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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 69

Episode 69. New member.(3)

Mi-hye Hong came to the company with Joo-hee.

“Are you here? Manager Hong. Looking at Joohee’s face, it looks like she’s all better now.”

“Thank you. I was discharged three days ago. Be sure to say thank you to my aunt too.”

Joohee waved her hand warmly.

“hello. mister. I brought a dodo doll today.”

cute boy

“okay? I’m glad you liked it. Manager Hong, was the company organized before?”

“Good. Then, shall we go to the meeting room for a moment?”

Hong Mi-hye and mother and daughter entered the conference room and signed a confidentiality agreement.

“Now let me tell you about the working conditions. First of all, Manager Hong’s position will remain the same here. Salary starts at 100 million won.”

At that, Mi-Hye Hong asked with a blank face.

I’m surprised too.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen it.

There was such a sense of vicarious satisfaction that I was given treatment that I had never received in my previous life, so I felt good every time I saw it.

“Manager Hong Mi-hye’s annual salary is 100 million won. And if there are achievements, I will post more.”

“..can you go up from there?”

“sure. As long as you do well, you can do it.”

“It’s unbelievable. The working environment is good, and even the salary.. As you said, it’s heaven.”

“That’s right. So please make a good game so that this heaven does not disappear.”

Hong Mi-hye clenched her fist.

“Leave it to me. We will make the best game for you. So that it will not disappear for the next 100 years.”

“I trust only Manager Hong. haha.”

“Then I will tell you in detail what you will do on the 6th floor. Wear this around your neck. Required to enter the 6th floor.”

I handed out the access card to Manager Hong.

“Is this a card key?”

“yes. Because it is a very important project, most of the staff members do not have access rights. Of course, you must not disclose everything you have seen or heard here.”

“..All right. But since you put so much emphasis on it, I really wonder what you are doing.”

“is that so? haha. Then go up.”


When I put the card key, the lock on the glass door on the 6th floor was unlocked.

I pushed the door with force.

The first person we met there was Manager Ko Hong-min.

“Chief Go!”

Hong-min Ko, who was arranging several lenses the size of a finger, raised his head.

“ah. hello. Director.”

“I brought in a new colleague. Say hello This is Manager Hong Mi-hye. She is the one who develops games for tablet PCs. And this is Hong-Min Koh, the digital camera module manager.”

after greeting each other.

Director Ko’s eyes turned to Joo-hee, who was next to him.

“But Manager Hong. Who is the child next to him…?”

Joohee gave a belly button greeting.

“hello. This is Hong Mi-hye’s daughter, Hong Joo-hee.”

As if it was cute, the manager laughed.

“haha. You have a cute daughter. I wish you well.”

“It’s unbelievably good. I am always strong thanks to this guy.”

I said to the manager.

“Chief Koh, do you remember what I said a while ago? As long as it doesn’t interfere with work, the children of the employees are allowed to enter the company as much as they want.”

“The same applies here in the T-Project development lab. Joo-hee will be the first child to use the system.”

Director Ko replied with a shaky expression on his face.

He seemed worried that the child might interfere with his work.

At that moment, Manager Hong opened his mouth.

“It is unlikely that Joo-hee is a quiet child, but if you want to interfere with your work, feel free to tell me. Joo Hee will take care of her in a different way.”

At those words, Go Hong-min’s face widened.

“If you do that, I have no complaints.”

In fact, if she didn’t say it, I was going to come forward and say it.

I was relieved to see how he handled it sensibly and well, probably because he had been in the company for a long time.

‘There will be no problems in the future.’

That’s how I ended up saying goodbye to all the other members as well.

After telling Joo-hee to look at the children’s book she brought to one side.

Manager Hong was taken to the sample storage room.

I asked her in front of the 4-inch LCD display on the table.

“Have you ever used a PDA?”

“Is it worth it?”

She shook her head.

“no. The touch sensitivity is slow and there aren’t many features, so I’m just keeping it as a souvenir.”

