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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 50

Episode 50. Stock trader Jeonggi Hwang.(1)

Shopping mall sales came out better than expected.

How far out are the new MP3 players?

“How about the C series sales?”

“I just shot 800. More than 500 P-32s were released.”

800 per day is a little over 20,000 per month.

“It’s fine. As for the P-32, the usual 300 sold out 500, so it’s worth the price drop.”

If no action was taken since a new product was released, it was obvious that sales of existing products would fall.

So, at the same time as the launch of the C series, we lowered the price of the P-32 by 10%.

Fortunately, it worked.

“I know. profit margin will decrease. If it remains in stock anyway, it will only cost more to manage, so it’s better to sell it even if it’s cheap.”

“yes. Anyway, the production of the P-32 will be reduced little by little. We’re going to increase our C-series production, so profit margins will also recover.”

“I will. But are you going to hand over the C series to the bestseller?”

“I’m going to pass it on, but before that, we’ll increase our market share in Korea first. It is good to negotiate a price with the bestseller only if there is some performance. Hyung, please keep checking the sales of the C series. Even after the advertising power has gone down, this sales volume has to be maintained, so we can be relieved.”

January 1, 1999.


Is it a New Year’s gift?

“Choose No. 1 for 1967, No. 2 for 1968, No. 3 for 1969, No. 4 for 1970.”

But this time, I was at a loss as to what to choose.

oh I really don’t know this.

I shot it 4 times as I liked it.

When I opened the note, it read:

– January 2nd at 13:15. Busan Gwangan-dong Motel Julie.

“So far, I’ve only been to Seoul, but this time in Busan?”

Fortunately, there were no hiccups because it was a vacation, so I headed straight to Busan the next day.

“I would have been in trouble if I hadn’t gotten my driver’s license during last summer vacation.”

It has grown quite large even when gathered together, and it has been a long time since corporate vehicles for executives were placed.

When I bought it, I liked it a lot and bought it as a Benz.

In Seoul, it is convenient to take a taxi, so I rarely used it.

The destination was Busan, so I drove a corporate car for the first time, and the ride was great.

‘After all, you have to ride an expensive car.’

The 4 hour trip from Seoul to Busan didn’t do much.

However, Gwangan-dong is located quite far in the middle of Busan.

From the toll gate to the destination, it took about an hour or so after that.

I slowly made my way through the streets lined with dozens of motels and started looking for my destination.

“Motel Julie must be around here.”

At that moment, I saw a sign with a lightbulb half off on the diagonal to the left.

There it was written “Motel Juli”.

“ah. I see that.”

I parked the car about 50 meters away from my destination.

“Let’s see. It’s one o’clock now, so I’ll just have to wait another 15 minutes.”

A sedan stopped in front of Motel Julie and three men in black suits got off.

All three were big enough to remind me of a wrestler.

Two of them had blue tattoos on their necks.

They went straight into the motel.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way

I get it. okay.

Are these people?

Although I had a strong feeling that people in black suits were associated with gifts.

They seem dangerous for some reason, so Jae-Woon couldn’t get in right away and thought about it for a while.

“Isn’t it wrong for me to follow this for nothing?”

But that fear was short-lived.

‘High risk, high return, isn’t it? If I was going to save myself, I wouldn’t have returned to the past.’

I made up my mind and walked into the motel.

‘I can’t see you because you came in a little late.’

I looked around looking for the men when I heard a ‘bang’ from above and a knock on the door.

‘I think it’s upstairs.’

As I climbed the stairs, I saw men knocking on the door on the 4th floor.

Men were knocking on the door marked Room 405 and shouting.

bang! Bang!

“Junggi Hwang! I know everything is there. Open the door when you say nice things.”


“hey. Don’t open it sooner!”

Eventually the men started kicking the door.

bang! bang!

Hwang Jung-gi looked at the door that looked like it was about to break, and remembered the past.

“Why did I do that?”

After graduating from the Department of Mathematics at Seoul National University, he immediately joined a large securities firm.

From the moment I joined the company, small deals were often successful.

I soon realized that I had a talent for stock trading.

The money he was touching grew bigger and bigger, but he couldn’t be satisfied with that.

However, no matter how talented they were, few people entrusted their large assets to a young chick who had only been in the company for a year.

At that time, a man named Taesung Group’s chairman came to him and offered him 5 billion won.

I was impatient and took on the money even though I knew it was the source of the money.

At first, the results weren’t bad.

After one year of managing Taesung Group’s money, he achieved 100% return, and only the commission fell to him, which was close to 200 million won.

However, as the IMF crisis came, the chairman suffered a huge loss.

Because of that, I was forced to run away for over a year.

“Damn bastards. When I told him to sell like that, he didn’t listen to me. Are you blaming me because the results are not good?”

It was on the 4th floor, so I couldn’t jump down.

When that door broke, there was nothing that could protect him.

