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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 24

Episode 24. Bestseller.(2)

As we entered the entrance of Bestsell’s headquarters, the eyes of the security guards and service desk receptionist turned to us.

Maybe it’s because Asians aren’t common, or maybe it’s because there’s too much outsiders.

As soon as we entered, all eyes were on us.

I went straight to the service desk and spoke to the receptionist.

“I’m here to meet with the acquisition manager, Richard Dunn.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“If you don’t have an appointment, you may have to wait a long time.”

I was determined to some extent.

“I know. Please tell me that a man named Kang Jae-woon came from Korea.”

“I will tell the manager. Please wait in the visitor waiting area over there.”

The waiting area, pointed to by the guide, was crowded with people who looked like the employees’ families.

We were also sitting between them for a while, when someone approached Kim Yeon-hee.

He was a blond kid who looked about five or six years old.

He held out a flower folded with colored paper to Kim Yeon-hee and talked to her.

“I made this yesterday. I’ll give you this. Let’s play with me. (I made this yesterday. I will give you this, so let’s play with me.)”

“Uh, huh?”

Kim Yeon-hee’s face turned white and looked at me.

Was it so embarrassing to ask him to play?

“What did he say to me now?”

Oh, that was it.

“Do you want to play with Yeon-hee?”

“You see me?”

Comfort returned to Kim Yeon-hee’s face.

“I am again. If you’re playing with a kid, I’m sure. I played with all the kids in my neighborhood.”

She put one P-32 earphone into the boy’s ear.

♬ Well. ugh. ugh.

She hummed the song she was playing and shook her head.

The little blond kid who saw it began to shake his head together.

The two quickly became close as they exchanged friendly glances as if they had known each other from the beginning.

If nothing else, it seemed true that she played well with the local kids.

At that moment, the receptionist at the service desk came up to me and told me Richard’s words.

“I have a meeting right now, so I won’t be able to come. I think we’ll have to wait a little bit, are you okay?”

I didn’t expect it to come out right away.

“it’s okay. Can I wait here?”

“yes. I’ll let you know as soon as I get in touch with manager Richard.”

As time passed, the Best Sellers started leaving one by one, but Richard was still nowhere to be seen.

“Mr Yeonhee. Is it hard to wait?”

“no. When I was auditioning, I always had to wait. I’m good at waiting, so don’t worry.”

good answer!

There are a lot of celebrities with bad personalities.

Fortunately, Kim Yeon-hee was nimble and quick-witted, so it was easy to be with them.

“okay? Thank you for thinking that way.”

At 10 o’clock at night, the lights in the offices started to go out here and there.

Then Richard with a brown mustache appeared.

He got up and walked over to Richard.

“hello. Mr Dunn.”

Richard frowned as soon as he saw me.

“Who are you? Did you come here to see me?”

“I am Jae-Woon Kang from Korea. I contacted you earlier saying I wanted to see you, but they said there was a meeting. So she waited until now. Just give me 5 minutes of your time. I don’t want more than that.”

Richard looked me up and down and sighed.

“This is my little friend. Five or six people like you come to me every day. What would I do if I met all of them? If we had understood and left, there would have been no inconvenience to each other.”

Richard seemed to think that I was a little peddler when he saw me.

“Then could you take a look at this proposal?”

I offered him a proposal for the P-32 that I had prepared,

Richard looked annoyed and crumpled into the bag without looking at the proposal.

“I will contact you after review.”

Richard left the room with only those words.

I feel bad.

You probably won’t even look at my proposal.

Plan A seemed to have failed.

I didn’t want to go to Plan B, which was a lot of work.

The next day we left our hostel and took a taxi to the nearby Minnesota State University.

After getting off at the university entrance, I asked Kim Yeon-hee.

“Can you do it?”

Kim Yeon-hee nodded her head with a determined face.

“Just leave it to me.”

“then Let’s go.”

After arriving at the university, I grabbed someone and asked where the dance club was.

I was worried that it might not be there, but luckily it was.

When I entered the club room, three college students were practicing choreography to the music.

“uh? Is this song Spice Girls Wannabe?”

“Mr Yeonhee. Do you know this song?”

“sure. It’s a song I really like. Come to think of it, it was also included in the P-32.”

“okay? It’s been fine.”

It seemed to make things a little easier thanks to her.

Without realizing that we were watching, he intervened among the students who were busy dancing.


“Oh. Surprised, who are you?”

A black college girl with short hair as short as me asked me.

“My name is Kang Jae-woon from Korea.”

“korea? Is there a country in Asia over there?”

“You came from afar. But why are you here?”

“I have a favor for you.”

“yes. Can you do a street performance with me?”

“Why street performances? Are you guys musicians?”

“It’s not me, but that friend is right. But the performance itself is not the goal. We are trying to promote our products, but I think the performances will be good.”

At my words, the college girl shook her head.

“sorry. We don’t even have the skills to perform. I’m too busy practicing, so I don’t think I can help.”

I knew it would come out like that.

So I prepared.

“If you help me, I will give you a special gift.”


I took out the P-32 and handed it to her.

“yes. This is it.”

