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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 9

Episode 9. Online shopping mall.(1)

“It’s pretty. Let’s give up on assembling ourselves.”

“..you mean to close the business now?”

“no. Why are you closing this good business? It’s a yard that we worked hard to create a sales network for.”

“Am I not understanding what you are saying? We need to sell an assembly computer, but give up on assembling it. How do you give up on assembly if you’re not going out of business?”

“To be precise, we don’t want to assemble it ourselves. There are a lot of people who can assemble it for us.”

“Where do you think there is someone to assemble for us? I didn’t have anyone, so I hired two part-timers… Oh, no way?”

Now that my brother noticed, he turned his gaze to the other store.

“Right. Computer-specialized stores are widely spread around here in Yongsan. I think there are a lot of people you know who are leisurely, but wouldn’t it be a good thing for each other if we placed an order there?”

“.. I see what you mean. So you’re saying it’s some kind of subcontracting? to another store.”

“yes. If we take the finished product, check it, and then send it out, our work will give you a lot of work. It will also reduce the burden on my brother a lot.”

After thinking for a while, the older brother asked.

“If you do as you say, it will be a lot less work. But as much as we subcontract, our profits will also decrease, but is that okay?”

“You have to endure that. If you are too greedy from the start, you will get away with it.”

“..the first major shareholder should do that. It’s very sad.”


If you assemble it yourself and sell it, you can get an additional 10% margin right away, but it was a shame for hyung.

However, in a broad sense, it was difficult for a business with this structure to make and sell finished products directly, unless it was of a reasonable size.

Of course, it would be a different story if it could be scaled up, but that would require a lot of capital.

It is said that it is much more advantageous for a company with poor capital such as ‘Damoye’ to leave a margin through distribution rather than direct production.

“Fufu, don’t be too sad. Because this is the right direction.”

Even with my words, he couldn’t easily let go of his regrets.

“I don’t know. Is this really the right direction?”

you are young young

He is nine years older than me, but Daewon hyung is still only in his 20s.

While I was contemplating how to comfort him, my older brother continued.

“But if you say so, trust me for now. “

uh? Why is this hyung so obedient?

Is it because of the influx of orders this week?

Anyway, that’s good.

It means that my words are slowly starting to gain strength.

From now on, it will be easier to talk with hyung.

“Thank you for trusting me. brother.”

The older brother patted his nose with a humble expression.

“What, thank you. Then, the numbers are stamped out on the bankbook, so do you have the guts to not believe it?”

“Fufu, trust me and follow me from now on. I will show you a new world.”

“Please do. I’ve closed all the burial and I’m all in on this now, but if this goes wrong, you’ll die and I’ll die, you know?”

“Do not worry. That will never happen.”

We finished up to that day’s supply and handed over all orders received from the next day to other stores.

Since then, our burden has greatly diminished, and Daewon hyung’s face has returned with peace of mind.

And although it wasn’t what I intended, rumors spread that he was a big-handed water drinker, and the rank of a member of the Seonin Shopping District was greatly elevated.

Time passed and it was the end of March.

“I have come.”

When I opened the office door and entered, the employees who were testing the quantity to be shipped today greeted me.

“Hello, Director.”

“hello. Who is your boss?”

“There is a problem with the goods received from Cain Electronics, so they are going out there.”

“okay? What is the matter?”

“I received the product, but I keep getting a booting error.”

“How many?”

“I got 8, and 4 of them are in trouble.”

Huh, the defect rate is 50%.

At this point, both ability and sincerity were a problem.

In the midst of this busy schedule, Daewon hyung had to chase after him.

It must be difficult to see the CEO of Ga-in Electronics again.

A little while ago, my older sister Hanmi, who was selected as an accountant, suggested coffee to me.

“Director. Have a cup of coffee.”

“I will drink. sister”

As I came in with my school bag bare, my sister covered her mouth and laughed as I looked awkward.

“Yes, ho ho”

Since I gave up on direct assembly, there was no reason to be in Yongsan because the store took care of the supply and demand for parts and assembly.

It was noisy due to a large floating population, and the rent was not cheap, so I rented an office in a nearby building without a store.

However, even after moving, the order volume has steadily increased, reaching an average of 50 orders per day.

Thanks to this, work increased again, and two college graduates were officially hired instead of part-timers, and an accountant in charge of administrative processing was also selected.

My title was Director, but when I found out that I was young, the staff treated me at first.

Because of that, I couldn’t speak well, so there were a lot of inconveniences at work.

When I was in a conflict over whether I should overthrow everything and hire a new one, Daewon hyung gathered all the staff and said just one word.

“Even if Director Kang is young, he is the number one shareholder of our company. Let’s be polite. Unless you want to leave.”

After that, the hierarchical relationship was properly established, making it easier to work.

In particular, male employees in their 20s greeted me politely whenever they saw me.

As I was sitting down and checking the messages from the previous day, a member of the crew with a recalled face came in.

“Are you lucky?”

“Yes, are you on the way to Ga-in Electronics?”

“You heard it too. I’m not funny Ga In Electronics, that bald man, I didn’t see it that way, but he didn’t have a cub.”

“I checked and found that some of the parts were used. The hard disk was also used, so there was a commotion.”

The moment I heard those words, my heart sank.

