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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 7

Episode 7. Assembly computer business.(1)

“Would you like to try it too?”



Well, there was nothing bad about it.

It might be an opportunity to get to know your brother a little more.

“This game is an RPG (role-playing game), different from the existing turn-based games..”

Briefly explained the game and taught how to control the characters.

Diablo can be played only with a mouse, so it was not difficult for beginners to learn.

Not long after teaching, the older brother had a confident expression on his face.

“what? I know it doesn’t matter Did you do such an easy thing with so much effort?”


How long has it been since you learned that the disciple climbs up to the master?

Diablo’s controls were simple, but it wasn’t an easy game.

It makes you realize the difference between theory and practice.

“I think the theory is enough. Would you like to try it?”

After 30 minutes of starting the game, a lot of wrinkles were formed between the eyebrows of the older brother who was staring at the monitor.

Rogue in the screen could not even use his main weapon, the bow properly, and was being lynched by skeletons.

puck. puck.

With a strong hitting sound, the blood pressure reached zero in an instant, and a Game Over message popped up.

It was the third time I had seen him die like that on the first basement floor.

While Rogue was being slaughtered, I filled my quota today by selling two EDO 16M RAM and a Rockwell modem.

My brother looked at me with dissatisfied eyes.

“Didn’t you teach me something?”

“Am I?”

“Yeah, it’s easy when I see you doing it, but I can’t.”

sound natural.

Just because you know how to shoot an arrow doesn’t mean everyone can hit the target.

Even if the operation method was simple, practice was required.

Besides, I don’t know hyung, but it wouldn’t have been easier since the difficulty was set to hard mode.

“Brother, whatever you do, it takes effort. Look what I do.”

Repeated hit and away several times, hitting one skull and then quickly retreating before the rest of the skeletons flocked in.

Shortly after I played, the skeletons of the battlefield were cleaned up.

“Did you see I move the mouse right now?”


“I hit a skull and fall into a place where there are no skeletons before the other skeletons come. That’s the answer. However, the timing and position of the movement are important. It takes practice to really feel it.”

The older brother nodded his head in despair.

“is it? It’s not as easy as it looks.”

“Fufu, do you know now? Then try again.”

After about an hour like that, my brother’s mouse control improved quite a bit, and he finally broke through the group of skeletons.

The older brother got up from his seat with a satisfied face.

“This Diablo game is pretty fun.”

“Yeah, I don’t really like games that much, but this is fun.”

The legendary game Diablo.

You have increased your number of lovers by one in an instant.

When my brother seemed to be in a good mood, I started talking to him.

“Brother, I have something to ask you.”


“Yes, I have to change the VGA card, CPU, RAM, etc. when playing this game. Can I use some of the parts in stock?”

“Are you going to use my parts to play games?”

“yes. I need it to prepare my business.”

Well, this atmosphere is cheap.

I can only make other suggestions.

“If not, I will buy them all. Just do it outside the box.”

Then my brother laughed.

“Okay, man. I think it’s the Diablo tuition, so just use it. I can’t even do that to my brother.”

I was a little impressed.

Well, that’s why I liked this hyung.

“thanks. brother.”

“With that much, whatever, handle it carefully when using it. I’ll use it later when I sell it second-hand.”


A week passed like that.

In the meantime, I have completed the strategy for all of Diablo’s quests, and I’ve compiled all the gameplay characteristics of each part to see how Diablo’s play changes when parts are changed.

And finally, on March 10, Diablo was officially released in Korea.

I looked at the monitor and smiled happily.

“Diablo Characters”….

“Diablo Quest”….

“Diablo Graphics”….

The latest game bulletin board of the Hitel game club Gaeo-dong was covered with articles related to Diablo within a day after it was released.

‘Shall we start slowly now?’

I didn’t tell anyone.

Every morning, as the payphone card on my desk grew red, the pressure I felt grew stronger.

I wanted to get out of the pressure of the card as soon as possible, but the time has come.

The first quest strategy was posted on the bulletin board by dividing the Diablo strategy drafts so far by quest.

The attack method was listed and the contents related to the hardware were added.

– When the CPU Pentium is set to 60hz, I feel a little stuttering. It is recommended to use MMX 120hz or higher.

– A 2D dedicated VGA card is fine, but if you use a 3D accelerated VGA card, the liveliness will be greatly improved.

– For 3D VGA card, we recommend Voodoo I, 3D rage II, Imagine 128 I, etc.

– Diablo’s background is dark overall, so the monitor should have a good CR (Contrast Ratio).

– The monitor is Artmedia TX1864, Sony 17SE recommended.

– The sound card is…

Finally, I ended up with my contacts.

– If you have any questions about games or computer parts, please leave a message or a message to ‘Buffalo 97’.

Soon after, I connected to the Cheollian, Nownuri, and Unitel game clubs and did the same thing.

Within 30 minutes of posting the strategy, notes and messages began to pile up.

‘Huh. Also.’

– Mr. Buffalo 97. How do I go down to the first basement floor?

– Mr. Buffalo 97. I choose to be a warrior, but I keep dying.

Most of them were game-related, but there were also parts-related inquiries.

Dolphin_V : Buffalo 97. Diablo doesn’t work on my computer. The CPU is Pentium 50hz, is it because of that?

He smiled remorsefully.

Whoops, I got it.

– Diablo only runs when the CPU is Pentium 60hz or higher. You must have been using the computer for quite some time. I rarely use 50hz these days.

Dolphin_V: Yes. How did it happen? So what should I do?

– The CPU is upgraded to MMX 120hz and the main board is also old, so you will have to change it together. If you want to change it, it is better to have 16 MB or more of RAM.

