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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 54

Episode 54. Breaking habits.

early February.

Apple headquarters meeting room.

On the face of Steve Mars watching the performance briefing announced by the sales manager.

There was a gentle smile that was not often shown.

“This time, the sales of D-AMac with drill CPU imported from Korea exceeded 4 times the sales speed of the existing A-Mac. About 80,000 units were sold this week alone, and rumors about our D-AMac are spreading around the internet community, so the speed seems to be getting faster.”

Steve clapped and opened his mouth.

“Everyone worked hard to finish developing a new product in two months and to launch it. This D-AMac produced by your hard work will forever be remembered as the first step in the myth that Apple will create.”

As Steve seemed to be in a good mood, the meeting attendees joined in, one by one.

“Mr. Mars did a great job too. It would not be wrong to say that the action of Mr. Mars, who ran ahead of anyone else and preempted the amazing CPU, made this D-AMac.”

“Right. No one can take the bold action of flying directly to Korea in a situation where they haven’t even received a sample.”

Steve, who had a happy face at the praise of people, opened his mouth.

“Let’s stop painting each other’s faces. Wilson. When will the additionally ordered drill CPU arrive? If you look at the speed at which they are being sold now, I think 200,000 more will have to come in by next week.”

Material manager Wilson didn’t answer right away.

The atmosphere of the meeting suddenly froze.

“Wilson? Aren’t you asking if we can get 200,000 more by next week?”

“..sorry. Song Eung Logic in Korea suddenly delayed the delivery by one week. It will be a little difficult until next week, but you can only receive it next week.”

As soon as Wilson finished speaking, Steve wrinkled his face and smashed the table.

“Are you saying that now? You don’t know how important this time is, right? It’s time to spread the word about our new product. When there is a fire, you have to put firewood in it to make the fire grow. What use is it if you put firewood in when the fire is out?”


“It is not a problem that can be solved by saying such an apology. Why did Song Eung Logic delay the delivery by one week?”

“..that I haven’t figured out yet.”

Again there was a thud at the table.

Steve looked at Wilson.

“Is that what the material manager is going to say? Wilson is responsible for saving 200,000 by next week. If we can’t find it, it would be better to give up this year’s personnel evaluation.”

Two weeks before Apple’s CEO-led meeting.

Sungwoon Logic’s headquarters in Korea.

President Lee Byung-hoon, who was talking on the phone with Apple in the US, frowned.

“No, why are you giving me the payment for the goods in two months?”

“That is our policy. After receiving the goods and going to the customer to prove that there is no problem, the payment is due. I can’t help it either.”

“Isn’t two months too much, though?”

“Head office policy…”

Despite President Lee’s repeated questions, the other party repeated the same answer like a parrot.

The president held back the desire to hang up the phone.

I really didn’t like the late payment.

However, it is because there has not been a place that buys things in bulk as much as Apple Inc.

“..I didn’t even get the payment for 100,000 pieces I gave you last time. You want an additional 200,000 pieces within three weeks?”

“yes. If it is difficult, we will postpone the order. However, at that time, the order quantity may not be less than 200,000.”

It was a kind of threat that Apple would reduce the number of orders if it was not met within the desired period.


The boss could barely stand the swearing.

“..All right. We will prepare 200,000 pieces within three weeks.”

Because Apple was a high-quality customer that did not have to worry about not receiving the payment even if it was late.

Lee Byung-hoon decided to send the goods even if he got a loan.

Hanging up the phone, the boss mumbled.

“Bad guys. No matter how big the company is, everything is fine. That tens of billions would be a lot of money for small businesses like us, but it wouldn’t be that much money for them. You keep procrastinating.”

“I would have to have 15 billion won to put additional quests in the foundry. How did you get that?”

The only payment that Apple did not receive was 50 billion won.

In order to save 15 billion won, it was not long enough to bring short-term bonds.

The president, who was worried, took the cell phone in his hand.

“Let’s contact Director Kang first.”

“Director Kang. I am Lee Byung-hoon.”

“They don’t pay for the drill they took from Apple, and they keep asking for more. I don’t have the money to commission a foundry right now. Can Director Kang give me some flexibility?”

“I think we can get 10 billion out of the 15 billion won in commission, but 5 billion is not enough.”

At the same time, the investment of 5 billion won from Chairman Joo was in his bank account.

“If it’s 5 billion won, I can shoot you right away. Can I send it to the corporate account?”

The president’s complexion brightened.

“okay? Also, moving Kang! I have the ability. Please use the corporate bankbook right away.”

“yes. But how much did you not get paid? Maybe all 100,000 people?”

“That Apple…”

Jae-woon frowned upon hearing from the president Lee.

“You mean that? They’re fucking bastards. I think I need to change this habit.”

“A habit? how?”

“Isn’t Apple’s request to send 200,000 units within 3 weeks?”

“Please delay that by a week.”

“..and then we would be penalized.”

“it’s okay. You get a penalty. And since there is no product that can replace our drill CPU yet, Apple will suffer more than us.”

“..I know.”

The boss hung up the phone and stuck out his tongue.

“..I didn’t know, but Director Kang, you have a personality. If you don’t like it, they’ll tell you to hit Apple.”

Two days after the meeting hosted by Apple’s CEO.

Sungwoon Logic conference room.

On one side was Wilson, the material manager of Apple Inc.

On the other side, President Lee Byung-hoon and Jae-woon were facing him.

Wilson opened his mouth in an urgent manner.

“Why the hell did you delay the delivery by a week? Don’t just say it’s an internal situation, please explain in detail. do you know Is it something I can help with?”

