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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 66

Episode 66. Hwansung Group Yang Woo-jin’s intentions.

When Craig, CEO of Onetel, left the banquet hall, the crowd was buzzing.

It soon became a wavering atmosphere.

I asked Sang-ah.

“I think I need to get up soon. How was the dinner party?”

“It wasn’t the kind of atmosphere you see in a movie, but the food was delicious and it was nice to see the face of the chairman of the chaebol.”

“I’m glad it was good. By the way, Sang-ah, are you surprised that Tae-woo is a member of the Gowon group?”

“little. But it wasn’t that surprising.”

“okay? oh what? I don’t even care about the Gowon group, right?”

“It’s not like that. I was guessing that Taewoo’s family wasn’t normal. I didn’t know he was a member of the Gowon group.”

“The clothes that Taewoo wears, the bag he carries, the watch are all very expensive, how can you not know?”

At that, Tae-woo smiled brightly.

“..how do you know? I purposely carried a brand that didn’t sell well.”

“Not just me, but most women know that, right? If it’s luxurious just by looking at it, I’m curious to find it. So was I.”

I asked.

“So, you’re saying that almost all of your classmates have noticed?”


Tae-woo nodded at that.

“Is that so? no wonder. There are more and more women coming to me.”

this child.

Have you been living such an impure life in the Hall of Sacred Learning?

also alone.

I looked at Tae-woo with some kind of envy.

The boy spoke naturally.

“The next time I buy clothes, I’ll buy them at a general store rather than a luxury store. I didn’t know it would be so hot.”

“..you do it yourself. Stop going…”

The moment I was about to say stop, I realized that I had forgotten something.

“Wait a minute. Are you acquainted with the sons of Hwansung Group Chairman Yang Ki-moon?”

“What. Not friendly though. We meet once or twice a year.”

“It’s fine. Among the sons of Yang, who is the son who reveals a woman, is not polite, and has frequent accidents?”

Taewoo’s answer came right away.

“The fourth is Woojin’s older brother. But how do you know that Woojin hyung has such a personality? There would have been no article in the press.”

“I see. Was that guy Woojin Yang?”

“It’s that guy. What happened to you and Woojin hyung?”

“Wait a minute. There was a bit of an argument.”

“Sibirani. what a fuss?”

“I just said a word to him because he sent politeness to space from the very beginning.”

“..are you sure you didn’t even swear?”

“hey. I’m not that kind of person. I politely advised you to just go back to my seat. It wasn’t a very pleasant face.”

Sang-a smiled and imitated my voice.

“Fop. come back quietly before calling someone. What, were you so polite? maybe.”


Taewoo sighed.

“Whoa. Be patient. Woojin hyung, you are a person who never forgets even a small grudge. My head hurts.”

“don’t worry. Aren’t you the kind of person who just goes out to the point of sending someone like a thug?”

“This isn’t even the eighth year. don’t be so mean But you have several businesses. If you find out about that, you’ll probably be tenaciously trying to disrupt your business. He is a persistent person, so if he gets entangled in the wrong way, it hurts his head.”

“What’s a pain in the butt? There is nothing to be afraid of if you come to the business side. I’ll show you the bitter taste.”

Taewoo looked at me with absurd eyes.

“What kind of confidence is that? The other party is the son of the Hwansung Group.”

If it’s about the business I’m in.

Even if Chairman Yang Ki-moon himself used his hand, he was confident that he would not be defeated.

What if it wasn’t him, but his son.

Knowing the future had a much better advantage.

“Business is not just about money. I don’t know how handsome Yang Woo-jin is, but to make a drop of my blood shed, that person would have to shed a cup of blood.”

Taewoo looked tired.

“..okay. You will be fine with it.”

“then. The most useless thing in the world is to worry about me.”

“Chief Han. Do you think Craig found Jae-Woon Kang because of the CPU he made?”

Yang Woo-jin smiled sadly.

“her. He looks like a really nice guy. From MP3 players to CPUs.”

“That’s it.”

I knew that Kang Jae-woon was no ordinary guy.

However, at the time when he, who is a direct family member of the Hwansung Group, Korea’s top conglomerate, was humiliated by a university student.

Even for pride, he couldn’t give up his revenge.

“Chief Han. Did you find a shopping mall that could be your competition?”

“We found a company with a market share of about 10%, called the U market. Although it is second in the industry, it is not meaningful because it is so different from shopping malls.”

“does not matter. Do you think it would be best to push the U market?”

“I know. How much can we use our budget right now?”

“About 10 billion.”

Yang Woo-jin asked in surprise.

“what? Only 10 billion? Until last year, it was over 30 billion won, right?”

“..more than 10 billion won was spent on research and development. The management support team has cut a lot of budget.”

At those words, Yang Woo-jin was excited and jumped up from his seat.

“Who wants to cut the budget? Is that the manager of the management support team? Did this person just get out of the boat!”

“Calm down. boss. Of course, the instructions were given by the manager of the management support team, but the president’s will was probably reflected. Otherwise, how would you have thought of cutting our budget?”

Without going crazy, a team leader would not have cut the budget for the business the Royal Family was running at will.

Yang Woo-jin calmed his mind and continued.

“Then it doesn’t matter. 10 billion won’t be enough to defeat Damoye. I will bring more funds, so please negotiate investment with the U Market side.”

“All right. Boss.”

Hanging up the phone, Yang Woo-jin fell into thought.