“No matter how hungry you are, you shouldn’t eat poisoned apples.”

Hwang Jung-gi mumbled the words he had repeated dozens of times.

At that moment, the wooden door split with a ‘pop’ sound.

A man put his hand through the slit and unlocked the lock.

Eventually the door opened.

Men in black suits went inside and surrounded Hwang Jung-gi.

I walked quietly, approached the room the men had entered, and listened.

“This child Hwang Jung-gi. You feed people to the end. Why do you lock the door when he has nowhere to run anyway?”

“Damn bastards. You’ve been chasing me for over a year to catch one?”

“Then did you think you could escape safely? Even if you run away to the other side of the world, you can’t live comfortably. We will follow you to the end.”

“The real president is doing too much. I’ve done enough for the president. You called 5 billion won into 10 billion won in one year, but do you have to do this with only 2 billion won?”

5 billion turned into 10 billion in one year?

You seem to have a knack for investing.

“So you paid enough for the fee. With that, the ball you set has been counted. Now all that remains is to pay the price for the damage.”

“Is it my fault that I lost that money? I’m sure I told you to sell all the stock you had before November ’97! The president didn’t let me sell it, so why are you doing this to me?”

“What would our non-professional president know? I should have persuaded the president to the end. With that in mind, the chairman entrusted the money to you, Junggi Hwang.”

“..you call it now? You all know what the president’s personality is like. If I had said one more word, it would have been broken somewhere.”

Listening to the conversation in the room, it seems that Hwang Jung-gi was managing the investment of a person named Chairman, but he suffered a loss because he could not sell stocks in time.

November 1997 was when the IMF broke out.

It sounds like he predicted that, but if it was true, he wasn’t an ordinary person.

Even considering that 5 billion was called 10 billion in one year.

I could guess that he was a capable stock trader.

‘I think this gift is probably from this person named Jeonggi Hwang.’

“No need to talk. let’s hurry. If you have any injustices, tell them in front of the president.”

“Why should I go with you? I don’t like it..”


Hwang Jung-gi’s voice could no longer be heard along with a ‘huh’ moan.

“The mouth is alive. I can’t figure out what’s going on right now.”

“hey. Take this child and follow me.”

“Yes. older brother.”

‘I think I’ve heard everything I’ve been able to hear. Now is the time to step in.’

I appeared into the room.

Men in black stalked me up and down at my horse.

“Can I pay back the damage that Hwang Jung-gi caused to the chairman?”

At my words, even Hwang Jung-gi, who was standing holding hands with the men, turned into a bewildered expression.

“Who are you to pay off Hwang Jung-gi’s debt?”

“For now, let’s call him an acquaintance of Hwang Jung-gi.”


“Of course, Hwang Jung-gi doesn’t know me.”

The man looked at me with crazy eyes.

“Isn’t this another? No bullshit, who are you? Who sent you?”

I handed the man a business card.

“I am not crazy. This is my business card.”

“Are you all moving, Jae-Woon Kang?”

“yes. Maybe if you do a little research, you will know that Damoye is not such a small company. The largest shareholder of this company is me.”

“..why does a person named a company director want to pay off Hwang Jung-gi’s debt?”

When I revealed that I was moving, the man’s attitude became much softer than before.

No matter how much you belong to an organization, you are weak in front of money and power.

“There is a reason. It’s a bit hard to say though. So let him go and talk to me, right?”

When the man blinked, the two men behind him let Hwang Jung-gi go.

“.. did you come to know how much damage Hwang Jung-gi did?”

“I don’t know exactly. How are you?”

“.. the money this child blew up is 4 billion won. Are you going to pay me back for that money?”

Well. That’s a bit much.

As soon as those words were finished, Hwang Jung-gi answered urgently.

“I didn’t even throw that money away. I lost 2 billion dollars because of the stocks I was managing.”

“If you take into account that Hwang Jung-gi didn’t invest on time with the money he threw, 4 billion is right.”

“These thieves are like thieves. How do you know if that money would have grown to 4 billion if it was okay?”

“Because there was a certain investment case. There’s no need to rush anything. So, will Director Kang pay you back?”

As a 3rd person, it was quite absurd to hear.

I understood how sad Hwang Jung-gi would be.

The problem is that these guys seem like dangerous people.

I guess I’ll have to go all the way to the end.

But before that, I had to get a promise from Hwang Jung-gi.

“I have plans to pay it back. Let me ask you one thing about Hwang Jung-gi.”

I asked Hwang Jung-gi.

“If I can solve this situation, what can you do for me?”

Hwang Jung-gi’s answer came right away.

“Except for death and illegal work, I will do whatever I ask.”

“Then you promised?”

“yes! yes!”

This gave him a reason to pay off Hwang Jung-gi’s debt.

You don’t have to pay it back with money.

I’ll have to talk to the person who is the president.

I asked the man.

“The person who is the president. I’d like to see you. Is it possible?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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