Dolphin_V: It’s a big deal. I don’t know about the parts. Do you know of a place that is good at assembling computers? I don’t know of any place. I think it would be too expensive to buy as a finished product.

– Well, I’m selling an assembled computer. We can match you with the lowest price nationwide, and if you place an order, we will send it to you by courier. May I give you a quote?

Dolphin: Is it? That’s good. Then please send me a quote.

On the first day of posting the strategy, there were more than 20 quotation inquiries.

It was already past 9pm by the time I sent all the estimates.

“After that, it’s done.”

hooked. hooked.


In the middle of the sound of arrows being shot and mobs screaming, Daewon-hyung was showing flashy mouse control.

Daewon-hyung has been completely absorbed in Diablo these days to the extent that he has assembled another computer and is using it as a dedicated computer for Diablo.

Watching my brother play games with his business behind the scenes, I even felt a sense of crisis that the store might go bankrupt before my business even got on track.

He didn’t even turn his head, he just nodded his chin.

“It’s funny that I say things like this, but it’s good to play games in moderation.”

The store was in a crisis situation to the extent that these words came out of the mouth of the person who brought his brother to Diablo.

So, how are you going to pay your rent this month? This bastard!

“It’s okay, it’s ending soon.”

But the eyes of the older brother who spoke those words were those of an angler who had been starving for a hundred years.

oh, this is

At least once the ending is over, I’ll raise the difficulty and try again.

It seemed that in order not to change partners, the pace of the business had to be raised a little more.

The next day, the bank opened a passbook to receive payments from computer sales.

I was still underage, so I had to go to the bank with my uncle, who complained about being busy.

On my way home from the bank, my uncle asked.

“You are lucky, are you really ready to work?”

“..I don’t know if I need the money, but can I help you?”

“yes? What does your uncle help you with?”

“The business is pretty good these days, so I can do it up to 2 million won. Can’t you just not do that much work?”

This man, why are you doing this all of a sudden?

“Don’t ask me why. Just take it and use it.”

“Uncle, what do you mean?”

“As expected, I hope you only study, kid.”

“Because I study. You promised I’d be in the top 10, right? I will keep that promise.”

“I say it because of that promise. Even if you don’t make a palm, you can’t really be in the top 10, isn’t it? I think that you are using it for your education, but about 2 million won is not a waste at all.”

200 million won,

That was twice the salary of a new employee at a large corporation at the time.

Although my uncle’s wholesale agricultural business is doing well these days, it was too much money to give to my nephew without asking for any reason.

Uncle’s eyes were filled with concern and concern for me.


“Don’t look at me with that piercing gaze, it’s a burden.”

“thanks. uncle.”

“..are you ready to go out again?”

“..it can’t be.”

It was clear that 2 million won was a lot of money, but that couldn’t even stop the first loan that came back next month.

“Thank you very much, but this time I will try to earn on my own.”

“..Anyway, there are three stubborn people who don’t belong to the Kang clan. do it yourself Now I don’t even know.”

Uncle pretended to be angry and walked forward.

When I saw my uncle’s back like that, I burst into laughter.

I was happy.

To have such good people by my side.

And that there is still a chance to protect those good people.

After making a bankbook, I went to the Kcom store to check the notes and messages.

In a single day, hundreds of inquiries were piled up, and it took over an hour just to check.

Among them, there were as many as five orders for assembled computers that I had been looking forward to.

With a pounding heart, he sent a deposit note and took out a pay phone card from his pocket.

“Uh-huh, this guy will soon fade too.. huh?”

The red flag on the public phone card had already faded noticeably.

“It’s been less than five minutes since I sent the note. Have you already paid for it?”

I checked the ATM right away and the deposit amount was still 0.

“It’s strange. I still haven’t received the deposit, so why is the color pale?”

I don’t know why he faded.

Anyway, that wasn’t a bad sign.

And after 2 hours.

I went back to the ATM and cleared my bankbook.

『 Kim Eun-ju : ₩ 1,230,000

Organic Standard : ₩ 2,452,000

Dominhan : ₩ 755,000

Account balance: ₩ 4,437,000 』

In 3 out of 5 cases, the assembly payment records were clearly stamped in the bankbook.


clenched his fists.

It’s only been three, but it’s only been a day since it started properly.

We will continue to upload the remaining quests in the future, so orders will increase.

As soon as I entered the store, I called my brother out loud.

“brother!! That’s Okay.”

The older brother raised his emaciated face.

“Why are you so fussy today? What will happen?”

“I am ready to start my business today.”


“Oh really. As I said at the beginning. I’m going to sell you a built-in computer.”

“I again, hey, that’s not something you can sell just because you have a heart. Who needs to buy it to sell?”

I stretched out three fingers and waved them in front of my brother.

“So. do not be surprised. I have already placed 3 orders. huh.”

“what? Three?”

“That’s right.”

Daewon gave his brother a suspicious look.

“Maybe… people I’m close to will buy me one later, so what are you doing?”

“They all don’t know. Deposit received. Besides, they were all ordered locally. One came from Changwon, one from Busan, and one from Cheongju.”

When I opened my bankbook and showed the balance of the deposit, Daewon put on an expression that he couldn’t believe his brother.

“It’s crazy… what would someone you know to trust to put a spell on you? What, did you use any magic?”

“Fufu, are you curious?”

My brother nodded.


“I can tell you.”

He sat across from his brother and crossed his legs.

“Before that, there’s one story left for us to finish, right?”

“A story to be finished?”

Until yesterday, I had nothing.

There are currently 3 orders that have completed payment

If you have a weapon, you should use it.

I announced the resumption of negotiations.

“As I said at the beginning. Let’s work together. That was no joke.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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