“Crazy, you mean you did that to us, who are in the same industry, not just passers-by?”

It’s good to know in advance, but it would have been a big problem if this had gone out as it is.

Even the word “yangachi” was a waste for that man.

“okay. I heard that the financial situation is difficult these days, but I didn’t know that they would commit such a reckless thing. “

Anger rose with a sense of crisis that the hard-prepared project was about to run aground from the start.

“Brother, is there any way to return something? I think it would be very embarrassing if I stayed like this.”

“Anyway, the notice was spread all over the mall. If you are sane, there will be no more merchants dealing with Gain Electronics in the future.”

“Will that be enough? We almost went out of business, and we have to pay for it.”

My brother lightly tapped my shoulder.

“That is enough. Sooner or later, Ga-in will be expelled. This Yongsan is not a good place to survive even after turning all the nearby merchants into enemies.”

Those words loosened up a bit.

“Then I’m happy. But because of Gain Electronics, there were 8 holes, can you meet today’s supply?”

My brother shook his head.

“There is no other way today. I can only delay one day. I’m sorry, but you contacted the guests and apologized for being one day late. “

“That’s all I can do. It won’t happen again, will it?”

“This was my mistake. There is no law telling me to be honest with others just because I am honest, but because I have no experience, all of these things happen to me. From tomorrow onwards, we will send an employee to the store to thoroughly check whether new items are used.”

In a way, it might be a good thing.

Daewon hyung and me were still novice when it came to business.

Later, when the scale of the business grew, if such an accident occurred, the damage could have been enormous.

I was thinking of getting vaccinated in advance.

“By the way, do you know what day it is today?”

“today? let’s stay still Today is March 31, what special day is the last day of March? I don’t know.”

“It’s a special day.”

“okay? What day is it?”

“It’s the end of the month.”

“I am again. What’s special about the deadline? We didn’t do anything special that day.”

“Whoa, you know what companies usually do, right? We will do it now.”

“What do you mean?”

“The end of the month. Aren’t you wondering how much money I made this month?”

When the money story came out, his eyes changed.

“Of course I’m curious. Have you already sorted out the results for this month?”

“yes. I just finished tidying up.”

“okay? How much did we earn?”

“How much do you think you made?”

“Well, it’s sold quite a bit since the 15th, so I think it will be around 50 million won.”

“Voila, that’s our revenue this month.”

The moment I showed the Excel table to my brother, his eyes fluttered slightly.

– ₩ 132,307,000

“One, ten, one hundred… ten million, billion? What? Jaewoon, am I not wrong? Is this 1 billion? Right?”

When he saw the number, he calmed his brother, who was very excited.

“brother. All the staff are there.”

My brother looked around and coughed in vain.

“Hmm. Hmm.”

“Since hyung’s share is 20%, about 26 million won is his income this month.”

“…26 million won.”

The older brother had a blank expression on his face.

“How much money did you make while running the store last month? 200 million? 300 million? Would you still think that I made a slave contract with you?”

“…if I say that, I have nothing to say. Put people at ease.”

“I’m a narrow-minded guy who doesn’t forget even the slightest grudge. So, don’t make a mistake in front of me. Whoops.”

“okay. Okay, so forget that.”

“Well, you’ve worked hard, so I’ll take a look at it this time.”

“okay. How did I know your resourcefulness would be this good? Now that you know for sure, it’s up to you whether you treat it like a slave or a dog. I will follow you without saying a word.”

I still needed my brother’s help to move the business to the next level, but it worked.

“Really? The word that you follow my words without saying a word?”

“then. “

“Then, there’s one thing you have to do.”

“Check out just one website development company.”

“Website? So you’re talking about a World Wide Web-based site, right?”

It was fortunate.

The World Wide Web (WWW) Internet was an unpopular system until then.

As someone in the IT industry, he knew the basic concepts of the Internet.

Then things will be much easier.

I showed thumbs up.

“Right. Brother, please look into the web hosting company as well. Can you do it?”

Web hosting is a service that provides a server and network that people can access through the Internet.

“..I can tell, but does that have anything to do with our business?”

“yes. I told you before. We’re not just selling assembled computers. I was thinking of selling something else soon.”

“Something else?”

“Yes, we only sell assembled computers right now, right?”


“Now, we are going to sell not only assembled computers, but also computer parts and peripherals such as printers, scanners, and copiers.”

“You can still sell parts, but the profits aren’t that great, so you’re only concentrating on assembling computers. If we want to sell parts, we have to pull out more people, and I think the belly button will be bigger than the belly button.”

“If you want to sell directly, yes.”

“Are you going to outsource parts too? If you sell like that, how much margin is left? Besides, margins are margins, but above all else, our hands are the same. “

“It’s not like that. It allows Yongsan stores to do one-on-one direct transactions with consumers across the country, and we only plan to pay commissions in the middle.”

“Do Yongsan stores allow you to do business with consumers across the country? how? No, even if there is a way, shouldn’t we have to go with our own hands anyway?”

“There’s a way we can’t get our hands on.”

“Is there any way? “

“Yes, you can create an online shopping mall.”

The ultimate goal of my first plan, an online shopping mall.

Two things needed to create this online shopping mall were a web site where you could shop and a web hosting service that connects the site to the outside world.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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