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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 51

Episode 51. Stock trader Jeonggi Hwang.(2)

“Are you going to see our president?”

“yes. They say that the money that Hwang Jung-ki blew up belonged to the president. It goes without saying that you have to go to the creditors to pay the money back.”

The man thought about my words for a moment and then pulled out a business card.

– Taesung Co., Ltd. General Manager Noh Chang-min

“On the back of this business card is the address of our Taesung Group headquarters. come over there.”

It’s Seoul.

Nice to be close.

“All right. But can I keep Junggi Hwang with me until I see the president? I promise you that I will visit the Taeseong headquarters within a week from today.”

“..and what if he even runs away? Are you going to be in charge?”

“yes. If Hwang Jung-ki releases the seeds or misses them, I will compensate the 4 billion won in full.”

The man’s expression softened at my words.

“..if you’re going to do that. Let Hwang Jung-ki be left alone for a while.”

The men left a warning before leaving.

“If you break the promises you made today, you better be prepared. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the law will always protect you. We don’t live by the law.”

I asked Hwang Jung-gi, who was standing still.

“I think you will have to move with me for a while, okay?”

“Are you okay with that one? So, what if I ran away, what did you do with that promise?”

I wasn’t worried about that at all.

It’s a gift from a time-selling shop, but there’s no way I could have photographed a person with such a problem.

“Are you going to run away?”

“..not that.”

“Then that’s it.”

“Why did you say you would pay the money back for me?”

“Mr. Hwang Jung-gi looks dangerous. Aren’t we supposed to save people first and see?”

“..how are you going to repay that 4 billion won?”

“I have no intention of repaying it.”

Of course, it was not without 4 billion.

I’m not even a tiger

I had no intention of giving them that large amount of money.

Hwang Jung-gi was furious at my words.

“Then you said that without even thinking of repaying it? How scary are those people. If you can’t pay that money back, it’s going to be a disaster for you as well as me.”

he’s a good man

I asked with a smile.

“Are you worried about me?”

“Are you laughing now?”

“haha. Don’t worry too much. You’ll find a way if you look for it. Chairman Taesung is also human. I believe that if the opponent is a person, there is a way to attack it.”

“..what if I can’t find a way?”

“If that doesn’t work, I can give you that 4 billion won. I hate to give it to someone like that. Because I have 4 billion.”

After returning to Seoul with Hwang Jung-gi, I visited the LK detective office again.

“welcome. sir. Seeing that you came back, it seems that the case of Hong-Min Ko was well resolved last time?”

“yes. Thanks.”

“What would you like to know this time?”

“I want to know a little bit about the company called Taesung.”

After a week, I have to negotiate with Chairman Tae-sung over Hwang Jung-gi.

Since the opponent was the opponent, prior information was essential.

If you don’t know anything about a dangerous person related to a gangster.

I didn’t know what kind of dumpster I was going to be wearing.

Hearing my words, Lee Guk-hyun hardened his face.

“Are you Taeseong? Are you talking about the Taeseongpa, which was established by the Taeseongpa, an organization in the nationwide district, transformed into a company with only patterns?”

“…it seems to be right.”

“Aren’t you trying to do something against Tae-seong?”

“..Isn’t that right?”

“Well. Since you are an excellent customer who frequently uses our office, we are giving you advice. Don’t ever touch Tae. They are now pretending to be a legitimate company, but ten years ago, it was not a business to immerse a single person. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it won’t do that now.”

It’s creepy.

I think it’s the same organization as those gangsters in the movie.

Well, I don’t mean to fight against them.

“I’m not doing this because I want to bring something to the president over there.”

“What… are you bringing?”

“yes. But shouldn’t we know what the president likes to give and receive? So I came.”

“..what level of information do you want? By the way, I can’t find the financial details of Chairman Tae-sung and Joo Kang-jin. I am a person whose dream is to live a long life.”

“..I don’t want to fight, so I don’t need that much detailed information. Just find out who the president is. For example, what is your personality and how you run your business.”

Lee Guk-hyun nodded and got up from his seat.

“If that’s the case, you already have something. It is not difficult to obtain, so we will provide it for free.”

There was nothing great about the material, as he said.

It was all about the brief personal details of Chairman Tae-Sung and the outline of how he raised the money.

“My name is Joo Kang-jin. I’m sixty one this year. The money was mainly collected from real estate and construction related work, and it seems that the past 10 years have been both stock investment and private debt business…”

“yes. Even if it is a stock investment, there are not many normal stock investments. It is said that the main chairman is usually included in the big board among those boards where the operating forces play around. It is said that there are few people in Gangnam who have the financial power comparable to Chairman Joo, so he must be rolling at least hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“I have one question. Is it possible that President Joo, who rolls those hundreds of billions of dollars, seriously injures or kills people by losing 2 billion won?”

Lee Guk-hyun laughed as if it was ridiculous.

“Two billion? I don’t know now, but even 10 years ago, I didn’t see a person who said he ate a single sheet of money from that nobleman. Not 2 billion, but 200 million, even after death.”

oh creepy again

There must have been a reason why Hwang Jung-gi desperately ran away.

“..okay. But after listening to what he said, it seems that the president must have committed quite a few sins, but is he still doing well? Normally, when crimes accumulate to a certain extent, the boss is arrested, and the organization is disbanded, isn’t it?”

“That’s the difference between the president of the state and the regular gangsters. I don’t know exactly, but there are rumors that there is no one among the big names in the relationship who didn’t get money from that person. It doesn’t seem like the rumors are completely unfounded, seeing that they are aging well outside.”

That’s kind of weird.

No matter how good the relationship is, it would be difficult to escape from a felony such as murder.

While browsing through the material, I noticed something peculiar.

“By the way, this guy’s hobbies are gambling and betting, right?”

