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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 94

Episode 94. New Era.(2)

Seeing people standing in long lines.

Daily Telegraph reporter Jerry felt his curiosity rise again.

‘Why are you doing that again?’

Unlike the booths of large corporations, which are usually several hundred pyeong, most of the startup areas were small booths of about 1 pyeong.

At one of them, people were lining up to do something.

As Jerry came closer, he was startled.

Because the fortune I was looking for was there.

‘Ah, is this everyone’s booth?’

Jaewoon was there explaining the laptop-sized electronics.

Beside him, a woman was teaching people how to use the product.

Jerry asked Jaewoon.

“Mr. Kang. What are you doing here, leaving the LCD TV alone?”

“Ah, you are the reporter who had a lot of questions yesterday. haha. What else have you been curious about?”

“That’s right. Now I have another question. Is this the booth that has something to do with Mr. Kang?”

Jaewoon continued, showing the tablet PC to Jerry.

“yes. This is a booth introducing D-Tab, a new product from our company.”

“The company we’re talking about here isn’t Kowon Electronics, but the company called Damoyo, right?”

“yes. Right.”

“Hmm. It’s not possible to hold a concurrent position in a regular company, but it’s interesting.”

“Usually it is. It’s hard to explain in detail, but I’m in a special situation.”

“..okay. Anyway, that’s not a big deal, what kind of product is the D-Tab? Is it as special as an LCD TV?”

“That’s right. reporter. Do you know the touch screen?”

“It is a product made to be used only with the touch screen by removing the keyboard from the existing laptop.”

“Did you remove the keyboard?”

Jae-Woon brought up the virtual keyboard and typed the words ‘Welcome to Damoyeo World’, and the characters appeared on the screen quickly.

Jerry exclaimed in surprise.

“Wow! The sensitivity is very good. Can I press once?”

“sure. Press.”

Jerry taps the D-Tab’s screen a few times, then takes the PDA out of his bag and sets it aside.

He tried pressing the PDA and D-Tab at the same time, and the reaction speed was noticeably different from anyone looking at it.

Jerry gave a look of admiration.

“Hey. The PDA I’m using is quite the latest model, but it can’t be compared.”

“haha. Normal touch can’t have this kind of performance. This is possible because new technologies developed by our company are applied.”

Jerry asked with a look of interest.

“What kind of technologies are new technologies?”

“First of all, the touch screen is a mutual capacitance type. Thanks to this technology, this is possible.”

Jaewoon posted a picture and spread his index and thumb wide open.

The picture magnified in an instant and filled the screen.

And as soon as Jae-Woon clenched his index and thumb, it quickly returned to its original state.

Jerry couldn’t say anything for a moment, thinking he had seen something so amazing.

After a while, Jerry barely opened his mouth.

“It’s great that you can touch just by putting your finger on it, but the way you use it is really shocking. Even with Windows on a PC, I thought it was a very intuitive system, but this goes one step further. It’s so easy that even a 3 year old can understand it. It’s like being a wizard. If you tell them to grow bigger and spread their fingers apart, it will get bigger, and if you say it’s smaller and close your fingers, it will get smaller.”

“We wanted to make D-Tab easy for anyone to use. These are some of the interfaces we devised to do just that. There are many other surprises.”

Jaewoon opened a web browser and connected to the search site ‘Afternoon’ and continued talking.

“ruler. I have access to the internet. Look at my fingers.”

As Jae-Woon flicked his finger up, the search list went down.

If it bounces fast, it’s fast.

Seeing the inertia scrolling that can be slowed down by bouncing slowly, even the speed can be controlled, Jerry closed his mouth again.

After a while, Jerry opened his mouth with some thoughts.

“Well. This is also a very intuitive UI (User Interface). And above all else, it seems to be optimized for Internet web surfing. With this UI, there would be no need for a separate mouse.”

“you’re right. And the benefits of D-Tab aren’t just in the UI. Can you see the round part here?”

“This is the camera lens.”

“Is it this small?”

“yes. You can also take pictures like a digital camera with the D-Tab.”

When Jae-Woon pressed the round icon, it clicked and a photo was taken.

“Well, how are you? It’s not as good as the latest digital cameras out today, but it’s good enough to look at, right?”

“It is.”

Jerry felt that the process of sending photos by connecting a digital camera to a laptop, which he had taken for granted until now, suddenly felt cumbersome.

“..after taking a picture like this, I can post it on the internet right away.”

“Yes. If only there was a LAN cable nearby.”

Jerry smiled in surprise.

“haha. Until recently, I thought I was living in the future I imagined as a child. It has become an era of carrying around a computer and taking pictures with a digital camera to easily post articles. But you can see this. The real future starts now.”

