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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 67

Episode 67. New member.(1)

Chairman Yang Ki-moon’s hanok office, Yuhwawon in Bogwang-dong, Seoul.

“President. This is Park Gyu-sang.”

Yang Ki-moon opened his mouth, keeping his gaze on the desk.

A 50-year-old man in a gray suit bowed his head toward Yang Ki-moon.

Yang Ki-moon then raised his head and looked at the man.

“okay. Director Park. Did you understand what I said?”

“Yes. As the chairman thinks, it is highly likely that the real purpose of CEO Craig’s arrival in Korea was to meet Jae-Woon Kang.”

It was so ridiculous that Yang Ki-moon only laughed.

“Uh-huh. Hopefully I did Craig You mean this guy made me my best friend just to meet a college student?”

Manager Park clenched his fists and answered.

“Unfortunately, it seems so. I will even send a letter of protest to Wontel.”

Yang Ki-moon waved his hand at those words.

“done. If they did something like that, wouldn’t they be the blink of an eye? I should have been suspicious from the moment when someone who hadn’t even heard of it suddenly said that they would meet with me after making such a technical partnership. I was excited for nothing, and then I just took advantage of it. It’s become ridiculous.”

“sorry. I should have known better in advance, but I didn’t.”

“What is there to be sorry for, Director Park? The sly Craig was determined to hit the back of the head, and you wouldn’t be able to do it either. By the way, did you know about that Kang Jae-woon?”

“Yes. I’m now twenty-one, and I’ve had quite a bit of business here and there. In online shopping malls, there are many companies that have MP3 player companies, communication parts companies, software development companies, etc. All of them are unlisted companies, so it’s not exact, but considering the stake, it seems that Kang’s fortune is about 200 billion won.”

Yang Ki-moon asked in surprise.

“Aren’t you a child of a chaebol family? How could a 21-year-old college student have such a fortune?”

Parker shook his head.

“It turns out that Kang Jae-woon’s parents died in a car accident when he was young, and after that, he grew up with a relative. Of course, his relatives weren’t that wealthy either.”

“her. If he had grown his business like that without the help of his parents, he would be no ordinary man.”

“It’s not just that. Jae-Woon Kang recently developed a CPU, which completely changed the game of the US PC market. Apple, which adopted that CPU, had little presence until the previous quarter, but achieved the No. 1 market share this quarter.”

Yang Ki-moon, who was greatly shocked, groaned involuntarily.

In his experience, it’s rare for any product to turn its share of sales so sharply.

If the market share is high, it is even more so because the market share itself becomes an entry barrier that prevents latecomers.

“..how on earth was the performance of that CPU that the share could be reversed like that?”

“It is said that both computational power and power consumption far exceed Onetel’s CPUs and have monster-like performance. So originally it was called Drill, but some people say that some people call the CPU by the name of Monster.”

For a moment, Yang Ki-moon opened his mouth, lost in thought.

“By the way, a CPU is a system semiconductor, right? Even a Seoul National University student, can a 21-year-old develop it?”

“I was curious about that too, so I asked the experts, and they say it is generally impossible. However, being a genius always exceeds common sense, so it cannot be said that it is 100% impossible. That’s what I heard.”

“That means that Jae-Woon Kang is a genius. A genius that goes beyond common sense.”

“Yes. Probably right. So, that heavy ass Craig flew all the way to Korea to meet Jae-Woon Kang.”

“The reason Craig wanted to meet Jae-Woon Kang was obviously to attract him to Wontel. But if you look at his unusual expression at that time, maybe Kang Jae-woon refused?”

“yes. I asked the person who was sitting at the same table with Jaewoon Kang and was told that he had turned down Craig’s offer to scout.”

Yang Ki-moon smiled pleasantly at those words.

“haha. That’s bullshit.”

After laughing for a while, Yang Ki-moon said to Director Park.

“Craig missed it, but he knew of an even bigger fish. In a way, it could have been a good day. Director Park, you must find a way to attract Jae-Woon Kang to us.”

“..I turned down Craig’s offer too, is there any way we can get it to work?”

“It’s your job to find it from now on. Investigate everything about Kang Jae-woon and find a way. It doesn’t matter how much it costs.”

Seeing Ki-moon Yang’s eyes, Director Park sighed.

“Whoa. You are serious.”

“Of course.”

“All right. Even if we have to go through all of Kang Jae-woon’s underwear, we will find a way.”

“haha. good promise Then trust only you.”

April 1, 1999.

That’s how I raised the interest rate.

Still have a conscience

“Please choose No. 1 for umbrella, No. 2 for watch, No. 3 for soccer ball, and No. 4 for thermos. Please complete your selection within 5 seconds.”

Last time I picked number 4, so this time I’ll just choose number 1.

– April 2nd at 18:25. In front of the Cultural Confectionery in Itaewon-dong, Seoul. Bring an umbrella.

cultural confectionery? This is the bakery I go to often.

The ones in the category must have been preparations.

You just have to go there on time.

The next day in Itaewon-dong.

When I arrived under the canopy of the Cultural Center, the clock showed 18:20.

Just in case you didn’t know, I brought two umbrellas with me.

There was still no sign of rain falling from the sky.

People say, ‘Why are you holding an umbrella? Two of them.’ He passed me by with a smirk in his eyes.

It was a bit embarrassing because it was a street with a lot of floating population.

‘Isn’t the umbrella necessary for the rain?’

