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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 68

Episode 68. New member.(2)

The day after Hong Mi-hye and Joo-hee came.

I found the LK detective office.

Lee Guk-hyun looked at me and smiled as if it was nice.

“welcome. A large customer. You are still unharmed.”

“This detective is also okay, but of course I’m okay too. how about it? As I said, nothing happened, right?”

He seemed to be terrified for a while because of the investigation behind Chairman Kang-Jin Joo.

He seemed to have dispelled some of his fears now.

“It was, though. I don’t want to have that experience twice. I still get to see who’s following me when I’m walking down the street at night.”

“Unlike what you’ve been up to, you’re very scared.”

Lee Guk-hyun was furious.

“What are you saying? When I was in the Ministry of Security and Security in my old years. If Lee Guk-hyun appeared once…”

As his words seemed to be getting longer, he hung up and handed out Mi-hye Hong’s business card.

“Tell me about the dance story later. Please do some research on this person.”

“Hong Mi-hye from HanCsoft’s development team? You didn’t come here with the business card of the person who left the job, did you?”

“no. Because I’m pretty sure I’m working. Just do your research. You don’t have to be very specific. work skills or interpersonal relationships. Please only find out about family information.”

LK Detective Agency.

Lee Guk-hyun held out the printed paper.

“This is the information you requested. Let’s check it out.”

〚 Name: Hong Mi-hye

Age: 31 years old.

Title: Manager

Corporate Life: Development Team Ace. He doesn’t get along well with his co-workers because of frequent troubles due to childcare, but he is promoted to a manager based on his work performance.

Special: Single mother. 〛

“If you’re a single mother, you mean that you don’t have a father?”

“yes. There is no fact of marriage. I got pregnant unintentionally and had a child, but it seems that they broke up with her father before they even registered their marriage.”

“Have you had any problems with childcare?”

“It has to be. It seems that she had a disagreement with her parents because she didn’t even register for marriage and had a child. I have no one to look after me, so if my child is sick, I have to take a break from work. At that age, the child was often ill. Of course my co-workers didn’t like it.”

“Then, for Hong Mi-hye, childcare is the biggest burden.”

“Perhaps it will.”

I think I’ve found a way to convince her.

“All right. this detective. Thanks for your efforts.”

“Is this enough?”

“Then come again. sir.”

When I woke up in the morning, Joo-hee’s body was a ball of fire.

The cough was also severe.

“Collock! Cologne!”

Hong Mi-hye was barely able to hold back her sigh as she continued to cough.

‘Hold on. It’s not Juhee’s fault.’

There was a project presentation for a client this morning.

Since it was a fairly significant event, I tried to check once again to see if there were any problems before the start.

‘I can’t help it. Leave the inspection to Manager Kim, and there’s a presentation around 10:30, so let’s go until then.’

I contacted the company that I was a little late.

I took Joo-hee to the local pediatrician.

“It’s pneumonia. I think you should be hospitalized.”

At those words, my heart sank.

“Teacher. Are you serious?”

“It’s not very serious. It may get worse suddenly, so it is better to be hospitalized.”

The doctor’s words that it wasn’t very serious calmed me down a bit.

Soon another concern arose.

‘We should be able to find a caregiver quickly.’

Although pediatrics had a caregiver call system.

In some cases, it would take a day or two or more if you suddenly find it.

Although Hong Mi-hye’s heart has become stuffy.

I said goodbye and left the treatment room.

“All right. Teacher. I’ll put you in the hospital.”

She looked at her squeaking daughter with her mask on.

When Hong Mi-hye finds out that Joo-hee is pregnant.

Her parents will be the hump in your life.

You’ll suffer from the lump for the rest of your life, so I persuaded her to delete it before it’s too late.

But she didn’t want to.

In the end, I was stubborn and gave birth to Joo-hee.

Because of that, it has been almost 7 years since I cut off contact with her parents who were disappointed in her.

But my parents were wrong.

Joo-hee became a treasure of life, not a lump of life.

I have no regrets about that decision to give birth to her.

If I had to choose between work and Joo-hee, of course it was Joo-hee.

“Children Joo-hee Hong, guardian of children. The hospital room is ready!”

“yes. Go!”

Hong Mi-hye took Joo-hee’s hand.

“let’s go. hey hey You said you were so sick that you had to be hospitalized.”

Juhee made an impression at those words.

“then. Do I have to get another injection?”

“It must be right. can you star Who hurts like that?”

“Hey. I don’t want to get injections.”

Hong Mi-hye stroked Joo-hee’s cheek.

“daughter. Get an injection and get better soon. You don’t want to keep getting sick like this, do you?”

“..okay. let’s go. Mom.”

Joo-hee, who was receiving fluids in the hospital room, said.

“Mom. It’s okay if I’m alone I’ll be lying quietly in bed, so Mom goes to work.”

What a wonderful thing!

Hong Mi-hye smiled and lightly pinched Joo-hee’s cheek.

“Mom, it’s okay if you don’t go to work. So, don’t worry about unnecessary things and get well soon.”

I went out the hallway and called the caregiver’s office.

I asked if I could send someone now.

About 5 minutes later, I got a reply saying that there is no one right now because there are so many calls today.

‘It’s a big deal.’

Because she was the main presenter of today’s event, if she were absent, many people, including the team leader, would be in trouble.

It was nice to make games at work right now.

Since this happened often, I was slowly starting to feel the limit.

‘Do I really need to start a business? Then at least I can adjust my work schedule freely, right?’

Then there was a call on my cell phone.

Thinking it was a call from work, she pressed the call button with a dark face.

“hello. Manager Hong Mi-hye. This is Jaewoon Kang, whom I met at Daha Building last time.”

“ah. hello. But for what?”

“I have something I want to tell you. Could you give me some time?”