“you’re right. This D-Tab will get smaller and smaller in the future. When it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and even has wireless data networks, a lot of things will change.”

Taking pictures with a D-Tab smaller than the palm of her hand and imagining surfing the Internet, Jerry felt a thrill rising from the tip of her waist.

“..if you can really get your hands on something like this, a new era will open.”

“..and D-Tab’s UI has already assumed such a situation, isn’t it?”

Jerry smirked with a half-passed face.

“her. Because LCD TVs aren’t enough, they’re putting out such a huge product. How can Mr. Kang be like this? Have you ever kidnapped and locked up aliens and tried to extract technology?”

“haha. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was such a convenient way? The TV and this D-Tab are the results of putting our heads together with other people and contemplating every day. The process was not that easy.”

Jerry couldn’t understand his words.

“..even though it is. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world do that. However, there are only two places with such products. But apparently both of these have something to do with Mr. Kang. Then you have to think that there is something special about Mr. Kang.”

“Come to think of it, there is something a little special about it.”

“Is that right? What is it?”

“haha. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that. It’s a trade secret.”

said Jerry, who had a baby.

“Don’t do that, give me a hint.”


“please. As I have seen since then, I am affiliated with the Daily Telegraph, the UK’s top daily newspaper. I will write an article about this D-Tab as well.”

“Are you going to write a good article?”

Jaewoon opened his mouth pretending not to win.

“Can I really just give you a hint?”


“The hint is belief in the future.”


That was a very vague answer.

‘Belief in the future? What is it?’

Jerry looked disappointed.

Jaewoon didn’t give any further details.

Reluctantly, I decided to put aside that curiosity and ask another question.

“Why are these people lining up now?”

“Oh, those guys are lining up to play the game right now. If the booth was wide, several people would be able to do it at once, but unfortunately the booth is so small.”

“..to play games? What the hell kind of game is this?”

“Rather than explaining this, you will find out sooner if you go together.”

Jerry, with his fortune, approached the people playing the game on the D-Tab.

There were too many people, so I saw a scene where they only put their necks on the game.

It was a simple game in which a character with a wooden stick hit a falling stone.

It was embarrassing to even call it a game compared to the flashy games that are coming out these days.

The man in his 40s who was actually playing the game was so engrossed in the game that he didn’t even know who was watching.

Seeing that, Jerry asked.

“Is that so much fun?”

When the man didn’t answer, Jerry asked again.

“Are you enjoying that game?”

The man frowned and looked at Jerry.

“Oh, really, it was an important moment, so why did you tell me… huh? Mr Brown?”

“Mr. Sato?”

Jerry was startled.

It was because the man in front of him was Hiroshi Sato, an executive at the Japanese game giant Toei.

Toei was famous for the Three Kingdoms series and the Age of Discovery series.

It wasn’t usually the place to be interested in a small startup like this.

Hiroshi gave a look of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry for this. Without realizing it, I was so focused on the game.”

“..no. But did you enjoy that simple game so much?”

Hiroshi nodded without hesitation.

“The game is simple, but it’s not very easy either. It is a well-balanced game that anyone can enjoy easily on a suitable difficulty level. Especially with this touch screen, it works very well. Until now, I thought that a game had to be a game machine with sticks and buttons to have a better taste, but now I have changed my mind a bit.”

“..was it such a great game?”

“Rather than the game itself was great, the synergy was very good when combined with the UI called touch screen. Seeing this synergy makes me greedy.”

“Are you greedy?”

“yes. It’s the desire to release the game we’re making now for this D-Tab, not for game consoles.”

“Are you talking about the True Three Kingdoms Warriors?”

Hiroshi nodded his head.

“yes. Originally, it was planned to be released for Shawnee’s PlayStation, but now it is quite troublesome. I think this touch UI will go well with our Jin Samguk Warriors.”

“Isn’t development already underway for the PlayStation for a while?”

“you’re right. However, it is not yet complete, and it is not difficult because only the underlying OS needs to be changed.”

That’s what Hiroshi said.

Even to Jerry, an outsider, it was a decision that seemed like a gamble.

Because Toei games are not made for general PCs.

The game itself should be fun.

Above all, there should be a lot of dedicated game machines that can play the game.

It would be nice if the D-Tab sold a lot, but if it didn’t sell well, even Toei could sink.

‘Are you saying that Mr. Sato was attracted to D-Tab to the point where he thought about it like this? How fun was the game…’

Jerry’s curiosity about D-Tab grew again.

“Mr. Kang. A game Mr. Sato played a while ago. Can I give it a try?”

Jaewoon said with a smile.

“haha. Sure. You can line up behind that.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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