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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 52

Episode 52. Golden business card.

Jaewoon looked directly into the eyes of Chairman Joo.

“You invest 5 billion in me. If I can return 10 billion won in 6 months, my victory. If we can’t give it back, it’s the president’s victory.”

The president smirked.

“It is a condition of 100% return for 6 months. Looks like fun. But I think Director Kang didn’t know one thing.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I like to bet, but not with debtors. If you bet with them, you won’t get anything.”

It was said to pay off Hwang Jung-gi’s debt of 4 billion won first.

But Jae-Woon’s face was still relaxed.

“I didn’t tell you about the stakes on this bet. If I lose, everyone will gather and I will give you a 2.5% stake.”

President Joo’s eyes shone sharply.

“..a 2.5% stake in Damoye is about 5 billion won in today’s value. But if I lose, I get an additional 5 billion won, but if I win, it’s just a real deal.

“The stakes cannot be converted into simple money. Even if the president gathers and brings 50 billion won to buy a 2.5% stake, I won’t sell it. If the president wins, you have a chance to participate in my business. Up to this point, the president must have been thinking. Do you really think it’s a loss?”

Chairman Joo, who looked at his fortune, smiled broadly.

“haha. Also, it doesn’t work for Director Kang. yeah i’m actually interested But what if I lose?”

Chairman Joo did not think that Damoye, which had grown to 200 billion won in just two years, would suddenly stop growing.

Although the 2.5% stake is now worth 5 billion won.

I do not know how much the value will jump in the future, but I had to be interested.

“Forgive Jung-ki Hwang and allow me to be friends with you.”

President Joo gave a look of astonishment.

“Even if you ask for forgiveness from Junggi. you’re a friend Do you know the age difference between Kang and I?”

“Is your friend okay? If the meaning is right, and if we can help each other in times of need, then that is a friend. The president and I seem to have a lot of things we can do to help each other. Am I wrong?”

“Of course I can help move Kang. But how can Director Kang help me?”

“You’ll figure it out on your own in six months. Anyway, this bet seems to be very advantageous to the president.”

Even if they were friends, there was no obligation to forcibly help them, so it wasn’t a big burden.

If Chairman Joo wins, he can get a stake in a growing company called Damoye.

Even if he lost, he won 5 billion won, so in any case there was little loss to him.

The president, who had been thinking for a moment, laughed.

“If you’re not an idiot, how can you say you won’t make a bet like this? Let me take that bet.”

“It’s hard to say I’m a substitute, but I will keep Hwang Jung-gi until then.”

Gu Ji-ho, who had already lost interest from Hwang Jung-gi, nodded his head.

“Do that.”

This was a bet that was profitable for fortune as well.

If he wins, he can get Hwang Jeong-gi and build friendships with Chairman Joo.

Even if you lose and give a 2.5% stake, you can get a shareholder called the Chairman of the Board who has strong relationships and financial resources.

It wasn’t a bad thing for him.

It was even better because I was able to get up to 5 billion won in investment regardless of the outcome of the bet.

In fact, he was confident that he would make 5 billion won to more than 10 billion won in 6 months.

As if such a bet was not once or twice, the proof of the bet was made immediately.

After both Jae-Woon and Chairman Joo finished signing, they each shared a certificate.

“I thought I was going to get 4 billion won, but instead of losing 5 billion. It feels like my heart has been torn.”

“haha. What do you mean? It will come back to 10 billion in six months.”

“It hasn’t come into my hands yet. It’s mine when you come in.”

Chairman Joo, who was so blunt, placed a golden business card on top of the certificate of fortune.

“This is my direct number. Call me anytime if you need my money. I will lend it to you cheaply.”

it’s cheap

I think the annual interest rate will be at least 100%, where do you get the drugs?

“We will contact you if necessary. But it’s a nice card. Isn’t this really made of gold?”

The president nodded his head.

“It is made of gold. You can sell it when things are difficult.”

He’s a rich man, so his business cards are made of gold.

“Thank you very much. However, I will not sell it because of your sincerity.”