The president pretended to be hesitant and answered.

“..I don’t know if I should even tell you this. Our company is not that big. To send the 200,000 you ordered, you had to submit a request to the foundry, but it took a lot of time to get the commission. In particular, I had no choice but to receive the payment for the 100,000 pieces I sent last time.”

In fact, it was possible to prepare 200,000 by next week.

I was actually thinking of doing that.

However, he did not say that he would do so because Apple had not yet received the surrender of Apple.

“..Is it really hard to send 200,000 CPUs to drill by next week?”

Seeing this, Jaewoon laughed inwardly.

‘You flew all the way here to ejaculate. It seems urgent.’

Jaewoon opened his mouth.

“If you are in such a hurry, we can provide you with the amount to go to another customer. There are conditions.”

Wilson’s face brightened greatly.

“okay? What are the conditions?”

“From now on, please pay the price as soon as you receive the product. Of course, please pay the price for the 100,000 pieces you brought before.”

“Um.. that is difficult due to company policy..”

“If it’s difficult, we can’t help it either. There’s no reason to take out the amount from another customer that pays well and send it there, right?”

At that, Wilson thought about it and got up.

“please wait for a moment. We will talk to the head office and let you know.”

Wilson leaves the conference room.

The boss asked with a worried face.

“Director Kang. Why don’t you just say you’ll send it out next week? Still a big customer. There’s nothing good about hurting your heart.”

Jaejoong laughed bitterly.

“Business is not about emotions. This is especially the case for large companies. No matter how bad a person named Wilson feels about us, if our products are good, they will have no choice but to use them. Conversely, if there is a product that is better than ours, we will be coldly kicked out.”

In the future, one of Apple’s smartphone manufacturing policies was to order the same parts from multiple companies.

It was a method of lowering the unit price of parts and raising the quality by making them compete with each other.

At this time, even if the quality deteriorated even a little, the parts companies were under a lot of stress because the quantity was transferred directly to another competitor.

In addition, Apple used any product of good quality.

It was to the point that he did not hesitate to use parts of Hwansung, a strong competitor of smartphones.

Even if we hated Wilson a little, Apple had no choice but to buy our products.

“It would be, though. Still, I’m worried.”

“Don’t worry. And Apple is not the only customer of ours.”

The drill CPU was also fast in processing speed.

In particular, it was popular with companies with server PCs that had to be turned on for 24 hours due to low power consumption.

Last month alone, 100,000 more were sold, excluding 100,000 from Apple.

Of course, the amount taken by one company was the most by Apple.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be an author.

And now, fortune also wanted to taste some money.

In terms of sales alone, it was equivalent to selling 100 billion won in the past month.

Although it was a monopoly, the margin rate was close to 50%.

There was no money in his hands.

There was not a lot of money coming from the sale proceeds yet.

This is because it was used to make the additional amount of the family that received it.

Even if Apple only deposits money, 50 billion won is generated in an instant.

I couldn’t miss this great opportunity.

After a while, Wilson came in and sat down.

“We got permission from headquarters. The 100,000 pieces will be deposited by tomorrow. And I will deposit the amount of 200,000 additional orders immediately upon receipt.”

‘Keep it up!’

Jaewoon cheered inside, though.

He opened his mouth with a nonchalant expression.

“Then we will send 200,000 pieces by next week. Since we are only sending it by air, do we need to calculate the fare properly?”

Wilson nodded his head broadly.

The day after Wilson died.

I got a call from CEO Lee Byung-hoon saying that Apple had paid for the CPU.

I headed straight to Sungwoon Logic.

Open the door of Sungwoon Logic and enter.

The boss was sitting there with a blank expression on his face.

“president. I’m here.”

I called the boss, but he didn’t move.

He shook his shoulder slightly and called again.


The president, who turned his head unconsciously, asked with a surprised face.

“Isa Kang! When did you come?”

“Just now. But what are you doing?”

“What happened? There is. Look at your bankbook here.”

The president opened the bankbook he was holding in his hand and showed it to me.

– $41,500,000

“Even if it’s in won, it’s not a small amount of money, even in dollars.”

“In Korean won, this is about 52 billion won. Even after subtracting the cost of requesting the foundry so far, about 30 billion won remains. Kang Director. Do you know what our Sungwoon Logic’s sales were last year?”

“I do not know.”

“It’s not even a billion dollars. There is almost no net profit. But 20% of 30 billion is mine, so 6 billion right? I earned it in one transaction.”

“Then that’s good. Why do you look like that?”

“…I don’t feel it. Before I die, I promised myself that I would create a company that would make tens of billions of dollars a year. I really didn’t know I’d be able to do that already. It even makes me feel futile.”

“haha. The boss is too. So you don’t want to work anymore? Shall we go find another company?”

At my words, the president jumped up from his seat.

“What are you talking about? Let’s go to the end together. I will take responsibility and choose the right product, so bring only the blueprints as good ones.”

“All right. If I remember it, I will definitely bring it to this boss first.”

I answered.

The rest of the design data I know were useful only when the semiconductor manufacturing process developed to a certain extent.

It’s a pity, but for the time being, I had no choice but to leave it alone.

“Really? You promised?”

The boss said with a smile as if he was in a good mood.

“But where are you going to send the share of Director Kang?”

“Please wait some days. I was just about to set up a corporation.”

Personal bankbooks were out of the question from the beginning because the tax would be huge.

And since this is all my money, I had no intention of receiving it as a corporate bank account.

Then, the only option is to set up a new corporation.

“A corporation?”

“yes. We will set up an offshore company for money management purposes.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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