“If there is a PDA with color display, Internet, video play, and good touch sensitivity. Would you like to write?”

“Absolutely. That’s enough to be able to use it instead of a laptop. Are you sure you are making such a PDA?”

“Ultimately, our goal is to create such a PDA. However, it is currently impossible to put such functions in a small product the size of a PDA, so we are developing a product the size of a laptop first.”

To be precise, it was a smartphone, not a PDA.

“Are you saying that you are developing a PDA the size of a laptop?”

Manager Hong tilted his head.

“If a PDA is the size of a laptop, I think it’s too big. Wouldn’t it be cumbersome to carry around?”

“You have a laptop with you. At least our PDA. So, we call it a tablet. This tablet has everything a laptop can do, and it’s much simpler to use. Plus, it’s much lighter than a laptop. First of all, there is no keyboard.”

“Hmm. That said, it would be much more inconvenient than a laptop without a keyboard. I’m worried that it will sell well.”

“I brought you here because you might think that way. Look at the display here. See the square icon? Would you like to try it once?”

When Manager Hong put his finger on the display, a program similar to Paint was launched on the screen.

There was a picture floating in it.

She said with a look of interest.

“I think it’s a good idea to launch a program with a single touch. The touch sensitivity is also much better than the PDA I’ve used. But the screen is too small to see more. It’s still a sample, right?”

“It is, though. In fact, a small screen is not a problem.”

I spread my thumb and index finger across the display.

The picture is greatly enlarged.

For the first time, there was a feeling of surprise on Manager Hong’s face.

While she couldn’t speak, I clenched my thumb and index finger on the display.

The picture is returned to its original size.

Admiration flowed out of Hong’s mouth.

“Wow! It was just so good. Until now, I thought that the touch screen should only be used in a way that simply turns on and off like a button on a keyboard.

She spoke with an excited face.

“If you use the touch screen this way, it can replace not only the keyboard but also the joystick. As a product for gaming, I think this tablet is much better than a laptop!”

As someone who led the mobile game era.

She quickly realized how to use the touchscreen for gaming.

“haha. Manager Hong also felt the strength of this tablet.”

“yes. I understand why you are developing this tablet and why you need me.”

“I’m glad you understood. However, you will face many difficulties when developing this game for tablets. First of all, the OS is not Windows.”

“..if it’s not Windows, is it Linux?”

“Neither is it. There is a separate OS that we are developing independently. I named him Easy.”

“Hmm. Why do you have to develop a new OS with a lot of people using it? First of all, the OS itself is not easy to develop, and even if it is developed, people who are used to Windows will not want to use the new OS.”

“Chief Hong, what do you think is the most important thing about our tablet?”

“touch screen? It seems to be.”

“you’re right. More precisely, it has to have an interface that can use a touch screen well, and it has to have good touch sensitivity. If any of these two are lacking, this tablet will fail. However, both of them can’t be adjusted to the level I want with the existing OS, so can I do anything? We have to develop a new one.”

Manager Hong, who had been contemplating for a moment, then nodded his head.

“okay. Then, in the future, I will have to work with the OS development team. uh? Come to think of it, I said hello to the people in charge of hardware, but I didn’t meet the person in charge of OS development?”

“The OS person in charge hasn’t gone to work yet.”

“ah. Does that person have children like me?”

“It is not. Because OS manager Sang-ah Chae is still a college student. Today is the day the class ends late. He will come soon.”

Manager Hong asked with a surprised face.

“yes. Anyone can work at Damoye as long as they are capable and have no problems with their personality. Education and age are not very important factors in our company.”

“..the atmosphere of the company is completely different from that of a normal company. In many ways.”

“haha. You will know in time. We will always make something new. That is my will as a founder. We have to create something that didn’t exist in this world, but we shouldn’t be doing the same thing as everyone else.”

She nodded.

“…there is a strange truth. By the way, are there any other gamers besides me?”

“It is now. But I’m planning on adding 7 or 8 people to Manager Hong’s side. On the second floor, there is a subsidiary company specializing in software called Hongin Media, and you can hire someone from there. Or you can scout yourself. You can do it as you please.”

