate. Perhaps if Vice-President Lee raised one of our brothers, the group president would have made a decision right away.”

“..why does such a person run such a shabby shop?”

“When my father passed away, he also lost all motivation and left the group. This is the place he inherited from his mother, so he is attached to it. Of course, because the boss is the president, there is no business. Instead, it’s quiet because there are no customers, so it’s good to come alone and have a drink.”

Vice Chairman Jin chuckled a little and continued.

“When I came, they never served snacks, but CEO Kang must have really liked it. If we do well, we might be able to get you back to the group.”

After that, the conversation continued a little longer.

Vice Chairman Lee grabbed a plate and sat down at the table.

“ruler. The snack came out. I will shoot the snacks, so you should shoot the alcohol.”

“Is there any possibility? Have a drink.”

While the three of us were exchanging drinks like that, Woo-kyung Lee asked me.

“You’re in charge of the TV division?”

“Are you sure you can do it?”

“If I hadn’t been able to do it, I wouldn’t have taken it.”

This time, Lee Woo-kyung asked Vice Chairman Jin.

“Preference. Do you still have my position in the company?”

Vice Chairman Jin was displeased.

“sure. My uncle’s seat is always empty. Who can take his place?”

“..I haven’t decided yet to come back.”

“a. Don’t do that and come back to this charm. If the uncle comes, the morale of the executives will increase a lot. You’re hostile anyway.”

Lee Woo-kyung glanced at me with curious eyes.

“..not so hostile…”

As if noticing the heart contained in Lee Woo-kyung’s gaze, Vice Chairman Jin continued.

“When you return, you will be able to watch President Kang from a close distance.”


“yes. We will make sure that you receive the performance report from CEO Kang.”

In the end, Lee Woo-kyung nodded.

“..then think about coming back.”

“haha. Thank you. mister.”

Lee Woo-kyung said to me.

“I don’t know if this is a tiger or a rabbit, do well in the future. ‘Cause I’ll be watching If you bluff today, you will regret it greatly.”

One senior has increased.

After that, there was a drinking party.

I was already quite drunk, but after a while I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a ceiling with a pattern that I had seen many times.

‘Where are you?’

When I opened the door and went out, it was a luxurious mansion with a two-story structure, and the structure was also very familiar.

‘Are you sure?’

Taewoo saw me and waved his hand.

“Jaewoon. I woke up early though. I was going to wake you up for class soon.”

..it was also Taewoon’s house.

“Did the vice president bring me yesterday?”

“Didn’t you say anything?”

“Hmm. You didn’t say anything other than that you really liked it, didn’t you?”

Taewoo smiled and continued talking with a funny expression on his face.

“I really did not know that I would live and live, and that there would be a day when my father would come home carrying someone. you are so awesome How did you ever think of getting carried away by your father?”

“..the Vice President came with me?”

“Kuk. okay.”

The young man’s face makes no sense.

I don’t know about the other things, but one drink is no match for me.

It’s a monstrous drink.

Taewoo continued.

“Wash it quickly. Aren’t you going to class?”


I washed up and fell in thought on the way to school.

‘By the way, that Vice Chairman Lee Woo-kyung. He’s someone you’ve never heard of in the future. He seems to have been quietly buried in the original history, but I’ll have to find out what kind of person he is.’

#Early November.

I got a call from the T-Project instrument development manager.

“Director. Tablet PC samples are out.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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