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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 8

Episode 8. Assembly computer business.(2)

Daewon remembered the first time the sports head in front of him came.

“Aren’t you thinking of working with me?”

it wasn’t funny

I didn’t know each other normally, and a guy who hasn’t even graduated from high school said to start a business as soon as he saw his face.

I thought he was joking, or that he was a little short-sighted.

So I tried to chase him away, but what he did afterward caught his interest.

“Hyung, what are you organizing right now, isn’t it Perfect V?”

He knew the new parts better than he did, and he was good at getting customers into the store.

It was a time when there weren’t many customers anyway, so I decided to listen to him more.

The more we talk, the more ‘this guy is not an ordinary high school student.’ I had a strong feeling that

He could not readily agree to the idea of ​​starting a business of selling assembled computers together.

In his common sense, selling assembled computers nationwide without a sales network was an unrealistic proposal.

If there is nothing in front of you, who would trust the words of a stranger and place an order?

Originally, we had to finish the conversation around that time and let him go.

“I will play part-time until you recognize me.”

I didn’t like the guy who was strangely friendly to the subject I met for the first time, so I pretended not to win and accepted it.

I had no expectations for the business of selling assembled computers that he had proposed.

I thought I would just get tired of doing that, but to my surprise, in his hands, the results he thought were impossible were in his hands.

Daewon had no choice but to admit that Jaewoon now deserves a conversation on an equal footing with him.

“..I don’t know what method you used, but I know that your suggestion to start a partnership is not an outrageous suggestion. I got an order once, so I can do it twice.”

When I showed him solid evidence that it was a deposit, his attitude changed quickly.

His eyes were more serious than before.

“Absolutely. This is just the beginning. The number of orders will increase day by day.”

“therefore? What are you going to do next?”

“I will set up a corporation.”

“corporation? Are you going to start a company?”

“..so you think this business is going to grow big enough to have to be incorporated?”

He did not intend to establish a corporation simply with the sale of assembled computers in mind.

Just because you initially sold assembled computers, there was no reason to keep selling assembled computers in the future.

I was thinking of creating a complex online shopping mall dealing with multiple products as well as computer parts.

The older brother had a questioning expression on his face, but he did not stop talking.

“Well, if you are lucky, as you said, this business will grow large enough to have to set up a corporation. Specifically, how do you plan to do business?”

“I will be in charge of creating a sales network and taking orders. From sourcing parts to assembling and shipping products, I want you to take care of your brother. I think the stake is 8 and my brother is 2. ”

“Huh, in a word, you’re going to run your business, so do the rest for me? Even my stake is only two?”

“..to put it bluntly, yes.”

He spoke like his brother growled.

“This child. Who do you see as a hogu? If it’s a partnership like that, I can’t do it.”

“Hey, kid, you’re in a hurry. Listen to me more. Do you know how much sales I made today?”

“..how old are you?”

“It’s 470 million won.”

The average daily sales of Kcom stores are about 1 million won.

Of course, when it comes out a lot, there are times when it comes out close to 2 million won, but there were not many days like that.

As soon as the specific amount came out, the strength in his eyes loosened a little.

“..I got quite a lot.”

“Is that right? But this is nothing. In a month, your daily sales will increase tenfold.”

Surprised, his brother’s voice grew louder.

“Wow, ten times?”

“yes. That’s also kept to a minimum.”

While waiting for the deposit, I took a quick look at the piles of notes and messages, and found that the number of parts-related inquiries was more than double that of yesterday.

It’s only been a day since Diablo was released.

At this pace, it was only a matter of time for 3 orders per day to become 30.

My brother shook his head with a suspicious look.

“Maybe, since we sold it once, we can sell it in the future, but I don’t think it will be tenfold.”

“That’s because you’ll find out in time. Now, I will give you the option.”


“yes. If you do not want to do business with me under the same conditions as before, you can simply supply the parts.”

“Only hand over the parts to you… Then what about the margin?”

“We will give you 10% of the cost.”

Before the WWW Internet became popular, consumers at that time had little information about the price of parts.

For this reason, there were many stores that took a margin of 40-50% even within the Seonin Shopping Mall, and some stores took a margin approaching 100% of the cost in severe cases.

However, KCom’s margin was relatively conscientious, around 20% to 30%.

It was also a margin based on the retail unit price for small-volume purchases, so 10% was not a low margin for large-volume purchases like me.

“It’s not a bad margin. Really? Even if I don’t do business with you, I’ll get the parts from you.”

“sure. His older brother has helped him so far, and he should do that.”

When the proposed plan didn’t look bad, he made a face that said he was worried.

“Even though the second condition was not bad, I dared to bring up the story of a partnership because I thought it would be more profitable to do business with you, right?”

“yes. If you are in a partnership, 20% of the total profit generated by the corporation is your brother’s share. By the way, I do not intend to sell only assembled computers.”

“Does that mean you’re going to sell something else?”

“Yes, it’s a sales network we’ve just created, but it’s a waste to sell only assembled computers. We will build credit by selling assembled computers, and we will use that to sell other products.”

Once the online shopping (e-commerce) business was complete, my first goal was achieved.


