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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 56

Episode 56. Business trip to USA.(1)

Are you asking that first?

Good job.

Kim Soo-chan answered the question with a smile.

“haha. Anyway, that’s what I was trying to say. Shall we sit down and talk at the cafe in front of this?”

I went into the cafe with Team Leader Kim and continued the conversation.

“Of course, the proposal I made to the team leader at that time is still valid.”

“Then let me ask you one thing. If I go to the director, what role will I be playing?”

“As the president of Damoye Entertainment, you will be in charge of everything from start to finish.”

Team leader Kim looked surprised.

“..I didn’t know they would say that they would give me the position of president.”

Team leader Kim Soo-chan’s first impression was not bad either.

I tried to find out more just in case, but the relationship wasn’t bad either.

In the field of film production, he had a good reputation for his abilities.

He was the perfect person to be the president of the entertainment that I will establish.

“I was just suggesting a position that suits the team leader’s abilities. The reviews were pretty good.”

After thinking for a moment, Team Manager Kim reached out to me.

“I wish you all the best in the future. Director.”

“haha. I would like to thank the company. Mr. Kim Soo-chan.”

“yes. When can I start going to work?”

“From tomorrow. The 5th floor of our Daha Building is empty, so please go to work there.”

“All right. How many people are there for Daga Entertainment?”

“Right now, Mr. Kim is alone.”

“yes? No one but me?”

“haha. So I just told you. From start to finish, I leave it to Mr. Kim. Please create a corporation first. And the boss selects the people who need it, and just report it to me.”

It wasn’t a bad thing from Kim’s point of view.

You don’t have to match the existing people, you just bring in someone who suits you well.

“…well, maybe that would be better. People, I will find out.”

“How do you plan to run the company in the future? Do you just need to invest, or are you thinking of maximizing profits by doing everything from production, investment, and distribution?”

“Of course that’s all. Besides, I’m thinking about not only domestic films but also overseas ones.”

“If it’s overseas, are you talking about American Hollywood movies?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but the investment cost is different from ours in the unit itself. What’s more, we fail more often than we do when we put so much effort into it.”

“I know. So for the time being, we will only invest in domestic films. Until we have enough money to invest.”

It probably won’t take too long.

Team leader Hwang Jung-gi will give you 15 billion won in company funds.

“..if you have enough money to invest, are you planning to invest in Hollywood?”

“yes. why? Are you worried?”

“…I can’t say no.”

“haha. Do not worry. Isn’t it enough just to choose a movie that will be successful?”

I know the future.

I couldn’t choose the wrong one.

“Of course, it is true that film selection determines 80% of investment success, but as I said, it is not easy to shoot well. No matter how confident you are as an expert, you cannot always match the work that will be successful. Domestic films are small, so even if they fail once or twice, they can recover.

“I am confident in my choice without knowing anything else. Did I mention that I got a perfect score for the college entrance exam?”

“..I didn’t know that.”

“This is a bit embarrassing. It also appeared in the newspaper. Anyway, I got that perfect score because I picked the right answer. So please believe They will definitely pick a good movie.”

“..it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Anyway, I know that the director’s eyes are not normal. It seems that you have already decided to invest in Hollywood, so we will do our best to help you make a good choice.”

“It is also worthwhile to bring President Kim. haha.”

Stop by the attorney’s office and get corporate information.

The bank also created a corporate account.

After that, I contacted President Lee Byung-hoon.

Shortly thereafter, a total of 29 billion won was put into my bank account, from 24 billion won to my share of the drill sales money deposited by Apple, and 5 billion won, which was loaned to President Lee Byung-hoon as a foundry commission.

I looked at the wallet and smiled.

This is just the beginning.

Drill CPUs will continue to be sold in the future.

For a while, my bankbook will become a magical bankbook that only grows endlessly.

Besides, I had no intention of making fun of this account.

Like the company funds, I was planning to entrust this bankbook to Team Leader Hwang Jung-gi.

The amount in your bankbook will grow faster.

And when this bankbook fills up to a certain extent, I was thinking of jumping into the manufacturing industry in earnest.

Although the manufacturing industry basically requires a large amount of capital.

On the contrary, the profits that could be obtained were large.

I had a thought.

Until now, I was unable to even start due to lack of capital.

Now things have changed.

The plan to jump into the manufacturing industry was one of the reasons for setting up a corporation in Korea.

If the corporation is located in a foreign country, public opinion against the acquisition of a corporation may cause great public opposition, so it was better to stay in Korea if possible.

My basic background was also in the manufacturing industry of displays and semiconductors.

The experience gained from the cheers would be a formidable weapon.

That time was not far off.

February 13.

In front of Yuhan Theater.

Uncle was still glaring at the theater sign with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

“Did you really have to bring me? I said I don’t like movies that come out, Ankana.”

“uncle. It’s going to be really fun. Let’s see. Yes?”

My aunt fired support shots from my side.

“Huh. Becoming an uncle. My nephew is fun. Is it that hard to watch a movie once?”

“I know. I’m not asking you to pay, but my brother shows it for free, so what’s your dad doing?”

When he added a word to Kyung-ah, even his uncle couldn’t be stubborn any more.

“..Okay. It’s going to be a good baby.”