“I know. Let’s think about how to organize the staff.”

“yes. Well, as I said at the time, I am planning to build a daycare center with play facilities on the first floor of our Daha Building. It will take a month or two because we have to go through legal procedures and remodel, but after that, I think you can send Joo-hee over here.”

Manager Hong looked at me with thrilled eyes.

“..Thank you very much.”

When out of the sample storage room.

I saw the ivory coming through the glass door.

“Ivory! I’m here?”

“uh. Hi! Director. But who’s next to you?”

“Director Mi-hye Hong, who has come this time. You’ll be in charge of developing games for tablet PCs. You may be unfamiliar with the OS, so please help me.”

“I see. okay.”

Sang-a immediately greeted Manager Hong.

“hello. Manager Hong. I’m Chae Sang-ah, in charge of OS development. There was no woman other than me, but it’s really nice that you’re here.”

“yes. I wish you all the best in the future. Manager Cha. But how old are you now?”

“It’s twenty-one.”

“Ah, so are you really an active-duty college student?”

“Incredible. OS development is not a field that college students can easily touch.”

“haha. I’ve been a bit eccentric since I was little. My hobby was coding in C and C++. At first, I saw DOS and was interested in OS, so I started to study. Then I tried Linux, and then I thought I knew a little about OS, so I tried writing an OS. I have finally come this far.”

“okay. I don’t know much about OS, so please help me.”

Suddenly, Joo-hee was standing next to Hong.

Seeing this, Sang-a asked.

“But is this little girl your daughter?”

“Right. The director said you could bring it.”

After that, Sang-a approached Joo-hee and waved her hand.

“Wow! So cute. hi. i am chae sang What is your name?”

“hello. This is Joo-hee Hong.”

When Joo-hee greeted her belly button, Sang-a was pretty and smiled as if she was going to die.

“haha. okay. Please call me ivory unnie from now on. Let’s have a good time~”

In early May.

“This is Vice President Jin.”

“ah. hello. Vice-President.”

“Shall we have dinner at my house next Tuesday?”

“A meal?”

“okay. The evidence of the collusion is ready, so I’m going to deliver it as well.”

“All right. Then I’ll see you then.”

Cut it off right away.

But it’s evidence, so you can deliver it through Taewoo.

It looks like you have something to say.

next week.

Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho’s house.

When we entered the house with Tae-woo, a working woman greeted us warmly.

“Come on. Long time no see.”

“hello. old lady. Take this.”

I held out a paper bag to say hello.

“ah. Is this a present you brought to the Vice-President?”

“no. I’m giving it to my aunt. You must have worked very hard to prepare dinner tonight, but I prepared it as a token of gratitude.”

It’s not the place I wanted to be.

From what I heard from Tae-woo, I couldn’t come empty-handed because I had to work hard to prepare the ingredients in the morning.

“Ugh. I’m fine. It’s basically what I’m supposed to do.”

“Nevertheless. Do you think it will make me feel more comfortable if you accept this?”

“Then I will be grateful.”

At that moment, the voice of Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho was heard.

“Do you have any gifts for me?”

her. What gift can an ordinary person like me give to the vice president of the second-largest chaebol group in the business world?

To be honest, I was a little worried.

No matter what I chose, I didn’t like it, and I just came empty-handed after hearing that Tae-woo didn’t care about gifts.

Taewoo laughed.

“My father is too. You usually didn’t even care about that. And what gift do you expect from a college student?”

I thought it was a joke too.

Vice Chairman Jin made a face that he was offended.

“It’s not polite to come to someone else’s house and come empty-handed.”


At the words of Vice Chairman Jin, the living room became a thin ice sheet.

But there are words prepared for such times.

I pointed at my chest with my thumb with a casual face.

“Isn’t the Vice President’s gift right here?”

Fortunately, whether it was the correct answer, Vice Chairman Jin’s mouth went up.

“I don’t have manners, but I have a sense of humor. come in.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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