“yes. Rumors have already spread that the yangban is a gamer who likes to gamble and bet. Maybe he’s pretty good at gambling too? They probably have a few gambling houses.”

As I listened to those words, a thought suddenly crossed my mind.

The relationship between the president and the president.

And he likes gambling and betting.

By combining the two, a better picture was drawn than to get Hwang Jung-gi.

Could it be that the real gift was the Chairman of the Board?

“I understand for now. Is there no further information available?”

Now that I have come up with a method, all that remains is to hit directly.

“Thank you for the information today. I will come again.”

Taesung Group Chairman’s Office.

At the sound of a knock on the door, Joo Kang-jin, who was leaning on the back of the chair, straightened his back.

A man in his early 30s came in and bowed his head.

“See you, President.”

“okay. Noh manager. Did you know anything about that little guy named Kang Jae-woon?”

“Yes. It took me a while to find out that Damoye is a privately held company. When I checked, the company that started as an internet shopping mall has now acquired several companies such as Hicast, and is also running a PC room chain business, so the current value is estimated to be about 200 billion won. We also confirmed that Jaewoon Kang owns an 80% stake in Damoye.”

“What else is an internet shopping mall?”

“I didn’t know about it, so I looked it up, but it is said that if you order something from a computer, it is a service that delivers to your home.”

Joo Kang-jin laughed.

“Hey, the world has changed again. You mean making money with that kind of business these days?”

“It is said that a young man who has just turned 20 started a 200 billion-dollar company. He’s definitely not an ordinary guy.”

“Now that I think about it, it seems like he was aiming for what appeared at a good timing when we caught Hwang Jung-gi. He was very calm for someone who didn’t know anything.”

“Then you are saying that you intervened even though you knew about me. It’s fun.”

The organization that Kang-Jin Joo created 30 years ago in a small pub in Gwangju has grown to a nationwide scale in 10 years.

It’s not that there hasn’t been an organization bigger than his.

After more than 20 years, the only organization that survived was the Taeseong he created.

Until 10 years ago, there were people who were ignorant and full of energy who challenged his organization.

There are no such guys these days, so it was a moment when I felt free.

“Is there anything else special about it?”

“There is one more. Kang Jae-woon was the first person in the history of the university entrance exam to get a perfect score. In particular, after graduating, he even supported his alma mater to become a leader in society.”

Joo Kang-jin patted his chin and muttered.

“It’s perfect for the SAT. It’s a corporation that believes in smart guys with their brains, and then falls into the abyss in an instant. This guy is a little different.”

“Chief Noh. When did Kang Jae-woon decide to come?”

“I decided to come by tomorrow.”

“okay. Tomorrow I will be able to see his face. I hope he doesn’t disappoint me.”

The next day, in front of the Taesung Group headquarters building.

“Mr. Hwang Jung-gi. I’m sure nothing will happen today, so just trust me. You know?”

Hwang Jung-gi nodded his head with a determined face.

“..even if things go wrong, there will be no resentment against the director.”

Even after a week had passed, Hwang Jung-ki did not run away.

Seeing that there was even loyalty, I became more confident.

“All right. Then let’s go.”

Jae-Woon entered the building with Hwang Jung-Gi.

Inside, people with similar vibes to the men Jae-Woon met in Busan were standing around the building.

Jae-Woon approached one of them and asked.

“I came to see Chairman Kang-Jin Joo. Where can I go?”

The man asked Jae-Woon if he had received instructions beforehand.

“Are you, by any chance, Director Kang Jae-woon?”

“The president is waiting. Follow me.”

Jae-Woon and Hwang Jung-Ki followed the man into the elevator.

The man did not press the number of floors, but instead took out a card from his pocket and took a picture.

The elevator immediately started going up.

The button was an elevator that only went up to the 34th floor.

They actually stopped on the 35th floor.

‘Aha. It seems that you can only go up to the 35th floor by taking a card.’

When I followed the man to the front of the meeting room, the man who guided me knocked on the door.

“President. The long-awaited Director Kang has arrived.”

“Please come in.”

“Yes. Come in.”

When Jae-Woon and Hwang Jung-Gi entered, the first thing that caught my eye was a long sofa that looked like it could seat about 20 people on either side.

At the end of it sat the president of the state with a friendly smile.

Jaewoon approached him and greeted him.

“hello? President. Nice to meet you. My name is Jae-Woon Kang.”

“You came just on time. Please sit there.”

As Jae-Woon sat down, Hwang Jung-Ki sat down next to Jae-Woon with an uncomfortable face.

Chairman Joo said to Hwang Jung-ki.

“You’ve been avoiding my face like that, and now you can see it. How have you been?”

Hwang Jung-gi answered with a face that crossed anger and fear.

“..Except for the fact that I really liked ramen and bread, but now I don’t even want to look at it, it seems like we had a good time. At least it wasn’t cut anywhere.”

The president laughed loudly.

“Chuckle. This is why I liked you so much. There are very few people who can say what they want to do in front of me. how is it? Do you think the Dong-a cord you have now is strong?”

“To be honest, I’m going to be strong, I’m still hypnotizing.”

At that, the president laughed again.

“Shh. I hope your choice is right.”

Chairman Joo’s eyes turned to Jaewoon.

“I’m an older person for a while, so it’s okay if I keep my words low?”

“I’d rather call you Isa Kang. Director Kang will pay off the debt Junggi owes me?”

“To be precise, I have come to pay a price commensurate with the debt.”

The president frowned.

“A commensurate price? You dare play puns with me? If you owe money, you have to pay it back with money.

“It’s not a pun. I heard you like to bet. How about a bet with me?”

President Joo was interested in those words, but asked with an indifferent expression.

“betting? What are you going to bet on?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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