“..Sorry, but my daughter is ill and is in the hospital. It will be difficult today.”

At that moment, Jae-Woon made an unexpected offer.

“I contacted the company and heard that Joo-hee was ill. Haven’t you found a caregiver yet? If you give me 30 minutes, I can save you. My aunt said she was just having a free time.”

“Then, can you come to the hospital? Because I am not in a position to move.”

“Absolutely. Which hospital?”


About 50 minutes later, Jaewoon and his aunt arrived at the hospital.

“Thank you for your time.”

“I am more grateful. As I said, I was in trouble because I couldn’t find a caregiver. Thanks also to my aunt. I will take care of the daily wage.”

At that, my aunt waved her hand.

“Gosh. Baby, I’m sick, but I have a wit that can do this for you. Don’t worry, go to work. Until then, I’ll be watching.”

Joo-hee, who was lying down, saw her fortune, lowered her mask and greeted her.

“hello. mister.”

Jae-Woon looked at Joo-Hee and took out a paper box from his bag.

“hi. I bought you a doll because your uncle was afraid you would be bored. Come on~”

Joo-hee looked at it and made a surprised expression.

“Wow! Is this a dodo doll? I really wanted this. Thank you. mister.”

“okay. I’m telling you to get well soon.”

“yes. I’ll get well soon. Hehe.”

“You can’t bring this with you.”

“I just remembered Joohee on the way home and bought one. It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry too much about it.”

“..thanks anyway.”

“yes. So are you okay now?”

Jaewoon said to his aunt.

“Sun Mrs. I’ll go out for a while. Joohee, please.”

“Okay. Go.”

They moved to the outside break room.

jaeun said

“Did I mention that I am also interested in game development? To be precise, I was looking for a game developer who could make the game I wanted. Originally, I was going to ask if there are any good talents at Hancisoft, but I found out that Manager Hong is the best person.”

Hong Mi-hye waved her hand.

“no. How many people are good at it besides me? It’s just a matter of doing the best you can.”

“Well. Anyway, that’s what I found out. So I mean. Do you have any plans to change the company?”

Mi-Hye Hong first encountered the existence of computers when she was a college student.

Receive a command consisting of 1 and 0, two signals.

She quickly fell in love with this savvy being who did what she was told to do without any complaints.

Of all the things a computer could do, the thing that caught her interest the most was gaming.

It didn’t take long before he realized he had a talent for making games.

Since then, her dream has been to become a developer who makes the best games in the world.

My current job is a well-known game company, and it wasn’t a bad idea to make that dream come true.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Joohee, I wouldn’t have even thought of moving.

Because I couldn’t think without Juhee.

“..I have an idea. But even if you move there anyway, the commuting time will be fixed, right?”

“no. Go to work at a time that is convenient for you and go home at your own pace. Besides, if you come to us, there is one perk.”

“Are you special? What is it?”

“You can bring the child to work.”

Hong Mi-hye’s eyes trembled at those words.

“Can I bring my child to work?”

“yes. And although it is not now, if Manager Hong comes, we will also create a playroom for children to play in the company.”

“A playroom for me?”

“It’s not just for Manager Hong, it’s about working together. As our company grows in the future, there will be more women working like Manager Hong. Wouldn’t it be easier to work if there was a playroom in the company?”

She nodded her head broadly.

“That’s right. Leaving my daughter at home alone has always bothered me, and it would be great to be able to do that.”

“If you have a quiet child like Joo-hee, you can work with him.”

Hong Mi-hye’s voice trembled.

“…for someone like me, it’s like heaven. Are you saying that there really is such a company in Korea?”

Jaewoon smiled and held out his business card.

“The name of that heaven is Damoyah.”

Hong Mi-hye nodded her head as soon as she received the business card.

“I’ll move it. towards that.”

It could be that not all of Jae-Woon’s words were true.

I was even thinking about starting a business anyway.

If it is different from what he said after moving, you can start a business as originally planned.

Once decided to move.

“I haven’t told you about my salary terms yet.”

“The salary doesn’t matter. You can give only 100,000 won or 500,000 won per month. Just let me do my job.”

She loved making games.

If I could make games while taking care of Joo-hee, money was no longer an issue.

“haha. No matter how, we have talented people like Manager Hong, but we can’t do that. If Joohee gets better, please drop by Damoye once. I will tell you in detail about the salary at that time.”

4 days later.

HanCsoft Headquarters.

The project development team leader for the game ‘Land of the Sky’ looked away from the monitor.

The person who opened the door was Manager Hong Mi-hye.

“Chief Hong. What’s up?”

Mi-hye Hong held out an envelope.


When the team leader looked at the envelope, there was a ‘letter of resignation’ written on the cover.

he asked surprised.

“no. Manager Hong. Why are you here all of a sudden?”

“It’s just as you see it. I think I will have to quit for personal reasons.”

Mi-hye Hong was not important, and without her, the project would be stopped.

In this ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, from the planning stage to the actual implementation of the program, she was in charge of all the most important roles.

He was fluent in both client programs installed on personal PCs and server programs installed on servers.

He was a multi-talented person who could even create game creation tools by himself.

The team leader felt urgent when he heard that Mi-hye Hong, who can do the work of 5 or 6 people alone, suddenly resigned from the job.

“Chief Hong! Who other than Manager Hong can lead this big project? What if I leave like this?”

“This project is almost finished. I have prepared the handover data perfectly, so it won’t be a big problem if someone other than me takes over.”

The captain’s voice became more mournful.

“Chief Hong! Why the hell are you doing this? Is your salary a problem? If that’s the case, I can raise it more than double right now.”

Hong Mi-hye answered.

“It’s not because the treatment you give me is not enough.”

“then? Why are you resigning?”

she laughed

“I feel like I have finally found heaven.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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