As if the troubles deepened, the older brother entered the django.

Actually, I don’t know, but this was a very good suggestion.

Although it was not that there were no online shopping sites even now, there were not many users due to various problems such as inconvenient access.

This means that e-commerce is a blue ocean with no strong competitors yet.

If we can dominate this field, even if it is a 20% stake, the stake alone will have the same value as the entire dragon.

Daewon made this suggestion to hyung first because he knew he was a trustworthy person from a past relationship.

If I finally refused, I didn’t mean to forcefully drag you in.

The older brother, who was in deep thought, raised his head.

“Let’s try it. That business.”


It wasn’t even an offer to invest a lot of money, but it would be foolish to keep refusing it.

You can try it and fold it anytime if there is no hope.

My brother also agreed, but it’s probably not because I’m confident that the business will grow as I said.

I must have thought ‘it wouldn’t be bad to try it once’ and did ok.

“Fufu, well thought out.”

My brother shot me with a sullen face.

“Don’t laugh, man. Do you still laugh when you throw me a condition that is nothing like a slave contract?”

I shrugged.

“Are you the one who got it? I did not force it.”

“So that’s it. I feel like I’ve been scammed, now.”

“So? will you bite me? We haven’t signed the contract yet, so we still have a chance to be bitten.”

His brother shook his head in pain.

“.. groan. done.”

“Brother, I promise you one thing. I made this choice today, and I will never regret it.”

My brother made an astonishing expression on his face.

“What in the world do you believe in so much confidence?”

believe in the future

I know the answer, but it’s strange that I’m not confident.

“Um, how do you feel?”



“Don’t laugh, because I love you.”

“yes. Whoops”

A week has passed since I signed a business contract with my brother.

“Oh, my eyes hurt.”

I took my eyes off the monitor for a moment and turned my face toward the ceiling.

As soon as the saline solution was poured, the stiffness in the eyes subsided a little.

When I looked at the monitor again, there were hundreds of unread messages and notes piled up.

“Huh, how long do I have to do this?”

In addition to the Diablo Quest guide, which has been steadily uploaded during that time, the notes and messages were increasing in real time thanks to the reviews of those who ordered the assembled computer on the bulletin board.

Even though I couldn’t check the game-related messages and read only the parts-related messages, I couldn’t digest all the messages accumulated that day.

Still, it was comforting to know that I wasn’t lonely because I had comrades who went through this pain together.

I glanced to the side and saw Daewon poking with his brother with blood in his eyes.

“Songwon! This ram is not connected properly. Won’t you come to your senses?”

“I’m sorry. I will do it again.”

Not long ago, Soongwon, who had been hired as a part-time assembly worker, was being scolded by his brother.

I don’t know exactly if the shock of breaking up with Diablo has not gone away, or if the stress has increased due to too much work.

Daewon hyung these days has been very sensitive.

Because of that, only part-timers were dying.

‘Ugh, that hyung has a lot of trouble too.’

He quietly prayed for rest for his part-timer hyung, whose soul was being robbed.

The number of assembly computer orders, which started with three orders on the first day, has already exceeded 30 orders a day after a week has passed.

Now, in the Kcom store, there was no such thing as the quiet atmosphere of the past, where customers had to come from far away.

I can only feel the tension reminiscent of a battlefield.

The front of the store was full of parts boxes and computers being assembled, so there was no room for footsteps.

Daewon hyung urgently wanted two part-time college students to meet the increased supply, but in my view, this was the limit.

I couldn’t see and called my brother.

“Brother, calm down and talk for a moment.”

He took a few deep breaths and sat down next to me.

“why? We still have only half of the amount we need to hit today. If you have something to say, keep it short.”

“The hyung and the three part-timer hyungs are all doing the parts quantity matching, assembling, final testing, and even shipping. Isn’t it hard?”

“Are you tired. But what if I have to match the order quantity? It has to be hard.”

“Are you going to be okay with this? I have managed to survive until now, but it seems to me that it is no longer unreasonable.”

“Then what shall we do? I want to hire more people right away, but I can’t.”

“Even so, it’s not like this. Above all else, the burden on my brother is too great. Are you sleeping these days?”

“Sleep. An hour or two?”

this person really

He sighed and spoke.

“Wow, then, if hyung collapses, this business will collapse as well. You know?”

At the exaggerated remarks, the older brother pounded his chest.

“don’t worry. I’m still in my 20’s Don’t fall over with this much.”

This guy still hasn’t come to his senses.

He frowned and spoke.

“Hyung, you are well aware that this is not a business that will be closed after a month or two. If you are a representative, you must thoroughly manage your health like a representative.”

Damoye Co., Ltd.

It was the name of the corporation we established.

I had more shares.

When I was young, there was room for other people to look down on me, so Daewon hyung decided to take over as the representative.

My brother asked if he couldn’t just ignore the words of the first shareholder.

“..what do we do then?”

“How about doing this?”

I whispered to my brother in a low voice so that others would not hear.

When I finished my words, my brother asked in a surprised voice.

“What? Giving up on assembly, what do you mean?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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