She looked at the P-32 and asked with a puzzled look.

“..what’s this?”

“It is a portable MP3 player.”

“MP3 player? So you mean that little machine plays MP3s?”

Up until this point, MP3s were usually played on large desktop computers.

“yes. Would you like to hear it? There’s a Spice Girls song that you just practiced.”

I put earphones connected to the P-32 in her ear, and she gave her a startled face.

“Really? Wannabe flows out of this machine.”

“okay? Let’s hear it somewhere.”

The students who were dancing with me flocked to me.

A light of conflict appeared on their faces as they listened to music with earphones plugged into each other’s ears.

“this. It’s fine. Do I have to go to the concert to get it? I think I should just go to the market and buy it.”

“It’s not for sale.”

In America.

“Isn’t it for sale?”

“yes. There is no place that sells it yet, so even if you want to buy it, you won’t be able to.”

“..Then the story is a little different.”

Students gathered together and chatted.

The black female college student I spoke to at the beginning stepped forward as the representative and asked.

“If you were to perform, how would you do it?”

“We will show a group dance for about 15 minutes each around places where there are a lot of people. Of course, you have to wear this MP3 player prominently.”

“How are you going to do the choreography?”

“I think it would be good to have a simple choreography that can be matched with a couple of hours of practice.”

“It may be difficult to attract people’s attention with such a simple choreography, is that okay?”

“The choreography is simple, but the way we show it will be different.”

“How to show?”

“yes. Once the performers are not gathered in one place, they are going to start out scattered among the people.”

The black college girl frowned.

“..It’s not a common way, but people’s eyes will be more divisive and they won’t be able to concentrate on our performance.”

“If you start at the same time, yes. But what if the start time is different?”

“A different start time? What does that mean?”

“This is it. For example, one person starts the show first and then goes to the next person. At that time, another performer who was pretending to be a passer-by joined in and danced the choreography together. And they both go to the next person. joining again It grows one or two like this.”

Closing her eyes and imagining the scene, the black college girl clenched her fists.

“..I don’t know about anything else, but it will be fun for now.”

“Is that right?”

In fact, it was just bringing a performance technique called the flash mob that was popular in the 2000s.

It was quite popular at one time because the situation where the person next to you suddenly jumps out and becomes a performer is both surprising and fun.

It was a way to attract people’s attention regardless of choreography skills.

It was good to write for a sudden performance like this one.

The students gathered again and talked for about five minutes, and then a black female college student reached out.

“OK. Let’s do it.”


“I think the show will be fun. That MP3 player is also coveted, so what?”

“Fufu, I’m Jaewoon Kang.”

“I am Olivia.”

“Then, please.”

“yes. Let’s try our best.”

“Oh, I didn’t say anything, but Kim Yeon-hee from our side will also perform.”

Olivia said with a puzzled expression.

“..that seems a bit difficult. No matter how easy the choreography is, it is difficult for someone who sees it for the first time in an hour or two to follow it.”

“Then let’s try it and we’ll talk again.”

If I saw Kim Yeon-hee dancing just once, I wouldn’t be able to say that.

The reason Kim Yeon-hee was brought here is because she has a charm that draws people’s attention.

Even though I’m a trainee who hasn’t debuted yet.

When she danced, she had the power to attract even if she was a famous celebrity.

“okay. I’ll check it out right away.”

I blinked at Kim Yeon-hee.

“Mr Yeonhee. Because the story is over. Would you like to choreograph with these people?”

Kim Yeon-hee just nodded her head slightly as if she was nervous.

Olivia stepped forward and demonstrated the first 10 seconds.

“ruler. Try it this way.”

Olivia seemed to just wave her arms and legs lightly.

Even that was too much for me to just follow with my eyes.

Of course, Kim Yeon-hee was very easy to follow.

Olivia saw this and clapped her hands in admiration.

“Oh, very good. you’re good.”

She followed it once or twice, and then smiled to see if the tension had been relieved.

“Fortunately, it’s not difficult.”

Before long, she suddenly melted into a team and was choreographing in real time.

About an hour later, I asked Olivia.

“Olivia. How are you, Yeonhee? Can we do it together?”

Olivia raised her thumb.

“I’ve never seen a kid who dances so well. Are you really an ordinary person? It’s hard for us to keep up with.”

“Not yet. But I am preparing to become a celebrity.”

“no wonder. Anyway, I think the performance will be fine.”

“Then let’s go.”

According to Jae-Woon’s opinion, the first performance venue was decided at the Minneapolis Sculpture Park.

As it is a famous tourist destination, there are usually many people, so it was a good place to promote the P-32.

The other three members were scattered among the tourists.

Standing in front of the main artwork, ‘The Giant Spoon and Cherry’, Kim Yeon-hee took a deep breath and pressed the P-32’s play button.

♬ Yo’ I’ll tell you what I want..

B 2 2

The Spice Girls, a legendary group with the highest sales record in girl group history.

The intense intro of the Spice Girls’ debut song ‘Wannabe’ came out through the earphones I put in my ears.

At the same time, Kim Yeon-hee’s arms soared into the sky.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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By SerenPanda What did you just say? Selling time?


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