‘I think we need 50 billion more to definitely step on this son of Kang Jae-woon.’

As the direct son of the Hwansung Group chairman, he has more than 200 billion won in wealth.

The problem was that most of the property consisted of stocks and real estate.

He said he had less than a billion dollars in cash.

If you put stocks in a bank as collateral and get a loan, you can easily get it for around 50 billion won.

The news will reach your father right away.

It couldn’t be.

Even so, my father is displeased with himself these days.

When you hear that the property you inherited has been taken as collateral.

He did not know that he would be completely excluded from the candidate for succession.

‘Well. No matter how much you think about it, it’s the only way to get money without your father’s knowledge.’

Taesung Group’s headquarters.

Taesung Group Chairman Joo Kang-jin smirked and opened his mouth.

“Chief Yang. No. Last year, I became a manager. Now it will be Mr. Yang. How much is this anyway?”

‘It must have been intentionally wrong. You’re still an unlucky kid. ha. That’s why I really didn’t want to come here.’

Yang Woo-jin sighed inwardly.

Maybe it was because he was born with a low temper, so he often used a way of subtly scratching people’s nerves like that.

It was the same for himself, the direct son of Hwansung Group.

Although I’ve met the state president a few times before.

never got used to it.

“Lord President. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Please lend me 500 billion won. The loan term is one year.”

“50 billion? Is there any need for Mr. Yang to need such a large amount of money?”

“The president doesn’t know about that. Is it possible to get a loan anyway?”

“It’s me, I can lend you any amount as long as you have the collateral.”

Yang Woo-jin took out the documents from the bag he brought.

“These are my real estate and stocks. It will be worth 100 billion dollars.”

President Joo’s eyes flashed as he looked at the documents.

“Is this 1% of Hwansung Life’s stock? Are you really entrusting this as collateral?”

Hwansung Life Insurance was a company located at the top of the Hwansung Group’s governance structure.

In fact, it was an important stock that could be regarded as a stake in the Hwansung Group itself, so it was not something that could be entrusted as collateral.

Since most of his fortune was tied to Hwansung Life’s stock, there was no other way.

The president smiled happily.

“haha. You brought such good collateral, of course you should lend it.”

“What is the interest rate?”

“Chief Yang, because the trust is certain. I’ll give you a very cheap rate of 10% per month.”

At those words, Yang Woo-jin barely put up with the curse that almost came out.

‘crazy. If I took this to the bank, the annual interest rate would only be about that. You’re going to get it at a monthly rate?’

As he was contemplating whether he really should get this loan, Chairman Joo continued.

“Instead, I don’t accept prepayment fees. Interest will only be calculated until it is repaid. You can pay it back at any time.”

After that, Yang Woo-jin decided to get a loan.

Push Damoye away quickly. There was no problem in repaying the loan if the funds invested in U Market were recovered.

At least, that’s what Yang Woo-jin thought.

“All right. We do that.”

“How long will the money be sent?”

“As soon as possible.”

“okay? Then I’ll shoot you right into the account tomorrow.”

“yes. Then, please keep it a secret so that there are no rumors.”

“Is there any possibility? It will never go into your ears, so rest assured. haha.”

Again, President Joo knew exactly why he was looking for him.

Yang Woo-jin frowned at the sound of laughter that seemed to scratch the nerves of Chairman Joo.

‘People are stupid. Anyway, I hope I never see this little guy again.’

“I just get up.”

“Goodbye. sir.”

After Yang Woo-jin returns.

Chairman Joo said to Noh Chang-min, who was standing quietly behind him.

“I heard rumors that the youngest of the three sons of Chairman Yang was a little short. I didn’t know it would be like this though. haha.”

“..what do you mean by that?”

“You entrusted the stock of Hwansung Life Insurance to me as collateral. What kind of stock is that? If my son had done such a thing, he would have dug him out of the family register right away.”

“Is the stock that important?”

“okay. This is not a stock that money can buy. Hwansung Life Insurance, the company that controls the Hwansung Group, is unlisted, so its shares cannot be obtained from the market, and the owners are all related to Chairman Yang. But if 1% of them fall into my hands, would Chairman Yang feel very uncomfortable? I don’t know what the variables will be in the succession race.”

The president, who smiled happily, continued.

“Chief Noh. But, why did the kid from both families come to borrow money from me? That’s 50 billion dollars.”

“I do not know. Isn’t that the way to start a new business?”

“haha. it won’t be Chaebols don’t do business with their own money. It’s all company money. If you don’t do it, you could blow them all away, so why would you do it with your own money?”

“Besides, seeing that he came to see me, he seems to be doing something that my father, Chairman Yang, wouldn’t like…”

President Joo, who touched his chin, continued.

“This smells like money from a while ago, seriously. Noh manager. What do you think will happen if Yang Woo-jin is unable to repay the money?”

“Of course, the stock of Hwansung Life will be owned by the chairman. If you sell it in the market and turn it into cash, you will be able to recover 50 billion won.”

The president shook his head.

“50 billion is not a problem. Then I have no intention of selling the stock on the market. You should sell it directly to Chairman Yang Ki-moon. Maybe five times as much?”

Noh made a surprised expression.

“Five times?”

“..that’s awesome.”

“So I mean. Chief No.”

“Investigate why Yang Woo-jin needed money. Very detailed.”

“..it’s not a problem to find out, are you trying to intervene?”

The president smiled brightly.

“It will depend on what he is up to now.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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