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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 55

Episode 55. TM Future Corporation.

I left Sungwoon Logic and headed to the law office.

– Jangwoo Law Office

It wasn’t that big of an office.

The representative lawyer is a competent and reliable person, so he used it often.

When I opened the entrance to the office and entered, a man in his 40s greeted me.

“Gosh. Mr. Kang. welcome.”

“hello. Secretary. Who is your representative?”

“You are right there. Wait.”

Secretary Kim knocks on the door of the lawyer’s office. Lawyer Jang’s voice came from inside.

“Director. You can go in.”

“yes. thank you.”

Upon entering, Lawyer Jang opened his mouth with a happy face.

“Director Kang. long time no see. How have you been?”

“yes. The lawyer didn’t do anything, didn’t he?”

“sure. What did you come here for today?”

“I want to create a corporation.”

“Aha. Have you started a new business again? Director Kang is also diligent.”

“It is not. I’m making one for money management.”

“Ah, for money management. You must have made a lot of money without seeing this or that?”

“Ohh. Congratulations. Doesn’t that make you a chaebol soon? haha.”

“Then I’m fine. haha.”

“Then what should the company name be?”

I brought out the name I had in mind.

“TM is the future.”

TM was short for Time Market.

I added the future in the sense of creating the future I want.

“It looks like it has a name.”

“yes. So, where should I give you the address of your company? Bermuda shorts? Virgin Islands? We’ll do whatever you want, wherever you want.”

Bermuda and the Virgin Islands are both famous tax havens.

A tax haven is a country or region with no or very low corporate tax.

Entrepreneurs often set up corporations in tax havens to reduce taxes.

But I shook my head.

“Please stop here in Korea.”

Lawyer Zhang made a surprised expression.

“Are you in Korea? The corporate tax in Korea is considerably lower than the personal income tax, but if it can still be reduced, wouldn’t it be better to reduce it?”

“It would be okay, but that’s it. I don’t want to be a hated entrepreneur.”

Lawyer Jang made a strange expression.

“.. Director Kang is a person I don’t even know about. He expanded his business as if making money was the reason he was born, and then said he wanted to pay taxes properly. Just just in case, it is not illegal to establish a corporation in a tax haven.”

It is true that you risk your life to make money.

I wanted to be rich.

Because I had to pay off the loan.

However, the minimum safety was ensured with the proceeds from this CPU sale.

That was enough.

Establishing a corporation in a tax haven to avoid taxes, etc.

I had no intention of becoming the kind of entrepreneur who used all means to raise money and was pointed at by people.

Even if I don’t have to, I’ll become the best chaebol, so there’s no problem.

Do you need to scrape to make a crumb?

“I know that too. But when I do that later, when I become the richest person in the country, will people really appreciate me? I don’t think so.”

Of course, I didn’t just set up a corporation in Korea for that reason.

In order to implement the business plan we were envisioning, we needed a Korean corporation, so it was a combination of business and business.

Lawyer Zhang laughed.

“haha. It looks really serious. Okay. Let’s set up a corporation in Korea.”

“Then make it, and when you’re done, please contact me.”

“yes. Okay.”

The CEO’s office of Nell, the No. 1 company in personal PC sales in the United States.

CEO Michael Hill asked Dustin, the sales manager, sitting across from him.

“Is this really our PC sales this week?”

“Up until last week, 200,000 units per week suddenly dropped to 180,000 units. Is it also because of that D-AMac?”

“Perhaps. Other PC vendors have seen similar declines in sales. If you see that only Apple has increased sales, it would be correct to say that Apple took away our PC demand.”

Michael turned to Luke, the head of product development, who was sitting next to Dustin.

“Did the D-Amac analysis result come out?”

“Is the performance as good as they advertised?”

Luke answered with a dark face.

“..more than that. The computational speed was about four times that of our top-end Nell PC models, and the power consumption was about a third. No matter how Windows is not supported, if there is a performance difference like this, consumers have no choice but to move.”

Michael’s face hardened.

“This is serious. How did Apple bring performance to that level?”

“There was nothing special about the other parts, but the CPU was a monster. It is a RISC method, and the clock is 700Mhz and the power consumption was 1W. It even had a GPU (graphics card) integrated into the CPU.”

“The clock is 700Mhz, but the power consumption is 1W? That’s incredible performance. Luke deserves to be called a monster.”

“Where the hell did you make such a monster?”

“This is a fabless company called Song Eung Logic in Korea. It turned out to be a small company with less than 10 employees.”

Michael smiled in dismay.

“Korea is an amazing country. It is surprising that there is a company that is good at memory semiconductors such as D-RAM in a country that is not that big, but it is also Korea where a company that makes this level of system semiconductor is located. People in that country seem to be born after studying semiconductors in their mother’s womb.”