“haha. Do it your way.”

After Jae-Woon and Hwang Jung-Gi left.

Director Noh, who was standing quietly behind Chairman Joo, asked cautiously.

“President. Was it really necessary to give you the business cards for VVIPs that were originally only given to chaebol presidents?”

Instead of answering the question of Director Noh, Chairman Joo asked another question.

“Chief Noh. No, Changmin. What do you think is the real reason why Kang Jae-woon made such a bet?”

“Of course, isn’t it just for the sake of the president’s money? It must have been the intention to receive the investment after buying the president’s favor with 10 billion won.”

“haha. no. He was aiming for a kite with me.”

Director Noh made a face that was hard to believe.

“..I hope. Now that you are twenty, would you have thought so?”

“He is a guy who is confident that he can turn 5 billion into 10 billion in six months. In fact, I even raised a company that did Damo-rounji before I turned 20. Money is not important to him. Something that can never be built at such a young age. What is it?”

“Are you saying that’s a connection?”

“right. He made such a bet looking into the years ahead. Did he see his eyes at that moment?”

“..I didn’t see it.”

“Those confident eyes. Seeing those eyes that making 5 billion won in 6 months is not a thing, I acknowledged him. So he gave me that card. Do you remember what Changmin did when you were 20?”

“..I remember. The president saved me from having a riot at the establishment because I exercised a little and almost became sick somewhere.”

“How many years ago was that?”

“It’s been 15 years.”

“When I was 20, I did all sorts of chores, but sometimes when I saw drunk people, I robbed my pockets and lived like that. Of course, there was not much that could be said as it was only a few years after the end of 6.25. Everyone lives like that when they’re in their twenties. In a way, the twenties can be seen as the stairs for the forties or fifties. But that guy named Kang Jae-woon is a little different.”

“How do you say it’s different?”

“Jaewoon Kang doesn’t seem to need those stairs. I feel like I’ve already gotten what other people get when they’re in their forties.”

Director Noh tilted his head as if he did not understand.

“I admit that I built a great fortune at a young age, but isn’t that the result of a lot of luck?”

“I didn’t say that simply because Jae-Woon Kang made a lot of money. No matter how much you think about it, the skillfulness felt in the conditions of the bets above is not something that a just-twenty-year-old can see. It was like dealing with someone who is in his forties and forties but only has a body.”

The president of the state continued.

“lets think. What if I was rejuvenated like a 20-year-old in this state? So, if I can live a healthy 50 or more years in the future, what do you think I will be like in 50 years?”

“..even if you don’t know, won’t you rule this country?”

“right? I think Kang Jae-woon is a person with the potential to do that. That’s why I gave you that card.”

“..are you looking at it that high?”

“okay. So, if you see Kang moving, don’t treat yourself too hard and do well.”

In front of the Taesung Group headquarters building.

I lightly tapped Hwang Jung-gi’s shoulder, who had a blank expression on his face.

“Mr. Hwang Jung-gi. Now it’s all over. Congratulations. It’s not completely resolved yet, but you probably won’t see the president again.”

“…I still don’t feel it. He thought he was going to die a tragic end after a few years of being chased.”

“haha. If I hadn’t intervened, Hwang Jung-gi wouldn’t have died.”

“yes? What else do you mean? Because he is a really scary person.”

“Maybe it was just a rumor. It is true that Chairman Joo has some personality, but he is not even a murderer.”

“How are you sure about that?”

“You’ve been doing fine outside until now.”

“There are rumors that they are close with high-level officials, isn’t it because of that?”

“a. not a movie either. No matter how strong the relationships and relationships, felony crimes such as murder cannot be overcome. Are all cops that corrupt? That’s weird, so I did some research. The people rumored to have been killed by Chairman Joo are still alive.”

Even Lee Guk-hyun, who had saved himself like that, could not stand in front of money in the end.

With his help, he had a hard time finding and listening to the people who were rumored to have been killed by President Joo.

He said he had been threatened to pretend to be dead and be quiet.

It seems that Chairman Joo deliberately spread such rumors to make it easier for him to do business.