But after a while, like a lie, rain began to pour from the sky.

shoot ah!

While panicked people are busy moving to avoid the rain.

A girl, who looked like she had just been a kindergartener, ran out of the rain and ran next to me.

It’s you!

The child’s head was soaked from the fresh rain.

I held out the handkerchief I had prepared in advance to the child with a name tag ‘Hong Joo-hee’ on his chest.

“ruler. Wipe.”

The child glanced at my hand, and then took the handkerchief.

The boy wiped his head and face and returned the handkerchief to me.

“Here you go.”

“okay. Are you a kindergartener?”

“Do you think the kindergarten you attend is near here?”

The child raised his hand and pointed to the right.

“I go to Hanbit Kindergarten over there.”

About 200 meters away, I saw a sign with the words ‘Hanbit Kindergarten’ in yellow letters.

“It’s raining like this, so why didn’t you ride the car?”

“It is close to my house from kindergarten. So I walk.”

“I see. Then you didn’t ask your parents to come? Then it wouldn’t be raining.”

The child shook his head.

“I’m busy anyway, so my mom can’t come.”

“okay? What is your mother doing?”

“I go to a game company.”


The moment I heard that, the thought of adding it to the T-Project ran through my head.

‘Why didn’t I think of making a game for the touchscreen?’

This gift seems to be Joo-hee’s mother.

The information was enough.

Since I knew the child’s name and kindergarten, I had to find out about the mother separately.

I handed the umbrella I was holding to Joohee.

“It looks like it will rain for a while. Write this and go home.”

Juhee looked at her and asked.

“..is that really okay?”

“then. You have one more umbrella.”

Joo-hee opened the bag she was wearing behind her back and opened it.

I took out a notebook and a ballpoint pen from inside.

“Write down your phone number here.”

“My phone number? why?”

“My mother said that if I get help, I have to pay it back. If she just takes this, her mother will scold her.”

“My mother taught me well. ruler. This is my number.”

I wrote my contact information in a notebook and gave it to Joohee.

She put the notebook in her bag and put it back on her back.

Joo-hee, with her umbrella open, greeted her.

“okay. Good bye.”

About an hour after I broke up with Joo-hee, I got a phone call from Joo-hee’s mother.

“hello. You are the one who gave our child an umbrella today, right?”

“ah. yes that’s right.”

“Ugh. thank you so much. I didn’t even know it was raining because I was in the office. I want to visit you now and return the umbrella, but where should I go?”

“I’m in business now. Do you want to come here?”

“yes. it’s okay. Just give me your address and I’ll go right away.”

“All right. You can come to the Daha Building. Here is the address…”

About 30 minutes later, I got a call from the security room on the first floor that Joo-hee and her mother and daughter had come to visit me.

When I went down, I saw a woman with short hair that came up to the top of her shoulders, holding Joo-hee’s hand.

Seeing me, Joohee nodded and greeted me.

“uh. hi.”

I said hello to Joo-hee’s mother.

“hello. I don’t have to give you an umbrella, but have you come all the way here?”

“no. I need to get this back soon. And this.”

She held out a bag full of bread.

“..Did you buy so much bread?”

“You said it was a job. I made a generous portion so that I could eat it with my co-workers.”

“haha. Then I will eat well. If you come here, have a cup of tea or go. Joo-hee looks cold, but I also want to warm up a little. There is coffee and sweet cocoa.”

“Mom. I want to eat cocoa.”

When Joo-hee pulled her hand, Joo-hee’s mother made a face that she couldn’t help it.

“Then I’ll take a break for a while.”

They took the mother and daughter to the conference room on the 3rd floor and served them tea.

“ruler. You are drinking this coffee. This cocoa is yours.”

Joohee smiled happily.

“Uncle, thank you!”

“I will drink.”

“Joohee’s mother, did you think you bought this bread from the Cultural Confectionery?”

“yes. How did you know?”

“This triangle logo. This is the cultural confectionery logo. I also like bread and cakes, so I often stop by cultural confectionery. The boss there is very good at it, so even though the distance is quite long, I can’t stop. haha.”

Joo-hee’s mother also raised her voice as if she was happy.

“okay? We are regulars here too. It’s close to home, so I go there two or three times a week.”

“haha. okay. By the way, I heard from Joo-hee that you went to a game company, but are you really busy?”

“These days, there is not much left to launch a new product. I’m on the development team, so there’s a lot of work.”

“okay. If you have a business card, can I get just one? I am also interested in game development.”

“I can give you a business card. Are you interested in game development?”

“I want to develop a game for touchscreens, but I need to ask where I can go.”

At those words, Joo-hee’s mother looked at me with interest.

“If it’s a touch screen, do you want to make it a type that doesn’t use the keyboard at all?”

“What do you think of a device? PDA? Or are you just using the touchpad instead of the keyboard?”

“haha. a little bit there. It’s kind of a company secret.”

“Oh, I see. Here is my business card.”

Joo-hee’s mother took a business card from her bag and gave it to me.

– Hancisoft Development Team Manager Hong Mi-hye

haha. Mihye Hong.. She is also someone I know.

It looks like you haven’t started a business yet.


As the first mobile game company in Korea, it will be merged with a company called Game Village about 15 years later.

Until then, it was a well-established game company that was said to be one of the leading groups in the domestic mobile game field.

At that time, it was famous for being founded by a female developer who was not easily found.

The founder’s name was Hong Mi-hye.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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