Michael pondered for a moment and then asked Luke.

“Luke. Is there any way we can use this CPU for our PC?”

“First of all, it is impossible to use the CPU in our PC because it does not support Windows.”

“..it would be so. However, if you let it go like this, you will be devouring Apple’s market share metallurgically. How am I supposed to do this?”

Michael opened his mouth, fiddling with his chin.

“Let’s do what we can first. Luke. I contacted Microsoft and the CPU used in the D-AMac, what was its name?”

“It’s a drill.”

“Please ask them to make a version of Windows OS that supports that drill.”

“You can make a request, but as you know, MS is not a good place to listen to Korean. Can Microsoft deny our request?”

In general, CPU manufacturers don’t even make an OS.

That was a matter for the PC maker that adopted the CPU to take care of.

Except for Apple, other PC makers have been using Microsoft’s Windows OS with satisfaction.

But a problem arose when Windows couldn’t support the insanely powerful CPU called Drill.

Nell, like Apple, did not have the ability to make its own OS that supports RISC CPUs.

We have to wait only for Microsoft to make a version of Windows that supports Drill, but we didn’t know if it would actually make it.

“If you refuse, we should look for another OS. I like Apple’s AAC-OS, but they won’t sell it to us, so I’ll give up on that one. First, ask the CPU manufacturer. There is little chance of that, but is there any other OS that you are developing?”

“yes. Let’s see.”

Hillsruvo Lab is one of Wontel’s affiliated labs and was mainly in charge of developing CPUs for desktop PCs.

Onetel occupies an absolute position in the CPU industry with a market share of over 80%.

The company’s CEO, Craig Martin, was speaking alone with Matthew, the head of the lab.

Craig asked.

“That drill thing, have you done any analysis?”

Matthew opened his mouth with an expressionless face.

“Right now, dozens of researchers are working on the analysis, but as you know, we are not RISC specialists, so it is taking a long time to figure out the structure.”

Craig put on an annoyed expression on his face.

“So? You mean it’s been a week and you still haven’t found anything?”

“..I found out one thing. We are using a pipeline structure, and the number is eight.”

“Eight? Is it a RISC structure?”

“no wonder. That’s why the clock count came out so high. By the way, is there any company other than PRM that can design an 8-stage RISC pipeline?”

“Even PRM has not yet released an 8-stage pipeline architecture. At the end of last year, only 5 dan was released.”

A representative company in the RISC CPU industry was PRM of the UK.

“Are you saying that it’s an architecture that even PRM can’t keep up with?”

“I still haven’t quite figured it out. It is very likely.”

“You said that it was a small Korean fabless company called Song Eung Logic that came out with that product? Is it possible to come up with something like this from a company I’ve never heard of?”

“..generally, it’s hard. But it’s not impossible because even a genius can do something that wouldn’t be possible with hundreds of people.”

“..Does that mean there must be a genius in that place called Song Eung Logic?”

“yes. This is not the level of technology that can be seen at this time. No matter how fast it is, it can only be developed after five or five years, but the fact that it has appeared now is nothing but the sound of a genius.”

“Is there a possibility that there are multiple geniuses?”

Matthew shook his head resolutely.

“Absolutely not. It would be a godsend to have two geniuses who can design architectures of this level.”

Craig’s eyes lit up at those words.

“If we can bring that genius to our side, this crisis could be a blessing.”

“..that’s right, though.”

“like. Director, please continue to analyze the structure and report as soon as the results are available.”

February 8.

Premiere of the movie Shri reporters.

When the movie ended, applause suddenly erupted from the audience.

As Director Woo In-gyu greeted me on stage, I turned my head.

Kim Soo-chan, the team leader of the Hwansung Imaging Project, who was sitting next to him, was clenching his fists with an excited face.

“manager. Are you that good?”

“..Last month, the video project team was disbanded, so I am no longer the team leader. good good good I think our film will be a successful one.”

“It hasn’t even been opened yet. How are you sure of that?”

“ah. You don’t know Mr. Kang. It’s not like there’s an atmosphere of applause after a press preview. Should I call it sluggish or should it be quiet? Anyway, that kind of atmosphere is normal, but today there was applause. That’s how good our movie was.”

“okay. So, can I expect 6 million viewers? haha.”

“I don’t know about 6 million, but you can expect at least 2 million or more.”

Say hello to director Woo In-gyu for hard work.

I left the premiere with Team Leader Kim.

The moment I was about to make a recruitment offer because I don’t think I’ve found another job yet.

Team leader Kim opened his mouth first.

“The last suggestion you made. Is it still valid?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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