“yes. Still, I don’t know where he would have been broken if he had been caught. Seeing you pursue me like that, I don’t think he just forgave me.”

“Well. Anyway, thanks to the director, I was able to get out of my body. thank you.”

“Thank you, I have something for you to do. I don’t have a lot of personal assets yet, so please manage my company’s funds instead.”

“When you say company, do you mean the headquarters?”

We spent a week together with Hwang Jung-gi and talked a lot.

I also found a relationship with 1970, which turned out to be no big deal.

He said he was born in 1970.

Perhaps the year in the gift category meant the year of the person’s birth.

And I told him all the basics about my company.

However, I didn’t know how things would turn out, so I haven’t been able to introduce myself to people.

Now that the negotiations with Chairman Joo have been successfully completed, Hwang Jung-ki is planning to hire Hwang Jung-gi as the team leader of the money management team.

“Daewon hyung. I’ll see you for a moment.”

Daewon went up to the roof of the company with his brother.

“What’s up?”

“It’s no different, and from now on, we’re going to create a department to manage the company’s money.”

Daewon asked the older brother with a surprised face.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Our company is no longer that small. I feel that it is necessary to manage the company’s funds professionally.”

Daewon hyung put on a shaky expression on his face.

“Well, let me ask you one thing. What am I doing wrong?”

“no. What’s wrong with your brother? You are doing well.”

“Then let me ask you. Why all of a sudden create a money management department? That’s what I’ve been in charge of.”

oh You must have misunderstood that this hyung was losing his authority.

“It’s not because hyung made a mistake and he entrusted it to someone else. brother. Are you good at investing in stocks?”

When the story of stocks came out, Daewon-hyung could not speak right away.

“stock? Well..”

Daewon hyung was very weak in stocks, though I don’t know anything else.

Even last year, most of the dividend paid by the company was put into stocks.

Yield maybe -30%? That’s what it was.

I can’t answer that.

“From now on, all of the company’s spare funds will be invested in stocks. ”

“..you’re going to invest your company’s money in stocks? Wouldn’t that be too dangerous? I know because I’ve done some stocks, but stocks are the ones I don’t know what will happen in 5 minutes right now.”

“It’s not that you’re wrong. In my opinion, it would be good to invest in the KOSDAQ this year. So I’ve already made up my mind. But if you do it wrong, you can lose a lot, so I hired a professional. Well, if you don’t believe him, you can do it, but can he do it?”


Unlike the KOSPI, where large companies are clustered, it is a market where small and medium-sized companies usually list their stocks to raise funds.

It was the market used by first-generation venture companies to raise investment.

Most of the IT companies exhibiting the so-called IT bubble, the so-called IT bubble, were all listed on the KOSDAQ.

“..okay. When does that expert go to work?”

“From today. let’s go Let me introduce you.”

I went down to the 3rd floor with Daewon hyung

I introduced Hwang Jung-gi, who was waiting there, to my brother.

“You are Mr. Hwang Jung-gi, who will be in charge of managing your money from now on.”

“hello. It’s called Hwang Jung-gi.”

“hello. This is the representative Jang Dae-won.”

“Take good care of me. president.”

“The head of the new fund management team will be headed by Hwang Jung-gi here. Hyung, please give this person only information related to company funds.”

“okay. Don’t deliver it by today.”

“yes. Then, Chief Hwang, look at me for a moment.”

I went into the conference room with Team Manager Hwang and explained my plans for the future.

“We’re going to create a dedicated space for the money management team in this three-story building. Alone is enough for now, but if you need someone later, please let me know.”

“All right. Are there any companies that you are considering investing in?”

“yes. Silver Bank is a venture company that launched a service that pays money to people who see advertisements on the Internet.”

Silver Bank.

He is the one who fired the signal that signaled the beginning of this year’s IT bubble.

At one time, the stock price jumped several dozen times compared to the beginning of the year, bringing huge profits to investors who sold at the peak.

I was thinking of entrusting the investment in this company to Team Manager Hwang.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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