Let’s just drag Uncle inside.

A screen the size of an IMAX movie theater appeared in front of my eyes.

In the future, multiplexes with multiple screens in one movie theater were all the rage.

not now

You can’t watch multiple movies in one theater.

Instead, I had the advantage of being able to watch a movie on a screen that fills my field of vision.

It was the best environment to watch the movie ‘Shiri’ to be screened today.

The lights went out and the movie started.

Time passed quickly from the scene where North Korean sniper Lee Bang-hee and the 8th Corps were sent to the South until Yoo Jung-won met the real Lee Myung-hyun at a hospital in Jeju Island.

Two hours have passed.

When the end credits go up.

Our family was looking forward with a lingering expression,

My uncle, who hated watching movies, was no exception.

Let people start to stand up.

My family also got up and went out of the theater.

On the way home, my uncle asked.

“..Are all Korean movies these days so good? Did you get goosebumps in those gun fight scenes? It really felt like shooting.”

“haha. I guess you had fun. He said he didn’t see it that way.”

My uncle had a look of embarrassment.

“..I didn’t know I made it so well. In the old days, Korean movies weren’t like this, when did they develop so much?”

“Development usually happens in an instant. In fact, until the beginning of this year, there were no Korean films of this level, but director Woo In-gyu made a really good film. Besides, the main investor in this film is me.”

“Did you invest in this movie?”

“yes. It cost 3 billion won.”

Uncle’s eyes widened in surprise.

“3.3 billion?”

“..Does it cost that much money to make a movie about Mushin?”

“Overseas, tens of billions of dollars go in. In Korea, that’s about it. Still, for a Korean movie, it cost quite a bit of investment. Thanks to you, was it worth seeing?”

“..it did. But do I make a profit by investing like that?”

“Absolutely. This movie will probably triple the revenue.”

“Three times? Then nine billion?”

“yes. That’s about it, so it’s an investment.”

Uncle put on a bewildered expression.

“You mean movies like this make a lot of money?”

My uncle grabbed my hand.

“Jaewoon. When investing in a movie on the wall, can’t I also include it?”

“haha. I guess you’ve been called a little bit too much during that time?”

“Thanks to the money you earned last year, I am now in my place. It also opened a direct transaction with a large domestic distribution store, and the amount of transactions with the US is quite large. Even me, even in a small crowd, can crave about 1 billion won.”

At that, the aunt pinched the uncle’s shoulder.

“Oh! Come again, Irano?”

“you. Are you out of your mind? What kind of money would you invest so carelessly? I don’t know how to pay, but I know that investing is not always successful. It’s fortune. You’re very talented, so even if you spend a lot of money, you’ll live well, but you’re a child. So, don’t think about anything useless and just do what you’re doing.”

My uncle groaned as if his self-esteem had been hurt.

“I am also very talented, kid. That 1 billion won, even if you don’t have it, there’s nothing wrong with feeding you and Kyung-ah!”

“Noisy. It’s worth investing that money, but I can’t live with you. okay?”

At that, my uncle raised a white flag.

“..Okay. It won’t be boring, baby. As for your wife’s personality… Ah!”

My uncle is rebelling for nothing.

Anyway, if even my uncle, who doesn’t like movies, admired Shiri, it seemed like he could go over 6 million without any problems, as I know.

This will increase my fortune again.



“The development of DRM (Digital Data Encryption Technology) that Director Kang said is over.”

“Thanks for your efforts. Mr. Jung. Is the P store ready?”

“yes. The US server has already been secured. As long as you upload the music to the server, consumers can download the music directly from the P store.”

“You are well prepared. So, can we just end the negotiations with the American record labels?”

“When I finish talking with the record companies, I will contact you. At that time, please upload the song immediately.”

Two days later, at Gimpo Airport.

“Director. Get a ticket.”

“thanks. Si-woong.”

He said he was going on a business trip to the United States, so Daewon hyung appointed an employee as his assistant.

He was a person with specifications that made me wonder why he applied to our company as a financial resource from New York University’s Department of Business Administration.

While waiting for the plane to take off, I chatted with Park Si-woong.

“Why did Siwoong apply to our company?”

“haha. By the way, at the time of the interview, the director was not there. I am very interested in online shopping. When I was in the US, I was deeply impressed by the way Yamazon, an Internet shopping mall, operates. We are selling books and albums online without offline stores, but seeing the selling price, I wanted to do this.”


Its presence isn’t that great now.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that one company in the future devastated the American retail industry.

When I made Damoye, I took a lot of reference to Yamazon’s operating method.

“If you are impressed by Yamazon, you should go there. Why did you come to our company?”

“I had no intention of living in America. Besides, I thought that there would be no such type of company in Korea, so I thought of making my own. I was very motivated to find a good item, but in fact, there is a shopping mall that is more advanced than Yamazon in Korea.

“haha. You unintentionally frustrated Si-Woong. I’m sorry, what should I do?”

“no. I wish I had started first, but what can I do? I couldn’t make it from scratch, but I wanted to try developing it with my own hands. That’s why I joined.”

He was a good talent.

He had a good academic background and, in particular, had an eye to see through the possibilities of Internet commerce.

‘Daewon has found his brother’s successor.’

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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